Confessions Pt. 03: Karl , Patrick

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I was already awkward with most people in general so it was an incredible relief for me that my classmates were mostly outgoing people when I entered senior high. Despite being a bunch of 18 year olds or older, everyone acted poorly like adults. Even though we didn’t know much about each other, everyone socialized like we were all in a reunion.

The circle I happened to join was pretty big so it helped me knowing almost half of the class right away and having them as back up in case I needed help in some of the classes. A part of that circle is Patrick, a 19 yr. old cutie with a stocky build though he usually wore a big black sweater which made him look fat; especially if you saw his puffy face. He always sports a crisp undercut which made him ten times hotter when he looks serious. He’s a silly guy when he gets comfortable enough with someone but maintains a quiet demeanor when he’s still trying to get to know people. He’s very friendly so it’s hard not to have him randomly grab your butt (if you’re a guy) in public as a sign of his friendship.

On one quarter of the class, where the elite has gathered was where Karl was; being at the same age as Patrick. Their circle consisted of the smartest people in the room and one idiot. Karl could be argued to be the first or second in class, the other was a girl named Ann. I didn’t like him at first even though he’s easily the most attractive guy in the room; at least for me. His hair always had this subtle curl that made him look like those cute guys on TV. He had those thin lips which only made his jawline stand out. He and his best pal Raph, who was witty enough but was always late in class and never took classes seriously, were two of the only three guys (along with Patrick) who seemed to go to the gym daily. There were only seven guys in our class by the way.

Fast forward towards the end of second semester, most circles were broken. Those who kept to themselves maintained their small pool of friends but the bigger ones? Oh, the bigger ones spilled a lot of tea throughout the year which burned bridges left and right. I was still pretty close with Patrick, I even went with another classmate to buy him some boxers as a joke gift on his birthday. I imagined him wearing only that and dancing for me.

I learned to like Karl too since despite his cockiness, he had this charm popular guys have that you just can’t help liking them. And it was pretty cool of him to help me portray my character better in a contest which granted us our first championship of the year (In December, it was a great comeback after so many losses) and me being the best actor in our genre. Needless to say he was with pretty much everyone, and not that’s not even just our class.

Back to the end of semester, some of us didn’t even bother going to class anymore because there’s nothing to do. Most teachers just sit in our room, finishing up their records and sometimes showing our grades in their subject. Most times there’s just nothing to do so I can understand them. However, attendance was still recorded so, as someone who wants to maintain being in an honor list, I can’t let bit of grade no matter how small.

One day, four of us guys were just chilling at the very back of the room. The lights were turned off and except from the occasional mumbling of the other guys, all one could hear is the humming of the AC. Everyone else who still bothered showing up was either sleeping on their chairs or moved the chairs aside, pulled out a blanket and pillow and slept on the floor. I just read a story here in , careful not to let any of them peek. They were busy playing a mobile game anyway. When they finished, one of them excused himself to charge his phone. It was just me, Patrick at my side and Karl behind us.

“What’re you watching, Jason? You look so serious there,” Patrick nudged me. When I instinctively moved the screen away he laughed and said, “It’s porn, isn’t it?”

“What? No, I’m reading,” I was in a middle of the story and the letters were small so I doubt he could’ve read it so I showed him the screen. I made sure it was distant enough so he could see that there definitely was writing but not enough to decipher the words.

“Okay, fine,” he dejected a bit, then sprang back up. “I bet it’s porn though.”

I just shook my head and snorted, “Just go jerk that away, Pat.” Jerk it on my mouth, please, I thought.

He laughed and stretched his arms a bit. i wished I could see his biceps under those sleeves.

“Hey guys want some sausage?” Karl asked. I felt hungry at the thought, but why didn’t I smell any though? I turned to see if he was just about to open his packed lunch but what Patrick and I saw shocked us both.

“Well, that’s one sausage,” Patrick whispered, trying hard not to laugh out loud.

I was speechless though. Karl unbuttoned the lower half of his uniform and presented us his half erect cock. Even still, it looked pretty beefy and the head was just as big as the body. It looked darker than his overall complexion. casino şirketleri Something stirred under my pants.

“Well?” Karl laughed a bit. There’s not even a hint of humiliation in his eyes. He enjoyed showing off his manhood. As if trying to see which of us will submit to him. Throughout the year he has proven himself as the alpha in terms of wits. Perhaps now he wanted to assert his position permanently by making one of the guys bend over like a bitch. He looked straight at me, sensing my lack of words and glued eye contact on his tool, “Wanna touch, Jason?”

