Becoming a Submissive Ch. 03

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Encore Merci Monsieur


Chapter 03: Deeper into Submission and Pain


Marge reassured me she would not herself or let her friend use the violet wand on me. I was relieved. She would be in charge and I trusted her completely.

“Fran It is time for lunch. You will prepare sandwiches and coffee.”

“Yes Mistress, right away.”

“Before you go, let’s make sure you will not play with yourself when I am not looking. I want you good and horny tonight.”

She took two lengths of fine chain and snapped them to my wrist bracelets and the side rings on my collar. I could use my hands but not lower them enough to touch my pussy. Then another length of chain between my ankle cuffs. I could walk, but small steps only.

“Follow me to the bedroom, slut.”

She took out of one of the suitcase a sort of bra. The cups were concentric rings of metal. She fitted it to me.

I felt totally under her control. A bit humiliated, but at the same time thrilled to have her control me to that extent.

“Now this will prevent you from playing with your tits.”

Back in the kitchen later.

“There is cheese, ham and tomatoes, I take ham. You have permission to make yours anything you want. Make a salad, also.”

Sitting to eat, she looked at me long and it seemed to me, with great softness.

After lunch, she sat on the sofa and I knelt in front of her.

“Now we have to talk seriously, slut, you told me before you do not want to be caned, burned or pierced. A little while ago you said no to the violet wand. It can be set very low, you know, for a first experience with it. You have to tell me freely your fears and limits. If you have second thought about going to Bob’s place to play, that is his name, be honest. I will not hold it against you.”

“No. I have no reservations. Your slut is rather looking forward to it, Mistress. The wand scares her. You know she always was afraid around electricity. “

“Okay, but you know your safe word will always stop everything at any time.”

“Mistress, about the safe word, what if I want something in particular to stop, but keep playing with something else?”

“What exactly do you mean, slut?”

I could tell that she really wanted to use the violet wand on me. It scared me but I also wanted to please her in the worst way.

“Let’s say I accept submitting to the wand and don’t like it but don’t want to end the play.”

“Ok slut I will give you yellow as a word for that. Use it and I will stop and ask you if you want to stop or continue with something else. But the something will be up to me.”

“That is fine with your slut Mistress. I am impatient to have the wand used on me, if it is Mistress using it.”

“I promise it will be just me. I will never allow anyone else to punish you. It will be me and only me. I will allow him to please you with his cock, maybe tie you up. He likes doing that. It will be your reward for being such a good slut. But that is all I will permit. I told you, you are more to me than my other pets.”

I was kissing and licking her legs and thighs. She was caressing my shoulders and playing with my hair.

“You got me all wet and horny slut. Come in the bedroom I need to cum, If you make me cum good, I will reward you with a nice spanking after. You love that, don’t you?”

“Yes, Mistress. I love to be spanked for your pleasure and mine. I will make you cum hard and clean you after.”

On the bed she untied my wrists and removed the metal ring bra before lying on her back and taking me to her by my hair. She put my mouth to her tits.

“Lick and suck them slowly and gently slut, and don’t play with yourself I will decide later if you deserve some pleasure.”

I liked and sucked her nipples, giving little bites on her tits as she had trained me to do, slowly with passion. Her moans were music to my ears. I was getting hot and wet. I hoped she would give me some pleasure soon. After while, she moaned louder. I caressed and rubbed her pussy with one hand. She started to hump my hand.

“Don’t finger fuck me yet slut.”

She pushed my head slowly down toward her crotch. I kissed and give little bites on the way. I lifted her legs to my shoulders and started to lick kiss and bite the inside of her thighs and around her pussy, biting her cunt lips and lightly pulling on them with my teeth. She moaned and made throaty noises. It encouraged me to put more energy into it.

“That is good bitch. Don’t stop. Bite my cunt harder and lick around it.”

Her hips were moving and gyrating. I loved pleasing her.

“Now bitch, tongue fuck me and take care of my clit. Make me cum.”

I licked her slit and pushed my tongue in as far as I could. She humped my tongue hard, telling me not to stop and how good it was. Her pleasure was all the reward I wanted. I finally started to suck and lick her clit and finger fuck her at the same time. She bahis firmaları moaned and screamed. She had a big orgasm. I swallowed her juices and cleaned her.

