Candi’s Erotoic Adventures, chapters 5 and 6

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= = = = = = = = = =
Chapter 5
Show and Tell
= = = = = = == = = = = =

I was on my back, my legs spread in invitation, wearing only a faint sheen of sweat, waiting for Susan’s mouth. My husband’s thigh was beside my head, his freshly discharged cock draped over his leg. His big dick was soft now but still turgid, elongated, and glistening with saliva where Susan and I had licked him clean—I could still taste his semen. We’d made Bobby cum harder than he ever had before.

And we were just getting started. Today was Bobby’s birthday—all day long. But Bobby’s cock would need a little while to recover. In the meantime…

I had gotten SO hot from watching Bobby tit-fucking Susan (at my orders!) and cumming in my mouth, and then from sharing his cum with her. But I still hadn’t cum yet—or even been properly fucked—and I was in urgent need of release.

Then Susan’s hands were on my thighs, pressing them apart to make room for her face. I felt her warm breath on my labia. She kissed my cunt lips the way you would kiss a lover on the mouth, pressing her lips to mine, moving, sucking, nipping, slipping her tongue inside. “God, you taste good,” she sighed, licking at the opening of my vulva like a cat lapping up cream.

“She’s right, you know. You do taste good,” agreed Bobby, wrapping his arm over my shoulder, resting it softly on my breast, and taking my nipple between his finger and thumb. When he squeezed, it was like a direct line to my crotch. I writhed. I could feel myself getting wetter.

“Mmmm…” murmured Susan, sliding her tongue all the way into my slippery tunnel and running it around my pussy walls. Bobby gently pulled and rolled my nipple while Susan licked out my cunt. I shivered. Susan fastened her lips to my labia and began to slide her mouth upward, sucking my engorged pussy lips the whole way up.

Her mouth sought my clitoris, and found it. Her tongue circled around it, teasingly, making me hotter still. Two of her fingers pushed into my love hole where her tongue had just been, moving round and round—reaming the entrance to my pussy. Bobby continued to play with my now-hard nipple, carrying me to that border between pleasure and pain, the way a good ass-fucking does.

Then Susan was sucking on my clit. I could feel it swelling, growing in response to her steady suction. She momentarily withdrew both her fingers from my twat, then reinserted just her index finger. It felt heavenly. Then her middle finger, now slippery with juice from my pussy, found my rectum, parted it, penetrated, and slid all the way up my asshole. I gasped. She plunged her scissored fingers into my cunt and asshole simultaneously, rocking and moving them in circles, plunging all the way in and halfway out. “Oh, god! Yes!” I cried out. “Finger-fuck my pussy! Finger-fuck my ass! Pull on my nipp-aaah!!”

Susan began to lick my clit while she sucked on it. I shuddered as the sensations mounted, riding them closer and closer to climax. “Fuck, YESSS!” I screamed. “Suck me!”

Susan pulled her fingers out of me, squeezed her petite little hand as tight and small as she could, and slowly, firmly, pushed her hand into my pussy, up to her slim wrist.

I was still screaming, but couldn’t form words. Someone was pulling hard on both my nipples now. A tongue was pounding my clit like a silk jackhammer. I was being pulled apart. I was on the edge, about to cum massively.

Then Susan opened her hand inside me. Oh my god. It blossomed, filling me in unimaginable ways. It was as if the biggest cock I could possibly fuck suddenly doubled in size at the back of my cunt. She gently squeezed my uterus, milking it.

I was beyond cumming. I was floating above my body, hearing myself wail.

She pulled her hand back, her fist trapped against the opening to my cunt. I felt myself flying back into my body, screaming “God, Susan, fuck me, FUCK ME!”

It was like every orgasm in my life combined into one endless spasm. I saw white. I was laughing and crying and coming, all at once.

