Brod: Growing Unrest Pt. 05

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“Julie!” called out Martina, struggling to lean up and look at her phone. The Latina was propped up against the wall, her gigantic near-yard-diameter belly engulfing most of her legs. The phone was sitting atop her stomach.

A brunette with long legs squealed and came over to me.

I put my hands on the wide ass in front of me as Julie bent over the bench-island in the middle of the showers. Schlooorp! I pulled my two-foot monster out of the black girl’s over-stretched pussy. As soon as I was out, it erupted, spilling pints of jizz. Glooosch! She was a waterfall of white as she laid atop her belly. Liquid heat splashed my stomach and cascaded down my balls, soaking the hands rubbing them.

I stepped to the side and grabbed Julie’s hips, shoving my monstrous organ into her hot, inviting pussy. I didn’t even get a good look at it. I could feel some pubes. She probably needed a shave. But I was working, and I had a lot of work to do! Dozens of women still needed a turn, and it wouldn’t be fair if everyone didn’t get theirs!

My glans forced her lips wide. She howled and flexed her legs. My fiery, fleshy dome stretched those lips out like latex. I could feel her shuddering and spraying through an orgasm already.

Julie closed her eyes and cried, “Broood!”

Eleven women were on this side of the bench. Twenty-two legs dangled. Eleven bellies were swollen like bean-bag chairs. Eleven white waterfalls gushed into the ankle-deep pool of jizz on the floor.

The other side of the bench had twelve women in the same condition. Two dozen feet dangled into the deep pool of my steaming-hot seed, feeding the raw, orgiastic reek that replaced the air. A hundred and twenty toes curled as those twelve cunts gaped wide open, women dark, light, and everywhere between functioning as a jizz-fountain. I could only imagine how it looked from another perspective, the raised tiled section serving as an altar, piled high with dozens of women bent over and gushing broad white cascades of steaming-hot, goopy-slimy jizz. My own seed was squishing between my toes, and deep enough that I couldn’t see them.

Most of ladies were content to just lounge atop their slowly-draining bellies, but a few pairs were rubbing their hands over each other. I saw a swollen Chinese girl slathering handfuls of steaming, gooey spunk over the face of the white girl in front of her. Then they moved closer and kissed. When they parted, white ropes connected them.

A weird thing happens when you fuck dozens of times in a row. I can’t claim to know how it is for any other male. But it’s like a frenzy. I fuck one girl, I just get hornier. I fuck a second, I get even hornier. Three, four five, my cock’s appetite just grows and grows. Six, seven, eight … a good warmup, my jizz production is in high gear. Ten, eleven, twelve, my cock is like a freight train, my nuts each a bottomless tank of sperm. If I fuck that much in a short time span, I’ll plow almost any hole that’s in front of me. Even under normal circumstances, I have a very hard time saying no to a pussy or an ass. But right now, I felt like a shark smelling blood.

Another weird thing is that it distorts my sense of time. A tight, silky hole was wrapped around my cock, caressing every bulging vein and every contour of the two-foot monster. I kept pounding her womb, stretching her deepest parts, bulging out her stomach in a truly obscene manner.

I moved with her body. I went faster, slower, harder, softer. She bounced up and down on my improvised altar. I don’t know how many times she screamed or how many times she came. Her cunt kept squeezing and massaging my cock, just as the women waiting their turn kept massaging the exposed portion of my cock and my fat nuts. I could feel them kissing and licking the huge orbs. Women worshipped weighty spheres bigger than their heads, waves of white rolling over their surfaces, my skin stimulated by my own spunk.

I didn’t even announce it this time. A river of semen stretched my cock’s throat, it recoiled, its mouth erupted. GLOOOOOORCH. GLOOOOOOORCH.

Julie screamed. “Aaauuuwaaaugh!” Her belly started to swell quickly, lifting her up into the air. My hands gripped handfuls of her hips as her feet kicked, splashing up spunk. White pearls sprayed around my girth. I kept pumping seed deep into her. BLOOOORT. BLOOOORT. My nuts squeezed, my seed flew. Her belly stretched out to the sides as it grew. Its surface rippled. Bolts of spunk hit the inside of her womb like fists. SPLOOOORT! I leaned my head back and moaned at the ceiling.

“Who’s! Next!” I grunted at Martina.

“Elizabeth!” she groaned.

A tall brown-skinned girl whose ethnicity I wasn’t sure of jiggled towards me. She had a small, toned ass and gigantic tits. Lines were dug into her tits, indicating where a too-small sports bra had tried to contain them. Her pussy was visibly dripping as the other horny ladies grabbed her casino şirketleri limbs and pulled her toward the ground.

