Caught Ch. 02

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I want to thank those who read my first story “Caught” and had such favorable comments. It might be a good idea to read that story before you begin this one.


It was Wednesday and neither Dave or I, nor Ruthie nor I had talked about last Saturday’s encounter. Since Ruthie had not said another word I was wondering if she were only teasing us about getting together next Saturday. As I pondered this my feelings went up and back between arousal and hoping we would get together and hoping we wouldn’t. I was not “gay” after all. Yet, I had to admit that part of me really enjoyed what happened and the moment I thought about last Saturday my cock began to rise to attention.

Ruthie and I had dinner after we got home from work on Friday and as we sat watching T.V. she casually asked, “What time is Dave coming over tomorrow?” I froze. I stammered, I hemmed, I hawed, not knowing exactly what to say. “You’re kidding,” I replied, to which she said, “Call him and tell him to be here by eleven a.m.

Now, knowing she was not kidding, I got on the phone. I was nervous and it didn’t help when Shirley, Dave’s wife answered. We exchanged pleasantries and then I asked for Dave as casually as I could. When Dave got on the line I told him what Ruthie had said. There was a pause and finally he said, “OK! I’ll be there.”

“What did he say,” inquired Ruthie. “He said, he’d be over at eleven.” Ruthie smiled a rather devilish grin and then said it was time for bed. I tossed and turned all night wondering what my lovely wife had in store for us.

In the morning I woke up, showered, got dressed and had coffee. Ruthie joined me later. We talked about the weather, politics, even sports. Everything but what was coming. The clock struck nine. Then nine-thirty, then ten. Shortly before eleven, the door bell rang. I answered the door and it was Dave. He came in and there was an awkward silence between us. He asked where Ruthie was and I said, “In the kitchen.” We both walked back there like condemned men.

She greeted casino şirketleri us both, stood, and then ordered us to follow her. Once again she led us to the bedroom where she took a seat in the lazy boy. She smiled and said, “I guess you thought that last Saturday was a one time event. Well, you were wrong. From now on, you will do what I want, when I want, as often as I want you to. Understand?”

We both nodded. “From now on when you two are together you will come back to this room and immediately take off all your clothes.” She stopped and that was our cue. We undressed quickly and stood there. Her devilish grin returned. “Now kneel down both of you with your backs of you hands on your thighs. This will be position you will assume as soon as you are naked. Understand?” We nodded and knelt.

She smiled and said, “What cute boys I have. Stand!” We did. “Now kiss.” We faced each other and gave each other a quick kiss. “What was that?” she asked. “I want a passionate kiss. A kiss that will arouse both of you. Now!” This time we turned, hugged and kissed each other. I could smell Dave’s aftershave as our mouths parted. His tongue licked my lips and then gently pushed its way in. I let my tongue explore his mouth and then our tongues thrusted and parried in each other’s mouths. It didn’t take long before our cocks began to rise.

Our hands began to roam and the passion really built between us. Finally Ruthie called out for us to stop. Reluctantly we parted. She stared at our erections and then told us to climb on the bed. We did and as I climbed on the bed I noticed that Ruthie had removed her robe and nightie. “Now you two can really make out.” We lay down and crawled into each other’s arms. We began to kiss once again. He began to kiss my throat and caress my nipples with his finger tips. As he did that I caressed his ass, paying special attention to his crack. A finger tip ran up and down his crack and he shivered each time I did that.

My nipples were now as rigid as my cock and Dave lowered casino firmaları his head and began to lick and suck on them. A low moan escaped from my mouth. I ran my fingers through his hair as he did that. With his mouth alternating between my nipples his left hand slid down and he began to caress my cock. He stroked up and down as he licked. He rolled me on my back and continued to play with me. I parted my legs and he gently massaged my balls and then lightly caressed that most sensitive area between balls and anus. I let out an agonizingly low moan.

He brought me to the point of orgasm three or four times and then finally it was his turn. I kissed his neck, his throat, and my tongue left a wet trail to his nipples. As I licked and sucked I began to stroke his cock. Once again I was fascinated by it. Like stroking my own, yet so different.

I then cupped his balls and gently began to massage them, while I licked his nipples. We were both on fire as I went back to stroking his cock up and down. At that point I heard another moan and looked up to see Ruthie fingering herself to an orgasm. She came violenlty, her eyes never leaving Dave’s cock as I stroked him. I watched her and then finally she came back down to earth.

Ruthie came over and sat on the edge of the bed and said that we should get into a sixty-nine on our sides. Dave swung around as I slid down on the bed. I looked at his long, thin cock and lowered my head. As my lips went around his cock I felt his go around mine.

I took time to get to know it. Kissing and licking it. When I kissed him there, what kind of a reaction did he have. When I licked him there, what kind of a reaction did he have. I was so focused on him that I didn’t realize right away that he was doing the same thing to me. Like prize fighters checking each other out in the early rounds, that’s what we were doing.

Slowly we began to suck and stroke. It felt so good and then suddenly I felt a cold dollop of lubricant on my ass. I assumed that we would güvenilir casino do the same as last time and I waited for Ruthie’s command. But it never came. Instead I felt her move behind me on the bed.

I felt something press against my anus and then realized that Ruthie was using a “strap-on” on me. As she pushed I tried to relax allowing the invader to enter me. She pushed in slowly until I felt the front of her thighs against my ass.

Suddenly I was faced with a new realization. If she was fucking my ass, I assumed that she wanted Dave and me to cum in each other orally. I didn’t know if I was ready for that. As I contemplated my plight I felt Ruthie withdraw and then slide back in. In and out she moved. I started sucking and stroking Dave’s cock once again.

I had often wondered what it was like to be a woman. What was it like have a cock in your mouth or in your pussy? Now I had some idea. Soon the wondering gave way to lust. Our breathing increased and moans escaped our lips routinely. The invasion of my ass now felt surprisingly erotic and I could feel my balls begin to tighten.

I was caught between two emotions. One part of me wanted this fucking and the sucking to continue because it felt so good. The other part of me wanted to cum now. I decided to quit thinking and just let nature take over.

Soon Dave began to moan loudly and I felt his cock begin to throb. I knew what was coming next. I was not sure if I was ready for his explosion but I was prepared. I felt a small droplet appear and then he shot into my mouth. It was salty, sweet, musky, and syrupy all at the same time. He squirted again and then I went over the top.

We both came, filling each other’s mouths with our pearly, white offerings. Wave after wave, squirt after squirt until we were both empty. The last small spasms rippling through our bodies. As Dave and I lay there panting, I felt Ruthie slide out of me.

She rolled over and I took a look at her. She was so obscenely erotic. Breasts and a fake cock jutting from her loins. It made me hot all over again. I rolled over and kissed her tenderly and said, “I love you.” She replied, “And I love you darling.” We caressed each other for a moment and then she sat up and said, “You may get dressed. See you next Saturday.”

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