Christian Loving Ch. 02

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Having finished the tasks she set out to do for the day, Rachel returned home exhausted from darting about town in the summer heat. The week was shaping up to be warmer than usual – at least for the early summer months.

She deserved a bit of relaxation and contemplation time. The pool in the back of the house was prepared weeks earlier by the kids for just such an occasion. And since they would both be gone for a good part of the day, she could have the whole pool to herself.

Rachel changed into her white flower-patterned swimming suit. It was a one piece – she never could justify a bikini. She had tried them on in the past, but their sole purpose was to flaunt the body, which served no practicality while swimming.

Still, the suit served a sort of ‘naughty’ purpose. Rachel had always been timid about going to the beach, knowing that perverts often hung out in such areas. However, during their courtship Jacob had once insisted on a beach date, and thus they’d gone shopping for a suit.

She remembered the first time she donned the suit. It fit to her rather snug, but it really accentuated the highlights of her body. Her breasts seemed to jut out a little further, but not such that it was uncomfortable or overly revealing – it didn’t reveal any cleavage. It also accentuated her healthy hips, giving her a more hourglass physique. At the time, Rachel had thought it too showy and asked Jacob for his opinion.

When she stepped out of the dressing room, his face filled with awe and wonder. And why not, that suit looked like it was practically made for that body. As she twirled around to let him see all angles, he grabbed her from behind and swung his arms around her, landing one arm on her abdomen and the other right on her left breast!

It took Rachel by surprise. Swimsuits weren’t meant to build lust at all – let alone in a public clothing store! She asked him to let go, and he did – knowing he’d done something she disapproved of. Still, he was able to coax her into buying the suit as a favor to him. Even she admitted it made her feel a little saucy—so she decided to buy it as her ‘little naughty thing,’ although she never used it for any dirty purposes.

Now, as she lay there under the hot, pressing, afternoon sun, Rachel plotted how she could convince Reuben that they should lay tonight, before his father and sister came home. Dinah would be out until ten, and a message on the answering machine gave her the definitive answer she needed – Jacob wouldn’t be home until a little after nine that night. That would leave plenty of time between supper and then to let her stepson perform his duty – and to clean up any mess such that her husband wouldn’t find out about them.

Unbeknownst to her, Rachel was being peered upon by her stepson. He arrived home from and was changing when he glanced out his window and caught his stepmother wading in the pool. From his upstairs view he caught glimpses of her cleavage as she swam around, she shape of her breasts defining themselves as she stretched in the water.

He closed the door to his room and positioned himself by the window to keep his eyes on her. He dropped his boxers and pulled out his meat. With his grip he began pleasuring himself as the his stepmother relaxed herself in the pool below.

Secretly, Reuben always carried the hots for his step mom. He knew he wasn’t the only one – several jerks during high school commented on how lucky he was to have a hot body like that in the house with him. Since he and Rachel weren’t related, they were puzzled that he hadn’t moved in to bone her – aside from the fact that it’s a filthy idea.

Reuben didn’t quite understand their reasoning. Sure she was hot. So were several of his classmates. What’s more, they were younger, more flexible, more agile, friendlier and much more fun. He could get more bang for his buck by sticking to his peers than getting it on with women far older than he was. No, Reuben wanted more than that.

What irritated Reuben was Rachel’s Christian ways. Before the marriage, church and watching one’s mouth wasn’t really an aspect of growing up that he and Dinah were accustomed to. Even though he was fairly young when she passed away, he knew who his mother was. Rachel was not his mother. When he was with his birth mother, the family would sit in the bleachers at baseball games, ride roller coasters, go to carnivals and have fun being themselves. His mother gave him a life. Now, with regular weekend Bible studies and waking up early for church on Sundays, he felt his life being sucked out of him.

He wanted to get even with her somehow. He didn’t want to hurt or maim Rachel, but his horny mind encouraged fucking her instead. To penetrate and take advantage of her nubile, soft-skinned, flowing body. He often fantasized of plunging into her doggie style, Rachel in complete ecstasy while he worked her hot ass. Or her bobbing up and down on his upright prick, while having his way with her enticing breasts. One wet casino şirketleri dream had him impregnating her – a dream that kept his cock erect for hours.

