Call Girl Chronicles Part 9 — The Fertility Clinic

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Kimiko sat at the window of the clinic in her starched nurse’s uniform, and glanced at the clock on the wall. Her client was due in five minutes. Kimi went over the scene in her mind, planning the role she would play today. This gig had cost a lot to set up, since she had had to find a suitable office suite, available for just the day, and arrange for at least minimal furniture and other props. But who cares, she thought. It wasn’t her money. Spare no expense.

Jeremy Kincaid walked through the door a moment later, and walked hesitantly up to the counter. Kimi looked up and smiled, her lipstick bright red and glossy. “I….ummm…I have an appointment for a…..a sperm sample…well…uhhhh….I mean, to give one?” he stammered.

Kimi consulted a list on her desk. “Oh yes, Mr. Kincaid. It says here that you don’t produce enough ejaculate, is that right?”

Jeremy gazed down at her, his attention drawn to the valley between her breasts, clearly revealed by her casually unbuttoned uniform and her lacy bra. “Uhhhh, yes, that’s right.”

“Okay, just take this sample cup and go into the room on your left. You can lock the door and there are magazines and lubricant to help you.”

Jeremy blushed with embarrassment, took the plastic cup from her and went into the adjacent room. There was a comfortable reclining chair there, with a table next to it with a bottle of massage oil and several magazines, Playboy, Hustler, a few hard core ones with names like “Barely 18” and “Naughty Nurses”. He took his clothes off and hung them on a hook on the wall, and sat down in the chair. Pouring some of the massage oil on his cock, he began to stroke it slowly as he looked through the latest issue of Playboy. He could see Kimi through a window, and there was a door next to it that led into her office. She could easily have seen him, but she busied herself at her desk and studiously ignored him.

After a few minutes, he got up and knocked on the door, still naked. His cock was partially erect now. Kimi looked up, and stood to answer the door. “Yes, Mr. Kincaid?” She glanced at his cock, then quickly looked up again.

He stared down at her, taking in her outrageously tight, short uniform, her thigh-high white hose, and her white stilleto heels. “Ummmm….I….well….I’m having some trouble getting the sample. I guess I’m….I’m kind of nervous.”

She smiled brightly. “Oh, that’s understandable, Mr. Kincaid. Don’t be embarrassed, it happens all the time. Why don’t you just go back in and sit down, and I’ll be there in half a second to give you a hand… to speak.” She laughed. “Sorry, it’s an old joke.”

Jeremy returned to the chair and sat back in it, and slowly stroked his stiffening cock. In a moment, Kimi walked into the room carrying a cushion, placed it on the floor, and knelt between his spread legs with her knees on it. Quickly, he released his grip on his penis. “My, my, you certainly didn’t get cheated in the size department, anyway,” she said, smiling.

“Thank you,” he said, blushing.

“Now then…” said Kimi, resting her arms on his thighs, and closing her fingers of both of her hands around the hard, thick shaft of his cock. “The problem is that you don’t produce enough fluid. In other words, you don’t come enough. Right?” As she spoke, she was slowly stroking his slippery cock with both hands, not gripping him tightly, just lightly caressing his penis.

“Yes…that’s right.”

“Well, maybe it’s because you masturbate too often. Do you jerk off a lot?”

Jeremy sighed as Kimi’s fingers worked their magic on his aching cock. “I…I guess so.”

“Like, how often, on average?” said Kimi.

“Ummm…I don’t know, maybe every couple of days.”

“And when was the last time you came?” she asked, still caressing his cock delightfully.

“I guess…a few days ago.”

“Well, we’ll just have to take our time,” said Kimi, smiling sweetly. “Would it help you if I took my uniform off? I don’t want to get you TOO excited too soon.”

“Nooo, not yet anyway, just keep stroking me like that. That feels so wonderful,” said Jeremy.

