Breaking Lance Ch. 03

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“Wow Vince you was amazing!” Nathan says pulling his clothes back on.

“Thanks Nathan, you’re pretty good yourself, I nearly blew my load when you sucked me off,” Vince replies.

Nathan beams, “Wish you had done.”

“Gotta say Vince, I’m well impressed but he seems a proper spoilt brat, you sure you can handle him?” Rob asks.

“I’ve had worse than him in the army, he should be a walk in the park.”

“Well we better get going, it’s late, thanks for a great evening, let us know if you need us to help out with anymore training.” Robert says as they head for the door.

“I will do, see you next week,” Vince waves them off then locks the door behind him.

He walks upstairs and climbs into bed, he’s exhausted, he thinks about the young man in the cellar, he would much prefer to have the boy in bed next to him, he so hates sleeping alone.

* * *

Lance has a restless night, his dreams are filled with visions of his father when he was young and the love and affection he received mixed in with visions of Vince and his huge cock. In his dreams Vince’s cock is much bigger and Lance is worshiping it, he’s sucking it deep, getting fucked by it, at one point there are ten Vince’s all prodding their huge cocks at Lance, they all erupt covering him in masses of spunk causing him to ejaculate too. It’s at that point he wakes up and realises he is ejaculating for real, his cock is pumping out huge amounts of cum into the bedding. He has never had a wet dream before, what does it mean? The room is still pitch black and the cage is cramped, he needs to stretch but he can’t. He lies there contemplating what happened that night, the cock he actually enjoyed sucking, being fucked, and loving it, and his wet dream, could it be that he is gay?

He thinks about Vince, that big powerful man and the moment he held him in his arms. Although he was being punished he felt safe, warm, almost loved, he liked being held by him, even when he picked him up it was like he was a child again in his fathers arms. Lance closes his eyes and drifts back off to sleep.

He is abruptly woken by the light being switched on in the cellar.

“Good morning slave, time to get up and continue your training,” Vince says.

Lance groans still really tired, “I’ll get up in a minute,”‘he says forgetting where he is and thinking for a moment he was back home, he soon snaps out of it when he hears the cage door being unlocked.

Vince pulls the quilt off Lance and sees the cum stain on the bedding, “Well, looks like someone had a wet dream.” Lance blushes a bright crimson, “I wonder what dream could have caused that?”

Lance looks up at Vince, he is naked apart from a pair of boxers that do good job of hiding that massive tool. Vince grabs Lance and helps him out of the cage. He notices that Lance’s cock is fully erect as he helps him up. “Do you need to cum or pee?” Vince asks.

“Pee,” Lance replies meekly.

Vince picks up a dog collar and fastens it around Lance’s neck, then picks up a leash and fastens that to the dog collar. Lance is alarmed that he’s going to be treated like an animal.

“Look mate, yooz had ya fun wiv dis master n slave stuff, how’s about lettin’ me go now an’ well call it quits. Give us me money and I’ll forget about de whole fing.” Lance was hoping that Vince had a reasonable side to him but when he looked at his face he knew he’d made a big mistake.

“What did I say about asking for permission to speak?!” he says in a thunderous tone.

“I-I-I just thought..” Lance stammers.

“Well you thought wrong!” he grabs Lance’s hands that are still tied behind his back and lifts them up high causing Lance to bend right over.

“No please don’t,” he pleas knowing what’s coming, “Please, please, please, I’m sorry.”

Vincent picks up the paddle, “You get 10 for speaking without permission, I want you to count them as I hit you. Do you understand.

“Y-y-yes sir.”


“OWWW! One.”



On the tenth hit, tears are streaming down his face but he’s keeping his sobbing under control. Vince replaces the paddle and leads Lance out of the cellar and upstairs into the bathroom.

Vince has a huge shower, big enough to hold four people comfortably, it has multiple shower heads and two hand held shower attachments, one looks like a small shower head but the other looks like a small penis. Set into the floor and ceiling and walls are rings, Lance wonders what on earth they are there for. He stands Lance up inside it and removes the collar, then removes his own boxers and joins him. Lance looks at the huge tool swinging between Vince’s legs, it looks so intimidating. Lance’s cock has gone a little soft by now so Vince strokes it bringing it back to it’s full glory causing Lance to groan.

“Permission to speak sir,” Lance says.

“Go ahead boy,” Vince replies.

“I really need to pee sir?”

“Ok go ahead.”

Lance goes to walk out of the shower and head to the toilet but Vince grabs him casino şirketleri and pulls him back in.

