Christian’s 2nd Date with Emily

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Christian’s solitary goal for dating Emily Lane was to get her into bed. Sure, she was sexy, intelligent and even funny but he just wasn’t looking for anything serious. This was his second date with the redheaded Miss Lane, and he sensed he wouldn’t get into her pants on this night. She had barely let him kiss her on their last date. Tonight she would let him kiss her, and maybe even fondle her a little. The next date, she would spread her legs he assured himself. After all, his friends had told him he should try dating single moms.

“They are eager to please.” Manny had said.

“Yeah, they are needy or something, so they are up for anything.” Logan had added.

Christian’s friends had led him astray before, but he wanted pussy so this seemed like something he should give a try. Mostly he had been dating ball busting bitches, so maybe a motherly touch might just be what the doctor ordered. Her tits were huge, and he couldn’t seem to stop thinking about sucking on them. He knew it must have been a trick of lighting or the colour she was wearing, but her tits even looked bigger on this date than they had on the last date. Christian felt his cock stir a little in his pants.

“So, tell me more about your work?” Christian heard Emily ask.

“Not much to tell. I wine and dine clients. Kiss their ass and hope to sign them on as clients for our ad firm. I am currently tugging a car company along by their dicks. They are on the verge of signing.” When Christian stopped speaking he noticed the pursed lips of his date. She looked as if she had sucked on a lemon. What did he say that was so wrong? He ran it back through his mind and realized that his language would have been ok with his friends, but probably wasn’t ok with his date.

“Sorry about that. Why don’t you tell me about your work? You were so vague last time.”

“I am sorry about that. I just don’t feel comfortable talking about my work. It’s a bit unusual.” She said, while sipping from her glass of water.

“Would you like a glass of wine instead of that water?” Christian asked, hoping the wine might loosen her up a little. When she shook her head negatively he didn’t push her. “So, what is so unusual about being a nurse?” He smiled at her encouragingly. Maybe she would open up with some goodhearted prompting. He would be buried between her legs soon enough – wine or no wine!

“So you promise not to make an obviously shocked reaction when I tell you?” She asked.

“Trust me, Emily, nothing you could tell me you do within the nursing profession could surprise me. Unless you lied and have a totally different profession?” He smiled encouragingly again and placed his hand over hers.

“No, I am a nurse. I work for a private family and provide night care for their newborn twins.”

“I have one question.” He chuckled softly and she smiled. “What is so different about that?”

“Well…I am a little more than a nurse. I am a wet nurse. Do you know what that is?” She asked.

Christian felt dumb struck. Sure, he knew what a wet nurse was, but he didn’t realize that they still existed. He also didn’t understand how she could be a wet nurse when she had told him on their last date that her daughter was already five and in Kindergarten.

“You promised not to look shocked!” She chastised.

“I’m sorry. I just don’t understand.” The waiter interrupted them then. He took their order, and then moved along. Neither of them spoke until he left.

“What are you confused about? I care for and breast feed their newborn twins. They are a very wealthy couple and can afford to have a private nurse do the care that is less appealing to them. They like to sleep at night.” Emily batted her big green eyes at Christian. She was clearly playing dumb. She knew what confused him, but she wanted to force him to ask. He wasn’t shy, and he would surely ask.

“How can you still breast feed when your own child is already five? Why is your body still producing milk, and enough for not just one baby, but two?” Christian felt a little weird about this revelation. It didn’t bother him that she had been married before. It didn’t bother him that she had been pregnant before, and had a baby pass through her cunt. But it did bother him a little that apparently her breasts still held milk, and she still fed babies from them. This made his feel funny about curvetting her cunt to shove his cock into. She seemed even more motherly, and her tits seemed more like a method of nourishment than bouncy playthings. He suddenly felt a bit dirty.

“Well, the truth is that I have always had milk in my breasts since I hit puberty, but it only came out with a lot of nipple stimulation.” The waiter came to top up their glasses, his with wine and hers with ice water. If he had heard the Emily’s last sentence he did not let on. When he walked off again, Emily continued. “I’ll try to keep this short, but it all started four years ago. Around the time that my daughter turned one and my husband casino şirketleri and I split up. I was at a “baby and me play centre” when another mom came up to me to gently let me know that my breasts had leaked and I had big wet spots on my shirt. I was so embarrassed at first, but then she followed me to the washroom so she could hold Gracie, while I tried to get myself cleaned up.” Emily paused to take a sip of her water.

