Close the Deal

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This is initially a stroke story although the sex is exclusively girl sex. Romance between a man and a woman? Of a sort…sure. There is a lot more…a plan…a plot…executed perfectly.

“Your birthday is coming up. You certainly don’t need anything; you have all the toys a man could possibly desire.”

“Including you?”

“Especially me. And you’ve had me in every way a man can have a woman. But I know you have a fertile imagination, so on this special birthday I’m prepared to give you any fantasy your heart desires…do anything…for you.”

“Do you think Karen is attracted to you?”

“What? I don’t know. She certainly gets very touchy at times—more so recently. I don’t think she’s ever done it with a woman before but I sense that she is…curious. I know you’ve always wanted to fuck her. She’s so damn young!”

“You know me too well.”

“And you know me too well! I’m a very sexual being—that’s why you married me. In spite of how well fucked you keep me…I still check out a beautiful young woman—almost as often as you do. So is that what you want? Do you want me to seduce her…bring her to our bed?”

“I want you to seduce her…and bring her to your bed. I want you to fuck her.”

“That could get complicated; she is our neighbor and your friend’s wife. I assume you don’t want her husband Dave involved?”

“Not remotely. If you don’t want me to fuck her, then I won’t. But I want you to…and I want to watch.”

“You would not share me with another man—would you?”

“Never…but certainly with another woman.”

“Very well. But I want you to do more than watch. I want to watch you fuck her—with me there of course. You’ve wanted to fuck her since they first moved here. You won’t be happy until you do. I need to protect my own interests; you can fuck her…we’ll both fuck her…together.”

“As you wish.”

“You’re so easy.”


“Karen, do you believe your husband is faithful to you?”

“What? I don’t know. He travels. He’s often surrounded by very attractive younger women—not that I’m that old, I’m only twenty-eight. I see the way they look at him. I don’t see him falling in love with another woman and leaving me—it would cost him an arm and a leg—and he dotes on the children. He’s attentive…dutiful. No, he’s certainly fucked more than one of them—I’m sure of it. But it’s no matter; he’s a good father…a good husband.”

“And you? You are a very beautiful young woman, Karen. My husband salivates every time you come out in the yard in one of those tight little outfits. He loves your legs…your ass.”

“He said that—told you?”

“We have a very open and candid relationship, Karen…no secrets. You didn’t answer my question.”

“No. I’ve never cheated on him. I’ve been tempted but…”

“Tempted by…another man…or a woman?”

“What? You are very scary, Nina. You know me too well. Tempted by a man? On occasion. One in particular. By a woman…more recently. I came very close at the New Year’s Eve party. Nothing really happened; a hug, a kiss, tongues…touching.”

“How did it make you feel?”


“Show me, Karen. Show me what happened at the stroke of midnight.”

Nina had moved provocatively into Karen’s space. Their faces…lips…breasts…cunts were scant inches apart. She saw the hint of indecision in Karen’s eyes combined with something else…longing…desire…lust.

Make your move.

Nina’s hands went to Karen’s face…slight resistance…now faltering…a whimper…the resistance was futile…

Go for it!

Their lips met…Karen moaned. Their tongues met…probed…hands moved…explored…caressed…the exploration became bolder…decidedly intimate. Karen pulled back…but did not run away.

“Karen, I find you very attractive…so fresh and sexy. If you are uncomfortable, then it goes no farther and we need not speak of it again. Your children are at school. Our husbands are many miles away. I want you, Karen…I want you so much…want you now. No one will know. I want to love you…fuck you…give you pleasure.”

Close the deal.

Nina took Karen’s hand and placed it on her breast. She didn’t pull away…began to caress…her other hand moved to her shoulder…pulling her close…pushing her own body against her…the hand moved downward, exploring her rump…probing through the thin fabric of her sundress…pulling the hem up now…a warm hand touching her smooth leg…running up her thigh…gasping at the discovery of her wanton nakedness…lingering…probing her cleft…sliding down to her steamy slot.

The deal is done.

So easy! It had always been so easy for Nina. Men were impossibly easy…hardly a challenge. She could have any of them she desired although she desired only one…the one she had. Women could be more of a challenge, particularly the virgins…like Karen. The wonderful innocence of a young woman enjoying another woman for the first casino şirketleri time. Training them to please…giving them pleasure which they had never imagined.