Susan’s hand pulled out of my cunt in a gush of vaginal fluid. My whole body bucked, and for a moment I was in Nirvana, still laughing and crying and cumming, totally out of control, but I was somewhere else, drifting in a place of pure, infinite bliss. My entire body, my whole being, clenched tight, oh, so tight—then relaxed, completely.

And then her face, her body, was beside mine, holding me, laughing and crying with me and kissing my face. Bobby looked down at me in wonder, in adoration, as if I had just done the most amazing thing. As lovers do, they had shared in my orgasm.

“Oh my god,” I said weakly. “That was…” words failed me.

Susan’s open, beaming smile hid again behind her usual smug grin. She held out the hand that been inside me, glistening with my wetness. Her smile took on a wicked gleam, no longer the submissive fuck toy. “You need nourishment,” she purred. She held her tiny, amazing hand in front of my face.

“Lick it,” she said.

I took her finger into my mouth and sucked.

An erotic thrill came over me as I sucked her fingers, licking my own cum off the hand that had just fisted me. She spread her fingers, took one in her own mouth, and sucked. Bobby bent down and sucked a third finger into his mouth, sharing my cum.

The three of us were all licking my cum from Susan’s outstretched hand, together, fresh from my cunt. I moaned, cumming again, or maybe still, faintly, like a delayed echo.

“I feel like… like the three of us… just got married or something,” I said dazedly.

“Something sure happened,” Bobby agreed.

“Something really good,” Susan decreed. “Candi’s orgasms are… special. But let’s not spoil it with words.”

She looked deep in my eyes. “Fuck me,” she said simply. “Fuck me now.”

She turned about, feet to my face, and swung her wide hips and lovely leg over me, on her hands and knees now, straddling my face. She lowered her pussy onto my waiting mouth.

“Eat my cunt,” she ordered. “Suck me. Make me cum, girlfriend.”

I raised my head, lifting my face into her waiting cunt, and Bobby slipped a pillow under it, so I could comfortably bury my face in my girlfriend’s vagina. I felt a warm glow of gratitude. My husband keeps finding new ways to show how much he loves me.

Then I went to work, eating Susan’s pussy in earnest. I was going to make that girl cum poker oyna so hard on my face. It was her turn now.

Her pussy lips were rosy, swollen, and satin soft. Her cunt was warm and wet and fragrant with her musk. Her secretions were winey and tart. She was delicious. She sighed as I licked her lips and walls.

Susan’s clit was engorged and slippery, sensitive to the least touch. It hung down like a small, hot, pistol trigger. I latched my mouth onto it, like a hungry calf sucking on a teat. She moaned. I sucked harder.

I licked her clit from below, my tongue running down her hood, rubbing it against her shaft, then pulling it over her clit-head as I reached her top. On the return stroke, the soft underside of my tongue slid up the face of her clit, ending with the tip of my tongue flicking suddenly over the sensitive face of her clit-head, pulling her trigger, again and again.

She grunted with jolts of erotic pleasure, rocking her hips against my face, fucking my mouth while the pleasure steadily built. We held a rhythm, my lips tight around the base of her clit, my tongue stroking the shaft and flicking the tip, over and over, my face enfolded in her fragrant twat, both of us enjoying this face-fuck too much to hurry.

Bobby ran his hands over her back, caressing her curves, enjoying the sight, sounds, and smell of his wife rutting with a gorgeous porn star.

As her heat grew, she buried her face in my own sodden pussy, not so much trying to stimulate me as just sucking on my cunt for comfort while I drove her headlong toward orgasm.

When her head lowered into my twat, her magnificent heart-shaped ass swung up invitingly. Bobby spread her sweet, round ass cheeks, exposing her puckered brown anal entrance. He traced the circle with his tongue, then pushed that long, thick tongue into Susan’s ass. He flexed his tongue inside her asshole, making her moan into my cunt, then withdrew and swirled it in circles, around and around the sensitive rim of her anus, while I licked and sucked her clit, my nose buried deep in her dripping love tunnel.