“Nurses are trained in all sorts of useful techniques,” said casino şirketleri Kimi, reaching for the bottle of massage oil and pouring more on her palm. “You’d be amazed if you knew how many patients I’ve done this for.” His cock became even more slippery as she stroked it, glistening from the oil as her fingers slid up and down, sometimes moving up over the sensitive head, causing Jeremy to gasp.

“I never knew that,” moaned the young man.

“Oh yes,” said Kimi. “Like this.” One of her hands let go of his penis and eased downward, and she lightly teased his sensitive balls with her long fingernails. “Does that feel nice?”

“Ohhh God….” whispered Jeremy. “You know just what to do.”

“Don’t come yet, Jeremy,” smiled Kimi, still patiently stroking him. “If you feel yourself almost about to come, you have to tell me, okay? Before you get like a runaway train.” Her voice was soothing, almost hypnotic. “ Just relax, we have all the time in the world to play,” she purred. “You have such a nice cock. Does your wife aver do this for you?”

“N….no….she never does that.” Jeremy was in heaven, as Kimi’s fingers seemed to stimulate every nerve ending in his aching cock.

“Do you like it when I talk dirty, Mr. Kincaid?” she asked. “Does it excite you? Does it make you hot?”

“Yessss…god, I love that. Call me Jeremy.”

“Does she like to suck on your cock, Jeremy? Like this?” She leaned forward and slowly slid her lips down over the glistening head, sucking gently on it as her fingertips continued to lightly glide up and down the shaft.

“Oh godddd…” he groaned, as her mouth enveloped him. “No….she doesn’t like to suck on it. We hardly even f…have intercourse. Just when she thinks it’s the right time for her to become pregnant.”

Kimi slid her mouth off his penis. “Ooooh, poor baby,” she murmured. “It’s a shame to let such a lovely cock go to waste. If I were married to you, I’d suck your cock every morning and you could fuck me any time you want to.” She sucked him for awhile, humming softly, and then released him and started stroking his cock again, her grip becoming a little more firm. “I’ll bet you’d like to fuck me, wouldn’t you, Jeremy? I’ll bet you’d llove to feel your big cock up inside my tight…wet….cunt.”

Jeremy moaned, feeling his balls beginning to tingle as she caressed them. “Oh, god, I’m getting close.”

Kimi immediately stopped, her fingers pressing into his penis just below the head. “Easy…we can’t have you come just yet, can we? That would ruin everything.”

Slowly, Jeremy eased back from the edge, feeling his balls relax a little. “There, that’s better,” said Kimi, resuming her slow stroking of his cock. “Are you sure you wouldn’t like to see me naked?”

“I’d love that,” said Jeremy, his cock throbbing in her hand.

She let go of him and stood up, unbuttoning the remaining buttons on her uniform and pulling it over her head, leaving her little white nurse’s hat on. She reached up and unfastened her lacy bra in front, revealing her firm B-cup breasts. Kimi wished they were bigger for this particular role, but you have to work with what you’ve got. She then slid her panties down her legs and stepped out of them, leaving her thigh-highs and white pumps on.

“There!” she said, straightening up and doing a slow turn as Jeremy admired her body.

“My god, you’re beautiful!” whispered Jeremy.

“Thank you, sir,” said Kimi, returning to her knees. “Now, we better get back to work on your cock. It looks like it’s starved for attention.”

His cock had, in fact, drooped a little, but it quickly sprang back to attention as she stroked it again. “Please…” said Jeremy. “Suck it a little more.”

“Mmmmm, my pleasure,” said Kimi, smiling. She aimed it toward her mouth and slid her lips down over it again, this time taking it deeper into her mouth, her head slowly bobbing, until the head of his penis slid against the entrance to her throat.

