Bonfire Fairytales Ch. 04

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(in Sara’s voice)

I could feel Julie’s eyes burning through me as I let her boyfriend’s semen spill into my mouth. I could tell that she loved to see him get off, and it didn’t seem to bother her that I was the one who was doing it! In fact, watching me give Drew a blow job really seemed to turn her on. Surprisingly, as I tasted Drew’s come in front of her, I found myself really turned on, too!

Drew grunted as his orgasm kicked its last legs, and I took everything he gave me. I felt a strange shiver of excitement as I realized that I had just swallowed a load of come in front of everyone! I never imagined that I would have found myself completely naked before a crowd of my friends, let alone while giving head to one of them!

I let Drew’s expended cock slip out of my mouth, and I looked over at Julie. I expected to feel embarrassed or ashamed, but Julie was practically panting with excitement! I felt a sly smile curl up on my lips.

“Un… believable!” Julie beamed, followed by giggles of astonishment. “Holy…. that was fucking amazing!”

I nearly blushed at her reaction, and I was trying to muffle my grin as I wiped the saliva from around my lips. I smiled up at Heather, who was also glowing at our grateful audience as she toyed with Drew’s waning erection.

“So… fucking… hot…” I heard Lily say before I looked over at her. “You are so hot… all three of you.”

The flattery turned me a little pink, but it was exactly what I needed to hear from the people who had just watched me suck someone off! It was especially comforting to hear from Julie, since it had been her boyfriend. Julie handed me a drink, and I washed down her boyfriend’s come.

“Well, it was Julie’s story that was hot!” Heather said, smiling at Julie. “After hearing you describe all of that, how could we not want to try it ourselves?!”

“Oh, it was my pleasure… seriously,” Julie replied breathily. She could not stop grinning salaciously at the three of us, and she was unconsciously scraping her fingernails against the insides of her knees.

“Ours too,” I giggled in reply. “Thanks for sharing Drew with us… what a treat!” I knew by now that Julie had gotten off on it as much as us, but I wanted to let her know that I respected the fact that Drew was hers. “You’re a lucky girl,” I smiled, petting Drew’s dick along with Heather.

Drew laughed. “There’s no question about who the lucky one is here!” he crowed.

He and Julie smiled warmly at each other, and I got the feeling that reminiscing about tonight would become a form of foreplay for them for the next several months. It was sort of exciting to think that I would be part of their sex life even when I wasn’t around.

“I’ve gotta say,” Steve chimed in, “after watching that, we’re all feeling rather lucky.” The whole lot of us chuckled in agreement.

“But, you know,” Steve continued, “I bet Patrick is feeling luckiest of all.”

Everyone looked a little puzzled… except Patrick.

Steve smirked and explained: “The dude just saw his future flash before his eyes!”

I shot a glance at Patrick, who was starting to blush. Heather and I were entirely serious about wanting to have a threesome with him, and after this experience, I was more excited about the prospect than ever before. I felt so comfortable with Heather—even sexually. When I had realized that Julie’s story involved Heather fucking me, I was pretty nervous. Aside from our foiled attempt with my ex-boyfriend, I had never experimented with another woman. But I had been so curious. Tonight, Heather and I began to satisfy our curiosity—and I was pleasantly surprised!

“What do you think, Patrick?” Heather asked, Drew’s cock still in hand. “Would you let Sara and me try this again sometime?”

“Oh my god!” Patrick replied, slumping down in his chair as if he had just been hit over the head. “Are you kidding me? I’m yours any time you want me!”

“Well, you know,” Julie interjected, “we have a little problem here.”

Perplexed, the three of us turned to look at her again. Drew must have realized that his time with us was limited because as Julie talked, he took one more opportunity to grope Heather and me. I smirked to myself, happy to oblige him, and sure that Patrick was being taunted by watching Drew continue to fondle us.

“You see,” Julie explained, “my story doesn’t quite end there.”

“Really?” I asked, somewhat surprised.

“Don’t feel bad, Drew, but Josh lasted longer than that,” Julie said.

Steve burst out laughing, like a good friend, of course.

“Now, now,” Julie hushed him. “Josh was a good bit drunker, and I have to confess that he didn’t receive nearly as ample treatment as Sara and Heather were able to provide. Drew casino şirketleri stood up quite well, I think, under the circumstances. But the problem remains: I still have a story to tell, and we’re one man down.”