Before I could respond, a teacher arrived to check on us. When he saw how many were sleeping cozily under their blankets, he slowly closed the door and left with a big grin. Patrick returned to fiddling with his phone like nothing, as if what he saw earlier was just a casual thing to see. I glanced back to Karl and saw he was buttoning his uniform back. Something inside me panicked and without thinking I blurted out, “The teacher’s gone. You can show it again.”

Karl and Patrick looked at me with wide eyes and turned on each other. Their dirty smiles made me realize just how I sounded. In my head, I was hitting myself repeatedly and awkwardly laughed, “Just kidding.” Then nervously tapped on my phone.

I heard the seat behind me move closer and Karl whispering, “Is this what you want?” He reached for my left hand and pulled it to his crotch. Patrick leaned casually to the side to cover for us. I shifted my eyes around and deduced that even without Patrick, noone would see me touching him since everyone was on the floor by now.

I felt his still soft cock under his boxers. After gently squeezing it, I moved my hand around to feel everything. His skin was so smooth and firm. I tried to shoot my hand under the boxers but then he stopped me and told me to follow him outside. Patrick said he’ll follow close behind.

Karl lead me towards the guard sitting at the entrance of our building. He whispered something at him and the guard looked over to me.

“Him?” I saw him mouth to Karl.

After a few more exchanges, the guard stood and eyed me from head to toe as he walked past. The guard had a tag with his name, Neil Santos. He grabbed his walkie talkie and made an excuse to ask for a substitute first. Karl smiled at me and gestured to follow the guard.

“Where are we going?” I nervously asked.

“Don’t worry, he’s got a place where we can…” he looked at me knowingly. He didn’t have to say it of course.

The guard lead us to a lone room at the base of a flight of stairs. Mr. Neil opened the door and inside is a classroom with only a small number of chairs. A piece of paper rested on the teacher’s table by the front. On it are many names of both girls and boys. It looked way too many for one class. I recognized some but most were unfamiliar. Each name had a tally by its side.

“They used this room for remedials or detention before but since we have all day to use our rooms, the teachers usually just use those same ones to save time,” Karl explained. “Right now, we’ll use this room to continue our business.”

I grinned at him, ready to taste that fucking cock but there’s just one more thing I had to address, “Umm what about him?”

“Don’t worry, son,” Mr. Neil sat by a chair rubbing his crotch. “I’m just here to monitor.”

“He likes watching students fuck, he won’t tell.”

Karl sat by the table andinstructed me to unbutton his uniform, he wore a white t-shirt beneath. I could see his well-toned pecs and nipples through. He had a slightly toned abs that shaped through the shirt as well. He tossed the uniform aside and pulled off his shirt. I was greeted by a very smooth and muscled body that made me weak in the knees. I looked at his face and his was this look of confidence that just shouted, “Yeah, this is the look of a real man.” He let me sniff his neck, his chest and armpits unmoving.

“You’re so fucking hot.” I uttered between licking both his hard nipples.

He didn’t answer. His deep breathing was all he graced me with as a response.

“Take off your clothes, son.” Mr. Neil said.

I didn’t let my mouth separate from Karl’s body as I removed all my clothes. I felt very exposed and vulnerable but I didn’t care. I didn’t care if I looked like a desperate fag who thirsted for a real man’s cum. All I wanted was to give him pleasure.

“Fat bitch,” Mr. Neil uttered again. He wasn’t wrong, I was pretty unfit but still looked decent enough. I liked being talked down like that. It made me know my place here. I just wished Karl did so too.

After nibbling on his muscles and pits, I kneeled down and buried my face to his crotch. I imagined Mr. Neil must be jerking off by now. I looked at Karl again, as if asking permission if I can see his cock again. I slowly pulled both his pants and boxers down, the sight of his freshly shaven crotch and its sweet smell drove my mind in intoxicating lust.

“Make it hard,” he commanded casino firmaları me as I wrap my lips around his still soft cock. I closed my eyes as I savored the sweet liquid pouring out. I heard footsteps come beside me.

“Look how hungry this bitch is for cock,” I heard Mr. Neil said. I peeked to see how what he’s doing and the head of his dick was close to my face. Thick bushy hair covered its base, which made it look smaller than it actually was. I let go of Karl’s cock and tried to put Mr. Neil’s in but he pulled me back.

