Change of Desire Ch. 3

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He chuckled. “Fuck. I’m just jokin’ with you, Marc.”

I kicked at him, forcing him to take a step back. I jumped off the railing and made way for the front door. He pulled at my arm, though, and tugged at me to stay.

“Quit. Why’re you running off for?” He whined playfully.

“Let go of me.” I refused to stick around.

And he refused to release his hold. “Are you that desperate to have sex?”

I turned around, shaking his hand off in the process. “Don’t try and put yourself on a pedestal, and act like you’re too good for sex. You’re the one who contacted me the first time for a hookup.”

Sensing my anger, he pulled me to him. “I didn’t mean it like that.” He ignored my resistance and pulled me into an embrace. “I just want you to know I want more than just that.”

I took a step back, ready to respond, when the front door swung open. A wave of noise from inside the house leaked out before the door was closed again.

“Oh, Aiden!” A person from behind me called out.

Aiden moved away from me, and I turned around to face the stranger. I met the drunken eyes of a girl. My stare held over as she stumbled over to Aiden, briefly using me as support before she reached him.

“Why are you here, Alice?” He asked.

She let out a fake gasp before latching her arms around his neck. “Aiden, I have friends too, I was invited! Why didn’t you tell me you were coming to a party?” She whined, her speech beyond slurred.

“You said you were going clubbing with your friends.”

“Yeah, this is our after party!” She squealed. “Sophia knows Rod.”

“Ray.” I corrected.

She perked at my voice and released herself from Aiden in order to turn around. “Um, who the fuck are you?”

Taken aback, I opened my mouth, ready to counter back. However, Aiden cut in before I could do so. “He’s a friend.”

She gave me a once-over before turning her attention to Aiden again. “He looks young… and lame. How’d you even-“

Unwilling to have her insult me any further, I asked, “Who are you, anyway?”

I should have seen the response coming. The little cues were in front of me. The way Aiden stepped away from me, and how stiff he became in her presence. Or the way Alice’s face lingered far too close to his lips for any sort of platonic relationship. All that, and it still felt like a bag of bricks had came plummeting down on me when she said it.


A mix of a scoff and a laugh came out of my mouth. Figures, right? Cliché, right? It had to be a lie.. Right? But one glance at Aiden’s face was confirmation enough. Without a word to either of them, I spun on my heels and walked back inside.

> > > > > Next Day

I awoke from my sleep, rubbing my eyes as the harsh sunlight beamed through the blinds. I sighed and flipped over on my side.

“Good morning, lazy.”

I opened my eyes, my sight finally fixating on Emma’s face. “Oh.” I mumbled. I had forgotten I told my parents I’d be staying over at Emma’s in order to go to to the party. “I’m glad we got here safely.”

She laughed and rolled her eyes. “Thanks to me! I had to ask Jenny and her brother if they could help walk you here. You were totally plastered.”

“Hm, it doesn’t feel like it.” I mused, my voice groggy.

“I made you puke it all up.” She replied, sticking a finger down her throat before faking a gag. “You really don’t remember?” I grimaced at the thought before shaking my head. “Well, you’re welcome. Your phone has been blowing up, by the way.”

I lunged for my phone, scrolling through the many notifications. They were a plethora of missed calls and texts from my parents, but in the middle of the chaos was a simple text from Aiden that read: hey.

“Gee whiz. Don’t have a stroke, now. Whose call were you expecting?” She mockingly asked. “Aiden’s?” My head shot up. Emma’s knowing eyes were fixated on me. “Oh, Marc. You caused a bit of a scene last night. You were beyond gone, I guess.”

My stomach dropped as all the possible scenarios ran through my head. “What’d I do?”

Emma sat up beside me. “Well… Aiden came looking for you while you were drunk, and you were not welcoming to his presence. You won’t believe what happened next!” She paused with the exaggeration that even click bait ads would be envious of. “You went off on him. Yelling that you hated him, and not to bother contacting you because you were ‘over his dick’.”

“Oh my gosh.” I sighed, plopping back down on the bed, my arm shielding my eyes.

“But,” Emma started, her tone hopeful. I chose to peek from under my arm. “Nah, I’m fucking with you. It was pretty bad.”

I grabbed the pillow beside my head and chucked it at her face. She squealed when it made contact. “Was his girlfriend still there?”

“Girlfriend?” She fake gasped, bringing her hands to her mouth to further the act. I reached for the pillow my head laid on, and she quickly apologized. “Sorry, sorry! Yes, she was. But the bitch was just as drunk as you were, so I doubt she’d remember anything as well.”