Then I licked her faster, feasting on her, letting her gasps guide me to focus on her most sensitive places, the point of her maximum pleasure. Bobby reached around to cup her stupendous tits in his big hands, rubbing and squeezing her hard brown nipples.

“Harder!” she moaned. “Faster, Candi! Yes, yes, yes, suck my clit, tongue my ass, squeeze my tits! Oh! Yes!!!! Make. Me. Cummmm, mmmm. mm. Ah!” She shuddered and bucked, and I felt the electric thrill of her climax as she came on the tip of my tongue.

I gently continued to suck her clit, slowly circling my tongue around and around it, until the last shudders of her orgasm passed.

The three of us rested there, thoroughly wrung out, wrapped around each other, Susan and I in sixty-nine, faces in cunts, with Bobby draped over us, his hands wrapped around those fabulous tits of hers, his balls resting against my chin, his long, soft cock at rest in the cleft of Susan’s ass. I floated in a happy daze. I may have dozed.

After a time, I gradually became aware of renewed movement. Susan began to swing her hips again, sliding her pussy on my face, and gently licking my vulva. As she rocked from side to side, the cleft of her ass moved back and forth, rubbing against the underside of Bobby’s cock. He began to gently hump the crack of her beautiful smooth ass, enjoying the sensation, his big cock beginning to swell.

I pulled the pillow out from under my head so I could bend back and lick Bobby’s balls. Susan felt his growing girth and began to slide her ass cheeks up and down on his hardening dick. I sucked his ball sack into my mouth. “Mmm, hmm,” I hummed, saying yes to Bobby’s erection.

I felt a tingle from my tongue to my twat. Bobby was getting hard again. I already had a mouthful of his cum inside me—he was going to stay hard for a long, long time. The three of us were in for some real fucking, now. = = = = = = = = = =
Chapter 6
Bobby’s Turn to Fly
= = = = = = = = = ==

It was kind of amazing, that we were all so comfortable together: Susan, on her hands and knees, gently licking my pussy, her sweet round ass and moist cunt suspended over my face; Bobby, starting to slide that long cock up and down the cleft of her ass, his sweet rod growing thicker and harder; me, on my back under Susan—her big tits pressed against my belly—with Bobby’s ball sack in my mouth.

I hummed in contentment.

Susan and I had just cum, thoroughly, and we were ready to be fucked, repeatedly and at length, in all of our holes. More than ready: yearning. Bobby was just getting hard again—after cumming in my mouth and all over Susan’s marvelous tits, he would be in no hurry to cum again soon. Oh, he would cum again—on us, in us, or both—but not until he had fucked the two of us upside down and sideways.

My mouth creased in a happy smile around my husband’s balls—I love it when a plan comes together.

Bobby’s cock was erect and standing proud now, lifting up out of Susan’s ass cleft as he rubbed himself against her. Susan flexed her hips upward and leaned forward: an invitation. Bobby’s cock was like a heat-seeking missile, its round tip drawn toward the entrance of Susan’s hot, hungry cunt.

I had a close-up view of the beautiful moment when he penetrated her for the first time. I watched as his sensitive cockhead pushed her dark pink lips aside, and nosed into her warm, slippery canal. I saw the underside of his long, rigid shaft slide into her pussy with a slow corkscrewing motion, disappearing, inch by inch, inside her. I saw the runnels of her sweet wetness being squeezed out by his thick member, to run down his shaft, onto his balls and into my hungry mouth.

I sucked my girlfriend’s pussy secretions from my husband’s balls, swallowed, and watched him fuck her, as pleased and excited as I can remember. It was so beautiful and so nasty, so tender and so carnal.

It was so fucking hot.

Then she sucked my clit into her mouth again.

Oh my god.

There was an electric current, a hot connection, a closed circuit of sexual pleasure running through the three of us, from my husband’s balls and cock up through Susan’s cunt and mouth to my clit and mouth, round and round.