“Augh!” She cried as she half-fell into the pool of white muck. It was inches deep in the middle of the room, and her position meant that jizz rained down on her from all those ruined cunts.

Her legs were spread wide, exposing her flushed, eager entrance. I grunted and put my hands on Julie’s belly before pulling my cock out of her. Schlooor-pop! I didn’t even pause to watch, though I could hear it—the sound of her cunt exploding into a brand new, pearly fountain. Gloor-splooorsch!

I wasn’t even done blowing my load! SPLUUUURT. A fat rope of spunk blasted all over Elizabeth’s pussy, her stomach, painting her tits white. The next load erupted from my cock, splashing her face and splattering fresh marbles of hot seed all over the women holding her.

Then, I grabbed her hips and shoved my cock forward, growling as my giant glans stretched her lips out. The poor things provided little resistance, and before I knew it, my crown was inside her, bulging her out. She closed her dark eyes tightly and shuddered, biting her lower lip and grabbing handfuls of the hair of the girls around her. Splooosch! She came hard around me. Then my last wad blasted her pussy. Bloooorch. It sprayed out around, filling her silky tunnel with my potent heat. It stretched wide, bulging out above the tip of my organ.

I began to thrust into her, bouncing her up and down. All the jizz that I’d just shot squished and slipped deliciously around my cock as I fucked her. Squorsch. Squorsch. The women behind her moaned as she screamed at the ceiling. Her feet kicked into the air, sending up white, hot sprays. Her toes curled, her pussy contracted, her juices sprayed. Splllrssch!

I was literally dripping, covered in thick layers of cunt juice and my own jizz. Not to mention the hot sweat I could feel on my skin. More seed gushed from the women piled on the bench-island-thing in the middle, pouring over my shoulder and back, rolling across Elizabeth’s skin. My own jizz was up around my knees, sucking at them when I moved, splatting as I pounded her, squishing under my swinging nuts. I leaned back and groaned, feeling painted nails grasping me from behind and raking across my chest.

Everyone here was slick with sweat, spunk, and sex. Our bodies slid across each other as if greased. Abruptly, a massive ass appeared in my face. A white girl with an epic pair of round, quivering cheeks shook them in my face as I pounded my fleshy battering ram into the busty brunette’s womb. Her belly was like a tent with my cock as the post. My hips kept pumping, bouncing her up and down in my jizz and making her splash. Splisch! Splisch! My hands reached up and caressed handfuls of the meaty cheeks as my lips kissed the surface, tasting myself on her.

Then, when I saw a brown spot appear where I’d been sucking on a mouthful of plush ass, I realized she wasn’t a white girl at all … she was a Latina, probably Argentinian, judging by her face, covered in a thick layer of my spunk. Who knew where it had come from … the floor? My eruptions? Another girl’s womb?

She knelt down and squeezed her plump thighs around my cock. They wrapped around the half of my cock nut currently in a pussy, and her feet slipped underneath my gigantic nuts. The girl let out a long moan and leaned down. It took me a moment to realize that white streams were gushing from Elizabeth’s massive tits, her milk arcing into the air and into the waiting mouth of the new arrival. I grabbed and kneaded handfuls of her ass as another girl leaned down, lapping at the jizz-slathered tit and sucking down hot milk. I saw it running down her chin, distinguishable from the semen by its lack of thickness. She grabbed that massive titty with both hands, hefted the jug, and slurping desperately as if she had just crawled out of the desert. Schluuuuurk! Schlooooorp!

And then my cock erupted again. I felt it swell, my nuts compress.

GLOOOOOOORCH. My cannon detonated and shot its heavy load into the back of her womb. The Argentinian girl moaned and arched her back against me. I reached in front of her and grabbed handfuls of her modest tits. Our lips mashed together, her tongue slipping into my mouth as I sucked on hers. I kept cumming. SPLOOOOOORT. SPLOOOOORT! The busty girl’s belly grew and grew as she began to erupt again in orgasm. Schllrrk. The Latina and I shared a disgustingly messy kiss, and I could taste my own sperm in her mouth and something with garlic—her lunch, most likely.

BLOOOOORT. Another woman descended. One gulped down mouthfuls of milk from each mammoth mammary. My hand slipped down the Argentine’s stomach and I began to tease her clit, my fingertips rolling the little pearl of flesh. Along with my pumping, sliding cock, it was enough.