Jeremy gasped with pleasure as Kimi nursed on his aching cock. He felt his sperm building up in his balls, eager for release, and he could almost feel in his mind the warm pulses of his come as they casino firmaları raced up the tube of his cock and erupted in her mouth. Kimi sucked him hungrily, loving the feeling of his big cock in her mouth. She relaxed her throat and took him deeper still, almost swallowing the head of his cock, her lips moving down almost to the base. Suddenly, he tensed. “Oh, god, stop!”

She quickly released him, trailing ropes of saliva, and let go with her fingers. His cock oozed pre-come from the tip as it lurched in the open air. Jeremy thought for a moment he was past the point of no return, that his come was going to spurt out on her face without her even touching him. But it didn’t, and he slowly relaxed. “Oooooh, that was a close one,” Kimi purred. She waited a moment for him to calm down before sliding her fingers around the base of his cock again.

Now she held it toward her chest and gently rubbed the spongy, slippery head of his cock against her erect nipple, teasing it. Jeremy could feel the stiffness of her nipple as it rubbed against the sensitive place on the underside of his cock, just below the crown.

“Do you like my titties, Jeremy?” she said quietly, nudging and encircling her nipple. Another clear ooze of pre-cum emerged from the tip of his cock and bathed the little nub.

“Ohhhhh, yesss, they’re so sexy…” moaned Jeremy, his orgasm still lurking not far away.

“Would you like to fuck them?” she said, smiling. As she asked the question, she slid her hand beneath her breast, holding it upward, and bent her head. Extending her tongue, she touched her nipple with the tip, barely able to reach it and taste the clear fluid.

Jeremy groaned in agony. Kimi took his response as a yes. She moved up and surrounded his slippery cock with her firm breasts, squeezing them around him with her hands, and then slowly began to move up and down, caressing his cock with her soft mounds. The head of his cock poked upward between them, and she bent down and encircled the head with her tongue. “Mmmmm, your cock feels so nice between my breasts, Jeremy. Does your wife let you fuck her titties?”

Jeremy shook his head. He was tempted to just let go and come. He could almost see it, the warm, thick spurts of his semen splattering against Kimi’s chin, her lips and tongue. But that wasn’t his fantasy. “Ohhh, jeezus, I’m getting close again,” he moaned.

Kimi quickly released him and pinched his cock below the head with her fingers, feeling it relax a little. She smiled at him. “I think I know just the thing for you, Jeremy,” she said, smiling. She stood up and walked to a cabinet, pulling out a big strap-on dildo and fastening it around her hips. “Now, don’t be afraid. This is going to feel really nice, and then we’ll get a nice, big, gooey sample of your come. Okay?”

Jeremy nodded, so excited he was unable to speak. Kimi knelt between his legs, taking the bottle of massage oil and pouring some on her palm. She spread it slowly along the shaft of the fake cock, and over the head. Then she poured some more on her fingers and pressed them against his anus, covering it with the slippery oil. That done, she guided the dildo to his tight ring, and pressed it against him. He groaned as she gripped the dildo in her hand at the base and slowly forced it inside, his sphincter giving way to admit it. She patiently worked it in and out as he moaned, pushing it deeper each time, and soon it was almost all the way inside his ass. Kimi slowly eased it in and out as he adjusted to its presence.

“Does that feel good, Jeremy?” she whispered.

, returning her free hand to his slippery cock and resuming her patient stroking.

“Ohhhh, god yesss!” moaned Jeremy. “So fucking good!”

“I’m going to stroke your cock while I fuck you in your ass,” she said quietly, her eyes holding his captive. She returned her free hand to his slippery cock and resumed her patient stroking.

Kimi thrust the dildo deeper into his ass. Her voice took on a harsher, more urgent note. “Yeah, you like me to FUCK your ass, while I stroke your dick, don’t you?” She drove forward as she said the word “fuck”.

“Uhhhhhh, god, güvenilir casino yes, do it, fuck my ass!!” Jeremy hissed.

