Bride to Be

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I am the manager of a small, exclusive romantic inn in the heart of a tourist driven area. During the off season, in a never-ending attempt to improve sales and profitability, we offer deals for wedding groups.

I never gave much thought to the project, other than to find myself a larger year end bonus. That all changed during the slowest part of the year last year. We had rented out all eight of our rooms for a bridal party, something we had never done before. As a part of the package, in an attempt to sweeten the pot, we agreed to let the bride to be and her maid of honor to join us a day early.

I was working the front desk, as is normal in the offseason as we try to keep staffing to a minimum. I was entering my sales numbers from the previous month, deep in thought and concentration. So deep that I did not hear the ringing of the front door to signal that someone had entered.

I heard a slight cough, and looked up. Much to my surprise and chagrin, there were two gorgeous twenty two year old women standing just before me at the front desk.

The first was a brunette, about five foot six, with very nice DD breasts, which were perfectly framed within a white tank top and a very short black skirt, and matching black stockings. The red haired girl beside her was five foot two, with a skinny, but very toned body, the lean looks of a runner, with tits that were barely more than a mouthful.

“We are the bridal party,” the brunette nearly huffed at me.

“Well, welcome, welcome,” I responded, trying not to stare at the beautiful bounty before me.

I took their information, and quickly grabbed their bags. I led the two of them up to the bridal suite, a three room affair that also included a standup shower, a balcony overlooking our small manmade pond, and plenty of love seats and cushions to facilitate sexual adventures if the round double king size bed was not enough excitement for a newly married couple or a long time anniversary visit.

Having left the two of the them alone, mentioning when the dining room would be serving dinner, as well as the tap room hours, and our complimentary breakfast times. I went back down to the front desk, and slipped behind the desk to the small office to relieve my rapidly grown manhood. Having not been very lucky for the off season, I quickly was able to relieve my stress, wiping up casino şirketleri quickly before any staff or my new guests could find me.

I knew that there would be no other guests checking in that evening, as the bridal group would be arriving sometime the next day. I had about two hours before the dinner shift would begin, and decided that I should race to finish my work so that I could spend a little time alone in the managers apartment out back before the start of the dinner time.

Finishing my work, and walking (rather awkwardly, I must admit) out to the managers rooms, I could hear giggling coming from the honeymoon suite. It took all my self control to keep from glancing up, and making myself even more uncomfortable than I was already.

I got to the room, and did what I had to do, then showered, shaved and got dressed in my suit for the dinner rush. Although it was the off season, I knew that being a Thursday evening, I would have about forty to sixty local folks coming in to dine on our modern take on classic American fare. Not to sound pretentious, but our chef is absolutely amazing.

Our local clientele tends to arrive early, eat reasonably quickly and depart back to their homes. My offseason dinner shift is usually finished by about ten pm. And I rather like the time off, although it means that the few women I see who are near my own thirty five years tend to be married professional women dining with their husbands. Which does nothing to help my current hitless streak.

But this night would prove to be different. Because our restaurant hours are technically til nine, though we are almost always all in by eight, i was disappointed when 8:15 hit, and my two hotties from the honeymoon suite hadn’t come downstairs. I decided that they had decided to scope out the local scene, which is quieter than the height of the season, but still somewhat more lively than my little romantic inn.

My disappointment turned to excitement as at 8:35 the two girls came giggling into the dining room. Their bloodshot eyes, and incessant laughter led me to believe that perhaps they were enjoying something upstairs that may not exactly be legal. Not that I had any problem with a little herbal enlightenment.

The two of them sat, ordered rather lightly, and giggled all the more when I had a mid level bottle of champagne sent over to casino firmaları the table. They ate their salads and the fish, and invited me over as they decided to split our signature dessert.

“We need help to finish this champagne” the maid of honor declared, as the bride to be merely blushed as she giggled while playing with her hair and looking at me.

“yea, we can’t funish this ourselps” the bride to be stammered out.

“Well, maybe the three of us can bang this bottle out” I stated.

“Maybe the one of you can bang something else out,” the brunette rather provocatively declared as the redhead started giggling like crazy again, leaning her beautiful head into the busom of her friend.

We did, in fact, finish that bottle, and as the bartender was preparing to call it a night, I had her give me a second bottle. She gave me a snide look, as she shook her head. I pretended to be offended, though I know that she is sleeping with Lisa, my cousin whose parents are the owners of this property. If Rachel can have my cousin, why couldn’t I try to have a maid of honor.

With the bar closed, and the lights throughout the common areas turned down to the overnight levels, the three of us sat in the booth, and opened up the second bottle of bubbly.

“Maybe you can help my friend,” the brunette said to me, as she leaned forward, showing off her well endowed chest.

“Perhaps, but I would need to know what I am going to be helping with” I answered.

“I have only been wiff one guy,” the redhead slurred, “and I don’t want my only cock to be my husband,”

“I can’t believe that someone as hot as you has had only one lover,”I told her, as the champagne was embolding me.

“I didn’t say dat, I sez wiff only one dude” she said again.

“She knows pussy very well, especially mine, we have been lovers for years,” the brunette explained, “While I eat her and she eats me I also enjoy having men, while she has always been sheltered by her family, told to save herself for the absolute mister right.”

“And I lub my hubband to de, but I wanna knows anudder man before i put tha ring on my finder.”

Taking the bottle from the wine bucket, and taking the redhead by hand, I led the two girls to the elevator, which we took up to the third floor where the honeymoon suite.

Barely inside the door, I had my tongue güvenilir casino down the throat of the bride to be. I hungrily probed her mouth with my tongue, as I ran my hands along her tight body.

As I was attempting to slide my hand up her skirt and down her shirt simultaneously, I could feel a tug at my belt. I glanced down to see the maid of honor, her glorious tits already out of her top, attempting to open my fly. I let go of the bride long enough to help undo my belt, and as my hands returned to her chest, I could feel the brunettes hands grab hold of my member, and within seconds, I could feel her lips wrapping around my cock.

The rest of the night turned quickly into a blur, as we sipped champagne from the bottle between licks of each other. I stripped the bride to be of her short tartan skirt, and left her blouse hanging open as I dove down between her legs, and brought her to a crazy orgasm. As I was eating her out, I could feel the maid of honor suck me to near climax before sitting on my rigid member.

Thank the lord that I had jerked off that afternoon, as well as the bubbly, as I don’t think I would have lasted a second with these two amazing young women. I have not been with a twenty two year old girl since I was that age, and I had never been with two women before.

I eventually got around to shifting the redhead of day around so that I could enter her sweet, sweet pussy. If it felt half as good as it tasted, I would be in for a major treat. As I sank my member into her, and the maid of honor sat on her face, the redhead screamed in delight, “You are sooooo much bigger than my fiancee, this feels amazing, amazing, amaaaaaaaaghzzzzzing.”

Sitting on her face so that the bride to be could eat her out, the maid of honor leaned towards me so that I could partake of her amazing tits. And I devoured them with abandon, licking, chewing sucking to my hearts content.

Each girl must have cum three or four times, and I pumped my load liberally down each ones throat as well as into each ones pussy. We woke in the morning, with the sun glaring down on us. The girls invited me outside for a few tokes and we fooled around some more, as they stated that they were hungry, but not for food. So I fed them again freely of myself.

I spent the next day half hungover, but very well satisfied. The girls went off to shop but not before flashing me their pantiless crotches. Unfortunately the rest of the bridal party was due in that afternoon, and we could not continue our adventure. However, that night will always be special to me, and I hope to them as well.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20