“The other woman suddenly broke down crying. She told me how her surrogate mother was due to give birth within the next week, and she wished she could produce milk to feed her newborn. She explained to me that she felt like a failure, because not only could she not have her own baby, but she couldn’t feed a baby from her body. She felt like less of a woman and less of a mother. I felt bad telling her that I was actually trying to get my milk to dry up. That is when she proposed the idea of being a wet nurse for her.” Emily became quite again as the waiter brought their meals to the table, and didn’t start to talk again until the waiter was out of earshot.

“Of course I thought about it for a few days, and she called me every day so and finally I decided to do it. The obscene amount of money they were willing to pay me also helped. So, I left my full time job as a registered nurse and went to work for this woman and her husband. I fed their daughter all night and pumped breast milk to nourish the child during the day. When their daughter became old enough to wean, they suggested to a friend of theirs that they should hire me to do the same for them. Ever since then I have been passed from one family to another. I feed the infants until they are sleeping through the night and are ready to be weaned, and then I move to the next family. My breasts have maintained a heavy amount of milk the whole time.” She finished her story and sat silently. She clearly thought the date was over, but oddly enough, Christian felt his cock stirring again. Something about the idea of her big tits leaking milk made his feel a little hot under the collar.

“Well, that is interesting.” He said somewhat stupidly.

“I know…I made you feel awkward, right? See, that is the problem with my profession. It makes people feel weird, especially men.” She took a dainty bite of her salmon. He took a manly sized bite of his steak. They chewed in silence. The dinner conversation lilted considerable after that.

After dinner they stepped outside into the cool night air. Emily pulled her fancy wrap around her body. Her breasts were engorged and felt a little sore. She would have to pump tonight, as this was her one night off. No matter how often she pumped she was always seemed to have a full supply, and tonight was no different. She would spend at least an hour this evening pumping. It was both a gift and a curse.

“I know I am not exactly what you thought I was, so I won’t be hurt if you just take me home. Thank you so much for such a wonderful evening out.” Emily said to Christian once the valet brought his car and they got in.

“What would make you think that? I am sorry our conversation got awkward during dinner, but I thought maybe we could go back to my place for a drink. I am not as bothered by your work as you seem to think. It’s natural, right? You provide care and nourishment for babies, what is wrong about that?” Christian put his sporty car into drive, hit the gas and shot out of the restaurant’s driveway.

“Well, maybe that didn’t creep you out, but the reason I have for NOT going to your place will.” She said.

“Why is that?” Christian asked, curious but not put off by her slight rejection. He fully intended to take this woman home tonight. He fully intended to put his cock into as many of her holes as she was willing to let him.

“I am quite engorged. I need to go home and pump. Also, there is my daughter. I should get home to her.” Emily explained in a small voice. She felt like a cock-tease suddenly.

“Emily, you live with your parents, right?”

“My sister actually, and I can see what you are getting at. Yes, my sister is watching Gracie, so she is perfectly fine. That doesn’t change the fact that my breasts are rock hard with milk that needs to be pumped out.”

“Is the breast-pump the only method to get the milk out?” Christian asked mischievously.

Emily was silent for several minutes. She looked out the window, but only saw her own reflection lit by the green dashboard lights. “No.” She said quietly.

“What is another method?”

“To manually express it, but it takes much longer and can be uncomfortable.” Emily adjusted the seatbelt over her tender boobs. It seemed like a vice all of a sudden.

“Can we just be blunt, Emily? I tend to pretty blunt.” Christian glanced at her, and then back to the dark road in front of him. He was driving toward his home, not hers.

“Sure. Be blunt.” She was a daring soul, and for some reason Christian made her feel heated casino firmaları in a way her husband and subsequent boyfriends never had.

“I want to get into your pants.” He looked at her face. “Or skirt, as the case may be. So, do I stand a chance of that tonight?”