Realizing what Julie was up to, I glanced back at Patrick with a smirk.

Julie went on, “So you girls are going to have to find another guy to finish off the story.”

Heather and I smiled at each other. Going down on Drew had made me even hornier than before, and Heather must have felt the same way. We were happy to hear that our fun was not over!

When Julie first mentioned the idea, I immediately wanted to get my hands on Patrick. The more I thought about it though, I wasn’t sure if I wanted our first threesome with Patrick to be someone else’s story. I wanted it to be our own. This is why I was really thrilled to hear Heather’s next suggestion.

“Well, you know,” she began, “as much as Sara and I are dying to rock Patrick’s world, I believe he has some unfinished business with Lily and Julie.” The three of them smiled in agreement. “So…” Heather went on, locking her eyes seductively on Steve, “I think that means that we’re just going to have to find out what Steve here has in his pants!”

Steve, who had been lasciviously fondling us with his eyes the entire evening, lit up like it was Christmas morning. He was careful, though, to wait for Lily’s reaction.

“That is,” Heather continued, “if, Lily, you would be willing to let us have a look.”

Lily tucked her long, black hair—still wet from our dip in the pool—behind her ear. She turned her face toward Steve and placed her hand on his thigh. The two of them exchanged a long look until Lily’s mouth turned up into an approving grin.

“I’ve already taken more than a peek at what’s inside your boyfriend’s pants,” Lily replied smirkingly to Heather. “I can tell that Steve has worked up something mighty special in there for you,” she said, gripping his obvious erection through his soaking khakis. Steve inhaled suddenly at her touch. “I’m sure that Julie will help make sure it does not go to waste.”

Julie smiled at her friend. I knew that Julie would not disappoint, and watching Lily squeeze that thick hard-on was starting to make me really excited to see what Steve had in store!

Having selected our next boy-toy, I turned one last time to Drew. “I guess it’s time to give Drew back to his girlfriend, then,” I mourned, with earnest disappointment. “I’m very happy he had a chance to play with what’s in my pants though! God, if I were Julie, I ask him to go down on me every single day!”

Julie laughed, along with everyone else. “Not a bad idea!” she chuckled. “Alright, Drew,” she called out, “finish your fondling and get over here!”

The two of us giggled and pressed against him so that he could take up Julie’s offer to fondle us one last time. I loved the feeling of Drew’s hands on me, but even more did I love the way Julie watched him touching me. She rolled her eyes good-naturedly as Drew squeezed our tits, but I could tell she relished in it. She couldn’t take her eyes off of us!

When Drew reluctantly pried his fingers from our flesh, he gave us a gracious smile and shuffled determinedly toward Julie. Naked, though now entirely flaccid, he knelt in front of her and humbly took her hands in his. For all that I had enjoyed myself, I knew that Julie had engineered her story for Drew’s benefit, and he was completely enamored with her. Like a gracious and loving patroness, Julie leaned down to offer Drew her kiss. The kiss was long, with deep affection, and despite the lewd circumstance, almost sweet. When their lips parted, Julie smiled and invited Drew to sit next to her again.

“You can thank me later,” I heard Julie whisper to him with a wink.

Heather and I now stood alone in the glow of the fire. Our bodies, bare and titillated, offered an open view to the spying eyes that encircled us. I could feel the lust of every onlooker raking at my flesh. Having watched what we had done with Drew, they worshiped us like goddesses of sex. Again, I could feel the sexual energy surging up through my veins, and I was ready to unleash it on our newest offering.

“I hope Steve is ready for us,” I said, sauntering towards his chair. Lily grinned, moving to one side so that Heather and I could approach her unprepared boyfriend.

“Oh god,” Steve excitedly trembled under his breath.

“You’re ours,” I smiled, grabbing him by the buckle of his belt. Steve cringed with excitement as he felt my fingers aggressively pushing into his pants. I tugged him toward me and declared, “Julie has a story to finish and…”

Heather stepped up and seized his belt-line with me, adding, “…and we need your dick… now.”