I had never had my clit sucked while holding a man’s tender testicles in my mouth before. Bobby had certainly never canlı poker oyna fucked a porn star from behind while having his balls sucked. And Susan, well, Susan was magic. She had been fucked doggy style with her face buried in another woman’s cunt a dozen times, some on film. But it was her first time with us, and we were making it new again for her.

Like an experienced traveller introducing a new lover to a favorite place, she exuded confidence, sure of her ground, and her joy in sharing it with a new couple. She was fucking both of us at once. Both of us were fucking her. It was so. Fucking. Hot.

I let his balls slip from my mouth as he began to thrust into her vigorously, taking deep strokes. I gazed, mesmerized, at his long, beautiful cock, plunging full length in and out of her luscious cunt, inches away. I arched in pleasure as Susan responded to each thrust by flicking my clit with her tongue.

Then my husband’s engorged cock emerged completely from her slit, glistening, and lowered as he dangled the head enticingly by my lips. I opened wide, tilting my head back, and he thrust his big dick into my mouth, filling it. He paused to savor the feel of my tongue on his cock head, then pushed it halfway down my throat, lingering to enjoy the sensation of my throat convulsing around his dick.

He pulled his cock out of my mouth and slid it into Susan’s cunt, plunged it into her again, then thrust it back into my mouth and throat. Bobby was in heaven, fucking this gorgeous woman, shoving his dick into her hot, wet pussy with his balls slapping her firm, round ass, alternating with his adoring wife’s open mouth and welcoming throat. He moaned in pleasure, and fucked us both, cunt and mouth, with strong, slow strokes.

With every thrust into my mouth, he transferred a little nectar from Susan’s twat. I tasted their mingled flavors, the familiar tang of my husband’s cock and the exotic musk of Susan’s cunt, and realized that this was what I wanted: Susan’s cunt, Bobby’s cock, both inside of me. Mixed.

In return, the saliva from my throat was keeping his cock and Susan’s cunt well lubricated, adding to their pleasure.

Bobby reached down and slipped his fingers into the front of Susan’s folds to rub her clit while he fucked her. Susan returned the favor by squeezing his cock with her well-trained cunt muscles, and by going to town on my clit with her lips and tongue.

“Oh god.” I was going to cum again. His cock continued to plunge alternately into my mouth and my girlfriend’s pussy, fucking my throat and reaming her dripping cunt. His fingers and cock were driving Susan toward an orgasm of her own, and her tongue began to batter my clitoris frantically.

“Oomgh,” I cried, my mouth and throat full of cock, “Mm cmming!” Bobby rammed it home again, fucking my mouth while I came. Then he shifted his focus back to the sweet hole under Susan’s ass, stuffing her pussy full of cock while he brought her off with his fingers. I clamped my mouth around her as he withdrew his hand, and Susan and I were mouth-to-clit as we came together.

Bobby pulled his cock out of Susan to cool down, taking a minute so that he could keep fucking us, in new and different ways. Susan and I took that minute to suck each other’s clits for pleasure and companionship, until the last spasms of our mutual orgasm subsided.

I looked up from Susan’s dripping snatch at Bobby’s grinning mug. “And aren’t you proud of yourself?” I observed.

“Why, yes, I am,” he replied cheerfully.

“And well he should be,” Susan said. “He just brought two beautiful women to orgasm, and he’s still rock hard.” She twinkled. “Come over here, big boy. Fuck us again.”

Bobby moved to our other double end, where my pussy lay invitingly open under Susan’t filthy, slutty mouth.

He took Susan’s head in his hands for balance and began to fuck us again, cunt and mouth, but this time my cunt and Susan’s mouth. His cock slid into my wet, wet pussy, so deep, so tight, all the way in, then all the long way back out. I heard the squish of his cockhead slipping into Susan’s mouth, heard her hum in pleasure, then choke as he stuffed her throat with that thick, long rod. Then it was my turn again. It was so good to feel his cock move inside me, then back out, knowing he was carrying my nectar now, feeding it to Susan on the head and shaft of his cock, coming back to me coated in her saliva. He fucked my cunt and Susan’s mouth thoroughly, purely enjoying himself, pleasing the two of us just the same.