“Yeah, like that, huh? Like THAT?!” Kimi rammed the fake cock into Jeremy’s ass, still punctuating her words. “You LOVE it like this, DON’T you? You’re gonna COME like a fucking fire hose, aren’t you?’ Her fingers tightened their grip around his cock as she stroked him faster, harder, her upper lip curling almost in a snarl.

“Yes!! YES!! YES!!!!” Jeremy moaned, his balls bloated with pent-up sperm.

“You’re gonna give Nurse Kimi a BIG load of come! Huh? HUH??” Kimi fucked his ass hard now, feeling his cock swell in her grip as her fingers slid up the throbbing shaft.

“OH FUUUUCK, I’M GONNA COME!!!!” Jeremy screamed.

Kimi let go of the dildo, deeply embedded in his ass, and quickly reached for the plastic sample bottle, and held it with the wide, open end next to the head of his cock as she stroked it fast and hard.

“OHHHHHGODDDDDDDYESSSSS!!!” groaned Jeremy as his balls spasmed violently and hot come raced up the length of his cock.

“Ohhhh, yeah, baby…” she crooned, sucking air in through her clenched teeth, as he began pumping a huge quantity of thick, white come into the plastic bottle. Again and again his cock erupted, her fingers stroking him rhythmically in time with his hot syrupy spurts. “That’s it, sweetie…spurt it all out. Give Nurse Kimi every drop of your hot, thick come.”

His cock flourished several more times, nearly filling the cup with his pent-up semen. As the copious spurts gradually began to diminish, Kimi slowly eased the dildo from his ass, and he groaned, his cock still oozing sperm. She formed a tight ring with her thumb and forefinger around the spasming shaft, sliding it up toward the base and squeezing out a last drool of thick come. She captured the creamy, viscous fluid with the rim of the cup, sliding it upward along the head of his cock, trying not to lose any of it. Then she set the cup aside on the table, bent down and sucked his cock into her mouth, bobbing her head slowly and caressing it with her tongue.

Satisfied that he was completely spent, Kimi raised her head, letting his penis slip out of her mouth. She smiled up at him, and nodded toward the plastic cup full of semen on the table. “Mr. Kincaid, in my professional opinion, there’s nothing whatsoever wrong with your ability to come.” She winked at him.

“I guess I just needed the proper motivation,” said Jeremy.

“Uh huh!” said Kimi, standing up and reaching for her panties. “Now if you can just get your wife to provide it instead of me….”

Jeremy finally lapsed out of character and laughed. “Yeah, that’ll be the day.”

Kimi laughed too. “C’mon, Jeremy, be fair, how many wives would ever fuck their husbands in the ass with a strap on? You ask too much of the poor woman.”

“Yeah, well, I guess I’ll just have to keep coming to you for these little extra services.” Jeremy had stood up and was putting on his clothes.

“My pleasure, sweetie. You really DID come like a fire hose. I was beginning to think I should have got a bigger cup.”

“You did a terrific job, Kimi, like you always do. Just bill me for all the expenses.”

“Thanks, sweetie. I don’t know, I might just decide to rent this place permanently and go into business for myself. I really think I could help people. Kimi’s Fertility Clinic. It has a nice ring to it, don’t you think?”

“I’ll help you get financing, Kimi,” said Jeremy, heading for the door. “As long as I get a freebie once a month or so.”

Kimi giggled as she opened the door, lifting her head as he bent down to kiss her. “Business is business, Jeremy. Let me know what you have in mind for next month.”

He said goodbye and walked through the door. Kimi closed it after him, turned, and walked slowly to the table. Picking up the plastic cup, she swirled the contents around in it with her hand. Experimentally, she stuck her tongue out and touched it to the surface of the thick white liquid, then drew it back into her mouth, tasting it on her tongue. Then, smiling, she brought the cup to her lips and slowly let his come pour down into her mouth, letting it rest on her tongue for a second. She savored the taste for a moment, then let it slide down into her throat, and swallowed it.

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