Collar Me

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My hand held on the door’s knob as I bonked my forehead into the back door. Even a good job that I liked would get annoying eventually. Dress codes (especially suits), early hours, crap net access, and a distinct lack of anything a stomach craves during eight hours in a building. I gave a loud sigh of relief of at least being home as I pushed the door in and open. A little ringing sound started up as the wood swung, and my eyes instantly locked onto and tracked a little brass bell rolling across the floor. I smiled at myself and pushed the door closed behind me.

The house was quiet, which wasn’t unusual enough for me to worry, but I’d have welcomed a glomp at least. A couple turns later, and I was flopped over my bed, enjoying at least the welcome warmth of the covers as my fingers started undoing the buttons on my coat. “Seriously, why does a damn business require formal wear even in freakin’ ninety degree weather?”

“Because you’re glad to get out of it when you’re home and enjoy a normal life with a normal wife?” Collette gave me a wink as she stood in the doorway, accommodating the heat by wearing naught but a plain hot pink bra and panty set. I already felt a twitch between my legs as her hair, blonde with red highlights, flowed down and clung to every curve of her breasts.

“Nothing about you is normal and you know it.” She started walking in and helping me with my suit, going up as I unbuttoned going down. “You’re the only blonde I’ve seen dye, the only woman who’s taken me seriously about looking best without makeup, and very happily break pretty much every blonde stereotype like it’s absolutely nothing.”

I lifted my arms as she started taking coat off for me, her fingers trailing on every bit of skin she touched. “And I get told this nearly every day. You act like I haven’t figured out that part of why you love me.” True enough, this chat happens about every other day. “Sometimes it’s the biggest reason why I keep you from talking.” Her fingers slid to my pants, taking off the belt before sliding my shirt upward over my still-lifted arms. “It’s a relief to not be worshipped in words ALL the time, you know.”

“You haven’t guessed that I may keep doing it just so you’ll shut me up?” She giggled and, once my shirt was over my face, kissed me as roughly as she knew I liked it. Her breasts were shoving into my chest, rubbing everywhere she could grind into as one of her hands slid up my body. I didn’t feel what the other was doing until something slid around the back of my neck. The kiss seemed to freeze, giving me a chance to see her face twist into the sadistic smile I loved so much before I heard the “snap” of the collar around my neck.

She started giggling, breasts bouncing from the angle she was bent over as I closed my mouth and simply stared with a smile, at least happy she was smiling. She was my Mistress, after all; I wouldn’t be collared if I wasn’t ready to do anything for her smiles. She grabbed my pants and yanked, exposing pretty much everything except my feet. With my hands balled into fists resembling paws, I heaved myself up into a sitting position and watched as she removed my shoes.

The moment my feet were completely exposed, I realized I was naked except the leather around my neck. Slinking down from the bed, I pawed to her side, nuzzling myself in circles around her while rolling an ‘r’ in a gentle purr. “Good kitten.” A hand reached into my hair and started stroking around, causing me to stop where I was and sit, tilting into her leg. “I don’t know why I spoil you so much; normally kittens like you like to be embarrassed or humiliated.”

‘But I don’t like humiliation. I like making you smile by being good and making you feel like an amazing owner.’ I wanted to say so much, but all I could do was put on a happy smile and cry out “Nyaaa” in a happy cat sound before licking her hand appreciatively. That earned another small fit of giggles before she turned, hair lightly tickling the top of her barely-concealed ass. She started walking out the door, with me slinking behind her after a few seconds.

Along the way and in the middle of the hall, she kicked a plastic ball with a bell inside out into the middle of the living room. My eyes locked and I sprinted after it, taking extreme care not to bowl Mistress over as I caught up with it and pinned it with a paw. I smacked it between my left and right paws before hitting it toward her, dashing after it to catch it in my teeth. I looked up at her as she kept walking by until her fingers gasped it and pulled it out of my mouth.

My eyes stayed locked on it as she tossed it up and down in her hand. “You really are too cute.” The ball went between her breasts, snug inside the D cups before she squished them together enough to hide them completely. I stared at her bosom, the toy managing to vanish behind two enormous, soft breasts… How I wanted to reach up and lick them all over, kissing and nibbling th—”Kah!”