Again, Emily was silent for a long, long time. She kept her eyes trained on the on the passenger window. Christian wasn’t sure if she was even going to answer him, and if she did he was sure it would be to flatly turn him down. What he didn’t realize was that Emily was waging a major internal war. She had not been intimate with anyone since her divorce from her ex-husband, Lenny. Lenny, had always accepted her milking breasts, but she had stayed away from intimacy with other men for fear that they would find it gross and a turn off. She just couldn’t bring herself to trust other men with her body’s quirk. Milk spraying or leaking from a woman’s breasts during sex, just wasn’t for all men. Larry had quite liked it. He also liked how easy it was to make her cum. Sometimes all he had to do was play with or suck her nipples and she could cum. She was just orgasmic, and always had been, but when she came her tits sprayed. It just seemed to go hand in hand for her.

“Yes, but…” Emily finally said, cautiously.

“But nothing, we are going to fuck like wild animals. I am going to treat you so good.” Christian seemed eager and drove faster.

Once back in Christian’s condo apartment they settled in on the sofa. Emily rejected a glass of wine, and finally Christian clued in. Breast feeding women tended not to drink alcohol, although he had known the odd one to enjoy a glass of wine from time to time. Christian grabbed himself a cold bottle of beer, and brought Emily a glass of water. She thanked him, and only shifted slightly when he sat closely beside her on the sofa. When he leaned in for a kiss, she leaned back. Christian had never had a woman so that to him before, and this time he did feel a little rejected.

“Is it my breath?” He asked.

“No, no, not at all! It’s just that you pressed into my breasts and they’re actually quite painful tonight.” She seemed mortified.

“I’m sorry. Is it always like this for you?”

“No, not really, I only get one night off a week, but I usually pump extra milk beforehand so the parent’s have it during my night off. So, normally my night off is comfortable. I think I know the problem.” She said, shifting her eyes away shyly.

“Why is that?” He probed without noticing her shyness.

“When I am aroused I tend to produce more milk for some reason.”She explained.

“Well are you?”

“Am I what? Producing milk or aroused?” She asked.

“Smart ass! Are you aroused?”

“Both.” She answered quietly.

“I can’t tell you how glad I am to hear that. So, if I promise not to lean on your breasts, may I kiss you?” Christian didn’t bother waiting for a response. He leaned in and pressed his lips to hers. He was careful not to press his chest to hers, but it wasn’t easy. They kissed slowly and gently for a long while, until Christian began to shake from his effort to hold his body away from hers.

“If you expel some of the milk, will you be more comfortable?” He asked quietly, as he placed kisses behind her ear and down her neck.

“Yeah…I would. Why don’t you play with them?” She asked. This surprised Christian. Had she just asked him to milk her? The idea appealed to him.

“May I open your blouse?”

“Yes…” She hissed, pulling her head to the side to give him better access to her neck. He continued to kiss her there while he reached for the small buttons of her blouse.

It didn’t take Christian long to get the blouse completely unbuttoned. She sat forward so he could slip it down her arms and off. Almost lovingly he reached behind her and unlatched her plain white bra. The bra was almost matronly, but it somehow worked for Christian. All the other women he had dated wore expensive high-end lingerie. It was sexy, but it was always the same. Emily’s bandage looking bra was different and this intrigued Christian like no swatch of lace ever had. Slowly he drew the bra forward and off of Emily’s beautiful body. He placed the bra carefully on the coffee table, noticing the breast pads tucked into it. He ignored them for Emily’s sake. They appeared to be drenched.

Christian feasted his dark eyes on her huge, beautiful breasts. Her nipples and areola were a deep shade of pink, almost purple. The nipples were long and rock hard already. Her breasts were long, full, and creamy white. They were simply stunning, and very much leaking milk. Emily seemed very self conscience about this, but Christian was very much turned on by the leaking milk-filled tits before him. He kissed the tops of her tits, and she hissed a breath through her teeth. Did it hurt, or did it feel good? He couldn’t tell, but he figured she would stop him if things weren’t working for her. “May I suck your güvenilir casino nipples?” Christian asked. He looked Emily in the eyes. She seemed unsure, but he could see she wanted to say yes. “Please.” He added.

