Cate , Kathy’s Excellent Adventure

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Cate and Kathy had been friends for what seemed to be forever. But a shared experience on the night of the girls 18th birthday changed their relationship forever.

Cate and Kathy were your average awesome babes. Both had the same birthday, both were absolutely gorgeous and both did absolutely everything together. The whole events started really the week before the girls shared 18th birthday party. The girls were both absolutely flat out organising the biggest and best party of the year and best of all no adult supervision. The date was set for the coming Saturday at Sarah, a friend of Cate’s whose parents were out of town visiting a sick aunt. Kathy organised the entertainment and most importantly – the booze.

When that Saturday came the girls spent almost the whole day getting everything perfect for the 150 other people they had invited. When the time had finally come, teens flooded in and the grog flooded out. The party was long and rowdy the consumption of alcohol was great and the girls were off their faces. With neither of the girls having boyfriends at the moment and neither wanting to return home and have their parents see them in their drunken state the decided to stay at Sarah’s house they new she wouldn’t mind because she was passed out on the couch.

The girls flopped down next to each other onto another couch in the den and this is where the story really begins.

“You wanna nuther beer?” Cate asked Kathy with a slight slurr in her voice.

“Why don’t ya make it vodka?” she replied kicking off her shoes. “Why not?” Cate said as she stumbled through to the kitchen and returned with a bottle of vodka and two shot glasses.

“Here we go,” she said pouring a glass each “down the hatch” Both girls downed the vodka in one gulp and Kathy threw the empty glass at the fireplace sending Cate into a fit of laughter. “Hehehe casino şirketleri this is sooooo fun. I haven’t had this much fun since we were young”

“Yeah this is the best. But ill tell you what is really annoying me. This damn strapless bra. The latch has been digging into me all night” With that Kathy stood up and started to take off her dress. When she was down to her bra and panties she started to curse because she couldn’t get the latch undone.

“Here I’ll help ya” Cate offered as she unsteadily got to her feet. “Hey this is like when we used to play doctors and nurses with each other. You remember that Kath? Yes! Got it” she said triumphantly holding the bra up. “Yeah those were great times. Whoo this feels great!” she said jumping up and down on the couch with her C cup breasts jiggling “come on get naked!” she invited Kathy as she kicked off her panties and revealed a neatly trimmed bush.

“Yeah it’s a party lets have fun” In one motion Kathy slid out of her dress and removed her underwear a silky black bra and panties to reveal her B size tits and a shaven smooth cunt. The girls jumped, ran and pranced around the den until they were exhausted and collapsed together back onto the couch.

“Hahahaha, that was soo great” Cate panted out of breath as she started to hug Kathy.

“Yeah,” Kathy agreed “and I never realised how big your tits are. I am so jealous! But there’s not much I can do about that” she added grabbing her right tit.

“Well I love your pussy look how nice and smooth it is I think I might do mine about that” She side gliding her fingers over Kathy’s smoothness.

“Well I think I can do something about that” and she stood up and went racing off into the bathroom. She rummaged around for a while and returned with a can of shaving cream and a razor. “Here you go” she said handing Cate the casino firmaları razor and shaving cream. “Uh how about you do it I don’t want to cut myself” she replied passing the can and razor back to her.

“OK. Now spread your legs nurse so I can get a look and the patient” Kathy said as she got down onto her knees. Cate giggled and replied “Right away doctor” Kathy then leaned forward and gave Cate a kiss right on her pussy lips. “hehehehe that ticked” Cate replied still laughing.

“That one’s for luck” She then squirted some shaving cream onto her fingers and started to rub it onto Cates cunt. “Mmmmmm that feels good” Cate shuddered “be careful”

Kathy then proceeded to slowly shave Cates bush all the while cate continued to purr softly like a kitten being petted. Cate had layed her head back and closed her eyes enjoying the sensation of the razor gliding over her now slowly dripping pussy when all of a sudden she felt something wet enter her cunt. She opened her eyes and saw Kathy licking the Cream off her. “What are you doing Katie?” she asked.

“Getting rid of all the excess cream. We can’t let it go to waste. If we did we wouldn’t be good doctors” and with that Kathy put her head back down into her lap. Cate’s ex-boyfriend had done this once before and she remembered the earth shaking sensation she had felt erupt through her entire body so she let Kathy continue what she was doing all the while getting a nagging feeling in the back of her head about this being wrong that Kathy was her friend but the voice was soon eliminated as her clitoris was gently sucked by her blonde friend.

Cate let out a loud moan as an orgasm thundered through her body. She sat up breathless from ecstasy and looked down at her friend sitting legs open against the coffee table.

“Wow!” she exclaimed “I don’t remember it feeling that güvenilir casino good when we used to play doctor” They both sat there for a while catching their breath when Cate noticed a small puddle forming on the rug near Kathy’s open pussy glistening like a diamond. “Well, it looks like it’s my turn to be the doctor. Spread ’em nurse” Still slurring her words Cate got down on the ground and moved towards Kathy.

“Whatever you say doctor. But first,” she said reaching for the bottle of vodka “a toast to us two successful doctors” She picked up and downed a goodly amount from the bottle then handing it to Cate and she did the same. “Oh no all gone. What are we going to do with the bottle now? We don’t want to wast it” Then a thought occurred to her and she flashed a devilish grin. She slid up next to Kathy and as she placed the neck of the bottle and the opening of her pussy Kathy got the idea and joined Cate in her grin.

“Oooohhh God Yes!!” She moaned as the neck of the bottle entered her wet cunt with a wet slurp. Cate started make swift but gentle thrusting motions with the bottle that caused Kathy to start pinching her now erect nipples. Cate who was once again starting to moisten the rug herself removed the bottle neck much to Kathy’s dismay until Cate closed her mouth over Kathy’s exposed pink clit. With quick tongue motions on Kathy and quick finger motions on herself both girls were breathing heavily and as their breathing got faster so did Cate’s tongue. “Yes!” cried Kathy as she finally came with Cate’s orgasmic cry lost muffled in Kathy’s cunt. Both girls still in their glorious drunken orgasmic stupor lay there together enjoying the others warmth and softness.

“Well,” said Kathy breaking the sweet silence “I guess we should get to bed” She stood up and began to dress and then cleared away the vodka bottle and shaving implements. Cate continued to sit there for a while and when she went to stand up she realised that she had been sitting on a card she looked down and read what it said inside. ‘Happy Birthday Cate and many happy returns’

“Yes,” She thought “many happy returns”

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