“That’s reassuring.” I said sarcastically, before letting out a long groan. “I acted like a total bitch, and he still texted me. Why?”

I was mostly asking myself, but Emma still chose to answer. “Maybe you gave such bomb ass head that he wants another round?”

Emma was already off the bed and running for the door before I jumped up and chased after her.

> > >

After much bickering with Emma on whether I should reply to Aiden or not, she snatched my phone away from me.

“Ooh. He has an iPhone, too.” She mused, commenting over the blue text bubbles. She dodged my attempts of getting my phone back, and quickly typed a short reply. “There.”

She handed me my phone back, and I looked at the text she had sent. hi. I could live with that, and it was beyond tame, considering how Emma could be.

With my thumb hovering over the home button, I took notice of the little bubble that appeared at the bottom of the messages. He was responding already. I told Emma. She reached for my phone again, but I pulled back. She looked at me quizzically as I placed it down on the end table in front of the sofa.

“You’re so full of it, Marc.” Emma laughed, rolling her eyes. “This isn’t some sort of horror film where we sit and wait for a call or text.” My phone buzzed just then. “Too bad we already know who it’s from. No suspense there.”

Ignoring her, I picked my phone back up and hurriedly unlocked it. I read the message.

Hi, can we talk?

Emma peered over my shoulder, waiting to see the reply I would type. I pressed away at the screen.

it’s the least you could do, don’t u think?

Emma grunted in disapproval, so I erased it. Attempt 2.

yeah, what’s up?

Grunting again, she shook her head. Fuck. You. Emma. Attempt 3.


She smiled. “Short and simple! You should know that’s the way to go.”

“Sure.” I repeated.

> > > > >

I sat in my car, strumming my fingers along the steering wheel. I’m such an idiot for agreeing to this. Meet up to talk? Sure! In the park’s parking lot at 10 p.m? Sure! When it’s dark and empty? Sure! Make sure to freshen up and use mouthwash? Sure!

…Well, that last one wasn’t said, but I still fucking did it.

I pushed my car’s power off when I saw another set of headlights come into the lot. The truck parked next to mine a few spaces down, and within a minute, Aiden was outside my car knocking on the window.

“Hey.” He greeted once I had gotten out. I gave a short hum in response. “Do you wanna go talk in my truck?”

My foot twitched, desperate to casino şirketleri walk over to the backseat of his truck once again, but I held my ground. “Here is fine.”

“Public, then, huh?” Although I wasn’t looking at him, I could hear the smirk that was planted on his face. It made me falter for a bit.

“Cut to the chase, Aiden. What did you wanna say?”

He stepped toward me and placed a hand on my hip. “It’s not what I wanna say, but what I wanna do.” He briefly brought his other hand to my face before he grasped my hair with it. Tugging my head backwards by it, he placed his mouth on my exposed neck. “Do you want to?” His touch had me like putty in his hands. And unable to form a coherent word, I moaned. He smiled against my neck before pulling away and apologizing. “I’m sorry, let’s talk.”

I simply stared at him, annoyance clear on my face. I couldn’t believe his actions, but I also wasn’t exactly protesting them, either. I rolled my eyes before standing up straight. “I am not looking to be played with, Aiden. I don’t fucking understand why you would even initiate anything with me to begin with. And then,saying you wanted to be in a relationship with me, despite already being in one!”

“Gee, you really were plastered beyond belief last night.” He said. “I tried a number of times to tell you what the whole ordeal was, but you weren’t having it.” He shoved his hands in his pockets. “Alice is my ex girlfriend. Well… she’s in the process of becoming one, at least.”

I couldn’t help but scoff at the lame excuse. “How original, dude.”

“Honest to god.” He claimed. “We’re technically on a hiatus, but she is relentless in attempting to repair what’s been long gone.” Noticing he still hadn’t convinced me, he leaned back against my car next to me. “After you had rushed inside, I had to deal with Alice. As I’m sure you could tell, she was rather drunk, so I spent a good while looking for her friends. Once I had, I went in search for you.” He paused to take hold of my hand, gingerly caressing my fingers. “However, you were so out of it once I had gotten to you, and Alice finding me again while I was with you only escalated the situation.”

I looked up from our intertwined fingers and into his eyes. His stare held no dishonesty, and our eyes lingered on each other’s before I spoke up. “I’m still so wary, Aiden. I…”

He cut me off. “No, I get it. I can show you our messages if that’ll help.” He let go of my hand and was fumbling his hand into his pocket. I placed my hand on his arm, stopping him from retrieving his phone, and smiled at him. “I want you to believe me, Marc. I’m not lying.”

