Book Club Ch. 02

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“Goddamnit.” David grumbled slamming his hand down on the steering wheel. The drive to James’ house was the better part of an hour drive away. That wasn’t a problem in and of itself but what was a problem was getting there and finding out that things had been called off for the week. It was his own fault for not checking his phone. At least two of them had called and left messages and all of them had sent him a text. The fact that his phone had decided for whatever reason not to alert him and he hadn’t bothered to check wasn’t really their fault.

That was cold comfort now that he was just over two hours into what had become a turn around trip. It would have been nice if he’d been cold as well but with a busted AC and temperatures hot enough to cook an egg on the pavement it was just a lack of anything to shout at that was keeping him from shouting.

If that wasn’t bad enough now he was going to have to sit in on Book Club. It wasn’t anything personal about is wife’s friends. Rena was just fine, they’d even been pretty close friends in high school. The only problem with Rose was that nobody had ever taught her even the beginnings of modesty. It wasn’t that David really minded the fact that she didn’t seem to own a single skirt that actually came down past her ass or a shirt that didn’t flaunt her breasts it was that his wife didn’t seem to think he was just being friendly when she hugged him. He didn’t really know the rest of the group well enough to have much of an opinion on them one way or the other but he’d never had any reason not to like them. The real reason he didn’t want to be present for Book Club was he knew exactly what it really was.

Book Club was for women what a Night with the Boys was for the men. David had read plenty of books and nothing about them required getting together five or so of his best friends to discuss it afterwards. It certainly didn’t require a couple bottle of wine and being reasonably certain that there were no women around. The real purpose of Book Club was so the women could get together and complain about how men were pigs.

He heard it often enough from Fiona. Put down the toilet seat. I saw you looking at her. David figured it was their right to get together and blow off some steam together. Especially if it meant that he didn’t have to listen to it and usually the night after Book Club the only thing he had to listen to was his wife filling him in on whatever the dirt was between her friends. It was a guilty pleasure that he enjoyed hearing the stories, especially the ones about Rose who despite being married had been ‘planted’ as his wife put it, by just about every man she’d met it seemed. She occasionally tease him that she was waiting for the time when Rose would tell him about the night she and Dave had spent together.

Of course spent the night together was a gross exaggeration for what had happened. There had been some kind of crime near Rose’s home and the police weren’t letting anybody return home so she’d come over looking for Fiona and a place to spend the night. Fiona had been spending the night at her parent’s house though. Rose had taken the bed and David had spent a night trying to fend his cat, Persia, off so he could get some rest as well. The closest they’d come to doing anything was a hug when she walked in. Not that he hadn’t considered it and not just a little bit when she came out for breakfast in one of his dress shirts. She hadn’t even bothered to button it up and when she got up on the tips of her toes to get a plate down for her eggs he’d gotten an eye full of her peach shaped backside.

Fiona said she believed him. She also liked to ask him what he’d do with Rose if he ever got the chance. He always claimed that he’d do absolutely nothing, he loved his wife, she was beautiful. All the things he thought she wanted to hear. They weren’t lies, she was an incredibly beautiful women and the only thing that childbirth had done to her in the long term was give her a bust that rivaled Rose’s when she used to have modest breasts. He was very lucky to have met her and even luckier that she’d agreed to marry her. That just hadn’t stopped him from noticing on occasion that she had attractive friends.

“Only Rena’s still here?” Dave wondered aloud. casino siteleri He’d only been gone about two hours and. . .well he always thought that Book Club lasted almost as long as him playing Dungeons and Dragons with his friends. “I thought I told them to park in the street!” He hadn’t. The only problem was he was going to have to park behind the Passat and that meant when she got ready to leave someone was going to have to move his car to let her out, more annoying than anything else. Just when your balls are sticking to your leg with sweat and you’re afraid to move because the seats of your car are hot enough to burn you minor or in some cases non-existent things can be frustrating.

David glanced at the case containing his models. Normally he just left it in the car, and the car in the garage but thanks to Rena he was stuck parking in front of the house. It wasn’t a bad neighborhood by any stretch of the imagination it was just that those figurines were a rather hefty investment in both time and money over the years. They were easily worth a few hundred dollars combined and that was before the energy he’d put into painting them. No they were too important to leave in the car and risk anything happening to. The tiles they were packed with weighed a fucking ton though.

David grumbled angrily while marching up to the front door with the case slung over one arm and his keys in his free hand. He heard a squeal and a giggle from inside. That was probably a good thing, the last thing he wanted was to have to sit there and listen to them bitching about their husbands and how they still played stupid kids games.

He definitely wasn’t in the mood for any of that.