To control her and rebuttal her with how he’s felt about her marrying into his family, that’s how he’s always wanted it to be. Sometimes his mind would act up when he was around her. Maybe he caught her in a complementing light or saw her come out of the shower with just her bathrobe on. Sometimes it occurred when she and his dad were getting ready for a dinner alone. She would appear alluring to him, and all he needed to do was snap his fingers. Before he knew it, she was pulling off his pants, unleashing his cock and sucking feverishly on it before he spewed his jism all over her demure, Christian face. In his fantasies, slapping her ass would trigger her to have wild sex whenever, wherever.

All of his dreams and fantasies were simply that – fantasies. Reality held them as incest – even if they aren’t genetically related. Of course the Bible was against it – he always found it against taboo or curious stuff. So Rachel and everyone else would be against it too.

Still, those fantasies got him through many a frustrating day. Today was no different – and being able to see her in her rare white swimsuit was an added bonus. His prick showed it, now fully erect in his hand. He did not want to exhaust himself however. He was going to work out tonight and wanted to save his energy. He released his cock. Grabbing a towel and his bathrobe, he made his way to the shower.

Having soaked in the sun and then cooled off in the pool, Rachel conceived what she needed to do. Preparation time was in order to cook Reuben’s favorite meal, so she would get cracking at that. She would then put on her best perfume and wear her white, low cut shirt. It was hardly Rachel’s favorite piece of her wardrobe – it shaped to her form very well while showing off her cleavage if she was wearing a bra. And if she wasn’t wearing a bra, her nipples were easily seen through the fabric! But it served its purpose – arousing her husband on several nights for their attempts at impregnation. ‘No luck yet, but maybe tonight’s the night,’ she casually thought as she walked inside the house.

* * * * *

Reuben poked his head into his sister’s room. It was always odd for him to get a peek of it. Although they were very close after the death of their mother, he and his sister grew into the stereotypical definitions of masculine versus feminine. Reuben made use of the small gym set his father purchased after the tragedy of losing his wife. It garnered him lots of attention from the fairer sex, something his father and stepmother scolded him for manipulating once he began dating. He played sports regularly, even at the intramural level in college. It wasn’t the same as track in high school, but he never envisioned becoming an athlete to begin with.

It was for those reasons he found it awkward to gander into her room. Whereas Reuben’s adolescence was mostly gray and colorless, everything in Dinah’s room was decidedly bright and colorful. The first thing that always jumped out at him was her dressing mirror. Adorning it borders were stickers and handwritten notes from her friends ranging from bafflingly simplistic sayings such as ‘Chocolate!’ to random quotes like ‘You choo-choo-choose me!’ On top of her dresser facing the mirror were items like her sky-blue diary, shiny black oversized hair comb, and a pastel green lamp she reportedly won at some school event. It didn’t work. It likely never will. It was just there as a testament to itself. Her bright pink bed, complete with red heart-shaped pillow (complete with lacy frillings adorning it’s sides) also catches the eye. An oversized teddy bear stood in the corner, a gift from Rachel before she became their stepmother. Even with the room’s lights off, he found it strange to look in – almost everything about the room seemed wrong. The only saving for him was a softball glove and ball lying on the floor.

Regardless, dinner was ready. If she wasn’t here, Reuben figured she was either out back or in the basement on the phone.

As he walked downstairs he heard the sounds of a radio and the gym equipment being used. To his surprise he found Dinah bench pressing weights.

“Wow, what’s this?”

“I’m … just trying to … get in shape,” Dinah grunted as she lifted the weights above her.

“I can see that. For softball? How much are you pressing?”

“One hundred,” she exhaled as she lowered the weights once more.

Given her size and frame, it was pretty decent. Reuben complemented his sister and spotted her presses. He couldn’t help but notice her attire. She was wearing typical blue gym shorts and a tee shirt that did little to disguise her sport bra. It was pretty skimpy for her, but he was glad to see her taking on a serious attitude towards her new exercise regime. Dinah was sweating – she told him she had been down there for some time since she got casino firmaları home from work. It showed, as both her shorts and tee shirt were soaked and contoured themselves to her body. She successfully put in a few more presses before she finally gave in, her brother spotting and relieving her of the weights.

