Brother and Sister Go Camping

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It was my twenty-first birthday and I was looking forward to the camping trip that my mother Kim and elder sister Vicky had arranged. Hiking and camping are my great passions so this was going to be a real birthday treat. The only spoiler was Vicky’s husband Paul was coming. He is a bit of a know it all. I get on OK with him in small doses but he starts to irritate after a while.

My name is George and I am six feet two inches tall and a very slim build. My mother always says I need a few good meals to fatten me up. I keep my jet black hair short and I have been told, mostly by my family, that I am handsome. My mother is a small plain woman, that is unkind but true. Vicky on the other hand is a stunner. She is about five feet eight inches tall with the same black hair as me, but with a better cut. Her face is her best feature, large brown eyes, full lips and a cute nose. She keeps herself in shape with a good diet and exercise. Her small tits, I would guess at 32C, look good on her slim body.

The best way to describe Paul is “a big fat slob.” He is about my height with unruly fair hair. I guess his face is OK but what you notice most about him is all the extra weight he is carrying. I casually asked him once why my sister fell for him. He gave me a smile and told me it’s because he has a big cock.

On the day of the trip we arranged to meet early at my sister’s house. I was a bit late but still arrived before my mother. Vicky greeted me with “bad news, mum is not coming. She is not feeling well.” My heart sank, I so wanted to go. She then gave me a big smile and explained that the trip was still on. It was nothing serious but hiking would be too much for her.

My sister did all the driving, five hours in total with a break for some food. Paul can drive but prefers not to. I was also a passenger, no license yet but I am having lessons.

In fairness to Paul my sister does like to take charge so her doing all of it was not a problem.

When we got to the camp site I was surprised. It was already dark but even so I could see that it was a bit bleak. Vicky had picked the place. All she would tell me about it after she had arranged it is that it was a site for proper campers. I think she meant it was basic. All I could see was a small concrete building that looked as if it contained toilets and washing facilities. I would bet that there was no hot water. There was only us there. It was mid-November so anybody with any sense was at home in front of a nice warm fire rather than outside on a cold winter night.

Paul summed it up with “this bahis firmaları is a shit hole.” My sister laughed. It was time to pitch the tents and unload the car as quickly as possible.

It was so cold that even Paul was helping in order to speed thing up. Then disaster struck. We could not find my tent and sleeping bag. I had left them at Vicky’s earlier in the week. My sister said she had loaded them and that Paul must have taken them out when he rearranged the car to even the load. He said no and they argued over it. I stopped them, we just had to make the most of it. I would sleep in the tent with some coats on top of me.

We got the tent up in record time. When the two individual sleeping bags were laid out there was very little room left for me. “I will have to sleep in the car.” Lucy looked at the bags. She pointed out that one of them is what is classed as a large single. Designed for one person but with quite a bit more room.

“You and Paul have that one and I will have the other.” She found that really funny. I thought she would never stop laughing.

“Have you seen the size of Paul?” I thought he would be offended but he just said that there was no way he could share that with Vicky. He wasn’t a skinny runt like me.

Calmly and logically my sister explained that she would have to share it with me. It made sense but I felt uneasy about it. “I have to look after my little brother.” She is ten years older than me and that is what she has done ever since I was born. Paul didn’t say a word, he just accepted it. I guess he is used to Vicky being in control. Getting undressed was a bit awkward. We faced away from each other then climbed into the sleeping bags. I just had my underpants on, Vicky wore a bra and short briefs. I avoided looking at Paul so I don’t know what he had on.

I faced away from Vicky and very soon I was asleep. I felt as if I hadn’t been asleep for long when I was woken with a finger prodding me. “George, Paul is asleep now.” I could hear him snoring loudly. I was confused, why was she telling me this? “I want to speak to you.” It was a big shock when she did. “I need to be fucked.” She then explained, to my greater surprise, that she was three months pregnant. The hormones were making her as horny as hell.

“Congratulations, but what about Paul?” When she had told him a few weeks ago he had lost interest. He did not think it was the done thing to fuck a pregnant woman. I felt my cock thicken. I turned over to face her and she noticed it as well.

