Becoming Legless

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The house appeared in darkness when high school senior Grant Baker, a month after his eighteenth birthday, came home early from hanging out with his pals because a beefy unsmiling new cop had waddled out of his car and yelled, “You jerks out of here or I’ll sort a couple of you out?”

“Fuck off back to your cave fat ass.”

“Go suck the dick of your chief,” yelled another upcoming high school graduate.

“You little cocksuckers I’ll bang your heads together to expose empty brain cavities,” screamed the cop, running back to the police car but rattled the handle uselessly because his buddy had locked it, going across the street to grab two coffees.

Meanwhile five of the seven young guys had fled the city square in all directions so that when the red-faced cop looked around to run down and batter them with his night-stick the square was empty of 18-year-old ‘cocksuckers’ who’d displayed alarming and utter disrespect for a sworn officer of the city’s Police Department.

The fuming and defamed cop yelled to the driver, “Jerry get your ass over here pronto, we have arrests to make.”

Jerry slid into his seat and handed the sealed coffee cup to Fergus. “Okay location, description and numbers?”

Grant and his best friend Phil were close enough, looking over the hood of a parked car, to hear the cops yelling.

“How could I get descriptions when it was dark? There were about twenty of them, guys aged twenty to twenty-four, drunken workmen I should think. “On of them yelled our Chief was a cocksucker.”

“Is he?”

“How the hell would I know? I’ve only been with you guys two days and haven’t met him.”

“Well we’ll zip down McClure with the siren going and back up Settler’s and they ought to show them we mean business. Are you sure they weren’t high school seniors. The Chief approves of them congregating in the square where it’s easier for us to keep an eye on the motherfuckers.”

“Guys twenty to twenty-four I said.”

“Right, let’s hit it.”

The cops roared off, siren screaming.

Grant and Phil were rolling on the sidewalk laughing. A skinny broad in a tight skirt came up to them and kicked Phil.

“Christ that hurt,” he yelled.

“Oh stop you whining kid. Do you kids have fifty bucks between you? You can take turns over fifteen minutes but it’s unlikely either of you will last five minutes.”

“Fuck off Mrs Walton. We don’t want Mr Walton coming after us.”

“Christ darling, he’s almost in a wheelchair.”

Grant was thinking of asking for a free one. “My mom says I’ll be a disgrace to the family if I ever stoop to pay for sex Mr Walton.”

“Well I know your mom Grant, a real nice woman. Now she’d give you a nice one and not charge you.”

“You are evil Mrs Walton, that’s what you are.”

“Fuck off home kids and don’t be here at nights unless you have a wad of money.”

The guys walked off, diverting down Main because they knew the route those cops had taken looking for heads to bash.

“Have you ever fucked your mom Grant?”

“Hell no. Dad would kill me.”

“Only if he found out.”

Grant said he supposed Phil had fucked his mom.

Phil sniggered and said no but he’d fucked his older sister.

“Jesus. Didn’t she drop you into big shit by telling her mom?”

“Nah, she wants to get experience and not going to college finds it difficult to find guys who’ll do it with her because they are mostly chasing older skirt or are not attracted to her she says because she’s skinny and her tits are taking a long time to really grow.”

“What was it like?”

“Like jerking off but only better. The bitch slapped me because I dribbled my stuff over her skirt. She wouldn’t let me shoot inside her.”

“Why not?”

“Dunno. A guy can’t give his sister a baby can he?”

Grant said he wasn’t sure but he’d think spunk wouldn’t know the difference between a sister and a girlfriend.

Reaching home and finding the house in darkness, Grant remembered it was his parents’ bowling night. His youngest sister was away on a sleepover but his older sister should be home. He then saw the glow of TV though a gap in the curtains and wondered why she didn’t have the lamp on.

Grant entered the room and was about to call asking Penny did she want the light on when he saw from behind she was sprawled low on the sofa, nude, with her legs straight out and she was whacking herself off.


Grant licked his lips and thought if Phil could fuck his sister so could he. He unlaced his sneakers and crept around, noticing she was watching two filthy sluts licking each other’s tits and sucking each other’s tongue. Yuck. He was almost upon her when she screamed, “Jesus!” And then seeing who it was said, “Oh it’s only you.”

“Here let me finish you off.”

“Get away from me asshole.”

“Aw Penny, give a guy a break.”


“Because I need experience.”

“How many times have you done it?”