The kick to my side even caught me off guard as she let casino şirketleri go of her chest, breasts bouncing back into place. “You know most kittens don’t pay attention to boobs.” She put her hands under hers and started shaking them up and down, one at a time. “Even if they are as big, soft, and squishy as mine…” The toy slipped out and dropped. No matter how much I longed for them, the bright ball falling was caught by my hand and pinned to the floor before I swatted it away and started chasing it again. She started laughing aloud again as I eventually caught the ball and gazed at it, nipping it in fantasy of having her nipples.

A couple minutes later, I heard a very quiet “Ki-i-ira-a-a-a”. Even if she were whispering, I knew it was a call for me. The ball abandoned at the ‘k’ sound, I turned in place and sprinted back to her, having to look around until realizing she was in the lilac room, swinging a ring-shaped toy in her finger. “You didn’t even hear me move.” Even if I could see the satisfied smirk in her face, the fact that I didn’t notice hit me as I started crawling toward her. “Either you’re really tired, or you’re kind of bored of me.”

I winced at the thought of her thinking I was bored as she dropped the toy and sat at the bed’s edge, stroking her curves from breast to thighs. “I thought I was supposed to be beautiful, gorgeous, sexy, and… how did you describe it? Able to turn you on by the whisper of your name?” Her eyes traveled between my legs, seeing the erection surviving the guilt trip. “Yet you still haven’t done anything but play with that little bell. I like obedience and all, but it’s—”

That was all I could take. I launched into her, the surprise of me pouncing so uncommon that she practically shrieked until her hands were pinned at her sides. I purred as loud as I could as my head nuzzled her cheeks, neck, and breasts, rubbing everywhere possible as she finally caught her breath and began to smile genuinely again, fighting my pinning. Reluctantly, I let go, but only to roll her over with a strong nuzzle.

As soon as she was on her stomach, I stretched my back over hers, wiggling around wildly. My back pushed into hers and my head circled around over her shoulders, combining both marking her as my territory with massaging into her back as she moaned out in appreciation. Still purring as long as my lungs would allow, I kept wiggling until I finally heard a quiet, “Enough.” Rolling off her, I nestled into her side.

At least, until she rolled away from me and grabbed my face, shoving my face between her breasts while stroking my hair. “You really are an amazing kitten.” The longer my face was pillowed within her bosom, the more I relaxed as my purring died down to a very silent, contented lie against her. “I hate having to give you up to work…” Her arms wrapped around me and squeezed me fully, allowing me to feel myself against every curve of her body as she kissed the top of my head.

I pulled back from her breasts, very reluctantly, to lift up and lick her lips tenderly in the softest kiss I was allowed. She gave a little “Aww” and, completely out of character, tugged me by my collar into kissing her, her tongue already sliding between my lips to stroke around. My eyes were wide in shock, but I was soon melted into the kiss, finding my hands (uncurled from their paws) stroking over her body.

It took all of ten seconds for her to realize what I was doing, too, before she pulled back and flicked my ear. A sharp pain went through my head as she smiled at me. “You’re that eager to touch me that you’d stop being a kitten?” My eyes snapped in what would have been guilt had she not started petting my hair. “Good. I love it that way.”

“Me-yaaa” My happy meow was cut short by her tugging my head to her hips, mouth closing in on the pussy being exposed by her free hand. She got her pussy’s lips against mine and held my face in place, bucking herself against me where she sat as my tongue instantly slid out to lick from the base to top of her slit and back again. Between teasing me, being pinned, marked, and the kiss, she was already soaked before my tongue even found her clit.

“More, more, more…” She’d pushed her panties down, only pulling back to kick them away before pinning my head into her by shoving my face in and wrapping my head in her legs. Breathing became next to impossible as my tongue slid between thrusting inside her and stroking around her clit. “Keep, going, ohh!” The entire time my tongue was rubbing, her pussy was bucking and stroking over my face, humping into me as her personal toy.

All I could do was hum and make muffled moans into her body as she kept me pinned to her, my tongue finding itself mostly against her clit to stroke around as she cried out, fluids flowing down my chin and neck as she kept rubbing. The orgasm forced her to hold me tighter, cutting off my breath entirely as I could only keep licking, trusting my mistress to not let me be hurt as my face was rubbed up and down relentlessly.