“That feels good, it feels big. I think you do want kaçak iddaa to fuck me.” I didn’t say anything. I just reached down to adjust my cock to make it comfortable. Soon it was at its full length, a decent seven inches. I felt her hand reach down and feel it, trying to gauge its size. “Bigger than Paul’s.” That did surprise me. I told her I always thought he had a big cock. That made her laugh almost hysterically. I looked at Paul worried that it would wake him. He was dead to the world, snoring loudly. Vicky explained that it would take a plane crash to wake him up.

My cock was throbbing and my instinct was beginning to take over. Before I could act Vicky kissed me. Not a sisterly kiss but one of deep passion. Her tongue was probing my mouth. I kissed her back and we took turns exploring with our tongues. My hands were on her tits search for the nipples. When I found them I pulled and rubbed them strongly. Good, but I wanted bare flesh rather than the bra. I fumbled behind and eventually undid it. Her hand did the same with my cock, releasing it from my underwear.

When that was done she paused and said “if you come in my hand I will murder you. I need you to talk dirty to me. I need you to be rough with me. I need you to fuck me hard.” I responded by lowering my mouth onto a nipple and sucking it hard. She gasped and asked for more. I tweaked the other nipple between a finger and thumb. “Harder.” I obeyed. My free hand pushed down into the sleeping bag and I searched for her cunt.

Her hand was still on my cock, firm but not moving. My hand was now slipping into her knickers. I quickly found her swollen clit, rubbing it with my thumb as I inserted two fingers into her. “Another finger, I need another finger in my cunt.” She had shouted it. I glanced over at Paul but he was still asleep. Three was a tight squeeze but a groan from Vicky told me she was OK. I was now working on one tit with my mouth the other with my left hand and her cunt with my right. I wanted to kiss her again but she seemed reluctant. I think she wanted her mouth free so she could command me.

My cock was excited, in danger of exploding. I could hear her start to breathe deeply and to moan softly. I wondered if it would end here without being inside her. “Fuck me. You need to fuck my cunt.” There was a few seconds whilst we both removed our underwear. Not easy in that tight sleeping bag but we were driven by the thought of what was going to happen next. I positioned myself at her opening, slowly pushing inside.

“That feels good little brother.” She was nice and tight. kaçak bahis I was now right up to my balls deep inside her. “You are so big.” That got me going. I started to fuck her as hard as I could. She was now moaning and making gasping sounds at the end of each long stroke. My hands were now squeezing both tits very hard.

I wasn’t going to last long and neither was Vicky. It ended with her cunt contracting as she climaxed taking me into mine. There was a lot of screaming, I think from Vicky, but it may also have been from me. I was too dazed to know fully what had happened. There was a long silence between us and no movement. When I did recover I looked over at Paul half expecting him to be awake. Thankfully he was still sound asleep.

Eventually Vicky opened her eyes and just said one word, “perfect.”

I laughed and then asked “why me?” I could understand she was frustrated but wasn’t it better to do it with somebody else. She was horrified with that suggestion saying that she loved Paul. Doing it with me didn’t feel like cheating. She just wanted a fuck not a relationship. She also told me she had taken the opportunity to make it happen by leaving my gear behind. If she could get us all in one tent then it might work. “What if I had said no?”

It was her turn to laugh. I thought she would never stop. “You are so silly. What horny twenty-one year old turns down a bit of cunt, especially if it’s from his horny sister?” I smiled, she had a point. The last girl I had dated was months ago so I was desperate for a good fuck. Nothing else was said and we both quickly drifted off to sleep.

When I got up the next day the world seemed wonderful. Vicky was also in a good mood. However Paul was miserable saying that he was not looking forward to the long hike we had planned. Despite his bad mood the day was good. Breathtaking scenery and long hilly paths that were challenging but enjoyable. There was also the prospect of the same thing happening again tonight. I was pondering that when the accident happened. Paul lost his footing and fell hard. He ended up with his foot twisted back. We thought at first he had broken his ankle but with relief we discovered it was just strained ligaments and tendons. With help from both of us we managed to support him as we walked back to the tent. Thankfully it was just a two mile journey.

Our day ruined, and Paul in pain, we decided to go home now rather than the next morning as planned. During the drive home Vicky gave Paul a hard time. I had to act as peace maker. The only time she cheered up was when Paul said “I am not going camping again. Next time you two will have to go on your own.” On hearing that Vicky gave me a sly wink and I secretly nodded.

I cannot wait for that to happen. When it does I will write about it!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20