After she subsided a bit, I pushed her legs further up and started to lick her back hole slowly.

“Don’t stop bitch. You are getting to be a good slut for your Mistress. I love your tongue there push it in slut.”

I licked her ass and tried to tongue fuck her there, something I would have never dreamed of doing before this weekend.

She finally let go with another big orgasm. She was shaking all over. I cleaned her again,

“Your turn, slut. You have been good. Your mistress will give you some pleasure.”

She took again the silk rope and tied my tits. Took me to the foot of the bed facing it , tied my hand behind my back and tied the ends of the ropes tying my tits to the top of the posts and my ankles to the bottom of the same posts. I was held up by my tits. It was painful if I moved.

“Now slut, I will reward you with pain and pleasure.”

She took the crop to my ass and thighs, hard enough to make me yell in pain and pleasure. I was begging.

“Please Mistress. Your slut has been punished enough, she wants to cum.”

My pleading only encouraged her to use the crop with more energy, it seemed. I was besides myself, not with pain, but pleasure. I wanted to cum.

“Now slut I will give you a different type of pleasure.”

She went to her toy suitcase and took out a crop. This one was flexible. It was narrower and longer than the one she had been using. She brought up between my legs, from behind. Being flexible, it caught my whole cunt with every slap. The pain was very intense. My cunt and clit were red and in pain, plus the fact I was held up by my tits. They hurt a lot because every time I received a slap from the crop between my legs, my whole body jerked.

I was twisting humping and gyrating, screaming loudly. Tears were flowing. Then, I started to spasm and jerk. My breath came in short spurts

“Please Mistress. You slut has had enough. Let her rest and make her cum.”

“Two more shots slut.”

Those two were hard. I nearly fainted with the pain, but the pleasure was also intense. I had a big orgasm. Mistress put her arms around my hips and pulled on my clit hard to extend and add to my orgasm.

She untied me and let me lie on the bed to recover. I realised again, I was not only her sub, but I was turning into a pain slut for her.

“Thanks Mistress, that was so good.”

“Now slut we have to start getting you ready for tonight. I know you would like to have your ass fucked, but we will keep it nice a tight for tonight. We will have to leave soon it is a two hours drive”

“Yes Mistress I am ready to please you and your friend.”

“Not yet slut, you must be clean for tonight.”

I was glad to hear that, a good long hot shower would be welcomed. She went to her toys and pulled out a kit. The realisation of what she meant hit me, it was an enema kit. I had not foreseen that.

Being given an enema by my Mistress/sister would be humiliating, I sat on the bed while she went to prepare the enema. I had great misgivings and hesitations to submit to that A part of me wanted to experience such an humiliation. She cut my reflex ion short

“Come here slut.”

I still hesitated. I was in some shock I think. I did not move from the bed. She came over, pushed me on my back, straddled me and slapped my tits hard, twisted and pulled my nipples till I screamed loudly.

“Now bitch will you get in that bathroom?”

I realised she was very serious.

“Yes Mistress You slut will do as she is told.” She had really hurt my nipples.

“On all fours in the bath bitch, with your ass up.”

She slowly inserted the probe in my ass. It was humiliating but not unpleasant. She let the liquid come, at first the warmth was pleasant. It made me a little horny and as more liquid filled me it became more pleasant. I was moving my ass and hips slowly.

“You are not supposed to enjoy this bitch, wait till you get all of it.”

She was right. I became full and the pressure for release became more and more {intense}.

“Please Mistress, This is giving your slut cramps. Let her have release.”

“Not yet slut, you have to be really clean. Keep it in for now.”

I was suffering and begging for release. It was a sensation completely new to me. Cramps, humiliation and horniness all at once.

“Now slut. You can relieve yourself and clean yourself in the shower I will wait for you in the room.”

I must honestly say that enemas will never be something I will enjoy. I will submit to this to please my Mistress. But I hope it will never be part of regular play. I will have to talk to her about that.

After I had a shower, I joined her in the bedroom.

“Good now we have to get ready and leave slut.”

