Brooke Dominated

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Brooke was new to college so when she heard there would be an off campus party Friday night she decided to check it out. She didn’t know too many people and she figured it would be a great way to find some new friends.

When she arrived there was a huge amount of people pouring in and out of every room of the house. There was a keg in the kitchen and a group of people standing around it filling their glasses. She recognized one of them, Lisa, who was in one of her classes. They exchanged hellos and Lisa began to introduce Brooke to some of the other party goers.

As the night wore on the party began to get more and more rowdy and Brooke found herself doing shot after shot of hard liquor which was starting to take affect on her. Normally very restraint Brooke was feeling a bit uninhibited and was getting very friendly with a guy named Steve. They continued doing shots and exchanging small talk as the room began to become more and more blurry to Brooke.

Brooke excused herself to the bathroom which was upstairs. When she came out she found Steve waiting in the hallway for her. Steve said he wanted to show her something in one of the rooms and led her in by her hand. Once inside Brooke felt Steve’s strong hands around her waist and his soft lips on hers. The alcohol had wilted her resistance and she melted into his arms. Brooke could feel Steve’s tongue inside her mouth and she reciprocated with hers.

Before she knew what was happening she found herself on the bed rolling around with Steve. Apparently Steve wasn’t satisfied with merely kissing as she felt his hands roaming her body. Steve’s strong hands worked their way down her torso and felt the luscious curves of her chest. She could feel her nipples growing to full attention between his finger tips. Seeking more of her, Steve began lifting Brooke’s shirt over her head. After this he unclasped her bra freeing her breasts. Steve lowered his mouth casino şirketleri and took Brookes perfect breast into it. He could feel her nipples hardness and he sucked it gently. Brooke began to breath heavier as she felt his warm mouth on her. Steve’s hand was busy again and soon was rubbing the area between Brooke’s legs. Steve soon moved down the bed and put his fingers inside the waistband of her elastic stretch pants and thong. He began pulling them down but they momentarily got hung up until she slightly lifted herself allowing him to remove them. Brooke was completely exposed to him now as he crawled up between her wide open legs.

Brooke could feel a tongue lightly grazing the insides of her legs. The anticipation was driving her mad as she felt Steve zeroing in on her prize. He was almost there now and could smell her sweet juices which were starting to flow. Brooke couldn’t take the teasing any longer and she grabbed the back of his head and steered his tongue to her opening.

Steve began to lick her now. Using broad strokes he pushed the tip of his tongue from the bottom of her tight hole to her clit at the top. Brooke spread her legs wider giving him free access and he let his tongue slide through her folds penetrating her. Brooke could feel his warm tongue inside her now and she loved it. She began to flex her pussy muscles which Steve could feel squeezing his tongue. Brookes pussy tasted great to Steve and he began fucking her with her tongue. Suddenly Brooke felt a warm sensation flow through her body and a climax rolled through her. Steve removed his tongue from her and instead began sucking her clit deep into his mouth as she bucked her hips into him moaning in ecstasy.

As the waves started to subside Brooke became aware of a set of hands which were rubbing her nipples. She wondered what the heck was going on as obviously the hands didn’t belong to Steve but the room was so dark casino firmaları and someone else must have entered. She began to fight off the hands but suddenly felt her arms being restrained on each side. How may were there she silently thought to herself. She tried to fight it but was helpless under their strong arms. Steve had repositioned himself and she could feel the tip of his cock pushing at her still sensitive opening. Still in shook she tried closing her legs but soon found they were being held apart also.

Steve pushed his cock through her well lubricated opening into her warm pussy. Brooke’s pussy felt great and wrapped his cock like a glove. With each stroke Brooke could fell more of his cock slide inside her until she felt his balls bottoming out. There were hands exploring her entire body and mouths on each nipple as Brooke felt completely helpless to their advances. Brookes head was spinning now in a mixture of confusion, booze, and ecstasy as her senses were being overwhelmed all at once. Brooke’s legs were being held up high now as Steve was ramming his hard on into her with greater intensity. She could feel someone’s fingers rubbing her clit as the frenzy continued.

Steve let out a grunt and Brooke could feel hot cum squirting inside her with each twitch of his erupting cock. Her pussy tightened around it milking it, trying to extract more of his juice until he collapsed on top of her. When Steve pulled away he was soon replaced and Brooke could feel a new hard cock making its way inside her stretched hole. The new guys cock was smaller then Steve’s but he began pumping away with abandonment as Brooke adjusted herself a bit. Brooke couldn’t believe what was happening to her as she had completely lost control. Someone was pulling her head to the side where a hard cock was dangling. Brooke tried to resist but was forced to take it into her mouth. She parted her lips as he began working his güvenilir casino cock down her throat. He was humping her mouth and she could feel the entire length of his cock sliding in and out with each stroke.

Brooke suddenly felt the other guy fucking her explode. His cock was shooting warm cum deep inside her but she was more focused on the cock in her mouth. A few instants later she felt a new cock pushing its way between her pussy lips. Brooke was being completely dominated and there was nothing she could do about it. The 2 cocks had gotten into a rhythm and were working her body like a piston now. She was completely filled by them and starting to like it.

Suddenly she felt a twitch in her mouth and the cock she was sucking erupted. With each contraction his cum was spurting into Brookes mouth. She swallowed as much as she could but some dribbled down her cheek. As soon as he pulled out his now softening cock it was replaced by another one. They didn’t have to hold Brookes arms or legs anymore as she began milking the new cock with her hand trying to make him cum in her mouth. The guy fucking her now was very large and was sliding his big cock all the way in her reaching her deepest areas. He was fucking her very slow with long drawn out strokes and it was driving her wild. She clenched her pussy muscles tightly around him letting him know she could feel his big cock.

Brooke could feel a climax approaching and she began bucking her hips into him trying to increase the friction. At the same time she began pumping the cock in her mouth with her hand at a feverish pace. Suddenly she felt the huge cock in her pussy explode and what felt like gallons of his warm cum empty into her. This sent Brooke over the edge and her pussy began contracting around his large cock milking it even further. As an added bonus the cock in her mouth erupted also as she pumped the cum out of it with her hand.

They all lay there motionless for what seemed like eternity. Brooke could feel someone take her by the hand and lead her out of the room. It was Steve and he drove her home. When they got there they both took a shower and then fucked again …

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20