“Does that look hard enough for you?” I immediately went back to making his shaft wet. I circled my tongue around the head and applied slight pressure as I suck on it like candy. “Fuck, there you go.”

I felt it grow a bit and it filled my mouth easily while still being half erect. I pushed it deeper down my throat until it reached its maximum length. i gagged a bit as it grew harder and harder.

“He doesn’t look like a cocksucker but damn,” Mr. Neil watched me hungrily, adding speed to his beating.

“Doesn’t he?” Karl turned his head slightly to Mr. Neil. “I knew he was a slut our first day here.”

I continued to stuff Karl’s cock in my throat as they compared me to the other faggots they have fucked here before. I recognized some of the names they mentioned from the paper earlier.

Suddenly, someone knocked on the door. Mr. Neil shushed us as he approached it slowly. We listened closely to who’s outside. Karl grabbed my hair and guided my head to slowly bob up and down on his cock. He turned to his head to the door but he didn’t look nervous at all.

“Karl?” Patrick called from outside.

“It’s just Pat. Let him in.” Karl told the guard who opened the door slightly just enough for Patrick to come in.b

“Holy shit, Jason!” he exclaimed as he saw me completely naked and my mouth full of Karl. He tried to say something else but just laughed in disbelief.

“Want a turn, Pat? Jason’s a fucking pro,” Karl angled his cock so that it bulged in my left cheek. Patrick removed his sweater and unzipped his pants.

“Has he been fucked yet?” Pat said as he rubbed his crotch.

“Have you?” Karl turned back to me and pulled me off his wet cock. I held it steady aimed at my mouth. It felt like I was holding a large microphone.

“Fuck yes.”

“Yes, what?” Mr. Neil chimed in.

“Yes, sir!”

Karl stood up and gestured for Patrick to take his place. He still wore his uniform but his pants were gone. Pat greeted me with his sweet cute smile and a white fat cock ready to be sucked. “No teeth, okay?” he said as he laughed.

As I take him in, I felt Karl holding me by the waist. He pulled me up so my ass faced the air.

“Take a look at this pussy,” Mr. Neil cursed under his breath.

“Is he tight?” Pat leaned and humped my throat.

“Like a virgin. Are you sure you’ve been fucked before?” Karl slapped my ass cheek.

I grunted in approval still having Pat deep down me. I gasped as I felt his warm tongue licked my hole. I released Pat’s cock for a second to take a breath. I licked his groin like a dog thirsty for water.

“Shitt, Jason,” Pat pulled my hair, chuckling. “You’re tickling me.”

Mr. Neil positioned himself behind Patrick and caressed his smooth legs. Pat leaned back to him and closed his eyes. The guard then grabbed him behind the knees and lifted his legs, revealing his fat, baby smooth ass. In the middle, he clenched and unclenched his pink hole.

“There you go, son. He’ll like it better there,”

I proceeded to kiss Pat’s hole while Mr. Neil jerked him off. Pat moaned at the different sensations he was being exposed to. I inserted one finger and wiggled it around trying to find something. When he suddenly jerked back, I knew I hit the spot. I added one more finger.

Meanwhile, Karl spat so much at my ass that I felt some dripping down my legs. He continued eating my ass.

“Can’t believe that you’re like this, Jason,” Pat said in between gasping for air.

“I couldn’t believe you’d be down to fucking guys too,” I said, licking up to his balls. “Don’t you two have girlfriends?”

“You do too,” Karl stood and slapped both my ass cheeks. He grabbed them tightly and spread it wide. I could feel the head pressing its way in. “And yet here you are, taking it both ways.”

Mr. Neil then released Pat to let me suck him off again, Karl teased my hole by letting only the head first. He then slowly drilled his way deeper. The guard then stood by the side and watched while jerking off.

“You want a turn, sir?” Pat asked him.

“If he wants me too, why not?”

“Of course, he does,” Karl suddenly pushed the rest of his cock in. It made me groan but otherwise I was able to not bite Patrick. “You want all cocks here to be inside you right, Jason?”

I grunted again, I’m not gonna waste an opportunity of having as much cock as I could.

“Alright then, I’ll wait you two to finish first.” He then hid his güvenilir casino cock back in his pants. Presumably to not cum before he could fuck me.

After a while Karl grabbed me by the hair and pushed me further to deepthroat Pat. Both of them groaned, while Karl quickened his pace. He then grabbed me by the waist and fucked even deeper. I sprayed cum onto the floor as Karl repeatedly hit my prostate.