Dinah panted for a few moments before sitting up on the bench. “That’s hard work!”

“Yeah,” Reuben chuckled, “it is. It’s pretty rewarding once you make a commitment to it though. It’s a good way to get some exercise and keep your mind off things.”

“I don’t know how you can put so much effort into it though. Aren’t you sore in the morning? ‘Cause you were down here a lot during high school.”

“Well,” Reuben reflected as he thought back to those times, “I had a lot on my mind back then.”

There was a pause, an acknowledgement that they both understood what he referred to. Finally, Dinah spoke up. “She still bugs you?”

“It’s just that she’s been trying to get some control over my life ever since she came into our family. Even when dad and her were dating, she was trying to mold us in her own image.”

Dinah looked her brother in the eye. “She was just trying to fill a void dad thought we both needed in our lives.”

“But how do you know that?” Reuben quickly retorted. “How do we know he even told her that? I don’t remember him ever telling us we needed another parental figure in our lives.”

“Well, I know she was there to help me when I was going through puberty. I like dad and trust him a ton, but I don’t think he would have given same motherly advice.”

Reuben sighed. It was the one argument he could never defeat. “I know. I know how important that was for you in your life.” He paused for a moment as he tried to let his thoughts catch up to him. “But it’s not like we need Rachel to try and replace mom. It’s not like she died when we were both young. We both remember her. I know dad sure does. Why the hell is she trying to replace mom?”

“I don’t think she’s trying to replace her,” she said, slowly. “It’s not like she knew mom, how she watched over us and stuff. I think she’s trying to fit into our family for dad’s sake. Unfortunately, the best way for her to do that is to be more of a mother for us.”

“Well, I for one don’t need it,” he growled under his breath. “I’m an adult now. I’m only here to keep up with my high school friends over the summer. I don’t need her – and I don’t think too highly of her using my love for my dad as a means to get to me.”

“I know,” she sulked. “I’m not a big fan of her using dad to get to us. But she is in an awkward position. It’s not her fault she loves dad and he loves her.” Reuben glowered at Dinah on that remark. It was a subject of huge argument between the two siblings for a whole month leading up to their father’s marriage, one they never met eye to eye on. Many tears fell with shattered emotions on the floor before the deed was said and done. They vowed to never revisit it again. They simply looked each other in the eyes as the radio continued to play. “Dinah? Reuben?” their stepmother yelled downstairs, breaking the sibling’s silence. “Are you down there? Dinner will be ready soon. Get ready!”

Reuben smiled. “Oh yeah, dinner’s almost ready.”

She returned her goofy, sisterly smile in return. “Thanks. I’m meeting up with Sarah later tonight. We’re going to see that new movie coming out.”

“Oh yeah,” he said on getting up. “I take it you two are going out to eat then? That should make for another great dinner between me and mom.”

“Hey!” she said, running up to her brother. She wrapped her arms around his body, hugging him. He could feel the cool sweat from all over her body rubbing off on him, as well as the odd feeling of two clammy breasts against his chest. “I know how tough she can be to put up with. I’m not a fan of it either. I just can’t discount her, you know.”

Reuben returned the hug, a gesture of thanks for her having always been there. “I know,” he said on breaking the hug and starting upstairs. “It’s just easier that way.”

* * * * *

Reuben was quick to wolf down his food. It was one of Rachel’s more time consuming dishes to prepare, but it won her favor with the family. Reuben had always been a kid who knew what he liked, and when he first tasted this dish, he quickly dropped taking exception to everything about her, instead resenting her more forward qualities.

“So, how is your dinner son?”

“Mmmm, delicious mom.” It was a weird play of words that the family has had since their marriage.

Rachel prepared herself a light dinner – she was never much of an eater and already finished her portion by this time. She spent the remainder of dinner waiting for Reuben to finish so she could clean up after supper. As she carried on conversation of the usual fare (‘how was your day; what are your friends up to’, etc…), she looked deeply at him, noticing how much he did resemble his father Jacob.

Reuben güvenilir casino was not oblivious to this amount of attention, or the shirt and tight pants she wore. He had seen her wearing these before, but usually such attention was directed to his dad. He knew his parents went at it those nights because they both showed more pep the next day. But with dad not coming home until later that night, why would dress up like this? A welcome-home-from-a-hard-day-at-work reward?