Nina withdrew but only momentarily. Deftly pulling the sundress over her head she stood before Karen in all of her naked voluptuousness. Her hands moved to Karen’s blouse, helping her pull it off. The zipper at the side of her shorts now. A cooperative effort as Karen kicked them away. Now the delicious little thong which barely covered her hairless pussy and tight runner’s rear. A hand there…fingers exploring…probing her slippery slit.

“Dave likes me that way…like a pubescent girl…bare…he calls it his little-girl cunt. Do you like it?”

“I love it…no stubble?”

“Wax…tweezers…depilatory…electrolysis—never a razor. You have more…hair there.”

“My husband prefers it, trimmed and shaped of course—but very bushy. It excites him.”

“Nina, I don’t have any experience here…what do we do now?”

Nina took her hand and led her wordlessly to the master bedroom. As if in explanation, she gently pushed her down on the bed. Karen’s soft white thighs fell open instinctively.

“My bare little girl cunt today, Karen?”

Karen nodded…her hands moved to Nina’s head as if wishing to direct her. She need not have done so. Nina had her target in sight.

“Ohhh!” the younger woman said as Nina’s experienced lips and tongue found her center.

That’s right, little bitch! Fuck my face with that little girl cunt. You’re mine now! This is only the appetizer. You have no earthly idea how good I can make you feel. Learn and observe now, you sweet little fuck. Soon it will be your turn.

She so loved seduction…the sense of power…control…bending their will. So easy! This one would soon do anything Nina desired…anything…to include fucking her husband…any way he or Nina wanted…even in the ass…yes! I want to watch him forcing his big cock between these tight little cheeks as I spur him on…whispering tender words of encouragement…he would believe he owned her…when in fact it was Nina who would own her…command her.

She came so quickly. What a delicious little cunt…so much cum there. One side of her just wanted to fuck that bald young pussy right now…the required implement was close by in the bedside drawer. No, too soon and decidedly too butch at this stage. But she must know who is in charge…who is the dominant one…never forget her place.

Climbing on the bed, she pushed Karen down on her back; her legs still dangled over the edge. She moved astride her, her knees on either side of her compact form. She knows what’s coming…uncertainty…even fear. Can’t give her time to back out…need to cum…need to feel that hot little mouth…fuck that hot little mouth. Trap her blond head so that she understood exactly what was expected. Karen knew…understood. Her tongue was reaching for her now…tantalizing her hirsute offering. So easy…almost instinct…oh, yes! Good…too slow, though. Pick up the pace. Push your hairy muff into her mouth…show her what you expect…need. Fuck that sweet little face. Harder now…faster….oh, yessss!

Kiss her now…tender strokes…reward her for letting you fuck her mouth. Roll her over gently. What a perfect little ass…so tight…so firm…so succulent. Kiss her now…run your lips over her soft young body…slide you tongue along her flawless back. Explore her cleft…open for me now, sweet little bitch…you cannot deny me…I will have all of you. That’s right…no use fighting it…you want my mouth there…my tongue along your tightest place…teasing it.

Finger below…inside that little-girl cunt…finding the magic button…expertly working it with experienced fingers…reaching beneath to find those proud, hard titties. She’s breathing faster now…gasping…so close. Now…slip your tongue inside…fuck her little anus with your tongue…take her to a new level. Oh, yes! So easy…she came so quickly…so willingly. Her surrender was almost absolute.

Nina was not remotely done with their first episode together. Rolling Karen over again, she climbed on her, her lips lingered over those modest but incredibly perfect tits. Karen’s face showed a startled look as she felt Nina’s plump, bushy mound on her own hairless one.

Fuck that sweet young cunt…that’s right, you sweet slut…you’ve got it now! You’re fucking me back. You’ll come again—I know you will. You’ll come any time I want you to…any way I want you to. Grind that bald little pussy into me now, my love…that’s right…you are so close…oh, yes!!! Very nice…my turn now…so fucking close….fuck! Ohhhhh! Yessss! Perfection. Enough for the first lesson? Maybe…maybe not.

“Nina…have you ever fucked a woman…you know with a…”

“Cock? A strap-on? Is that something you think you might like?”

“I don’t know; I’m so new to this…maybe…yes.”

“It’s not for everyone but if you think you casino firmaları want to…I can certainly procure one in short order. Maybe next time? There will be a next time…tomorrow I would think. Our husbands won’t be back.”