Stopping at the door David closed his eyes and mentally plotted out his battle plan. It was simple. Open the door. Wave to Rena and Fiona. Grab a beer. Vanish into the bed room with said beer. Turn on the X-Box. Grab head set. Turn up volume loud enough that he couldn’t accidently hear them talking about how he was back from his game early. It was all so simple.

The plan got as far as the first step. He opened the door and stepped inside. The rest of the plan promptly fell apart after that step because of the impossible sight he saw. If David had been asked to make a list of impossible things that would never happen he wouldn’t have had finding his wife folded in half and pinned by her best friend, nude, with a bottle of wine draining into her nethers on the list.

David had never seen a deer in headlights before but he was certain that the wide eyed stare he was getting from Rena was exactly what they must have looked like. The color had drained from her normally cinnamon hued skin and she seemed to be completely frozen in place. She squeaked out a single word. “Hi.” At the same time David’s case it the floor.

He was completely unsure what he was feeling. Rage. Sorrow. Lust. Curiosity. Disbelief. Despair. He felt of all things like one of those children’s toys where you pulled the handle down and the arrow would spin until it settled on an animal. The cow says moo. The pig says oink. The chicken goes buck buck. Only instead for David it was a different wheel. Rage roars. Sorrow cries. Lust moans. Curiosity is queries. Disbelief is silent. Despair sobs. It would have been simpler if the damned arrow had been polite enough to land fully on a single emotion. Instead it seamed to be hovering back and forth between rage, lust, curiosity and disbelief. He was certain the other two would make an appearance when he could spare a moment. “What the fuck is going on here?”

Rena released Fiona and slowly the darker hued woman unfolded. She sat for a moment with her head between Rena’s thighs and the then empty bottle of wine still stuffed inside her. Wine leaked out of her pussy onto the hardwood floor and the only thing she could do was stare at her husband’s face as it clouded with more emotion than she could register. Fiona had no idea if she was supposed offer him a blow job, an apology, an explanation or if she should run and hide. It was impossible to be subtle with David staring directly at her but she tried anyway to push the bottle out of her without moving.

“Hi.” Rena repeated cutting her gaze to growing red puddle between her friend’s slot oyna thighs. The bottle was free now rolling up to brush against Fiona’s leg. David was almost literally beside himself.

“I said what’s going on here.” David repeated this time this time quieter.

“Close the door.” Fiona said. Her mind wasn’t firing on all cylinders yet but she thought she saw something next door and this was awkward enough with out their neighbors finding out.

“Don’t you tell me what to do.” David replied coldly. He reached back and slammed the door giving both women a start that made their hearts race. “What’s going on?” It was a very odd feeling Dave had. He seemed to have been settling into a strange combination of rage and lust. He hadn’t meant to slam the door, he’d meant to close it but the way the both women had lurched jump started something in him.

“Since neither one of you seems anxious to tell me what’s going on here let me see if I have this straight. My wife and my best friend’s wife and most likely several of her friends have some sort of sex club?” David was trying to keep his mind focused but it was quite the head rush. “I think I’ll call Jake, see how much he knows about this.”

Rena’s eyes went wide at the prospect of her husband finding out. “He doesn’t know anything.” David pretended not to notice her. He dropped his keys to the floor. They struck like thunder amidst the near silence. He grabbed his phone and started thumbing through the contacts. “Please.” David kept moving through the contacts until he found Jake’s name and he stopped there unsure what to do.

Jake and David had been friends since high school. They’d been close friends for years and right now David was almost literally holding his best friend’s life in his hands and he didn’t know what to do. On one hand he could tell Jake. He’d want Jake to tell him if he’d been the one to stumble upon the two women playing their little sex game. On the other hand that would almost definitely mean a divorce.

“Don’t do this David.” Rena said.

“Shut up Rena. I don’t have any reason not to call my best friend and tell him that his wife is a cheating whore.” He’d never called a woman a whore before and even in his anger it felt wrong. He knew she deserved that, and worse and so did his wife but that wasn’t how he’d been raised.

“Honey. I know how this must seem.” Fiona really didn’t have a clue how this seemed to her husband. “This is my fault.”

David’s eyes flared at the admission. He hadn’t realized that he was still searching for some excuse, some way this could just be a misunderstanding. “What’s your fault?” David sat his phone down on a stool.

Swallowing hard Fiona stood up. “This was all me. I’m the one who seduced Rena.” Fiona walked toward David trying to get a look into his eyes. “There is no need to tell Jake. You and I can take care of this all you need to know right now is I’m sorry.”

“You’re not though. You’re sorry you got caught and I’m sorry I caught you but I can’t just forgive you like that.” David’s body was trembling.

“No. I’m sorry. I’ll-“

“We’ll do whatever it takes to make this up to you.” Rena interrupted.