“Three but the only decent one was Eileen Shanks.”

“Christ Grant, she better be. She’s twenty-three or twenty-four. bahis firmaları How the hell did you get into her pants?”

“Trevor Rigg had a party two weeks ago and she was the only female out on the lawn with a group of us. Some negotiation went on and she told us to line up and she’d give us all a go.”

“The filthy bitch,” Penny giggled. “Okay but are your fingers clean?”

“I want to lick you.”

“Wow well okay but you should use a couple of fingers are well.”

“Are you sure?”

“Of course. Do it my way or don’t do it at all.”

Grant followed her instructions until she yelled to remove his face and he just got clear in time.

When her panting subsided he asked could he fuck her.

“No definitely not.”

“Aw I’ll have to ask mom to give me experience.”

“What? God she’d have a fit. Don’t dare do that Grant because she’d be so wild she’d be on a witch hunt to find out about our involvement in sex and she’ll probably lock us in our bedrooms at night.”

“You have lovely tits and a great cunt if I may say so Penny.”

“Thanks, women like being told nice things like that in the caring way you just said that. How does my pussy compare with Eileen Shanks?”

“Dunno. I was one of the last and there was cum everyone and just a wide hole.”

“Um I get the picture thank you.”

“Penny let my fuck you. I’ll swear I’m never fucked you or licked you if she should ever come to us on the warpath.”

“I really don’t know. How big is your dick?”

Grant dropped his pants and pulled down his shorts.

“Christ that’s even bigger than dad’s.”

“How is it you know that?”

“I-I um I’ve seen him fucking mom out at the pool a couple of times.”

“Wow are they any good?”

“Mom did most of the work, riding cowgirl.”

“What’s that?”

“Oh never mind. I’d really like that big piece in me Grant. So do you promise to always deny you’ve had any sexual involvement if mom and dad ever ask?”


“I mean it Grant.”

“Believe me baby I would be in deep shit myself if I confessed.”

“Don’t call me baby; coming from you that sounds obscene.”

“Then what do I call you?”



“Can I shoot inside you?”

“Yes mom’s had me on the pill since I turned fifteen.”

“Golly how many guys have you had inside you?”

“For fuck sake Grant, shut up and shove it in before I change my mind.”

Grant thought it best not to tell her she was wider inside than Eileen Shanks and much drier and she didn’t pump her ass back at him like Eileen had done. She also refused to allow him to suck her tits initially but in the end relented, complaining she was tiring, and when he realized she was feeding a tit into his mouth he blew wad after wad into her big time.

“Jesus Grant, you ejaculate like a man rather than and 18-year-old,” Penny said, toweling the mess streaming from her.

“Can we do this every night now that we are in the rhythm of it?”

“No and remember once of anything never makes a rhythm Grant. God what do they teach at that school these days?”

“How was I?”

Penny bit her lip and Grant prepared for the worst.

“Actually you were quite amazing. I’ll talk to my girlfriends about you wishing to get experience and you might get lucky.”

“Oh great. Make sure one is Jo Lake.”

“Oh really and what’s so special about Jo?”

“She really knows how to look at a guy, probably her mom has taught her.”

“Oh and how is that? Whenever she’s here she scarcely gives you the time of day.”

“I know but when she first arrives and says hello Grant she smiles straight into my eyes and then I watch as her eyes sweep down me, hover over where my dick is hiding and her eyes sweep quickly back to eye me and she wears just a very gently smile as if saying, ‘I bet you pack a big piece Grant’.

“That’s amazing.”

“Jo has never grabbed my cock or anything like that. I though you should know the truth.”

“Grant darling we must occasionally fuck and then you can tell me some of the other things women do that impacts on men that women might not be aware of.”

“Yeah okay and I really know a lot so that represents lots of fucks.”

“That’s bullshit. The only thing that would interest a guy is a woman flopping out a tit for him.”

“Yeah but that’s a biggie. I’m talking about little things but I have to say not all guys would be interested.”

“Well that figures, people are different.”

“I’ve felt my cock begin to rise several times watching you put on lipstick without you been aware I was watching.”

“Omigod, is that the truth?”

“Yes babe. It’s the truth. I’ll confide one more each time we fuck.”

That summer Grant and Penny settled into a rhythm of fucking two or three times a month. Initially they waited until their parents and 15-year-old sister Lisa were away but gradually they became more daring. Grant operating like an ever-present domestic predator caught Penny just out of the bath a couple of times, in the toilet once and they did it in the pool several kaçak iddaa times, once when their parents were beside the pool both reading.