“Do you promise to be gentle? They are so sensitive.” She huffed out on short breaths.

“I do promise. I will take care of you.”

Emily sat back a little and tried hard to relax. She couldn’t believe she was in his apartment already, let alone allowing him to drink her milk from her breasts. This was so out of character for her, but she had just been so horny. Hadn’t that been why she had gone out with him in the first place? She suspected he only truly wanted a booty call, and she had liked that possibility even if she wasn’t totally sure she would go through with it. She just had such a hard time trusting anyone with her milking breasts. They made her feel like an outcast, but they earned her a good living.

Christian massaged her tits gently. He ran his hands up and down the breasts, but avoided the nipples. They were leaking in earnest now, making Christian feel thankful for his leather sofa. When he couldn’t take it any longer and finally used his thumbs and index fingers to playfully roll her nipples. This caused milk to pour over his fingers. His hard cock twitched in his pants. This was the most incredible thing he had ever experienced. He wanted to taste it, so he lowered his face and pulled a thick erect nipple into his mouth. He sucked lightly, and a torrent of her sweet milk filled his mouth. He happily drank it, while he used his other hand to massage the other tit. He noticed her rapid breathing. She seemed to almost be panting. He vaguely noticed the little mewing noises escaping from her and her fluttering hands. She didn’t seem to know what to do with her hands. And then she trembled uncontrollably while she had an orgasm.

Christian sat back, stunned, he had never made another woman cum before simply by sucking her nipples. This had been simply amazing. Emily looked sheepish, and tried to pull away from Christian. He was having no part of that. A woman that could climax from breast play was a woman he had to nail. They were both wet from her milk now, and Christian didn’t think he had ever been so turned on before in his life.

“Don’t be shy, Emily. That was incredible.” He looked at her dripping breasts. “Does that one feel any less painful?”

Emily only nodded. That was plenty of encouragement for Christian. He leaned in and captured her other nipple in his mouth. Much like he did with the last one, he drank from her. He suckled gently and pulled the milk from her boob. He thought that a therapist could probably have a field day with his sever erotic reaction to a lactating woman, but he could care less. He was very much enjoying himself, and when Emily shot off with yet another trembling orgasm he knew she was enjoying herself as well.

“Should we move to the bedroom?” Christian asked after a while. Both he and Emily were really wet with breast milk now. Christian felt his shirt stick to his chest with the moisture.

“I…I don’t know…” Emily stuttered.

“Oh come on, Em! I just gave you two fantastic orgasms don’t you think we owe it to ourselves to see this through?” Christian coaxed.

“Oh, it’s not that I don’t want to, I do, but I don’t want to get my milk all over your bedding. I will really leak a lot of milk the more I climax and as you can tell, I climax pretty easily.” She sat forward and perched on the side of the sofa. She was clearly ready to take flight and run off with her gorgeous tits. Christian couldn’t allow that.

“Don’t you worry about my bedding, Hun. Let me worry about that. If it would make you feel better I can put down some thick bath towels. And for the record, I love those milking breasts of yours. They have me hotter than I ever remember being before.”

Emily smiled coyly. She had never been paid such a nice compliment before and she wasn’t quite sure how to respond. Her husband had also enjoyed her breasts, but not nearly as much as Christian seemed to be enjoying them. Emily moved her arms and stopped attempting to hide her tits. They dripped constantly now, but they felt much less engorged. She was more comfortable for sure. He had actually drunk a considerable amount of milk from each boob, and he had seemed to very much enjoy the taste. She had tried her own milk before on numerous occasions. It had a sweetness that was surprising at first, but quite nice.

“Let’s go to your room.” She said finally.

Christian took Emily’s hand and led her down the short hall to his bedroom. He left her standing in the entrance way as he lit candles and retrieved towels from his closet. He placed them on the bed. Personally, he didn’t care if she drenched his bed with her milk or her pussy juice, but if it would help her to relax and give it over to him he was willing to do what had to be done. She stood at the threshold to the bedroom, watching him. She held her breasts in her hands, but made no attempt to put back on her bra or top. Christian didn’t miss the fact that her hands were wet with milk. He suspected the only reason she was holding them was to keep them from dripping onto his floors.

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