Then Susan lowered her face onto my belly, just above my cunt. Bobby slid that long, beautiful dick into me again, pulled it out, and started fucking the cleft between my pussy lips, directly over my clitoris, then up over my pubic bone and into Susan’s mouth. Oh, that was nice!

He kept it up steadily, his shaft and head rubbing up and down over my clit as he fucked Susan’s mouth. The sensation was incredible and I spasmed briefly in another orgasm, feeling Bobby’s cockhead slide over my clit and onto Susan’s tongue.

His pace picked up as he slammed it into me, then shoved it into Susan, back and forth, the sensations starting to overwhelm him.

He pulled out of both of us before he exploded, to cool down and catch his breath again. He wanted to fuck all of our holes.

“Swing around here and let me kiss you on the mouth, sweetie,” Susan invited me. “I want you to taste what I’ve been eating.”

I squirmed around through a brief tangle of arms and legs until I was lying in Susan’s arms, face to face, underneath her, our tits pressed together. Bobby moved around to our feet, gazing at our sweet bottoms. “Let’s give your husband a buffet,” she suggested.

I lifted my legs, up high and spread wide, knees flexed, to fully expose my anus and pussy to Bobby’s attentions. Susan stepped over my legs and then lowered herself, trapping my legs with hers. Now we were locked at the thighs, with me spread-eagled on the bottom and Susan equally spread on top of me. She arched her back and laid her beautiful tits on mine, pointing her ass high in the air.

It was a perfect pussy pile, Susan’s tight little asshole, then her dripping twat, just above my hot, wet, pussy, then my own puckered pink-and-brown asshole, all on display together in a stack, ripe for the taking.

“Oh,” said Bobby, his eyes locked on the paired sets of holes spread in front of him, “A internet casino smorgasbord.” He knelt and sampled us from bottom to top, tasting my asshole, then my pussy, then Susan’s pussy, and finally her asshole. He stroked our smooth round asses, squeezing them in his strong hands. Our pussies were wet and ready, and Bobby took the time to lubricate our assholes with coconut oil from the bedside drawer, working it into both of our asses at once with the fingers of both hands.

Then he began to fuck us both, hole by hole, starting with my pussy again. It felt so amazing to have his huge cock part my cunt lips and stretch my hot, wet pussy. He wrapped his arms around our tangle of legs for leverage, and let me have it, hilt deep, driving his shaft into me. It felt like he was splitting me lengthwise with his thick hard dick. I was so wet with my own cum and Susan’s saliva that I was a greased slide for his engorged member. He pounded me for several minutes, while Susan massaged my tits with hers, nibbled my ear, and played with my nipples. Oh, it was good.

Then Bobby entered my ass. Oh, my god. He was swollen so big and so hard, it was like having my ass fucked for the first time. After a few short strokes to spread the oil deeper inside me, he began to fuck my ass in earnest, plunging balls deep into my anal canal, again and again. My asshole was at the bottom of the pussy pile, so his cock was canted upward as he entered me, sliding along the membrane between my vagina and my asshole as he thrust into me. He stayed up in my ass, fucking me deep and deeper, for a long time, then began to make longer strokes into me, pulling all the way out of my gaping hole, waiting for me to obediently clench it shut, then shoving his manhood into my newly tight little asshole again. It hurt to have my clenched sphincter violated and spread wide, over and over, but it gave Bobby the pleasure of penetrating a tight asshole each time, and I wanted to give him so much pleasure…

Susan and I were making out, our tongues dancing in each others’ mouths while my husband fucked me up the ass, for a good, long time.

Then it was Susan’s turn again. Bobby plunged his manhood into Susan hard and fast, fucking her pussy hard. His balls slapped against my pussy lips, like hard kisses, every time he drilled her twat.

