Chapter 01: The First Encounter

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Wednesdays at work were always the strangest. I was pulled out of my daze at the sound of a car horn behind me. Sticking my hand out the window, I flipped off the bastard behind me and slowly eased my foot down on the gas. The traffic wasn’t too bad today, as it only took half the amount of time to get to work than it usually does. As I pull into my regular parking spot, I can’t help my slight suspicion, seeing only a red Mustang parked in the VIP section of the parking ramp.

“The Bitch is already here,” I mumble to myself, regretting my early arrival.

Walking across the parking lot, towards the elevator, my heels click loudly on the floor, echoing through the –mostly- empty parking ramp. I don’t even pay attention as I press the button that takes the elevator to the fifth floor, having worked in the same place for about three years, casino şirketleri there are things that I just do out of habit, not really needing to process what I’m even doing. This being one of those many things.

The elevator jerked to a stop and there was a loud, familiar ‘ding’ of the elevator as the doors slid apart from another. And right in front of me was the one thing I try to avoid as I go through each work day. Christina Taylor. The head of the office. Who I like to call “The Bitch”.

“Well, aren’t You early today Caey.” She smirked, the look in her eyes sent chills down my spine and my jaw clench.

“It’s Caeytlynn.” I said through my teeth, narrowing my eyes at her.

“No, it’s whatever I choose to call you.” She reached out toward me, her long, blood red nails brushing lightly over my cheek.

I slapped casino firmaları her hand away without thinking. My eyes widened as I realized what I had done and her breath hissed out of her mouth.

“Did you just hit me?” She practically growled.

My fear had left and turned into something more. I cocked my head to the side and smirked. “Shall I demonstrate it? Because I do believe I did.”

Her anger was gone in a flash as one side of her mouth curled up in a sinister sneer. “People aren’t going to be arriving ’till noon, and according to my watch, that’s more than a half an hour away. So I am going to show you why you do not hit your boss.” She grabbed a fistful of my platinum coloured hair.

I let out a soft yelp and winced, grabbing her wrist with both of my hands and digging my newly manicured nails into her flesh. güvenilir casino She growled again and tugged my hair hard, now dragging me in the direction of her office.

The only thing that scared me more than The Bitch herself; was her darkened office. A place where only she entered and a place that everyone feared to even get in a close proximity to.

She pushed open the door and shoved me into the pitch-black room. Stumbling over my feet, I fell to the floor, landing on my ass with a loud ‘thud’. A lump rose in my throat at the sound of tumblers turning and a heavy dead bolt sliding home. I quickly began to crawl backwards, still on the floor.

Not being able to see where I was going, I rammed my head into something hard. What I imagined to be her desk. I heard her maniacal voice, a cold, harsh tone. That of a predators, right before it killed its prey.

That was the last thing I remembered before the darkness swallowed me, encasing my body in a calm, sickly-sweet surrender. I must have hit my head hard, or I was in extreme shock. For I quickly passed out.

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