Bored Stiff On Duty

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The day begins like any other, you arrive at work and settle in with a good romance novel and a sack lunch. A few soldiers come in needing help with various tasks, and after you help them, you sit back and pick up where you left off on the novel, enjoying the descriptive paragraph. An IM pops up on your computer screen from a welcome friend, asking how your day’s going. “Boring, as usual.”

“Have any fun lately?”

“No, but I’m reading a book that’s giving me ideas. ;)”

You describe the chapter you’re reading, and your friend SPC Baker offers to drop by and keep you company, since he’s not on duty at the time. You tell him which building, and quickly head into the latrine to freshen up a bit, since who knows what’ll happen?

Your ACU top has already been taken off a while ago, because the air conditioning in your building doesn’t work too well. A few minutes later, Brian walks in and pulls up a chair in the back of the room, next to your workstation. He’s wearing civvies since he’s off-duty, and you notice a slight bulge in his shorts, but you just smile and don’t say anything, trying to focus on the small talk you’re both making.

After about half an hour, you notice his eyes drifting down to your chest, admiring the way your breasts fill out your shirt.

“I’d ask if you want to take a picture, but then I know you’d ask me to take off the shirt, you horny little devil.”

“Well, I DO have a digicam with me, so why not?”

With that, Brian gets up and checks outside the door to make sure nobody’s coming past, and quickly moves back over to you to untuck your shirt, encouraging you to show him as much as you dare… You quickly pull your shirt up and flash him your chest with your bra on, smiling as the flash lights up the room. He stops to quickly readjust his shorts, motioning for you to show a little more. Starting to get a bit turned on by the exhibitionism, and knowing the LTC was in his office right next to you, you decide what the hell, it can’t hurt anymore, since you’re already in a lousy job.

“Okay, but only if I get to see a little of you, too….”, you say as you smile and wink to him.

You reach behind your back to unhook your bra, pulling it up a bit to expose your whole upper body to him, shaking a little to make your full breasts swing back and forth a bit, making your dog tags jingle between them.

“Hey, you’ve got something on your tags, let me get it cleaned off for you?”

You look down and don’t see anything on your tags, but by that time, Brian’s already kneeling down in front casino şirketleri of you holding them up into the light, and obviously starting at your tits instead. You grab his head and pull his mouth to your swelling nipples, leaning your head back and moaning softly as his tongue swirls around your breasts, sucking gently on one as he massages the other.

“Mmm, I’ve wanted to do this since I first saw you here on post.”

“What took you so long, then?”

He doesn’t say anything, just starts to suck a little harder on your nipples, running one hand up and down your bare back, pulling your bodies closer together as your breathing intensifies.

You grab his head and pull it away from your hard nipples, dropping to your knees and fumbling with his shorts, intent on getting your part of the bargain, too.

He quickly unfastens them and lets his thick seven inch tool pop out towards your mouth, and then runs his fingers through your hair and pulling you closer. You smile up at him and plant a kiss on the tip of his cock, licking slowly at the underside, then sucking the entire length into your mouth, bobbing your head as you grip the base. You continue sucking and playing with his balls until his back stiffens and he begins to spurt his load of cum deep into your throat. You do your best to swallow every drop, and then lick his shaft clean.

“It’s my turn to have a quick snack, Specialist.”

You quickly pull your pants and panties down around your boots, sitting down on the edge of the table. Brian gets down on his knees and starts to slowly drag his tongue up your moistening slit, probing into you and flicking his tongue against your throbbing clit. The more you enjoy his mouth on your pussy, the more you spread your legs and grab his head to pull his tongue deeper into your aching cunt. It doesn’t take long for him to start biting your clit gently, using the rough texture of his tongue against it, making your body spasm uncontrollably as waves of pure pleasure wash over you and you cum all over his chin. Your nipples are almost painfully hard as you sit up and notice that Brian’s cock is raging hard again, ready to plunge into your dripping wet crotch.

“I need your cock inside me, it’s been nearly 6 months since I’ve had a good fuck!”

You grab his cock and guide it towards your love-hole, staring intently into his passionate eyes, begging him to fuck you for all he’s worth. He pushes just the tip into you, then right back out to rub against your clit, teasing your pussy. You grab his ass and pull him into you casino firmaları with one thrust, yelping a bit as he fills your body with his throbbing cock, pumping in and out of you as you moan and wriggle underneath him.