But he could only resist temptation for so long. There was one more hole he had yet to feel the inside of. Susan’s beautiful ass. Her ass was so mouth-watering, so round and perfect and succulent. Men paid just to look at that ass. And I had brought it to Bobby as a fuck toy for his birthday.

And oh, how he fucked it! Susan was skilled at bearing down on a cock as it penetrated her, making her whole passage tight, not just the entrance. “I had an enema this morning,” she whispered in my ear, “just so I could squeeze his cock without holding back when your husband fucked me up the ass.”

Susan knows just what to say to make me hot.

Bobby grunted with pleasure as he thrust his member into that tight, tight tunnel, forcing it to yield to him, parting for him in surrender time after time. His balls smacked against her firm, springy ass cheeks again and again as he rutted inside her.

“Oh, god,” she squealed in a little-schoolgirl voice. “He’s fucking my ass! He’s fucking my ass! His cock is so big!

“Oh, I can’t hold it all! It’s splitting me wide open!

“He’s splitting me in half!” she shrieked convincingly, “Oh! Oh! God! His cock is so hard! Oh! Oh! It’s all in my ass! He’s fucking my ass with his big hard dick!!”

That almost tipped Bobby over the edge. He was sweating and shaking, fully engorged, precum oozing from his purple tip, as he pulled out of Susan’s ass. He laid on his back to catch his breath, trying to regain control.

But Susan and I swarmed him, all hands, tits, and greedy mouths.

We held hands around the base of his cock, squeezing it tight, while we each sucked on one of his nipples. We both fondled his balls while we kissed our way down his chest and belly, rubbing his cock with our tits. We sucked his cock together, one sucking the tip and the other the shaft, trading off. We made out on his dick, our tongues exploring each other with his cock in the middle, while we teased his balls and asshole with our fingers.

When he began to leak precum again, groaning, unable to hold back any longer, Susan knelt and sucked on his balls, dipping her fingers in oil and working two of them into his ass, finger-fucking his anus furiously. I mounted him, taking a nipple in each hand and twisting them hard while I lowered myself swiftly onto his throbbing manhood. I rode him like a stallion, his stiff rod upright within me as I rocked my hips back and forth.

He jerked and twisted, his seed building pressure inside him. “Cum, baby. Cum!” I begged.

“Shoot your sweet load all up in me. Give me every drop in your balls!” I cried. “Fill my pussy with your semen. Make me overflow!”

Susan pulled her fingers out of his ass suddenly and sucked both of his balls into her warm, wet mouth.

With a bellow of lust, pleasure, and release, my husband came inside me at last, shooting and shooting as my cunt clenched tightly around him and my girlfriend’s tongue massaged his testicles tenderly, coaxing them to release every drop he had left.

I felt his big prick filling me, pulsing, pulsing, shooting me full of jet after jet of his cum. Some of his spunk came squirting out of me around his swollen rod, spilling onto his pelvis is a warm puddle around my full, tight womanhood.

He collapsed, completely spent, sliding out of me in a warm flood of semen, the veins in his cock pulsing with his heartbeat, his balls completely drained—as satisfied as any man can be.

He watched in a rapt daze as I leaned back and let Susan crawl up to tenderly lick and suck the white cum from my vaginal lips, bringing sips of his cream from my pussy to my mouth, to share with me, tongue to tongue.

When there was no more seed left inside me, she and I lay together side by side, naked and unashamed, our breasts pressed nipple to nipple, slick with sweat, while we lapped up the cum on his belly, sharing it like the pair of cum sluts we are. We licked his cock clean together, our tongues twining around his soft, sensitive penis, sucking the cum from each other’s mouths—playfully, erotically, and reverently–until the last of it was gone.

The three of us fell asleep in a pile, wrapped in each others’ arms, utterly spent, completely satisfied, sublimely happy.

The End.

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