Broken Birds, Part 19, Kat Reborn

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Part 19
Kat Reborn

Alice and Kat spent many hours together after her meltdown. The women understood. Kat had finally broken through the scars of denial, pain and humiliation and now had to learn to deal with the hideous reality of what had been done to her.

Michael could not swim with his stitches, so he spent time in his gym, practicing old skills. He was working on the heavy bag when Lynne came in. He was dressed in workout pants, and athletic shoes. He was naked above his waist and sweating. He was needed in the main room. Michael looked at her and asked, “What’s up?”

She smiled mysteriously, pushing him out of the gym and taking his hand to lead him to the main room.

Inwardly, he groaned.

The girls all sat waiting for him. Nita looked surprised, seeing Michael as a virile male for the first time. Several scars marred his body, but he looked like a god to her.

Lynne led him to Alice. Alice rose, smiling. She held up a blue pregnancy test. She giggled as he swept her into his arms, kissing her eyes, cheeks and finally her lips.

“That’s only half the good news,” Rafaela said breathlessly, holding up another blue test.

Michael pulled them both into his arms, then reached for Beth and pulled her into the hug, motioning Shoshana and Rachael to join. Soon it was a complete harem hug with Maria pulling Kat into the mass of women and one very happy man.

Kat finally understood that her facial issue was truly minor. She could almost see Beth’s heart breaking. Rachael had children, though in a manner designed to keep her a fuck toy. Her sister would carry Shoshana’s fertilized egg. Only Beth faced a life without a child who carried her DNA.

That night, by tacit agreement, Michael and Beth slept alone as he tried to fill her love bucket.

Kat’s recovery accelerated as she became truly part of the family. Yet Alice knew something lay behind those eyes that was eating Kat.

Kat taped a message to her father and mother, not allowing any of the women to see.

Mom, Dad. Thank you for sending me to these wonderful people. Beth and her family are fantastic.

I’m doing fine, recovering, though my eyelid continues to droop. It’s really no big deal in the scheme of things, but I’m going to see a specialist soon. Understand that there are children here and the ability to create life. That’s a hell of a lot more important than a drooping eyelid.

Beth is the strongest woman I have ever known. Maybe it’s Michael. Maybe it’s the whole group, but I want to stay a while. There’s so much love, respect and kindness here! I love her.

I also want you to do something for me. Stop. Stop beating yourselves up. Stop looking for my attackers. Stop focusing on the past.

I am learning to be a woman, not a trophy. I am learning to let go of those things I cannot control.

I’ve been introduced to the baby as Aunt Kat and my heart sang. I now dream of holding my child to my breast.

Mom, Dad, this is the most important thing I have ever asked of you. There is some research about DNA implantation into a female egg that would allow me to carry Beth’s child. Dad, I know you have the stroke. Please see if I can carry her child. Please. She is hurting so bad. You know where to send the information.

As for Robert, please tell him to never contact me again. Tell him if he ever forces another woman, I will personally have his balls cut off. He has no idea the damage he’s done! Every day, I am so ashamed! One of the women he raped has helped me climb out of hell and start to rebuild my life. He took her ability to create life and it is killing her. I am ashamed to be his sister.

I love you and hope to see you soon with a baby bump with Beth’s DNA.

Four days later, Jennifer found extensive files in her e-mail. As she read through the material, she was shaking. This was cutting edge stuff. A 50/50 chance. She read through it again, wanting to be sure. She called colleagues in Brisbane and explained what she wanted.

She took the research to the fertility clinic, discussing the techniques described in the materials. She knew they could not pass it off as their work, but they could be the first to confirm that it worked.

She tried to calm herself before presenting it to the group.

At dinner, Maria asked her where she had gone.

“I went to see some friends at the fertility clinic in Brisbane,” looking at Kat, “someone sent me some information, so I wanted to see if they thought it might work. There’s a chance that DNA can be implanted in an egg, fertilized and re-implanted.” Beth’s fork stopped in midair, her eyes pleading with Jennifer to continue.

“It’s cutting edge stuff and may not work, but, if you want to try…”

“YES!” Beth screamed.
Lynne rose. She assumed she would carry Beth’s child. Kat shook her head and pointed to herself.