“Okay…yes, a next time. Can I help you shop for it…help pick it out?”

“What? Sure! I have a catalogue in the bedside table. They ship overnight. Would you like to see the selection?” Karen nodded innocently.

Nina was certain that Karen had never perused such a catalogue before. So naïve and inexperienced. She giggled like a teenager.

“That one, I think? What do you think?”

“It comes highly recommended. We can order it online right now if you wish.”

“And those things there…”

“Anal toys…butt plugs…penetrators. Have you ever been fucked in the ass, Karen?”

“No…never. I don’t think Dave is so inclined…Rick?”

“We have a very…adventurous sex life, Karen. Ass fucking is certainly a regular part of it.”

“And you…like it?”

“If I didn’t, I wouldn’t participate in it. I don’t do anything sexual that doesn’t give me pleasure.”

“That…and that one too, I think. Can we order them please?”

“Of course. Let’s do so right now.” The order was placed within a few minutes to be shipped Next Day Priority.

What thoughts go through a woman’s mind the first time she chooses to share him with another woman? Jealousy and envy are certainly possible. If the other woman is more adept…more skillful…talented. After the initial newness if he continues to prefer fucking the other woman…not good. Possibly the best clue is how he fucks her—his wife—after fucking the other woman. Does he seem even more excited—harder—than before? Does she fear that he wants the other woman more than he wants her? If she also finds the other woman extremely satisfying as a partner…it’s an entirely different matter.

Nina knew the truth that so many women simply cannot accept: men are not wired for monogamy. Give them a little distance, possibly alcohol, an opportunity and a willing and reasonably seductive female and they’ll mount her at the first opportunity. Certainly some who stray fall in love and that can be very dangerous. It doesn’t tend to occur unless the marriage is already broken.

Her marriage to Rick was rock solid. She had no fear of bringing the younger, nubile competing female into their bed. She knew she was completely in control. Nina was the alpha female; she was always in complete control. She knew her husband; while he would certainly derive significant pleasure from fucking the younger, somewhat submissive blonde, she wasn’t his type. A little strange would be good for him—good for her…good for their marriage. There were no secrets between them; no one was sneaking around.

Not quite yet, however. She needed to complete Karen’s training…assure her absolute submission. Prepare and open her for new experiences. Make her the perfect playmate—not only for her husband but for herself. By the weekend all should be in readiness. Rick would be home; Dave and Karen’s children would be spending the weekend at a theme park many miles away. It was a special “daddy’s” weekend. It would be an even more special weekend for momma.

The toys arrived just before ten the following morning. She called her neighbor; Karen was at her door in a couple of minutes. Oh, my! She was dressed seductively this morning. Wishing to please Nina with her appearance. No hint of reluctance as they kissed and touched in the entrance hall. How sweet! The pretty young bitch was accommodating so much quicker than Nina could even have hoped. So pliable…so perfect!

How to begin? Karen made her own decision; she wanted to sample the butt toys or more accurately she wanted Nina to show her their use. Nina obliged. A half an hour later, Nina was dripping and her nipples were painfully hard. Fucking the sweet, tight virgin ass with the various objects had been so very exciting. Nina had certainly not led a sheltered life sexually but this idea of having a personal plaything…her own little girl to essentially do as she pleased with…delightful! She had made her personal bitch cum several times.

It was with a frantic need for release that she began fucking that cute young face with her bushy mound. How much the young woman had learned in such a short time! Karen’s tongue found its mark and caressed it expertly. Nina came hard, unable and unwilling to stop the waves of aftershocks that flowed over her body. It had been a long time; she had almost forgotten how good an inexperienced but enthusiastic young woman could make her feel. She had her own fuck toy again…naïve…willing to learn…experiment. She would soon share her with her husband, she mused…almost with a tinge of regret.

“I enjoyed that, Nina…making you come I mean. Would you like me to—let me—use this last anal toy on you? Before we…this one is different…it’s got batteries…rotates and vibrates.”

Nina’s güvenilir casino mind raced. She was still horny…needed to cum again. Letting Karen explore her rectum with the new toy…would she lose control? Lose her advantage over the younger woman? Still, the idea of the sweet young thing caressing her…shoving that big vibrating toy inside her…certainly using her mouth and tongue to excite her. She knew she was stronger than Karen—certainly never submissive. Why not?

