Cindy , I

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Cindy is the first woman I’ve ever felt that I could truly have a rapport with. She’s (admittedly) older than I am, but that just makes her wiser. Cindy is in her early 40’s, but she doesn’t look like it at all. When I see her, I can’t think of anyone I’d rather be with. She’s perhaps 5’7″, or thereabout, with a very slim figure and around a B-cup. She is quite athletic looking, though I don’t even know what activities she enjoys. Cindy is a very busy woman, with a very busy job for the local courthouse. She rarely slows down to enjoy her surroundings, but when she does, it’s a good time for all. There is one living thing she treasures above all else: her over-sized pitbull, Romeo. He is what she likes to call a “cuddlebug”. That’s probably the most accurate description I could ever come up with. Wherever you go, Romeo follows. If you sit down to watch a movie, he’s there on your lap. If you try and go to sleep, he’s there next to you, making it impossible to move in any direction. She loves casino şirketleri him just the same.

One weekend, Cindy decided to go away with her best friend Bryan, and his friend. Not wanting to leave her precious Romeo without care and company for the weekend, she asked me to care for him. I instantly agreed, stating that I would have to charge her dinner and a movie for this favor. She agreed, and we settled that Jaws would be our movie of choice, whenever we should decide to get together for this agreed-upon date.

I arrived at her house the night after she had left, and took care of Romeo, who was already very lonely. I had just settled in to watch the Spice Girls movie, when I heard a car pull into the driveway. I didn’t think about it at all, rationilizing that it was just her neighbor getting in late. I continued watching the movie when suddenly I heard the door open. I jumped up to see who was there.

It was Cindy, home extremely early. I just looked at her in surprise.

“Well, casino firmaları aren’t you gonna say hello?” she asked me in her South Philly accent. “I drove all this way so I could come home, and what do I find but a mute housesitter. What good is that?”

I smiled at her and said, “I wasn’t expecting you back until Sunday.”

Cindy looked at me intensely, “I needed you. Karen (the girl she’d taken with her) and I had a fight, and I needed some consolation from someone close to me. I didn’t think that Romeo could give me what I needed.”

At first I didn’t know what to say, but the words soon came to me, like a match being struck, and slowly burning up to an intense flame. “I want to show you something. It might help you to relax and enjoy yourself a little bit. Wait right here, and I’ll bring it out.”

She settled into one of the chairs at the kitchen table, waiting for me. I quickly went into her bedroom and lit the candles that were located everywhere. Moving güvenilir casino faster than I thought possible, I stripped off everything but my socks, aiming directly at what I knew about her fetishes. I walked slowly into the kitchen, where Cindy just looked at me, speechless.

I said in a smug voice, “If I can’t be speechless, then how is it fair if you are? Here is this last minute surprise, and you don’t even have anything to say. Tsk, tsk, tsk.”

She stuck her tongue out at me, while getting up and moving towards me. “Shut up,” she said as she took my hand, pulling me into the bedroom. The first thing she did was pull my socks off.

We stayed in that room for all but a few minutes that weekend. Cindy made love to me like we were rabbits. We never stopped except to briefly sleep when we were to exhausted to continue. If I thought I loved her before, I know now that I truly love her, and always will. It’s just too bad we can’t have a relationship. I would love one, but Cindy is so afraid of commitments. She will sleep with me now and again, and we have a great friendship, but it will never be long-term. So, I will just have to admire her from afar, wallowing in the brief pleasures we can indulge in.

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