“You’d do that for me?” Beth cried.

Jennifer looked at them and decided not to volunteer. She’d begun to desire her own child with Michael.

Lynne looked disappointed, then turned to Shoshana. “Sis, I think I’m going off BC. Maybe we should go with them to see what we have to do so I can carry your baby…”

Shoshana hugged her younger sister.

“They’ll want you off BC for at least a month before examining you, so it’s probably not a good idea to go tomorrow,” Jennifer said, raining on their parade.

Maria looked to Rachael who shook her head no. “I think I will assume my role as matriarch of this clan,” she said with a smile. To see her girls, so close and giving made her heart soar. Soon she would have grand children. And a man who loved her.

The trip to the fertility clinic was pure torture. Beth tried hard to hold herself in check, but failed. Even Michael couldn’t calm her.

After she had been ushered into an exam room with Jennifer and Kat, Michael became irrelevant. He decided to casino şirketleri go to Southgate, an area of small shops on the river. He made several purchases. They started back and arrived as his phone rang. They were ready to leave.

He threw the bags in the back of the Escalade and entered the clinic. His three women had no expression, tipping him off. Beth sometimes had a puckish sense of humor.

“So, twins?” he asked trying to turn the tables.

“Triplets!” Beth topped him.

He chuckled, “What’s the real story?”

“They need you inside.” Jennifer said with a straight face.

He masturbated into a cup, placed the covered cup on a shelf and returned to the girls.

An hour later, a nurse motioned Kat in.

Two hours later they were speeding back to Noosa.

“I thought we were going for tests. Jennifer tricked us!” Beth said, “They were all ready. They took an egg out of Kat, injected Beth’s DNA, bathed it in your sperm and put the egg back in Kat’s uterus. Incredible!”

Kat sat quietly, wondering if she would meet Beth’s child in nine months. Michael took her hand, “In pain Honey?”

“Good pain, Michael.”

“You know if it takes, you’ll need to stay for at least nine months.”

Kat shook her head, looking at him with adoration.

“We ordered a ring for her!” Beth exclaimed.

Seven days later, Kat’s EPT turned blue.

Two weeks later, pregnancy confirmed, Kat sent a new message to her family.

“Mom, Dad, Thank you again! I have never been so happy!

I am carrying Beth’s child! Mom, it’s incredible to feel life inside me, to know I can create life. You know the feeling. Someday soon I hope to carry your grand child, or maybe you’ll consider Beth’s child your grand child.

I cannot describe the joy here. Three of us are pregnant and likely to give birth within a month or two of each other.

Dad, don’t freak. I know you sent me here hoping they could fix me. I love this family. I am part of them. I am whole again. Better than whole.

In a few weeks, a mutual friend will arrange our meeting. Don’t expect a broken daughter. Remember what Beth said in her video? Well I’m like times two.

Two nights later, a fabulous dinner was served with fish, lobster and fresh vegetables. Good wine, coupled with genuine happiness. Three women abstained from alcohol.

Beth rose to make a toast. “To our new sister!” Beth presented her with her commitment ring and necklace.

Michael stood, glass held high, “to Kat!”

Kat felt very special.

As the girls went to prepare Kat, Alice stayed at the table.

“Michael, I think we need to talk.”

‘Not a good sign,’ Michael thought.

“Sometimes women who’ve been raped go through what I call a “rewrite” encounter. They’ll replay what was done to them with their lover, trying to replicate the act, but lovingly and gently, rewriting their memory to remember the good first. They don’t forget the brutality. It’s just that they think of the loving acts first.”

“I suspect Kat is like that. You’ll know if she wants you to tie her up or blindfold her. If that happens, be very loving and gentle. Let her take the lead. And you better be prepared. Have some lube by the bed and make sure you’re squeaky clean. Maybe have Beth shave your pubic hair. Kat was forced to suck dicks straight from her own ass and to lick the men’s anus.”

“If I’m wrong, nothing lost.”

It was Kat’s night to make love to Michael by herself. The girls helped her with her hair and makeup, Beth noticing that Kat seemed very nervous. She had never felt that way with her Dad, knowing he would make everything OK.