My knees shook and I almost fell down, if not for Karl holding me in place. He pulled out his cock and told Pat that it’s his turn to fuck me. I fell down to my knees before Pat pulled my ass up. Karl held me by my nape and said, “Clean up your mess.”

“Damn, your hole’s totally fucked,” Pat said, squeezing my ass cheeks. He inserted his cock with ease. He mimicked Karl’s pace earlier as I licked my cum off the floor.

“Good boy.” When Karl released his grip, I glanced at his crotch and saw his rock hard cock red and ready to cum. “Where’d you want us to cum?”

I opened my mouth in response. He smiled at this and asked, “You swallow?”

“Yes sir.”

He looked up at Patrick, “Another swallower, Pat.”

“Don’t worry, Jay,” Pat said, panting. “We’re gonna fill you right up.”

I saw Mr. Neil moved again by our side. Patrick pulled out his cock and jerked his cock off. My ass slumped down to the floor, hole gaping open.

“Help him up to the table,” Mr. Neil told the two. They made me lie face down on the table. I faced the majority of the room where Karl and Patrick stood, keeping their cocks hard. Mr. Neil held my legs and lifted them as he drove his hairy cock in.

I knew he hid more inches beneath that hair. He went way deeper than the two. His pace was also faster and had more intensity making the table shake. I can’t imagine how fucking dirty I looked being fucked like that on top of the table in front of my friends. Karl put his cock in my mouth and let my body getting ravaged do the work of moving me on and off it.

“This is how you fuck a faggot, boys,” Mr. Neil said cockily. He slapped my cheeks multiple times. “You use them like how they were meant to be. They want a real man’s cock inside them because that’s how they serve us, right?” He pulled my head back.

“Yeahhhhh,” I said shakily.

“Tell them what you’re born to do.”

“I’m born only to serve real men like you sir.”

“Fuck yes you do,” Mr. Neil pulled out after giving one big strong deep thrust which made me cum once again. He then grabbed me by the shoulder to pull me from the table and kicked it across the side of the room. “Now, kneel and open your mouth wide.”

All three of them stood above me, each had their own hard cocks in hand. I waited with an open mouth, eyes shifting from each of their handsome faces. The first one to cum was the latest, Mr. Neil. He inserted his cock into my mouth and made it bulge onto my right cheek. I could feel his warm cum exploding inside and filling quite a lot of space.

“Don’t swallow yet,” he said as he squeezed his cock for excess cum.

The second one was Patrick who straight up made me suck him again as he released his cum. It seemed like it had been a while since he did so because he almost made my mouth full in combination with Mr. Neil’s.

As the two backed up for the final one, I opened my cum filled mouth.

“You look like a cumdump,” Karl said with a smile. He held the back of my head and placed the head of his cock just at my lower lip. He massaged his cock slightly and suddenly, his warm seed shot to the roof of my mouth. It was so much that some cum spilled at the side of my lips. He then wiped it up with his cock and dipped it into the pool of cum in my mouth.

The three watched very closely as I swallowed all of their seed gleefully. I made a quick lick on each of them, just to clean off any remaining cum left.

“You should’ve told us about this from the start,” Karl said wiping himself off. “We could make you a regular and fuck you every week.”

“I know right,” Patrick laughed a bit. “The quiet ones are always the freakiest.”

Mr. Neil left us with a few parting goodbyes. When the two finished fixing themselves, I still laid on the ground naked and stained with dried cum and sweat.

“You just gonna stay here like that?” Pat said sporting that cute smile again.

“You guys go ahead,” I said panting. I didn’t feel like leaving yet. I wanted to stay and imagine what just happened and experience it all even if it’s just from my mind. “I’ll catch up later.”

“We’re the only ones who actually goes here anyway,” Karl said, writing something on the paper. “Sir Neil made sure of that. If you want a round two, you can just wait here and I’ll come back later.”

After a few more words, they left me in that room. Even though I cummed two times already, I found myself hard imagining how they used me. Feeling how they made my hole that loose. How they literally gave me a mouthful of cum. I released a good amount of cum again, which reached only to my stomach. Understandable enough.

After wiping the stains off me, I stood and looked at my clothes I threw by the side. It was neatly folded to my surprise. Before I went to get it, I turned to the table and tried to find what it was that Karl wrote.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20