“You mean you’ll do anything for me to keep this to myself.” He wasn’t asking a question but both women nodded. “What makes you think I want anything from you bitches?” The words tasted funny when he spat them out.

Rena whetted her lips with her tongue. “Well if you were going to call my husband I think you would have by now.” She slid off the couch and down to her hands and knees crawling up alongside Fiona. She remained down on her knees looking up submissively at David. The look in his eyes wasn’t something new to Rena. She’d seen it before in her Ex and in her husband. “So tell us what to do.” She pulled Fiona down to her knees.

“I. . .uh.” David stammered at the women. He was still angry, angrier if possible that Rena thought it was as simple as acting like a slut would be enough to pacify him. Both women were grinning at him now. Like they somehow thought that kneeling nude at his feet put them in control of situation.

“Maybe we should start with a blow job?” Fiona whispered to her friend. Rena echoed the question and both women reached for canlı casino siteleri his waistband pulling him closer. Fiona undid her husband’s belt and button while Rena lowered the zipper. Together the two women guided his faded blue jeans down to his ankles. They each took a shoe untying them and helping him out of his pants, shoes and socks all at the same time.

“You never told me he was so big.” Rena purred dragging her face up along his thigh and over his boxers resting her face resting alongside the bulge. It stretched almost from her jaw to her forehead. “Will he be gentle?”

“I hope not.” Fiona growled playfully grabbing her friend by the hair. “You’re gonna teach her a lesson for being such a slut aren’t you honey?” David’s eyes cut to his wife. The anger that had been simmering flared up briefly. If it wasn’t enough that his wife was cheating on him now she was offering up her friend. “Open wide Cow.” Fiona teased yanking David’s boxers down. Rena did as she was told opening her mouth and Fiona pushed her forward.

David wasn’t the biggest man Rena had taken. A bit of above average but not huge but she was normally the one in control. With Fiona slamming her head forward she gagged and sputtered. “Aw, you can handle it can’t you?” Fiona sneered pumping Rena’s head back and forth. Spittle frothed out of her mouth with each tonsil bumping thrust. Fiona didn’t stop until tears started running down her friend’s cheeks and then she stopped with Rena’s gullet stuffed with David’s cock. “See, I knew you could do it.” Rena was too busy trying to catch her breath to even think about what she was going to do to Fiona later. Rena was a sloppy mess with saliva running down her throat and glistening between her breasts when Fiona finally released her.

Rena glared over at Fiona briefly then grabbed her friend by the back of the neck and pushed her face first to the floor. “Hey there Dave. Now that I got you all nice and wet don’t you want to take this tush?” Rena reached up and gripped Fiona’s cheeks and spread them wide. “The only reason we got so worked up is I was telling her how Jake loves anal.”

If Fiona had complained David might have considered stopping but she didn’t and after what she’d just done to her best friend he was more than happy to play along. Rena locked her eyes with David’s and grabbed his shaft guiding it into Fiona’s rectum. David balanced himself with one hand on Fiona’s hips the other grabbing Rena by the chin and hauling her up into a rough kiss.

Neither Rena nor David even noticed the whimper sliding out of Fiona. The first hint they would get from Fiona was when she pushed back against her husband. “See I told you this little heifer loves the idea of your big. Fat. Cock. Stretching her tight. Little. Asshole.” Rena punctuated each word by slapping Fiona’s ass.

“You keep talking like that and you’ll be next Rena.” David promised between kisses. Rena made him promise before she kissed along his throat and captured his shoulder between her teeth leaving behind bruise. David twisted Rena’s hair around his fist and hissed. She didn’t stop. Her teeth moved a little lower on his shoulder leaving a light red semicircle before he yanked her off and returned the favor leaving his mark just below her chin.

David pulled Rena back and pressed his forehead to hers staring intently into her eyes. She swore she could feel each thrust of David’s cock. Rena was mesmerized by David’s gaze when he moaned right into her face. She could feel his grip tighten when he dumped his cum into Fiona who squealed in response.

Fiona collapsed onto the floor before David’s orgasm was completely finished leaving the last few bits of cum to dribble down onto her well formed ass. Her legs were spread indecently but she didn’t seem to notice. She didn’t seem to notice or mind David’s cum leaking out of her freshly fucked hole either. “You okay?” David asked. He’d meant to say something that sounded angry but couldn’t manage it and Fiona nodded.

“So are you going to tell my husband?” Rena plopped down on her rear and took a deep breath.

“Not this week I’m not. Of course I think Book Club happens here from now on.” David said grinning.

“Oh no, we’re even after this.” Rena insisted.

David reached back and grabbed his cell phone. He only needed to bring up the first frame of video before she lowered her head. “I said Book Club is here until I say otherwise are we clear Rena?” She closed her eyes and nodded.

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