“I do believe you. I hadn’t said I didn’t, Aiden.”

“Did you really think I’d intentionally hurt you like that? I’ve been honest with you, and everything I say is how I actually feel.” He grasped my hand again and stood in front of me. “It may feel too soon, but as I’ve mentioned, I want more with you.”

I turned my head away, hoping he didn’t catch the blush that was creeping onto my face. “Okay.” I said. Unsure of what I meant, he asked me. “Okay,” I repeated, “I’m willing to try that with you.”

“Wait, really?” His voice was lightly coated with disbelief.

I nodded my head. “Unless this is all an elaborate ploy to simply get in my pants for one night.” I joked. “Because if that were the case, you’d only have to ask, ya know?”

By now, I had turned my head back to look at him, and a glint had practically shone in his eye. “You’ll be begging for me soon enough, Marc.” This statement sent a jolt right to my dick and I nearly admitted to him that I didn’t doubt him. Noticing the silence on my end, he gave me a peck on the lips. “I hope you’ll grow to trust me, Marc.”

So do I, Aiden. So do I.

> > > Monday > > >

“So,” Emma began, “did he screw your brains out?” I nearly spit out my food, slightly choking in the process. She giggled. “Too forward? Anyway, did he?”

I turned to face her once I had composed myself. “No, you ass. He apologized, explained himself and that was that.”

“Explained what? That he was playing you because he’s a jerk, yet you still forgave him?” She asked, her voice having raised a bit. I was quick to explain to her his situation. Or, at least what he had told me. “Sounds like a bunch of bull-“

I cut her off. “I know, I had the same reaction. Believe me, I’m still skeptical, but I’m giving him the benefit of the doubt. Anyway, why would anyone go through the trouble for just one lay? Especially considering our first encounter consisted of me blowing him.”

She opened her mouth to speak, but chose to sigh instead. “You have a point. Fuck you for attracting the attention of someone so hot.”

> > After School > >

I was awoken from my nap to my phone vibrating. I peeked over to my nightstand and eyed the clock. 5:52. I grabbed my phone and looked at the screen, my eyes squinted.

“Aiden?” I answered, quickly sitting up.

“Have you not saved my phone number? Of course it’s me!”

I rubbed at my eyes with my left hand. “No, it’s not that. I’m just confused why you’re calling me, is all.”

He laughed. “Am I interrupting? Should I have not called you or something? I can let you go if y-“

“No!” I said, a bit too quickly for my liking. “No, it’s fine. I wasn’t busy, I was just napping.”

“Is that why your voice sounds a little raspy? It’s hot.” He joked. “How was school?”

“What?” His question seemed so alien to me.

“How was school?” He repeated.

I hesitated to answer him. “Um, it was alright. Usual school day, so nothing out of the ordinary.” I briefly paused before asking, “How was your day, what’d you do?”

We quickly fell into a steady conversation about aimless stuff, until I found out he worked at the pharmacy of a corner store. He had been working there since his senior year of high school to help save for college. As a result of saving money, he had just enrolled in the local university when he was 20.

“What’s your major?” I asked, immediately interested to know what he was planning on pursuing.

“Psychology, man. I’m really curious as to why people act the way they do. What evokes certain reactions and stuff like that. There’s so much interesting things to it, ya know?” He paused. “Or things like, why we are drawn to each other.”

“Was my blowjob that good? I’m ready for round two whenever you are.” I half-joked. I was ready, but I’d let him be the one to initiate anything.

“Right now.” He stated.

“Right now?”

He repeated himself once more, and left me to be the one to respond. After a few seconds of silence, I simply said, “Okay, where?”

“My place, loser. Unless you want your parents to hear me making you moan.”

His words sent a slight jolt to my dick. “As much as I’m sure you’d like that, let’s not.”

He laughed. “Riiight. I’ll text you my address. See you soon, babe.”

Based off the weird sound he made after the last word, it was obvious he hadn’t meant to say it. He hung up quickly, but not quick enough to allow for a short awkward silence to be shared over the line. I couldn’t help the flutters I felt in my chest. I brushed it off to the fact of knowing I’d be in bed with Aiden. I quickly left my room to go to the restroom and take care of my personal hygiene. Once that was taken care of, I returned to my room where a message had been waiting for me on my phone. He had sent me his location via the iPhone toggle. I pressed on it, and pulled it up on my map, and left my home for his.