“You do it in here,” Vince says sternly.

Lance is no newcomer to peeing in the shower but to do it with someone else there? Also he’s never peed though a hardon before.

“Please sir, I can’t pee through a boner,” he complains.

“Yes you can you just have to force it,” Vince replies while still stroking Lance’s cock, by now Vince’s own cock is almost at full mast.

Lance looks at the huge tool pointing up at him and wonders if Vince would let him suck it. Vince gets Lance to kneel and for a moment he thinks he is, but then Vince attaches the ankle cuffs to rings on the floor and the wrist cuffs to rings on the wall above, causing Lance’s arms to be out-stretched above him. Lance know that if he pees now in this position it will spray all over himself, surely Vince does want him to do that? Suddenly to Lance’s horror a stream of piss erupts from Vince’s cock and showers him.

“Argghhh! Fuck noo!” he shouts and tries to escape.

“If you need to go you better do it now otherwise I won’t let you go for the rest of the day,” Vince says sternly.

Lance is mortified by what Vince is doing, he has never felt so degraded in all his life, he almost feels like crying yet some how it is a major turn on. It’s like Vince is marking his territory as animals do, claiming Lance as his property. The pressure in Lance’s bladder is quite painful now so he concedes and forces out his piss, soon he is being drenched by two streams of piss, he feels utterly humiliated. His own piss is hitting him full on in the face, he tries to turn his head but his arms restrict the movement, then he does something that not only astounds Vince but Lance too, he opens his mouth and tastes his piss.

Before long they have emptied their bladders, “Damn that was so hot seeing you piss yourself boy!” Vince says. Lance looks at him with a look of bewilderment at what just happened.

Vince then releases Lance and helping him to stand turns him round, Vince then takes the shower head that looks like a penis and gets Lance to lean forward. He eases it into Lance’s hole causing him to yelp with it’s coldness, then he turns on the water. Lance can feel his insides filling up, it feels quite pleasurable, then uncomfortable, then painful.

“ARRGHHH STOP! PLEASE!” Lance shouts. Vince turns off the water.

“Hold it in boy, don’t you let any spill,” Vince commands and he removes the shower head.

The pressure is immense but Lance manages to hold it in, he’s noticed his cock is at full mast again, he really does get turned on by having his ass played with.

“Get to the toilet and let it out,” Vince orders.

Lance gingerly walks over to the toilet clenching his ass cheeks tight as he does so. When he sits on the loo he lets it go, the water comes flooding out and he feels a large turd fly out too. ‘That has got to be the easiest shit I have ever done,’ he thinks. He gets some tissue and wipes his ass then joins Vince back in the shower, Vince turns him around again and pushes the shower head back in his hole. Soon Lance is once more full and is ordered to empty himself in the toilet, this time only water comes out, Lance wonders if this is what it feels like when women piss.

Once Lance returns Vince turns on the shower. The warm water cascades over Lance and makes him feel good. rinsing the piss away. Vince soaps Lance up and proceeds to wash him,

Lance hasn’t been washed like this since he was a little boy, he is enjoying Vince’s hands slipping over his skin, he would never imagined that being washed in a shower could feel so erotic. Vince pays particular attention to his cock and ass, inserting a soapy finger to make sure it’s clean, Lance moans when he does this.

Soon Vince has finished and he unties Lance’s hands.

“Wash me,” Vince says handing Lance the shower gel.

Lance has never washed anyone else, ever, let alone a man. He starts with Vince’s back, Vince gasps as the boy touches him for the first time, he’s startled at how much it reminds him of Anthony. The boys touch is incredibly erotic, his hands seemingly tiny against Vince’s broad shoulders. Lance reaches his ass and tentatively washes in the crack, he wonders if he should soap inside Vince’s hole but decides against it.

Vince then turns round and Lance soaps up his chest, he runs his hands over Vince’s chiselled pecks and large biceps, down to his flat six pack stomach. Lance is aware of Vince’s massive erection touching his stomach, he is also aware that his own cock is rock solid, he can’t believe how much this is turning him on.

He eventually gets to Vince’s cock, he soaps up around his tight large hairy balls first and the massive cock sways in front of him, he can’t believe that thing was up his ass last night. He then soaps up the shaft of the cock, his fingers don’t quite reach all the way round and he can easily wrap both hands round with room for a third. To Vince Lance’s hands round his cock casino firmaları feel absolutely exquisite, he watches as Lance’s slender hands slide up and down his massive shaft.