She give me a robe to wear, it was open in the front with just a belt to keep it closed.

“Slut you will wear this, you won’t need anything more tonight. Now kaçak iddaa it is time to go.”


On the way, I was doing some thinking, while Marge was driving.

I was hot and impatient. I craved a real hot cock. Marge had been pushing my buttons since Friday evening to get me to accept an evening of playing with her friend Bob. I did not hold this against her. It is after all in the personality of a Dominant male or female to know when they deal with a submissive how to push their buttons, as it were, to take them in hand. It is an inborn trait of their personality.

A submissive personality does crave to be controlled. So the fact she brought me where she wanted me, was not surprising. But, why this particular man? Did she have some sort of special relation with him? I knew she stepped out on Jimmy with other men, this at the risk of having her butt kicked to the curb. He accepted her playing with women but drew the line at other men.

I had to be careful not to be taken to places I did not want to go, Gang bangs, sex with animals and scat. I had no reason to think she was into any of this but I had to keep an eye open.

“You seem to be lost in thoughts, my slut.”

“Yes Mistress I am impatient to serve a good cock.”

“I am also impatient to see you serve him. The sexiest hottest thing I ever saw was you with Rick’s cock in your mouth in my van. I get hot and have to masturbate every time I think about that.”

So that explained why she was taking me to a man instead of a woman.

“You are really beautiful and sexy with a cock in your mouth, slut.”

By this time we were there. She took me to the basement. She seemed quite used to the place. I s was wearing my wrist and ankle bracelets and my collar. She put them on me before leaving home.

She took me to a small carpet I knelt on it. Looking around, the room was equipped for play with a small bed in a corner, some tables with matted tops and rings and hooks in the ceiling and walls with ropes already attached. Different tools were on racks around the room. I was bit worried and afraid.

“Don’t worry slut, I am here to protect you and not all these things will be used on you, as a matter of fact very few will be used and I will be the one using them, not him.”

That reassured me I trusted her completely.

“Thank you Mistress Your slut feels better.”

He came into the room .wearing a Speedo. I could see he was well endowed. I stood and presented myself, hands behind my head legs spread and hips forward.

“You were right Marge. She is a beauty.”

He was nice looking, perhaps in his early forties. Then I saw something that almost turned me off. It certainly cooled me off a bit. He had a tattoo on his right arm. I find tattoos gross. This one was particularly gruesome. It was a big blue and yellow snake and it rolled around his arm. If I had been alone with him, I would have left. Any man with such a tattoo must be very mean. I only hoped I could keep my eyes off it as much as possible. And trust Marge to protect me from his abuse He really scared me.

He ran his hands over my body. Slowly they were soft and warm. I was becoming hornier by the second. He kissed and sucked my nipples while cupping my cunt in one hand. I humped his hand and moaned.

I received a hard whack from a crop that Mistress had in her hands.

“Don’t move slut.”

“She is hot and all wet, Marge. I will really enjoy making her cum.”

“But first she will have to be punished for having moved.”

“Good, I love to see you punish and abuse your sluts before I get to use them.”

“She is still in training. I am still exploring her limits, but she takes a lot. She is my best slut, so far. Also, she is very special to me, this one. There are things I will not submit her to.”

This pleased me.

They were talking about me like I was some unanimated object. It was humiliating, but the realisation that I was there for their pleasure, not necessarily mine, was thrilling.

“Tonight I will introduce her to the wand.”

“Good I hope she squirms a lot.”

This scared me some but I did not let it show. All through that, he was running his hands over my tits and cunt, I could not help moaning and trying to push myself against his hands.

Mistress had a crop in one hand and a small flogger in the other. She gave me a shot every time I moved.

“Hooch” I yelped at every shot she was hitting me hard enough to pinch, but I was beginning to enjoy the pain I was wet and my pussy lips and nipples were tingling. My juices were running down my thighs.

“I told you, bitch, not to move. You will be punished more, later.”

“Please mistress, I need to come.” I got two hard whacks with the flogger on my tits. It stung as I yelled loudly.”

“I decide if and when you deserve to cum slut.”

“Now slut, time to introduce you to the wand.”