> > > > >

After about a fifteen minute drive, I pulled into the apartment complex. casino firmaları I flipped down the sun visor and looked at my reflection in the small mirror. While doing so, I was startled by someone knocking loudly on my car window. Before I even got the chance to eye the obvious perpetrator, he let out a howling laugh. I quickly turned my car off and swung the door open without warning, hitting him in the process.

He looked at me, utterly confused. “What was that for?”

I stepped out and closed the door behind me. “You scared me, you ass! What are you even doing, waiting for me?!”

He placed a hand against my chest and slowly pushed me against my car. He stared at me for a bit before speaking. “No, I just went to check my mail,” he said, holding up some envelopes he had in his other hand. “But this delivery is better.”

“You’re so lame, wow.” I said, despite lightly blushing.

He gave me a smile before grabbing my wrist and leading me toward some stairs. We walked up a flight and down a hallway to reach his unit. He fished out his keys and opened the door, allowing for me to walk in first. My eyes immediately began scanning the place, and he took notice.

“Looking for exits if needed? Or maybe possible weapons to defend yourself?” He joked.

I shoved his shoulder. “No. It’s a nice place. I wasn’t expecting it to be well kept, to be honest. I guess you’re not messy.”

He placed his keys and mail on the round dinner table and turned to face me. “I’m only messy in bed.” He winked, and I sighed playfully in response. “I like to smash expectations.”

I shook my head. “Wow, you’re on a roll, aren’t you?” I took a step toward him, but he sidestepped.

“Are you thirsty, hungry, maybe?”

“For you, yeah.” I fired back, smirking at him in the process.

“Oh, what the hell? Am I rubbing off on you?” He laughed.

“That’s not the only thing you can rub off on me.”

He began laughing, covering his face with hands. “You’re so great, wow. Do you think I’m as fun as I think you are?”

His question was rhetorical, but I still chose to answer simply. “I do.”

He walked over to me and cupped my face with his right hand and looked me in my eyes. Just as I was beginning to feel self conscious from his stare, he brought his lips a mere inch away from mine. “I fucking-“ My tongue darted out to lick at his lips quickly, and he pulled away slightly, staring at me in shock. Rather than saying anything, he slid his hand from my face to the back of my head and tugged on my hair. “You like toying with guys, don’t you?” When I didn’t immediately answer, he gave my hair another quick tug. With my neck craned and exposed at an angle, he planted his mouth on me. I moaned, however, my hands came up to push his head away from me. Taking the hint, he backed off and gave me a questioning look.

“I still have the one you gave me at the party.” I explained, pointing to the marking on the other side. “I’m not trying to be a canvas.”

His lips formed into a smirk when his eyes fell upon the mark. He pulled me to him and wrapped his arms around my waist. “So, where at?” He asked. “The bed, couch? Or maybe even the dining table or kitchen counter?”

With our bodies pressed against each other, I could feel him begin to harden. My dick was having the same reaction, and he took notice. He flashed me a smile before he ran his hands down to my ass and cupped it, melding us even closer together. I placed my hands on his shoulder and gave him a firm push away from me. Once we were separated, I kicked off my shoes and unbuckled my pants. I stared at him while doing so, his eyes boring into mine. I slid my pants down, but he held eye contact, perplexing me in the process.

“Uh, what?” I asked, feeling insecure under his stare.

He didn’t answer. He simply looked down at his boner tenting his shorts, then back to me. I assumed this to be a good thing, so I began walking in the direction of what I figured to be his room. I opened the door and turned my head to see whether he was following or not. Keeping his eyes set on my ass, he followed after me.

I sat on the edge of the bed while he came in and closed the door behind him. He wasted no time in forcing me to lay back on the bed. Placing small kisses as he worked his way up my legs, he mouthed at my pulsing erection through my boxer briefs. He looked up at me while he pulled them down, my dick springing out as he did so.

“So hot.” He mused as he discarded my underwear.

My member wasn’t nearly as impressive as his. I was only around five and a half inches, compared to his supposedly seven incher. I’m sure it was actually bigger. He grasped me with his right hand and gave it a few jerks, pre cum beading at the top of the head. He pulled my foreskin further, fully exposing the head. He breathed me in before licking from the base to the head. Shivers ran through my body at the simple action, and he laughed.