Beth took her to Michael. As she walked through the door to her future, her hand tightened around Beth’s and she pulled Beth into the room.

“I want to be with both of you,” she said simply.

Though Alice had also spoken with Beth, she was still shocked. Kat had been talking about her time with Michael as they did her hair and never hinted she want to share him.

Michael was standing in his robe, a glass of champagne in his hand and a flute of juice

Kat swatted Beth and said, “Go get ready,” nodding toward the bathroom.

Kat was dressed in a long black negligee with spaghetti straps over her pale shoulders. Her blonde hair covered the top of her bosom and hung halfway down her back. Her drooping eyelid looked somehow sexy. She had a small bag in her hand.

Michael took her face in his hands and softly placed his lips on hers. Her lips trembled at the contact.

She pulled back to look into his eyes. “Michael, I want you to do something for me,” holding up the small bag, “Tie me up and blindfold me.”

Michael felt a surge of gratitude for Alice’s warning. He was prepared.

She crossed her arms and pulled the straps off her shoulders, letting the negligee drop to the floor,

Michael had never seen her naked before. Her pale, almost translucent skin seemed to glow. Her breasts were larger than he suspected, a full C cup and topped with pink aureoles and hard, surprisingly long nipples. Her belly had a touch of feminine roundness. Her shaved pussy a complete camel toe with none of her inner lips showing. Her ass was small, but well shaped, leading to long toned legs. A very lovely package.

His robe dropped to the floor and he hugged her. “Anything, but with a safe word, okay?” She nodded and giggled, “Popcorn”.

He smiled at her, handed her flute to her. As he was about to toast her, she put a finger to his lips. “Later.” She led him to the bed. He took out a soft blindfold and two silken sashes.

He slipped the blindfold over her head, making sure it was snug around her eyes, but not too tight. He secured it with the shorter of the two sashes. He tied her hands behind her back with a knot that she could break if she became frightened.

Beth came out of casino firmaları the bathroom. Michael held his finger to his lips. He remembered that Kat had heard almost nothing during her ordeal.

He turned Kat around so she faced him. He kissed her tenderly. When her lips parted, he began to pour more passion into the kiss as Kat pressed her body to his. Beth came up behind her and pressed her breasts against Kat’s back, her belly against Kat’s ass.

Beth’s hands cupped Kat’s breasts, caressing the nipples while at the same time caressing Michael’s chest.

Kat moaned into Michael’s mouth.

Together they put Kat on the bed on her back. Kat rolled onto her knees. Beth motioned her father to Kat’s head. Beth gently parted Kat’s ass cheeks, her tongue licking the cleft down to Kat’s crinkled starfish. It was nearly pink. ‘The little minx’ Beth thought, ‘she uses ass lightener.”

Her tongue teased Kat’s asshole unmercifully as it flexed as if to grab her tongue. Finally she moved to the bottom of Kat’s pussy, gently pulling the emerging, engorged lips apart.

Beth moved away for a moment and repositioned herself face up, beneath Kat’s now dripping pussy. Kat’s legs were trembling. Beth began an assault on Kat’s clit, circling it with her tongue, sucking hard and gently holding it with her teeth.

Beth knew Kat would climax soon. She signaled Michael and he pulled his cock from Kat’s mouth, repositioned himself behind her and gently began to enter Kat’s pussy.

Her tunnel was incredibly hot and tight, clenching as though to reject the intruding shaft, then sucking him back in as it adjusted to his girth. He let her set the pace of her impalement. Beth was on her back, her head directly below Kat’s, kissing her fervently.

Finally, he was fully inside her. She wiggled her hips, pushing back hard. He reached under here and began flicking her clit as he began to thrust. She set the pace, then became frantic as she approached her climax. Abandoning her clit, he grabbed her hips and began a pattern of forceful, but gentle strokes. He felt her tremble and then go rigid. She screamed her joy into Beth’s mouth, shuddering as her climax sped through nerve endings she never knew existed.

Her legs gave way and she fell onto the bed, Michael’s cock sliding from her pussy with a “plop”

Michael paused, trying to guess her needs, then lay next to her, caressing her bound arms.

