controlled across the internet

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controlled across the internet
I was on a cam chat room showing just my hard cock and chatting away by text, whilst watching a couple of blokes with hard cocks and a CD in some sexy lingerie and I was getting quite close to blowing my load when a message popped up on my screen.

“would love to control that cock”

I was really turned on and just answered

“Sure what ever you want”

“invite me to a private chat then” Which I did. In the private chat they typed

“Do you agree I control your cock”

“sure” I replied

“thankyou” came the reply followed by “your cock is now soft”

and with that my cock immediately went soft.

“Hey how did you do that” I texted

“You have let me control your cock, so I am, although it’s still a bit too big. Shrink to Sissy size”

And my cock and balls started to shrink, I thought they might disappear altogether, but they stopped shrinking when my cock was about 1 inch long and my liked 2 peas inside tight bags. I was beginning to get really scared.

“that’s much better, but still too hairy. .. smooth and bursa escort clean”

The hair on my body all disappeared leaving me smooth all over.

“please stop doing this to me” I typed

“Really, you want me to stop now and leave you like this? I was going to put you back as you were when I have finished my fun, maybe even improve you, but if you want me to stop…”

“No no, I couldn’t bear to stay like this, please carry on”

“OK, good choice, now I saw you looking at the CD in their lingerie and realised you must be a closet sissy, so I want you to put on the lingerie on the floor next to you”

I looked down and there was a pile of underwear lying there. First I pulled the bright red lacy thong, up my legs, it cupped my now tiny cock and balls nice and comfortably. Next I put on the black fishnet stockings ad pulled them up my legs without catching on my legs or my fingers which seemed much smoother now. Lastly I picked up a black Basque, I did it up back to front then span it around, then put my arms through and attached the bursa escort bayan 4 suspender belts on each leg.

“Now pull back so I can see all of you” I didn’t want to do this as I have never shown my face on screen before, but they kind of had me so I stood up and walked backwards in the room so all of me could be seen. I was too far from the screen to see what had been typed, but I would see.

“Hmmm, mush prefer blonds and that body could take some big tits….Blonde bimbo”

I started walking back to the pc to see what had been texted and almost immediately saw blonde curly hair crossing my eyes, I thought it might be a wig and so tried to pull it up and off, I soon found out it was now my hair and the very act of doing this caused a jiggle on my chest. looking down I saw a couple of breasts growing out and filling the cups on my Basque and both of them continuing to expand with huge nipples pressing through the cups. By the time I sat down at the computer there was a 8inch dildo stood up in front of my keyboard.

I realised escort bursa that my tiny cock was now straining against the thong I was wearing and looking at the mirror I could see that my lips had engorged and looked like cocksucker lips.

“suck the dildo and get it really wet” I did almost knowing what was coming next

“Now put it on your seat move the string of your thong to the side and sit on it” I put the dildo on my chair and gently eased myself onto it getting more and more turned on as I did, moaning louder and louder until I bottomed out. I then started bouncing up and down on it, Soon I found myself screaming like a girl and I came in my panties

“Good gurl, now you can switch off, take your friend to bed and we will talk again”

I did, I kept the lingerie on and must have brought myself to about 3 more orgasms before I drifted off to sleep.

I woke the next morning still in the lingerie but back as my male self. I thought I must have dreamt the transformation until I reached down for my morning wood and I realised my cock must be at least an inch longer that it was and thicker to, grabbing hold of it I started stroking and must hove cum in 3 pulls and I came in buckets as well.

I hope I cum across that mysterious person again…..

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20