Heather casino firmaları and I tugged him out of his seat and into the center of the patio. We pressed him up against the brick buffet that jutted out from the bonfire, facing Lily so that she would have a privileged view as we took advantage of her boyfriend.

Upon removing our hands, Steve pants now bulged with a garish erection. He was really piquing my curiosity! Heather was starting to flirt with him, drawing her fingers down his chest to feel the muscles beneath his cotton shirt. Giving Heather her space, I climbed up onto the brick buffet behind Steve and placed my hands on his shoulders. His build was rock-hard. Ever since I saw him take off his shirt this afternoon, I had been dying to feel those rippling muscles.

I dragged my fingers through Steve’s close-kempt hair and then began to stroke inside the neckline of his shirt. He glanced back at me, finding himself eye-level with my navel. I gave him a flirty smile and pressed my fingers deeper into his shirt, making sure my tits brushed against the side of his face.

I could tell that he was not yet comfortable being in the spotlight, letting his friends—and his girlfriend—watch him being teased and seduced. He tried to play it cool, realizing that he was getting incredibly lucky, but I could tell that Heather and I were overwhelming him. Of course, it was not entirely comfortable for Heather and me either: the strangeness of being watched was part of the rush. But being more accustomed to the rush, I felt a certain erotic power over our neophyte boy-toy, and it gave me a kick to penetrate his comfort zone.

Heather stole back Steve’s attention as she slipped her hands up under his shirt. As she scraped his abs with her fingernails, I could feel the hairs on the back of his neck stand on end.

“Don’t be shy now,” she teased, pressing her firm tits toward him.

Heather’s invitation got a smile from Lily. Steve saw his girlfriend’s reaction, and emboldened, he rested his hands on Heather’s hips. I was immediately jealous, knowing the tingle that must have just run through Heather’s naked body. Lily watched keenly as he drew his fingers up along Heather’s bare back and then back to her hips.

As Steve’s hands drew lower, Heather chirped a brief moan. Taking the hint, Steve pressed lower, stroking the crests of her buttocks. Again, Heather whimpered. With that, Steve seized her plush, round ass with both hands and pulled her against himself. Heather smiled up at me as she felt his hard-on press against her belly.

Steve watched Lily’s reactions as he groped Heather’s cheeks with intense curiosity. Heather had a great ass. It was full and plump, but smooth with the same toned muscle that graced every curve of her body. I had a full appreciation of why men couldn’t seem to ignore it!

Lily, too, seemed to be enjoying the view of Heather’s ass as she watched Steve massage its bountiful rounds. Satisfying Lily’s curiosity and his own, Steve began to split Heather’s cheeks and rub his fingers down toward her pussy. Instinctively, Heather arched her back, inclining her pussy to Steve’s reach—and to Lily’s view. Now leaning helplessly against Steve’s chest, Heather moaned softly as he began to stroke beneath her buttocks. From the look of her, I could tell that Lily was thoroughly enjoying the sight of her boyfriend teasing this pussy in front of her eyes.

I could tell that Heather didn’t have the willpower to defer Steve’s curiosity until Julie’s story recommenced. Amusing myself at leaving them both with a tease, I cut in, pulling Steve’s shoulders back against me again. Heather pouted flirtatiously, feeling Steve’s fingers retreat from her anxious pussy.

“Augh,” she grunted impatiently. “Let’s hurry up and get on with this story!”

“My thoughts exactly!” I toyed, yanking apart the collar of Steve’s shirt.

Heather and I furiously plucked open the buttons of his shirt as we stroked our fingers over his chiseled chest. Heather threw open the bottom flaps and I swiftly pulled the shirt back over his shoulders. Once again, Steve was at our mercy, and Heather molested him as I tied back his arms with his shirt.

“Mmm!” Heather gasped. “It’s like he’s made of stone!”

Lily grinned. “Wait until you feel the rest of him!” she teased.

“No more waiting!” Heather pleaded, seizing Steve again by the belt.

I continued to restrain Steve’s arms behind his back as I watched Heather tear open his belt. I was almost tempted to tear into Steve’s pants myself, but Heather was making such short work of it that I simply observed with curious anticipation.

Overwhelmed by us again, Steve watched helplessly as Heather tore open his fly. From over his shoulder, güvenilir casino I watched with Steve as his erection bulged out from within his boxer shorts. Heather smiled and shimmied his pants around his hips. She dropped them promptly to the ground, and looked Steve up and down as he stood vulnerably before her.

