Beth Improvises

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It was late at night, and Beth lay in her bed unable to sleep. As she continued to lie there her mind turned, like it often did, to sex. She imaged one of her co-workers lying on top of her, penetrating her deeply and bringing her to orgasm. Beth wasn’t an unattractive woman, but the man she was thinking of never really seemed interested. Beth was medium height, and had light brown hair, down to just above her shoulders matching her hazel eyes. She always considered her C cup breasts her best assets, but they didn’t seem to interest the one person she wished they would.

Beth began to get wet between her legs as she caressed her breasts and stomach imagining it was him. She tugged at her nipples roughly under her pyjamas, as a previous boyfriend had done, pretending that it wasn’t her who was doing it. She thought more about having a large penis penetrating her. Beth often masturbated with two fingers and sometimes with three, but she loved the feeling of being penetrated with something larger.

Beth was getting quite hot by now, and she knew that she was never going to get to sleep feeling as horny as she did. Beth needed something inside her, to fill her pussy, but without a man there was not much chance of that happening. She began thinking of the dildos that she had looked at in an online sex shop. She had never dared buy one, in case her flatmate had been the one to pick up the mail, and had found out what it was. She began looking around her room for simple shaped objects that she could use as a toy. After some use of her imagination she came up casino şirketleri with no ideas.

After some more thought she remembered that she had seen a picture on the net of a girl with a carrot inside her pussy. At the time she was disgusted with the idea, but now as horny as she was she longed for something, anything, inside her. She knew she had some carrots in the kitchen, and quickly scurried to get one, making sure to keep quiet so her flatmate didn’t hear her. She opened the fridge and grabbed the bag of carrots. She left the door open to light her search for a suitable toy. Her heart was pounding at the thought of having a sex toy of her own. She searched through, getting increasingly excited. As she looked from carrot to carrot she imaged what it would feel like inside her. After careful deliberation she selected a carrot approximately 9 inches long, and about an inch and a half thick. The carrot remained quite thick until near the tip, making it more of a cylindrical shape. She put the rest of the bag in the fridge, then quickly scurried back to her room.

Beth shut the door to her room, took her pyjama bottoms off, and jumped into bed. She felt the carrot in her hand, sliding her fingers up and down the shaft. She felt between her legs, and realised that she was wetter than she had thought. Her fingers slipped easily into her, as teased her pussy for a few moments, knowing what was coming next. She left her fingers pushed deep into her pussy as she circling her clit with her forefinger of her other hand. She could feel her pussy getting casino firmaları wetter and she withdrew her fingers.

She grasped the carrot by the thicker end and placed it against the entrance of her pussy. She was breathing heavily, and her mind was spinning. She lightly began pushing, the head of the carrot entering her pussy easily. She pushed it in at a stead speed, and as the shaft slid further into her, she felt her vaginal muscles tightening around her toy. She still pushed in steadily, the width of the carrot was now causing Beth’s pussy to ache slightly. As the carrot reached half way inside her the length that Beth had chosen was starting to become apparent. She closed her eyes and imaged a cock pushing deep into her. She continued pushing, as she felt herself becoming intensely filled. The width was making her pussy stretch deep inside her, and the feeling was driving her wild. Her pussy finally reached it’s limited, and Beth held the intrusion at the point it entered her. She slowly withdrew it, gasping lightly as she did so. She held the carrot up in front of her, glistening by her bedside light. She estimated proudly from where her fingers were that she had at least 7 inches in her.

She moved the carrot down to her pussy and drove it in a little more quickly this time, gasping as she did so. As the carrot reached the same point as last time Beth began lightly applying a little more pressure, driving it deeper inside. She estimated with her fingers that she had gained another inch, before she was happy with her progress. Beth moved her hand güvenilir casino to her clitoris, circling it lightly. She left the intrusion in her pussy whilst she did so, enjoying being filled as she stimulated her clitoris. She reached down with her free hand and felt the base of the carrot protruding out of her pussy. She tapped against the end of it, making it move around slightly inside her.

Still teasing her clit with one hand she grasped around the base of the carrot tightly, and began slowly working it in and out of herself. The tightness of her pussy made it difficult, but her excitement was growing rapidly, and the carrot was slippery with her juices. She slid her new toy until it was about half way out and then pushed it back in quickly, causing her to make an audible ‘ahh’. Beth was nearing orgasm and she began working on her clit furiously, whilst pushing the carrot in and out of herself more quickly. Her body began to spasm, and she pushed and pulled the carrot as hard as she could as her muscles contracted around her pretend cock. She came hard, and pushed the carrot into herself firmly before clasping it in by closing her legs. She quietly moaned uncontrollable as the orgasm washed over her. Her fingers still reached down to her clit, which she continued caressing until she relaxed.

After a few moments of thought, she opened her legs and withdrew the carrot from her pussy. She had fucked herself with it quite furiously, and her pussy ached with the size of the intrusion. Unsure what to do with the carrot, which was now covered in her juices, she wrapped it in tissues and hid it under her bed. She would deal with it in the morning, she though. Beth quickly put her pyjama bottoms back on, and after turning off the light was soon asleep. She felt quite tired, after her workout.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20