She struggled back to her knees. He understood. He took the lube he’s put on the nightstand and began preparing her and his shaft. Her starfish opened slightly as he caressed it with lubed fingers. He gently inserted first one and then two fingers, making sure he had lubed as far as his fingers could reach. He saw the scar from her surgical repair. He’d be gentle. Beth and Kat resumed their lip lock.

Finally satisfied that she was prepared, he placed the head of his rock hard cock at her winking entrance and pushed gently. She went rigid and he expected to hear “popcorn”. She remained silent, willing her body to relax. Her mind won. She relaxed. The spongy cock head popped through her sphincter.

She let out a soft moan of pain.

He waited, allowing her to adjust. His arm snaked to her clit. He began to gently caress her again.

Her moans of pain became moans of pleasure. She started to wiggle her ass to pull his shaft deeper in miniscule increments until his balls rested on her pussy. Again, he hesitated, letting her adjust.

He felt her push back gently and he began long gentle thrusts.

Beth was now beneath her hips, her fingers caressing Kats pussy and clit. Beth slid from under her and stood beside Michael, her hand still rubbing Kat’s pussy. Beth and Michael kissed, a passionate kiss filled with lust.

Kat began slamming her ass into Michael’s pelvis, her climax imminent. Beth took Kat’s clit between her thumb and forefinger. She rubbed love button gently between her fingers. Kat screamed in ecstasy. A spasm ripped through her body. Michael wrapped an arm around her waist to ensure she didn’t fall forward and hurt herself.

Finally he felt her legs stop shaking. He gently pulled out of her ass. Her gaping ass seemed to wink at him as it started to close.

She rolled onto her back and opened her mouth wide, a clear invitation.

Michael straddled her head, aiming his cock at her waiting mouth. She wriggled forward. Her tongue darted to his ass. She caressed his hole, an entirely new experience for him. He gasped with pleasure. His first sound.

Then she moved to accept his cock, her tongue caressing the shaft in a dance of lust. Her lips closed and she began to suck him hard. Michael felt his own climax approaching. So could Kat. She began bobbing her head urgently, sucking with abandon.

His cock erupted. Mike bit his lower lip to remain silent. His legs shook as he fought the urge to drive his cock down her throat. Finally his orgasm subsided and he fell to the side.

Beth immediately kissed Kat, licking her lips. Kat levered onto her side without breaking the kiss and pushed some of Michael’s sperm into Beth’s mouth. Their tongues dueled for a moment. Beth pulled away, showing Michael her semen-covered tongue. She swallowed looking into his eyes. Kat opened her mouth at the same time, showed her cum coated tongue and swallowed. She opened her mouth again to show a clean tongue.

Kat opened her mouth wide again and Beth straddled her head. Kat twirled her tongue around and in Beth’s asshole. Beth swayed and moaned with pleasure. Kat moved to Beth’s pussy, tracing the outline of her inner lips, tasting Beth’s most intimate fluid. Kat’s tongue parted the leaking inner lips, darting into Beth’s intimate depths, twirling her tongue n circles inside Beth’s tunnel. Beth was close to her orgasm. Kat’s tongue circled Beth’s clit. Kat sucked it hard and whipped it with her tongue. Beth exploded, güvenilir casino but managed to stay almost silent.

Michael lay silently beside Kat, gently caressing her shoulder and cheek. Beth was doing the same. Neither knew what to do next.

“Bathroom” Kat said softly

Michael swept her into his arms and carried her to the toilet, thinking she had to pee.


He gently placed her in the tub. She knelt down and opened her mouth. Reluctantly Michael put his cock in her loving mouth and began to release his urine. She swallowed it. Beth got in the tub, straddled Kat’s face and let her bladder release. Kat swallowed it all.

Suddenly, Kat pulled her arms free of the bindings, pulled the sash from around her head and ripped off the blindfold. She lurched for the toilet and vomited.

Beth held her hair back.

“I guess drinking piss was a little too much,” she giggled.

They showered and returned to bed, lying with Michael in the middle. He started to doze. Kat bit his ear.

“You better not doze off, Mister, you have a lot of work to do. I hope you took a blue pill because I’ve waited all my life to give myself to a real man and you’re gonna get it all!”