You get so wrapped up in the first good fuck you’ve had in months, you don’t even notice the other soldier walk in. The SGT, a tall black man from your company by the name of Duncan , assesses the situation, and moves next to you and unfastens his ACUs to slide his stiff cock into your waiting mouth. It’s not as long as SPC Baker’s, but it’s still decently-sized, and thick. You’ve never had a black cock before, so you grab the base and start sucking on him as you wrap your legs around Baker’s hips, pulling him into you as deep as you can, feeling a huge orgasm building within you.

You grab Duncan ‘s hand and guide them to your breasts, encouraging him to play with your body in any way he wants as you suck his thick black shaft, swirling your tongue around his cockhead, pumping him hard and fast, hoping his load of cum will quench your burning desire for sex.

You feel his body start to tremble, and you know he’s close, so you start sucking harder as SPC Baker continues to pound your pussy as hard as he can, loving the way it makes your tits jiggle with each stroke, and every time he thrusts in it moves your body closer to the SGT’s, making you take his cock deeper down your throat. Duncan groans and pulls his cock out of your mouth, wrapping his hand around yours on his cock, pumping until he shoots his gooey load all over your tits, then starts rubbing it into you, leaning down to suck and bite at the nipple that didn’t get any of his cum on it. This starts a chain reaction as you start to cum, and your pussy grabbing at Baker’s cock makes him lose control and shoot his load into your pussy, grabbing at your hips and pulling your body closer to his own….

You grab your ACU shirt and start to wipe the cum and sweat off your tits, just then noticing the COL step out of his office. Everyone in the room jumps to attention as he walks over to watch the cum dribbling out of your smooth pussy, everyone breathing heavily. He walks completely around you, observing every square inch of your body before he speaks.

“Soldiers, this is a very serious problem we have, here. I have been in my office for the last hour as you have all been fucking each other senseless, and not ONE of you has shown the common courtesy to invite me to join!”, he barked with a special emphasis on the word “fucking”, and grabbing at your pussy güvenilir casino to shove a finger into your sopping wet hole, pulling it back out to lick clean after he was done speaking.

“Now, I would be willing to overlook this problem we have, on certain conditions.”

Everyone in the room looked nervously at each other, and you dropped to your knees to unfasten his pants, pulling out what must have been the largest cock you’d ever seen, a massive ten inch beast that you could only partially swallow. You do your best with sucking him off, using both hands around the base, and swallow every drop of his jizz as Baker and Duncan slowly stroke themselves, waiting for a signal to join in. You push your ass up into the air as Duncan smacks your ass and shoves his cock into your pussy, pushing you down farther onto the COL ‘s dick, making you gag as you get fucked hard.

You pull your mouth off his shaft and look up into his eyes, wincing with every thrust Duncan makes. “Sir, I’d be happy to be your slut anytime you want. Fill me with your cum, and do whatever you want with my body. The only thing I ask, is that these two soldiers get to fuck my pussy raw, when you’re not using it.”

The COL smiled down at you and said “Well, we’ll see about that after I get to see how tight you are, now won’t we?”

You grin and push Baker down onto the chair, sliding your pussy down around his cock a couple times to lube him, and then reach back to spread your ass cheeks apart, pushing your ass back against him, letting him slide deep into your nether hole. Once Baker is fully inside you, you lean back and put your boots up on the chair’s arms, pulling the COL ‘s cock into your pussy. You grip the chair as his cock stretches your cunt wider than it had ever been stretched, and you felt him pumping the tip against your cervix. Once you got a little comfortable with the fucking arrangements, you pulled Duncan over to your mouth, and started sucking his cock off again. You keep this up until you make all three soldiers shoot their loads into your slutty body and leave the building. All except for Baker, and he takes you back to his room to kiss your pussy and make it all better, making you cum until your ears are ringing, and ringing, and ringing….

You flop one arm over to shut the alarm off, and realize it was all a dream. A very WET dream, as you smile and feel your cotton panties soaked through…

You finger yourself to satisfy your urges, and realize it’s already a bit sore, and that’s when Baker walks back into the room and pins you down on the bed, kissing you passionately and rubbing his cock against your pussy.

Your brain says to protest, it wasn’t right, and you aren’t a slut!

But then you just grab his cock, smile at him, and proudly proclaim, “Fuck me, soldier!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20