“Now Reuben,” Rachel continued conversing, “as we’ve told you and your sister in the past, your father and I are trying to conceive a child.”

Reuben looked up from his food. “You’re pregnant? Hey, great!”

“Well, no son. That’s … why I want to talk to you tonight. I’m not pregnant yet. You know of your father’s medical condition …”

“Yeah. Guess I’m lucky I came out when I did.” He said with a smirk.

Rachel continued conversing about the predicament she and Jacob were in, her gaze fixed on something well past Reuben as she rehashed details that plagued her from conceiving a child.

Meantime, Reuben was catching a few ganders at her curving breasts. He got a real treat when she sighed during her lecture. If the bra she was wearing served as a good indicator – they were as big as he had hoped.

“So anyway,” Rachel continued, “I looked at the Bible for a little help – like we should, and I noticed this…”

As she reached for her Bible, Reuben rolled his eyes. ‘Always with the Bible. Damn I hate these sneak Bible studies!’

She showed him the passage from Deuteronomy, and his mind became muddled. Reuben held the idea of Rachel as a sexual object as a merely a fantasy in his mind. Now the Bible was saying that, in unusual circumstances, such relations were okay. He hid his surging lust so as not to tip his hand.

Rachel continued while Reuben gave the passage a second look. “So I was thinking, dear, that maybe tonight, before your sister and father come home that you and I could…”

Looking up at her, Rachel gave Reuben a look that said she was serious.

“Well, uhhh, yeah.” He said, still trying to grasp his newfound situation. “I guess I have to. Says so right here in the Bible, doesn’t it?”

“Well, you don’t have to dear, if you don’t want to. I won’t ‘throw your shoes out of the city’ if you don’t. ” She leaned over the table, softly lowering the tone of her voice, “it would mean so much to me if you would do me this favor.”

“Sure thing, mom,” he replied, grinning with anticipation. She really wanted this. He could finally act to make her submit to him.

“Oh, thank you!” She briefly looked down at her dish. The nervous part of waiting for his answer was over, and he would lie with her tonight! Looking back up she saw he finished his food as well and began putting them away.

“So, mom, uh… Well, when do you want to do this?”

She paused for a moment. Cooking supper took longer than she originally anticipated. For them to do this without anyone knowing, they needed begin soon.

“How about right now?”

Her urgency caught him off guard. He had expected it to happen later, allowing for him to devise a secure plan to enact his fantasy. He desperately needed some time. “Now? Shouldn’t I go brush my teeth then?”

Rachel chuckled. “Sure dear. I’ll freshen up in my bathroom as well. I want to make myself as presentable to you as I can tonight.”

‘You won’t need to worry about that, Rachel’, Reuben thought to himself.

* * * * *

Reuben lay on his bed wearing only his boxers. He had just finished tidying up his room to while formulating a plan. In case they found themselves as a sweaty mass on the floor, he didn’t want them to be wrestling around and bumping into things.

A knock on the door made his heart skip a beat. “Come in!”

Rachel opened the door to a cleaner room than she was used to visiting. The lights were out – only a few strategically placed candles illuminated the room. She dropped her bathrobe to give her stepson a good view of herself. She took a few steps towards him, noticing how much the youth looked like her husband – his father. Reuben’s chin, jaw line and eyes were almost a perfect match. His chest, although not as hairy, also resonated many similar features.

As she approached, Reuben noticed just how incredible a body she kept. The hallway light illuminated the outline of her figure in a white glow while the candles illuminated her breasts and other newly revealing features. In closing the door it became more readily apparent just how full her lips, breasts and hips were, as the flickering flames created shadows to dance upon her body.

Standing up to meet his stepmother, Reuben quickly discarded his boxers in the presence of his naked stepmother. Her breasts and nipples stood mere inches away from his own chest – heaving up and down with her anxious breathing.

Rachel looked at his boxers as they were discarded, noticing the growing beast they released, seemingly feeding off the play of light and dark that the flickering of the candles offered. For the first time it dawned on Rachel that Reuben wasn’t so much a boy anymore as much as he was a man.

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