Kat looked at Beth over Michael’s chest. She winked, “Let’s get him hard. I want some new memories.”

They worked as a tag team. Kat’s wild tongue rivaled Soshana’s pointed skill. Kat took Michael’s cock in her mouth, twirling her tongue around the head, caressing the triangle of nerves on the underside. Michael moaned with pleasure.

Kat passed his cock to Beth. Beth’s craned her neck, slowly descending, allowing Michael’s shaft to slide into her throat, caressing it with her esophagus. Michael floated in a pool of sensual pleasure.

Satisfied that he was steely rigid, they slid to his sides, Beth on the left, Kat on his right. He turned to Kat, pulling her lips to his. She trembled as they touched. A thrill raced through her. He very slowly increased the passion of the kiss until he felt her lose all tension. She broke the kiss, her eyes filled with wonder. She kissed him again, a hunger raging inside her that she had never felt before.

They never heard Beth leave.

Kat loved the feel of his lips on hers, his tongue exploring her mouth and the feeling of wonder.

Again they broke the kiss as Michael started to move his head to kiss her throat. She pulled his lips back to hers. Michael’s hand dropped to her left breast, caressing her nipple. She gasped, pressing forward, wanting so much more.

Michael realized that Kat was still a teen, with all the needs of a girl and a woman. He began to teach her.

He pulled her on top, her breasts against his. They necked like kids. Kat dripped, but would not break the magical embrace.

Finally the woman’s needs won.

She slid down his body. Her small hands squeezed his cock and moved it to her entrance. She lowered her body slowly, feeling her tunnel stretch again. His hands told her to rotate her hips. She was a quick learner.

Michael pushed a button in the headboard and soft music filled the room. She began to sway to its rhythm, feeling his cock caress her sheath. Her clit rubbed his belly with each motion. She felt free and raised her arms above her head. Michael felt the change.

He caressed her breasts. She was close. He levered himself up and captured her left nipple and sucked hard. She squealed.

He bit down gently. She shuddered.

He switched nipple. He sucked hard. AAIIIIIIIIEEEEEEEEEE!

His thumb found her clit as he gently bit down on her nipple.

She came with an ear-shattering scream. He kept caressing her clit. Her body went rigid. Another scream of pleasure passed her lips.

She pushed his hand away from her sensitive clit, gulping air.

Her nerve circuit breaker tripped. She collapsed onto his chest, a look of wonder on her face.

She lay on his chest, listening to his strong heartbeat. She realized how much she loved and trusted this man whose hard cock joined them into one being.

He stroked her back until she lifted her head. He pushed her legs parallel to his and reversed their position.

She wrapped her legs across his ass. She looked into his changeable eyes, silently offering him her pain, her love and her soul.

He moved slowly, marveling at the tightness of her channel, feeling the soft staccato of her tunnel muscles as she approached her climax.

She saw he was close. She began thrusting up hard. He began hammering into her. He felt his climax approach. He couldn’t control it. She grabbed his ass, pulling him deeper with a primal urgency.

They came together. She screamed her pleasure and joy; he screamed his.

Two weeks later, a message arrived for Kat. It was from her brother, pleading with her to forgive him. She sent back a picture of Beth from the day after her rape and one of herself after her rape. Her message.


Mom and Dad asked me to write.

Beth has forgiven you. In many ways she is a far better person than I am. I can’t forgive the men and woman that raped and sodomized me. I can accept what happened, but I cannot forgive.

I know you have suffered terribly. Have you forgiven the men that raped and sodomized you?

What of the others you raped? I know of at least four. Have you begged their forgiveness? What about that little 12 year old girl?

I love the older brother I grew up with and thought I knew. I despise the monster you became. I don’t know who or what you are now.

I am now carrying Beth’s last hope of being whole. Ironic that the hate people felt for you and took out on me, might bring Beth the one thing that will make her whole.

I am now Beth’s sister and she means the world to me, as will our child. But I cannot look at her without remembering what you did to her.

I do not want to see you now.

If you are the man I loved as a big brother, I hope you find all the love that your heart can bear.

If you’re still the thug that raped Beth, I hope you roast in hell.


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Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20