The only big scare came when only their mom was home and they did it in the bath. They were both peaking when their mom Irene knocked on the door and said, “You are making an unusual amount of splashing Penny. Please don’t wet the floor.”

“Okay mom.”

By then Grant was standing and jerking and Penny having just answered her mom still had her mouth open when she caught a stream right into her mouth. Her policy was to never swallow.

She swallowed and screamed.

The door rattled but fortunately it was locked. “What is it Penny?”

Quick as a flash Penny said, “I hit the hot spout with my big toe.”

“Oooh be careful dear. Where is Grant?”

Looking at semen dropping off Grant’s now drooping cock Penny said, “He went over to see if Simon Smith was home.”

“Well if you see him first tell him I want the pool cleaned before I have my swim before dinner.”

“Yes mom. Oh good news. My big toe is not ever red.”

Giving her mom time to walk away, Penny hissed, “You beast squirting semen into my mouth like that.”

“You’re a lucky woman. Look it up on the Internet. I’ve been told it’s better than most face creams a woman uses and particularly good for aiding breast skin tone.”

“That’s bullshit.”

“Oh the tip today is guys can’t keep their eyes off women who casually adjust their bra strap.”

“Go on.”

“You watch dad and me whenever you see mom or grandma adjust their strap. We know we won’t see tit. It’s just alluring.”


“That’s my explanation because guys never talk about it. They just watch. You know gramps once told me that some guys almost ejaculated in the old days when seeing a woman hitch up her dress hem, even reasonably discreetly, and adjust the seams of her stockings.”

“Omigod, then pantyhose and tights must be killing sex drive,” Penny giggled.

“Yes,” Grant said seriously.

Penny’s smile vanished.

The two highlights of that early summer for college-bound Grant were a picnic and a swim.

It was a swim that he’d remember most.

The weather was very hot and Penny who had completed her first year at one of their local colleges suggested to Grant who was also bored they should take a picnic into the woods.

“You two are bored and so no getting into mischief up in the hills,” their mom said lightly.

“Come with us mom?”

“No thanks Grant. Andrea Ryan is coming over for a swim. We have much to talk about.”

They jumped into Penny’s car, Grant taking the wheel. He had been given $3000 bucks to buy a car to get him to college but was still looking for the best possible buy but had baulked when Penny had predicted it would be a dud.

Penny’s phone went and she said hi to Jo Lake.

“No I don’t wish to go to a movie in daylight. Anyways Grant and I are setting off on a picnic.”

“Where? Up in the woods somewhere. Just a moment I’ll ask.”

She asked would he mind if Jo came along with them.

“He said no he’d welcome your bright company. What? I ask him. Sounds a great idea.”

Penny said Joe wanted to know would he like to have sex with her.

“He said oh yes and I can see him dribbling. Grab some cold food and a bottle of wine and stand outside your gate. We are leaving now. No fuck your hair and not having make-up Jo, I won’t mind because I’m only wearing lipstick and Grant will only be focused on your pussy.”

Grant jumped out to take the picnic basket from Jo who looked at him, just as Grant had noticed she always did, and she then kissed him on the lips and they took their time about it.

When Grant and the two 21-year-olds set off for their big day, Penny said casually, “Grant and I have been fucking for the past nine weeks, two or three times a week.”

Grant cringed, his heart rate galloping.

“Omigod,” Jo said. “You daring things. Well let me tell you my secret. Uncle Evan fucked me last Sunday in our pool. Everyone had their backs to us drinking.”

“So would you like a threesome today?” Penny asked. “You and I have licked pussy so were are already halfway there.”

“How do you feel about that Grant?”

Grant swallowed, his rising erection was bent over and hurting. “My mind is adjusting to it Jo. I’ve longed to fuck you Jo and I really enjoy fucking Penny so why not?”

The females giggled and Jo called to Penny, “Look there’s Wendy walking with some guy” and that diversion gave Grant the opportunity to straighten his bent dick.

By the time they stopped after driving off the dirt road into a clearing that led down to the drive, conversation had established none of them had experienced group sex.

“Grant is not very experienced but joined a gang splash with Eileen Shanks.”

He wished Penny would keep her mouth shut but Jo said wow that was experience doing it with a much older female who was one of the sexiest younger women around. He almost puffed out his chest.