Steve stepped out of his pants and sandals, looking with bewilderment at Lily as he kicked them to one side. For her part, Heather looked to her boyfriend, Patrick. He was positioned at our left, staring wide-eyed at his girlfriend as she stood prepared to unclothe yet another man! It was not so long before that she had the thrill of watching Julie and Lily do the same to Patrick himself, and she seemed equally eager to let Patrick watch her have some fun.

Smiling a Patrick, Heather lifted her hands to Steve’s waistband. I could feel Steve squirm as she tucked her fingers in. All while looking at her boyfriend, Heather gently pulled the waistband outward and began to slip the boxers down Steve’s waist. When she saw Patrick react to the emergence of Steve’s dick, her curiosity got the better of her.

“Oh wow,” she gasped, looking down at what she had revealed. Steve’s erection towered every bit as high as Drew’s, and it was even a bit thicker. I was partial to the rigid, streamlined arc of Drew’s cock, which I imagined hit just the right angles when he and Julie fucked. But Steve’s was appealing in its own way: it was a big, thick dong, pure and simple. As Heather dropped his boxers to the ground, the thing just sprung outward, fully erect but weighed down by its sheer heft.

I leaned further over Steve’s shoulder to get a better look. Heather and I stood in awe of its generous dimensions. For a moment, Steve seemed to relax, having the upper hand as everyone marveled at his impressive erection.

The advantage was momentary, interrupted as Heather turned to Lily. “You weren’t kidding!” Heather laughed.

Lily was about to reply when she became instantly distracted by the sight of Heather’s hand creeping towards Steve’s outstretched cock. Teasing Lily as much as Steve, Heather lightly touched her fingertips to his engorged tip and proceeded to slip them intriguingly down the full length of his shaft.

Steve was warmly tickled, melting once again into our control. It was the first contact his dick had received all night, contact he was by now sorely craving. He looked down at Heather’s hand, still stunned that his own cock had become a public spectacle—even more stunned it was being stroked while his girlfriend sat just feet away. Lily was equally exhilarated.

I enjoyed holding Steve captive as Heather teased him. Although he was surely not contemplating a struggle, I enjoyed making him feel exposed and vulnerable, his cock our captive property. But as I watched Heather stroking that big, swollen rod, I became envious, wanting to feel its bulk for myself!

Finding a solution, I tied off Steve’s hands with his shirt behind his back. He smiled back at me, realizing that I was enjoying my control over him. Smiling smugly in return, I knelt behind him so that I could hold his bound wrists in one hand while leaning around to grab hold of his cock!

Withdrawing her own fingers, Heather watched me squeeze what felt like a big, rubbery dildo. I imagined that, to Lily, that’s exactly what it felt like: a large, blunt tool that she could stuff into her little pussy whenever she wanted. Lucky girl!

There is something astounding about handling a really big cock. Though I gripped it in several different places, there always seemed to be more! And the thickest portions strained the grip of my modest fingers. The whole thing felt as if it would have been heavy to hold if it weren’t suspended by the tremendous pressure of blood that infused it and made it as rigid as steel. I looked with envy at Lily, who simply smiled knowingly.

With my repeated squeezing and grasping, I began to worry that I was going to satisfy more than my curiosity! Steve’s erection was palpably throbbing, and I feared that with our obsessive touching, Heather and I would quickly cause this loaded cannon to send its payload across the patio. I was sure that Julie had better plans for in store for us! As much as I enjoyed having my way with him, I suspected that keeping Steve all tied up was affecting his self-control. If he was going to have a fighting chance at lasting the length of Julie’s story, Heather and I had better let him take a reigns for a while.

Reluctantly releasing my grip on his dick, I proceeded to set Steve’s wrists free of my makeshift bonds. Steve was now ready to take on the role of ‘Josh’ our storyline. I climbed down off the brick buffet and leaned my back against him. Accustoming him to his new freedom, I reached for his arms and wrapped them around me, leaving him free now to touch me as he pleased.

“Alright, Julie,” I said, feeling Steve’s meat sandwiched between his body and mine. “We have our new Josh!”

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