She broke our sloppy kiss and howled. “Aaaugh! Haceme casino firmaları un pibe!” SPLLLRRT. Her pussy gushed juices that sprayed over my cock. I could feel the hot wetness, just as I could feel the busty girl’s pussy rippling and spraying. Making multiple girls cum at once is fun.

I wasn’t sure how long they were cumming, but they kept doing it. The Latina laid on top of the Elizabeth’s belly, draping her arms over the backs of the ladies sucking milk from her tits. It rolled down their chins. The busty girl’s massive belly held the new arrival in the air as it squished about her sides. That brown pussy was dripping. I spread her ass cheeks with my thumbs to expose its pinkness. The combination of blowing my load in a hot womb and seeing a big ass and a dripping pussy just made me want more.

So even as I was blasting my last wad into her belly, I pulled my cock out of her. SCHLLURRR-POP! The glans came free, and so did the jizz, the Latina’s weight forcing my seed to spray out of the busty girl’s pussy and onto my nuts. I didn’t even wait for Martina. I grabbed the Argentinian girl’s hips and shoved the coconut-sized head of my jizz-caked cock into her fleshy mound, spreading those fleshy lips out around me.

I began to pound her poor pussy, shoving my monstrous organ deeper every thrust, bouncing her atop the busty girl. She howled as she came again and again, her pussy gripping and kneading and constantly squirting. I was in her womb minutes later. We rolled backward until I was sitting in the pool, feeling my boiling-hot jizz gushing up in between my ass cheeks, against my taint and around my nuts. The girl’s back was against my chest as I bounced her up and down, grabbing her thighs under the knees and thanking Yara’s strength training.

Seeing the opening, a few more ladies slipped in … including several that were perfectly clean. They must have just came in. They didn’t stay clean for long as they practically threw themselves into the fray, six or seven mouths descending upon my exposed nuts, slurping the mixture of white seed and sweet cunt-juice out of the folds. More of them stroked and kneaded with fingers, some jerked my cock, some rubbed my bulging glans through the Latina’s stomach.

I started to cum again. BLOOOORT. GLOOOORCH. SPLUUUUURT. Her belly pushed outwards, swelling as my boiling-hot spunk swirled inside and pressed it outward. She howled once more. “Mmmhhhh fuck! ¡Estás más bueno que comer pollo con la mano!” That swollen caramel-colored belly was bigger than a beach ball, and it kept growing as cups worth of seed squirted out from around my cock and into the mouths of the women surrounding us.

Soon, it looked like she’d too swollen a large yoga ball, and I lowered her into the ever-deepening mess. I grabbed handfuls of her ass and pulled my cock out of her, spraying my jizz into the air. SPLOOOORT, SPLUUUURCH. The last few loads arced high overhead, fat snakes that rained down and painted the new arrivals white. At least until they descended and began gulping down my jizz. BLUUUUURT. Their hands grabbed my fuckrod as I fed them more and more spunk, bloating their bellies into gentle baby bumps, their tongues probing the mouth of my organ.

Some of the new arrivals had started to gulp down the jizz gushing from the dozens of bloated women bent over the bench-island, and I could see more bellies being filled. I was swelling dozens of stomachs at the same time with my jizz!

A lithe but muscular black girl whose name I couldn’t remember sat on the head of my cock, moaning as she slammed her hips down and forced my glans into her pussy all at once. “Uuwaugh! That was a bad idea!” She was facing away from me, so I grabbed her plump bubble butt and pulled her down further. My towering monster bulged her belly out, distending her six pack as I lurched forward to get into a better position.

She was on all fours now, her hands up past her wrists in jizz, yogurt-thick seed squishing around her fingers. Her feet weren’t visible, but her toes had to be curling with how hard she was cumming right now, her clear nectar washing away some of the thick layers of jizz on my organ.

I looked up at one of the new girls and said, “Give me some water!”


She disappeared. I was sweating like crazy, my perspiration clearing lines through the thick layers of jizz on my body. My hair must have been frightful, and I may have even looked like a snowman, but then again, most of the women were in no better shape. Spunk rolled down the black girl’s long braids, a redhead with short hair looked more like a blooming onion. Streaks of makeup ran down some of their faces.

I don’t know how long I fucked her or how many times she erupted, but I knew she was going slack and drooping down by the time several water bottles got shoved into my face.