OH, MY! It was even better than Nina could have hoped for! Karen had such soft hands…a sweet mouth…sucked her ample tits so perfectly considering her short tenure on the other side. A sweet mouth…a nasty mouth.

“Thank you for letting me taste your ass, dear Nina. Such a perfect ass you have…hard nipples…long and so delicious. Do you want me to fuck you now with this big cock? Shove it all the way inside your asshole? Maybe your hairy cunt first…yes…in your cunt…all the way inside…you’re fucking that big cock already. Wait! Let me turn it on. The low vibration first…that’s right…now the other button. Oh, yes! Let me fuck you with it, Nina…such a cock slut…so hot…cum for me baby.”

Nina came as if struck by lightning. She’d never let a woman do that to her before…a man, of course, many times. Her ass felt left out. She wanted that big cock in her ass…had to have it there…trembling in anticipation. Karen was smiling. The end of the instrument was just at the entrance to her rectum…testing the barrier…teasing her until she was at her wits end. Then to her consternation it stopped. What was her bitch thinking?

“Is this what you want in your ass, Nina? Or maybe you want this?”

Nina had not been paying attention. As Karen had teased her anus with the anal fuck toy, she had donned the strap on…the rubber cock which was intended for her ass, not Nina’s. Now she was gripping its ample girth with her hands. No, this had not been in the plans. But her ass so needed to be penetrated…to be fucked. The tables had turned. No problem; Nina had plenty of time to reassert her control.

“Yes…okay…fuck me, my little bitch—fuck me!”

Deftly the younger woman was upon her, roughly massaging her big breasts with her hands…mauling her mouth with her own. Talking…whispering…nasty little mouth. The head of the big silicone implement at her entrance…teasing again. One hand at her throat…applying pressure…just the right amount…making her delightfully lightheaded. She’d played this game before. She played all of the games. Rick didn’t really like this game so they never played it…she’d missed it.

“Do you want me to fuck you now Nina?”

What was the girl’s problem? Fuck me, dammit! Fuck me in the ass!


“Please? Are you begging?”


“So my bitch wants her ass fucked?”


“Say it.”

“I want my ass fucked.”

“No, say it!” More pressure at her throat now…almost too much.

“Your bitch wants her ass fucked.”

“You’re my bitch then?”

“Yes…yes…I’m your bitch. Please fuck your bitch.”

“That’s all I needed to hear.”

Still teasing but shoving the long tool deep in her bowels…so deep! She could feel Karen’s little girl cunt now against her own mound. The hand not at her throat pinching her taut nipples…grabbing her hair…pain…good pain…delicious fucking pain…more pain…dizziness…slamming into her now. Telling her what a nasty bitch she was…anal slut…dirty fucking dyke. Oh, sweet Jesus! Every nerve ending in her body tingled…close to passing out…got to cum first…oh…yesssssss!

Nina was far too exhausted to continue. It was just as well; Karen’s children would soon need to be picked up at school. It almost frightened Nina how much she had enjoyed having the younger woman take her ass…cause her pain…dominate her. It was an absolute first. Consciously she didn’t think she wanted it to happen that way again. Subconsciously she knew it had been the most intense pleasure she had ever experienced.

“Has fucking my husband ever crossed your mind, Nina?” Karen asked the following morning in Nina’s kitchen.

“What? No! I don’t mean that the way it sounded. He’s a really cute guy with a nice body. I wouldn’t kick him out of bed but I don’t fantasize about fucking my good friend’s husband. Anyway, from what you told me he’s not that…exciting.”

“I wasn’t really honest with you. His antics in the bedroom border on dreadful. I’m so envious of you! You and Rick seem to have such a perfect life together and I sense that you and Rick have a very…fulfilling sex life.”

“I can’t complain—Rick’s a great fuck.” Nina paused. Oh this was just too easy. “Do you want to fuck him, Karen?”

“No! Of course not! You’re my friend…but…yes…I’ve thought about it…particularly when Dave is climbing all over me in his own clumsy way. I’m sorry…I shouldn’t have said anything.”

“I’d let you—let you fuck Rick. But only with me there—in the same bed…part of it.”

“A three-way?” Karen hand covered her mouth as she giggled like a school girl who has just seen her first photo of a naked man.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20