“Should we have sex now or go for kaçak bahis a walk?” Jo asked.

Grant knew the obvious but his stupid sister said they should go down and check on the river. He was wondering whether it would be more exciting to stay by the car and take a nap.

“Let’s run down to the river nude and have a swim.”

“Okay Jo,” Penny said.

Grant watched Jo staring at him while undoing her bra. He unzipped and that’s where she directed her stare.

“Omigod baby,” Jo called to her good friend. “I can now see why you’ve been so busy with your kid brother.”

Penny looked at the erection, smiled and said with authority, “Oh that.”

They were giggling again.

Grant followed rather than running beside them because he thought the sight of four wobbly tits might make him over-excited. Following gave him a new experience in the assessment of women. Jo was tall and lean but his sister was curvy and shorter. Watching the cracks in their butts for occasional showings of pussies he felt his dick strain into even greater erection when he looked at the wobbles of his sister’s butt cheeks. He swallowed, until now being unaware ass wobble could be sexually exciting. Eagerly he closed in behind his sister and wondered if she took it up the butt. Some of his pals reckoned up the butt was the preference of some girls and their mothers.


As they stood on the bank taking negotiating rough ground, Jo dropped to her knees and pulled his dick onto her left tit and cupped his balls.

“Wow, your balls are bigger than dad’s and Uncle Evan’s.”

“You’ve seen you dad’s balls?” Grant asked casually and he saw Penny now looking at Jo intently.

“Yeah of course. Dad, mom and me often swim nude and a couple of times he’s come up behind me and rubbed against my ass and cupped my breasts before doing that to mom but she’d then open her legs and guide him in. She’s forbidden him to go that far with me.”

That was the end of that because Jo’s mouth was full of cock.

“Well I’m going swimming,” Penny said, sounding miffed.

Jo pulled Grant’s cock out of her mouth and called, “Wait I’m coming too.”

Grant watched them frolic in the waist-deep water, their tits bouncing and thought that really was placing the word frolic into perfect context. He left them to play and returned to the car and spread out the two rugs and wondered why his sister kept a rug permanently in her car. He had a thought and smiled.

“Oh look at our clever boy with everything put out and even our wine poured,” Jo cooed, dripping and picking up a glass of wine.

She said softly, “Let me see you suck one of Penny’s breasts Grant.”

He thought they must have planned this walking back from the river because Penny was beside him in a flash, holding out a tit. He sucked it tentatively and then she tickled his ear and the next thing he knew Jo was up behind him and chewing his ass.


He brought both of them to climax before lunch and despite attempting to hold back to ensure he lasted off afternoon, as he was driving into Jo’s cunt she shoved a wet finger into his butt. He yelped and came with a roar, the girls cackling away almost hysterically.

Jo, not bothering to attend to dripping liquids, then began sucking Penny’s cunt and playing with a tit. She halted and turned to the watching Grant and invited him to attempt to get his big thing up her ass.

Grant received that invitation in a mix of delight and panic.

Jo said she’d had guys and vibrators up there. “Work the hole slowly with one finger and then two and it will gradually widen. Grab a condom out of my handbag and then slowly ease your dick up me, stopping when you feel resistance and I’ll relax and you then push a bit more in. The channel is much narrower than a pussy and a tight ring acts rather like a valve. Once you are thought that and it relaxes you can start fucking in short strokes and gradually take longer strokes until you get all the way in. If you feel something moving almost against your dick it will be my fingers working my pussy to get me off.”

“Okay.” Well what else could he say? Grant licked his lips and began his new experience. He thought Jo would be a great teacher on sex techniques if they introduced it as a subject at high schools.

After lunch Jo knelt beside them and tutored Penny into taking a cock anally for the first time. It was hard work but finally Grant filled Penny’s anal passage with cock. She thought she liked it and had gurgled a bit but then she claimed she didn’t know if she really liked it.

After that Grant dropped off to sleep watching the girls carry on having girl’s sex.

The next day Penny went away for two weeks with Jo and her family to their vacation house. He missed her and wondered what to do. His parents had told him to not work during the break, to really enjoy his last summer of youth but now he was really bored because many of his pals including Phil had also gone away.

Having nothing much better to do, Grant began taking increased interest in his mom, who worked in his father’s company but took a long summer break. She appeared to like his increased attention and they talked a great deal about many things including stuff like feelings, security and adulthood. She even asked if he’d begun having sex.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20