“Thanks!” I grunted, my mouth dry. I chugged a good liter of some kind of sports güvenilir casino drink. It wasn’t water, but electrolytes were always important. The second bottle I downed was water. I waved the women away. Then I wrapped a handful of braids around my fist and pushed the girl’s head down into the muck. “Aaugh fuck! What are you—grrbbll! Gluck! Gluck! Gluck!” She gurgled and began to gulp down mouthfuls of the jizz invading her mouth. Her head slipped and slid through the sexual mess as I pounded her from behind. At least I knew she was getting plenty of protein.

Her stomach began to swell before I ever started cumming. She was painted white. I pulled her backward, arching her back in the air as I continued to fuck her, knowing my load was close, and … SPLOOORT, SPLOOORT, SPLOOOORT. Her toned six-pack disappeared as her belly grew into a swollen, chocolate-colored beach ball, frosted white by my spunk.

I felt liters of jizz swelling my cock and innumerable sperm rampaging down its length, more swirling in my swollen sperm-tanks. It felt wonderful, hot velvet walls squeezing me tightly, almost trying to strangle me as I felt seed erupting from my tip, the tight womb growing.

There was no longer any order. I pulled my cock free once I was done pumping sperm into her, then I grabbed the nearest girl. I shoved my fat organ into her swollen, dripping pussy and began to pound her, not even noticing her face or much besides her light skin tone. After her, I pulled my dripping cock from her white-gushing pussy and shoved it into another.

Hot cunt after hot cunt, dozens of women arriving to shower and getting pounded and painted into a white, goopy mess. I pulled out of the last one and forced my flesh-monster into the womb of a chubby white blonde. The lack of windows meant I had no idea what time it was. Had Arva gone home? Was it time for dinner? Was I missing calls from my employees?

I knew it was over when people stopped coming in. I looked around from my seat on the very edge of the bench-island. Ladies were swollen everywhere, white-frosted domes of bean-bag-chair-sized bellies littering the floor. They lied everywhere, up against the walls, piled atop the bench in the middle. A few more groaned about my feet, licking my balls. Many were lapping sperm off each other. Some made out, exchanging mouthfuls of semen.

Steaming-hot jizz dripped from the ceiling in fist-sized globs and rolled down the walls in thick layers. It rose halfway up my shins, my feet deep under the pearly mire. Inch-thick blankets of spunk covered the women as they moaned, leaning against the walls, sounding like a hoard of zombies. At some point, the water had been turned off. I suppose that the showerheads had diluted my sperm some, which might explain why there was such a deep pool of spunk, but it was still much thicker than that of any other male’s I’d ever seen.

Orgy-musk filled my lungs as I panted, leaning forward with elbows on my knees. I was tired, but satisfied. My nuts hung down into the mess. And finally, my cock was softening. It slowly flagged, lowering itself to my balls. The head dipped into the spunk. I needed a nap. But I still had measurements to take. I wondered if I could call Arva and—

“What’s going on in here?!” called a voice from the entrance.

I looked up. There were six women there. All of them were toned and athletic. Six six-packs were exposed in varying colors. The biggest woman was near seven feet tall and had massive, muscular thighs and powerful-looking arms. She was pretty intimidating. Her golden hair was tied back into a ponytail, bangs hanging about her eyes. She spoke again. “So this is where everyone went.”

The girl next to her spoke after she did, saying, “Who let you in here?” She was small, but only relative to the huge blonde. This girl was sculpted and even paler. She had short, green-streaked black hair and a lot of black makeup. Her shoulders were nice. She crossed her arms.

An average-height girl with an athletic frame and tan skin said, “You did all of this? There’s got to be over sixty women in here!”

I nodded and managed to choke out. “Mmph. Fuck. I was horny.”

“He was horny,” repeated the huge blonde, looking back at the rest of them. “You know, the whole gym reeks like a brothel now, because of you.” She jabbed a finger at me. “And you think you can go anywhere, do whatever you want, mess up anyone’s gym? The drains are obviously clogged.” She took off her shoes, stepped into the muck and waded towards me. My eyes got bigger as she swaggered over. Fuck, was she huge! Her curves were very feminine, with thick thighs and good-sized breasts, but … she was just so powerful-looking! I felt a twinge in my cock and deep in my nuts.

She lowered her voice and said, “I’m a friend of Yara’s, and I know just how to handle you, Brod.”

“You know Yara?” I repeated.

The blonde didn’t answer. She grabbed one of my arms, wrapped a rough hand around the back of my neck, and hauled me to my feet. Her eyes moved over to the muscle-goth and she said, “Go close the blinds. Put up the ‘closed’ sign. We’re going to teach our friend some respect.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20