Eventually casino firmaları the lack of air made me thrash, only rubbing more against her hips and into her hot, soaking pussy. “Feels, so, goo-oo-ood!” was all I could hear as she tugged even tighter still, unable to be sated easily without something in her. The burn in my lungs and faded vision was replaced by blackness as the last thing I saw was the pure joy on my mistress’ face.

The darkness was welcome, both for ending the stinging of no air and the fatigue of the day until that point. I came to with my temples throbbing, my head nestled into a pillow, and with something sniffing very curiously at my face. I instinctively gave a gentle swat to brush it away, but felt Collette’s familiar hair where my hand hit first. The moment my eyes opened any bit, I heard a happy “Arf!” before a tongue started lashing at my face in happy licks.

I eventually had to grip her hair and pull her back, listening to a cute little whimper as my eyes traveled down to her neck, noticing the same collar on her that I had been wearing not long ago. Some time while I had passed, she apparently decided something. I looked back at her face, finding a completely innocent smile with her tongue hanging out, panting from lack of breath due to pleasure and in an act of a puppy.

Smiling, my fingers took her chin and gripped firmly, but without meaning to hurt. “Did you decide this because I was passed out?” She shook her head violently side to side, apparently strongly against it. “Then you just missed being my little bitch?” Her eyes glowed at the name and she nodded before leaning into me, her paws now over my shoulders as she tried to lap at my face again.

I tilted back, watching her fall with a “Yipe!” onto my lap before I squeezed her tight into me, petting the top of her head as she rolled onto her back, looking happily up at me. My hand left her head to stroke from her breasts to belly, watching her squirm silently from the tickles. I couldn’t help but smile at her being able to hold back the laughter she wasn’t allowed to make just to be a good puppy for me, though I was determined to make her laugh. My fingers wiggled around her sides and belly before she finally started giggling, unable to hold back any more.

Stopping my tickling led her to calm down, but once her breasts stopped bouncing, their perkiness was as clear as day. “You always did enjoy that a little too much.” I gave each one a pinch and pulled, earning a whimper of pain and longing as they were tweaked in place. “I still swear you could get off from tickles alone. Should I test that?” I lowered my hands down again, but she instantly rolled over and hid her stomach into my lap.

My hand went back to her head, and her smile grew genuinely happy again before she bumped her nose into my chest. I hugged her tight again, wiggling her around like a toy as she gave a little moaning sound of comfort before I let go and bounced off the bed. She jumped off the side after me, but I turned and pointed back at the bed. “Stay.” She gave a little whine and clambered back on, looking at me with doleful eyes. “I’m not upset at you, pup. Promise.”

A little smile was my response as she laid on her stomach and tucked her chin into the bed. Eventually I made it to the kitchen, looking down at the little pet food bowls on the floor. They were clearly marked by the pictures at the bowl’s bottom, as well as the crumbs of the contents. Every time I see them, I smile at the memory of only once trying pet food for each other. Since then, we’ve at least been more humane about treats and punishment foods.

Now, my question. Did using my face as a toy long enough to make me pass out count as me pleasing my Mistress (at the time), or do I see it as the lady who’s now my little puppy going out of line? I chuckled at the thought, knowing the answer was clear as I opened the refrigerator door to find yet another sheet of chocolate cake. She always had something in there, never failed.

Cutting a large bone-shaped slice, I placed it into her bowl and filled the bottom of it with milk before picking up a simple tennis ball-on-a-rope. With it in hand, I gave a whistle and called, “Collie!”

“Arf!” was all I heard before a giant ‘thump’ and much frantic dashing. I could just barely see her turning the corner before tossing the toy right over her head. She jumped and tried to catch it in her teeth, but failed spectacularly. I at least got a chuckle at how much bouncing her breasts did before she turned to grab it with her mouth and run it to me.

“Good girl.” I took the free end of it and tugged, but she held on with her ever-happy smile. “You can let go now.” I tugged again, but she held on firmly. “Uh huh…” I nodded calmly before straightening quickly and tugging, putting up a playful fight with her teeth’s grip on the toy before eventually getting her close to the erection standing up on my stomach. She eyed it but kept pulling, and I had güvenilir casino her. “So you want this toy more than your master’s? Guess you won’t get to play with more than this.”