“Haven’t had this done to you often?” He asked. I couldn’t even vocalize a simple no, so I shook my head. “Well, let me set your standards. AlthoughIshouldbethelastone.” He said the last sentence with such hastiness that I had no time to respond before he plunged his mouth over my dick. I let out a moan instantly, and he stopped his ministrations to smile up at me. “You’re so cute.”

He wasted no time in inserting my dick back into his mouth. Through the pleasure I was feeling, I could make out his tongue gingerly circling the head before taking me to the hilt. I grabbed at his head and tousled his hair in an attempt to keep my mind off of the immense sensations. He blindly reached up my body with his hands, lifting my shirt as he did so. Once most of my torso was exposed, he grabbed for my nipples and gave them a light squeeze. My body shivered and I could feel myself on the verge of cumming already. I told him so and he stopped.

“Dude, we’ve hardly even done anything!” He laughed, jerking my dick. I sat up and he stood before me. “On your stomach, please.”

I raised an eyebrow, but nevertheless, did as he instructed. I removed my shirt and laid on my stomach, my chin propped on my crossed arms. I could hear him removing his clothes. There was a short pause of movement before I felt him softly lay his body on me. I hummed at his warm body on mine, and he began placing light kisses on my neck. I could feel his boner near my ass, and I instinctively pushed back to feel it even more.

He pushed off of me and snickered. “Don’t rush this. Relax.” He then pulled away from me fully and the cool air of the room replaced where his body had been. I felt him get off the bed, and turned around to see him kneeling on the floor once again. He shot me a smirk as he firmly grasped my ass with both hands. “Damn.” He kept his grip intact and moved my cheeks around.

Now, I was fully aware of what he was about to do. But I had no idea how it would feel. Had I expected him to do this? Hell no, but I wasn’t protesting. He held his eyes on mine as he craned his head down to my crack and flicked his tongue once. I jerked at the weird sensation and he smiled at me.

“I take it this is new to you, too?” He asked. I nodded my head. “You’ll like it as well. Watch.”

He wasted no time before he immersed his face in between my ass. His tongue darted out and licked against my hole. I moaned and stretched my legs apart to allow him what ever more space he could use. He spread my cheeks and squeezed them back, trapping his face in the process, all while ravaging my hole with his tongue. I eventually found myself on all fours, too horny to have realized when I attained the position. He sometimes güvenilir casino pushed his tongue through the ring, quickly entering and exiting it. I moaned with each connection his tongue made, thrusting my ass back in an attempt to get his face in deeper. He moaned at this, the vibrations oscillating through my whole body. I grabbed at my dick and was only able to get in a few tugs.

“No.” He said, grabbing a hold of my arm and moving it away.

He nudged me on my shoulder, prompting me to flip over on my back. Now sitting up propped on my elbows, I was finally able to drink in his body in full. My dick pulsed in excitement as I eyed his body for probably more than he expected.

“Aiden… Gosh.” I was able to get out. I traced my eyes over his entire front, inspecting every inch I could lay my eyes on. The way his shoulders bulged down to his strong arms. The way climbing up his chiseled abs led to his perky pecs. The way his dick stood at full mast as he stared at me on the bed.

My heart fluttered achingly.

Allowing me more than enough time to stare at him, he closed the distance between us and kneeled on the bed between my legs. I reached below me and grabbed his member.

“Stop. Let me just stare at you, now.” He said.

I let go, my face growing warm. I turned my face away from his, thankful that we hadn’t turned on the bedroom light. Although the evening sunlight still shone in through the curtains, casting a dim, blue glow to the room, I felt a bit more secure.

“Marc.” He called. I turned my face to meet his again. He smiled hugely. “You’re fucking beautiful.”

Again, my heart fluttered. I hadn’t even known Aiden for even a week, but the way he was feeding my ego, the way he way he was staring at me, the way he was making me feel. I wanted to chalk his actions up to an elaborate ruse to simply get me comfortable enough to sleep with him, but I knew that actually wasn’t the case. And it confused the fuck out of me.

He reached for a pillow on the bed and instructed me to lift myself up while he positioned it under me. After doing so, he ran his hands along the sides of my body, down to my hips, and to my waist. He bent down to kiss me.

“More prepping?” He asked as he grabbed the lube and condom that lay just within reach.

“Psh, no. You’re far too small to hurt me.” I jokingly insulted.

“Wow, you ass.” He popped open the lube and poured a generous amount on two fingers. He reached his hand between us and rubbed it against me. “Now, you’ll feel a sharp pain as I make an insertion, but it’ll quickly subside.” He said in a mock-doctor tone.