Vince then spins Lance around and pushes him against the shower wall, he soaps up his huge tool with one hand and Lance’s hole with the other. Lance gasps as he realises he is about have that huge cock up his ass again. He groans in anticipation.

“You want this don’t you boy?”

“Yes Sir, please Sir, please fuck me,” Lance groans. He can’t believe he’s saying it, he’s even pushing his ass back to give Vince better access.

Vince places the head of his cock at Lance’s opening and pushes, the cock head slips in and Lance cries out with pain again, but this time he knows it will pass. Soon Vince is pushing deeper and Lance can feel his cock slide deep into his ass.

“Oh god that feels so good!” Lance shouts.

Vince starts to pound his ass and Lance grunts and groans as Vince’s huge cock slips all the way in and out again to it’s tip. The water is cascading over Lance as he is ceremoniously fucked in the shower. Vince looks down at his cock slipping into the boy’s ass, it is such a turn on, he hasn’t felt ass this good since.. well since Anthony. He can feel his orgasm building and so can Lance, the boy’s cock is leaking masses of precum and he knows he’s close to blowing his load. He loves the fact he can cum while being fucked and without touching it. As his orgasm starts to build Vince suddenly pulls out, Lance groans pushing back for Vince to put his cock back in his ass. Vince spins him round.

“Get on your knees boy,” he commands.

Lance does so, even though he didn’t cum from being fucked he thinks at least he is going to get to suck on the huge cock, he really does want this, he really needs to feel it in his mouth. He opens his mouth and goes to swallow when Vince stops him.

“No, you still haven’t earned the right to suck on my cock yet,” Vince says. It took all of his will power to stop Lance, right now he would love for the young man to devour his meat.

Lance looks up at him with genuine disappointment on his face.

“I want you to bring me off and take my cum on your face, keep your mouth closed as you haven’t earned the right to swallow my cum yet either.”

Lance obeys and starts to wank Vince vigorously.

“No, slow down, keep it nice and slow,” Vince instructs him.

Vince adds some more soap to his cock so Lance’s fingers slip over his tool more easily, he can feel the pressure building up fast. Lance is mesmerised by Vince’s cock, it’s huge purple head looking straight at him, the large veins running down it’s length.

“Here I cum boy!” Vince announces and he lets out a low pitched groan as his cock explodes.

Lance quickly closes his eyes as a torrent of cum plasters his face, its going in his hair, over his eyes and some up his nose. Lance keeps wanking Vince and milks the last few drops from his cock. Lance grabs his own cock and starts to wank himself off now desperate to cum.

“GET YOUR HAND OFF YOUR COCK!” Vince shouts. Startled Lance lets go and opens his eyes, some cum gets in and starts stinging. “That cock now belongs to me, I will decide when and where you will cum, you will never cum by your own hand again, do you understand?”

Lance is alarmed by this, he is used to jerking off at least four times a day and he’s certainly never come close to orgasm before without actually shooting, “Yes Sir, sorry Sir,” he replies anyway.

Vince lifts him up to his feet, “Lick your lips boy,” he does so, “that is what my cum taste like, you will get to swallow it soon enough but not until you have earned it.” Then vince moves lance to under the shower and washes off the cum.

Vince then produces a safety razor and Lance thinks that he is going to have his chin shaved until Vince kneels down and soaps up his groin.

“Sir?” Lance asks alarmed at what is about to happen.

“I need you nice and smooth,” he says then turns Lance around and gets him to bend over. He applies some soap around his anus, there isn’t much in the way of hair round there but he wants to be sure. He proceeds to remove all the hair around Lance’s ass then turning him back round shaves his pubic region and balls, because of Lance’s raging hard on he has to move it around a lot to get access. All this fondling of his cock is bringing Lance closer to an orgasm, he can feel it rushing up, he decides not to say anything, he really wants this release. Vince isn’t stupid he can tell that Lance is about to cum.

“You don’t have my permission to cum boy, if you do you will be punished,” Vince booms at him.

Suddenly panic strikes Lance but he can’t stop it.

“Sir please I can’t stop it, pleeaaassse!”

Vince quickly grabs the base of his cock just below his balls and squeezes tightly, stifling his orgasm.

“UUURRRGHH! FUCK!” Lance shouts as his body convulses but his orgasm doesn’t happen.

“Damn boy, I’m going to have to teach you some self güvenilir casino control,” Vince says smirking. Lance groans in frustration.

Vince finishes off shaving Lance’s pubes but decides to leave his cock alone. He then stands up.