I tugged at the toy again, but it slid easily from her mouth as she bounded into me and bumped her entire body against mine, trying to get her head against my dick as much as possible before she started lapping at the underside. Again, I started petting her, but I took her hair behind the ear and tugged her up to face me. “First thing’s first, you need food. I can’t have my little pup going hungry on me.”

She looked over at her bowl and immediately started scrambling over the slick kitchen floor to try to reach it, diving into the cool, moist cake and milk. I smiled at her, wondering how long it would take her to lap up all the milk as I popped open the fridge and saw something quick and easy enough to make our wait short; a little hamburger wrapped up for eating whenever. Making that time now, it was quickly placed on a plate and put in the microwave as I turned to watch Collette go at her bowl.

Her face was already messy from the effort, and her lips were dripping with milk that couldn’t just be slurped normally. The sight all on its own had me craving putting that mouth elsewhere, but she saw me looking at her and cried out, “Arf! Arf!” before bouncing into me again. “Arf, ar ar arf! Arf!” She was bumping into me while yelping loudly, earning another pinch on the ear and whine out of her. “Little bitches shouldn’t bark for attention. You know there are better ways for it. Now eat.” A push back toward the bowl got her crawling slowly to it again until she found the sweets waiting for her tongue as my own hunger was soon sated.

I watched her kind of dreamily, enjoying her enthusiasm at trying to lick everything out of the bowl before nuzzling it toward me, showing me the cleanliness of the bottom. Before I had a chance to react, she turned and pawed at the door to the fridge. “Still thirsty?” She shook her head slowly and kept pawing. “Hungry, then?” A nod was my answer as she turned to face me, tongue out in a cute pant. Well, I couldn’t expect just one slice to fill her up.

I opened the door and looked at her as she poked her nose inside and stared back at the cake. Normally, she’d ask for something a little more normal (like meat), but this time, she seemed intent on having sweets. She knew what she was doing with her stomach, so I simply cut off a good sized square slice before dropping it into the bowl. She was already diving into it as I lined the bottom of the tray with milk again. “You asked for it, so I hope you finish it. Otherwise, no dessert.” Her face went from a grin at the joke to a serious realization at what was being referred to.

Raising her rear end high to keep her face in the bowl, she kept tearing at it. I smiled at the curves now poking off to my side before getting behind them. Moisture was already glistening on her hips and getting close to her thighs from the treatment earlier and her pleasure now. My grin grew wider as I planted my thumb into her and started wiggling it around in circles over the front wall, pressing around over the spot inside her that never failed to make her squirm. Even with her face in the bowl, the rest of her body was rocking around.

It was a trick I’d read online, g-spot orgasms. I knew she felt like she had to go to the bathroom incredibly after the first few minutes, but all I did was find my thumb into two soft bumps of her insides to stroke hard, fast, and everywhere I could reach. She was convulsing in place, whimpering and whining in pleasure with every brush of my thumb. I tilted my head to watch as she rested in what little food she had left, cake stuck to her face like a messy child as her lips soaked in the milk. I reached my free hand up and started sliding through her hair, still rubbing around within her constantly squirming pussy.

It didn’t take long before the combination of pleasure and petting had her eyes closed. The food forgotten, she relaxed completely into my hands, a little melted puppy of pure orgasmic comfort. Deciding I’d distracted her enough, I pulled her up against me and picked her up, curled against me. The walk to the living room was short, so I could easily set into the couch and tuck her at my side, resuming rubbing my fingers over her head.

I got through maybe twenty minutes of TV before she stirred again, lifting her head slowly to bump her head fully into my cheek. “Well, good morning, pup.” I gave her an enormous squeeze into me, getting a comforted grunt in return as she melted into my side. “Hopefully you napped okay.”

“Ruff!” She lapped at my cheek a couple times before looking down, seeing my still-erect member against my stomach. She bent down with tongue out to lick at it, too, but I gave her ear a sharp pinch and a bit of a twist. “Ipe!”

“I told you. If you don’t finish your food, no dessert. You left quite a bit in the bowl.” Her face looked stunned for two seconds before she dashed out of the room and back into the kitchen. I could literally hear her scraping the bowl across the floor trying to get it up before she came back, carrying it within her teeth to show me the crumb-free surface.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20