I was mid laugh when he stuck the two fingers in, my laugh contorting into a quiet moan. He moved his fingers in and out, curling them inside me every so often.

“Feeling okay?” He asked. I nodded my head and he stuck in a third finger. He continued his maneuvers for a bit more until he asked me if I was ready.

I nodded my head again. I feel like that was all I was capable of doing right now in the state I was in. He withdrew his fingers and tore open the condom packet. He rolled it over his dick, ensuring that I watched him as he did so. Coating lube on it as well, he positioned his dick at my entrance. He looked at me again and I nodded in confirmation.

Guiding it in slowly, he began to make the insertion. I began to feel the pressure as he continued to push inside. He bottomed out with a moan from both himself and I. Allowing me some time to get accustomed to him, he asked, “What do you think?”

“What do I think?” I asked incredulously, baffled that he seemingly wanted to have a conversation.

“Yeah, of us. First thoughts?” I could feel him begin to slide out steadily.

“Aiden, what the fuck- Ahh.“ He slid in shortly, and nodded for me to continue. “Are you seriously doing this right now?” He retracted the inch, leaving only the head of his dick inside me. “I can’t believe-“ He gave me a look which I assumed was a threat that he would fully pull out. I rushed to appease him with an answer. “I’m curious to see where this’ll go.” I said, talking about our relationship.

I felt him slide in a bit again. “You’re vulnerable right now, Marc, so you’re more likely to be honest. I just wanna see where your feelings stand with me right now.”

“That’s cruel.” I huffed. He began pulling out. “No! Stop, oh my god! I like you a lot, Aiden. Jeez!”

“How much?”

“A lot.” I repeated. “Besides how hot you are, you interest me so much. More than anyone I’ve slept with. I’m not sure if this sprouts from you admitting you had a thing for me first, or what, but I feel something for you. Something strong.”

He seemed to beam with the words that I had just spoken. He bent down to kiss me. “I hope you wanted this as badly as I did when we first hooked up. Now, let’s see if you are as vocal as you look to be.” Without any warning, he slammed the rest of himself into me.

I gripped the sheets under me, attempting to hold myself in place as much as I could with each thrust he pounded into me. He hooked his arms underneath mine and began to fuck me relentlessly. I brought my hands to his head and pulled his face down to mine. He pushed against my tug a bit and chose to stare at me as he pistoned in and out. I could only imagine how I looked. My mouth ajar, moaning with each thrust, eyes glazed over in pleasure. Unexpectedly, he swooped down and captured my mouth with his. He prodded his tongue into my already open mouth and we began to make out. His body, flush against mine, my own dick being rubbed against us with his motions.

I couldn’t even tell him I was very close to cumming. I could only grip his shoulders tightly in an attempt to let him know as I rode out my orgasm. My eyes were clenched shut, but I knew he was staring at me as he continued to fuck me.

“Ffffuck, Marc.“ He quickly pulled out and yanked the condom off. Turning away from me, he began jerking himself off, cupping his other hand under his dick.

“What? No!” I exclaimed, coming off my bliss. “You can cum on me, loser.”

He wasted no time in turning back to face me. He jerked off to completion, shooting his load onto my stomach where my own seed had pooled. I stared at him as he had his eyes closed in ecstasy, inspecting his face when filled with pleasure. He opened his eyes unexpectedly and I diverted my own.

“Shit, man. I think you spilled some milk all over you.” He plopped down on the bed next to me and laughed. Grabbing a washcloth from atop of his nightstand, proceeded to clean myself up.

“How thoughtful. My stomach is still going to be sticky, though.” I hummed.

“Damn, be appreciative. I’m trying!”

I smiled and took the washcloth away from him, tossing it on the floor. I sat up and moved the pillow from below me. “Alright, thanks for the fuck! Gotta go.”

“No, stop playing around.” He pulled me back down and moved to cuddle me. “Stay.”

“Why?” It was now my turn to get him to talk a bit.

“So I can tell you that you are indeed loud.” He moved away from me. “Alright, you can go now.”

I proceeded to get up, knowing he’d pull me back again. And he did. He pulled me next to him, keeping me in place as he held me with an arm.

We lay in silence, cuddled against each other. With my head near his chest, I could feel his breathing return to a steady rate. When I called his name and no reply came, I knew he was already dozing off. I closed my eyes as well, unsure if I should question the immense contentment I felt, or simply enjoy the way he made me feel.

Well here goes that horribly written, brief sex-filled chapter. This chapter seems so rushed even though I’ve been working on it for a while. Let me know what you all think! 🙂

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