“Lift your arms up,” he commands, Lance does so and Vince applies soap to his arm pits. Lance immediately pulls his arms back down as Vince’s touch tickles him. Vince grabs Lance’s arms, clasps the cuffs together then lifts his arms up and fastens them to a ring in the ceiling and continues to apply soap causing Lance to writhe and giggle at his touch, he then shaves the boys armpits completely smooth.

Once he is finished Vince turns on the shower and rinses off all the remaining soap, he then turns off the shower and grabbing a towel dries Lance all over. Vince stands back to admire his work, Lance looks down and sees is bald cock, it makes him look like a young boy and it feels very sexy. Vince moves in closer and strokes Lance’s chest with the lightest of feather touches, Lance bursts out laughing as he is so ticklish, Vince caresses his sides causing Lance to buck and writhe, he then reaches his now totally smooth armpits.

“ARRRGHH HAHAHAH! STOP! HAHAHAHAHA! FUCK! PLEASE! STOP! ARRRGHHHH HAHAHAHAHA!” Lance cries as Vince gently tickles his now very sensitive skin. Lance is now crying with laughter, tears running down his face.

“PLLLEEEAAASSSEE HAHAHAHAHA! ARRRRGHGHHH HAHAHAHAHA!” Lance begs him to stop. Vince is giggling at how his touch is making Lance laugh so much, he is going to have so much fun with this boy.

He stops and then caresses his now smooth cock and balls, still panting from laughing so hard Lance groans, it feels wonderful, this big man makes him feel so sexy.

“You have a beautiful body,” Vince says.

Lance looks up at Vince surprised by the remark, he has always thought of himself as too thin and scrawny, yet here is someone that likes his body. He suddenly feels even more sexy. He looks in Vince’s eyes and sees them full of lust, he realises that Vince is really turned on by him and that this is not just about power play, he suddenly gets the urge to kiss this huge handsome bulk of a man but he doesn’t act on it, not sure what Vince would do.

“Permission to speak Sir,” Lance requests in a whisper.

“Go ahead.”

“May I cum please Sir?” Lance is desperate to cum now and really wants some release.

“No you may not,” Vince replies.

“Please Sir! I’m so horny my balls are aching,” Lance begs.

Vince squeezes Lance’s ball sack hard causing him to shout with the pain, “There, your balls are aching even more now, so stop your whining!”

Lance is doubled up with the pain as Vince lets him down and leads him out the shower, he is bewildered by the show of affection then the sudden aggression, the trouble is it’s made him even hornier, the dull ache in his testicles giving him an even stronger desire to cum.

Vince attaches the leash then leads Lance back down stairs and into the kitchen.

“Permission to speak Sir,” Lance says.

“Permission granted.”

“May I wear some clothes please?”

“No you may not, I told you last night my slave is to be naked at all times,” Vince says.

He unclasps Lance’s hands and moves him to the sink, “Your first task today is to wash up, these are all the things from last night, I want to see them spotless and sparkling, no smears or streaks on them, if there are you will get punished and made to do them again. Once you do them well you will get some breakfast.” And with that Vince disappears upstairs.

Lance has never done the washing up, he hasn’t got a clue how to, his mother has always done all the housework. He has got a vague idea of what to do, he’s seen his mother doing it on many occasions.

He looks round and realises he’s alone in the kitchen. He wonders how long Vince will be, he knows it won’t take long for him to spunk so maybe he could knock a quick on out. He takes hold of his still very erect cock and starts to wank, he’ll spunk in the sink, and wash it away without Vince suspecting a thing. He feels his orgasm start to build.


“ARRRGHH FUCK!” Lance screams feeling a sharp stinging pain across his backside.

He spins round rubbing his ass and see Vince in a dressing gown holding a riding crop, “I knew you couldn’t be trusted.” He grabs Lance by the hair and pushes him over the kitchen table.

“No please, I’m sorry, I won’t do it again, I promise,” Lance begs.


“ARRRRGHHH! STOP! PLEASE!” The riding crop hurts much more than the paddle, his ass is really stinging.


Tears start flowing and after ten strokes he’s a blubbering wreck. Vince lifts him up and hugs him.

“Why do you keep on disobeying me?” He says softly while stroking Lance’s hair.

“I’m s-s-s-sorry,” Lance sobs.

“Saying sorry doesn’t cut it, I need my slave to be obedient,” Vince lifts his head off his shoulder and wipes the tears from his eyes, “come on you’ve got washing up to do, the sooner you do it the sooner we have breakfast.”

Lance doesn’t know whether or not to tell Vince he’s never washed up before, he’s reluctant to incase he makes fun of him so instead he just gets stuck in.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20