She took me to the middle of the room, under the ropes hanging from rings in the ceiling. She tied my hands up over my head while Bob kaçak bahis tied my ankles to other rings in the floor. He made sure my legs were well spread. I was completely helpless at their disposal.

Both of them started to caress me and Mistress kissed me with passion. Bob sucked one nipple and Mistress sucked the other. The feeling of lust was intense. Any woman who has not had both her nipples sucked at the same time cannot understand the feeling. I was moaning and pushing my chest forward as much as I could.

Bob was gently cupping and rubbing my cunt with one hand and running a finger up and down my back crack with the other, giving little caresses to my back hole I was in heaven. I was so hot, I pushed my ass on his finger and he removed it.

“Your Mistress did not yet give permission for your pleasure, slut.”

“You are right. I will give her something else to think about in the meantime. Get me the wand.”

She still had the short flogger and she started on my ass thighs and pussy with it. She hit me hard enough for me to yell, groan and breathe in spurts.

“That is it bitch, Bob likes to hear a slut scream a bit with pain and so do I.” With that she increased the strength of the flogging to make me yell louder.

I was begging her to stop between yells, but I knew that as long as I did not use my safe word, she would not.

Bob finally arrived with the wand and handed it to her, the blue light coming from it was scary and hypnotising. I was scared and at the same time I wanted to submit to it.

She slowly brought the wand close to one tit. At a certain distance, there was sparks and I felt a tingling in my nipple. It was not painful, but strange. It made me shake in my bonds. She then did the same for my other tit. It was more like tickling, but it affected my complete breasts not just the nipples. She ran it up and down my thighs and finally my pussy. This caused the whole inside of my vagina to spasm and tremble. I twisted hard in my bonds and screamed with pleasure.

“Please Mistress, again. This will make me cum. Please don’t stop.”

“Bitch you are enjoying this too much. You need a lesson.’

She adjusted something on the wand and brought it again to my pussy. This time the tingling was intense and made me shake and squirm in my bonds. My pussy hurt it was not pleasant. I screamed hard and begged her to stop. My hips were moving back and forth on their own. She stopped and handed the wand to Bob.

“Now she knows what this can do, it is enough.”

“You don’t normally go this easy on your sluts with the wand Marge.”

“I told you this one is special and warned you that I would be in complete charge of her. You know the consequences of not abiding by my decisions.”

I was relieved to hear this, she had some hold over him and control.

“Now slut you will be permitted your pleasure.”

“Thank you, Mistress.”

They untied me and brought me to one of the small tables. It was not long. There was an opening in it. After getting me to lie on my belly, my tits were sticking out under the table in the opening. My head was over the end and the other end pressed into my abdomen. There was a belt attached to the table. Mistress tied my waist to the table using that belt then my knees to the legs of the table pulling them forward and to the side making my ass and cunt well exposed.

Bob tied my hands behind my back and adjusted a small belt around my head. It had a ring on the back. He then held up a large hook on a rope, it had a bulb on the end. Mistress lubed my ass and inserted the hook. The metal hook was cool but pleasant. I moaned with pleasure. She tied the rope to the ring on the belt around my head adjusting it to hold my head slightly up. As she came to the side I saw she had a harness and dildo.

“Warm up time my slut”

With that, she started to use a crop on my ass and thighs. Every four or five shots, she brought it from underneath and let my pussy and tits have a couple hard shots, just enough to make me yell and beg her to stop and let me cum.

“Please Mistress I have been punished enough let me cum. I beg you.”

“Shut up bitch, quit complaining. Bob fix her tits and fill her mouth with cock. She needs to shut up.”

He wrapped my tits with a rope and tied it to a hook on the floor under the table. He made sure they were good and tight. Then, he brought his cock next to my mouth. It was nice, about eight inches and fairly thick.

“Lick it slut.”

I started to lick the head slowly, with gusto. I needed some satisfaction. I was so hot and in need.

He slowly pushed deeper in my mouth. I caressed the head with my tongue and sucked gently at first. He slowly humped my mouth, going deeper with every few strokes. Mistress was still cropping my ass and thighs. It only increased my lust and need to cum.

“Now slut, I will fuck your mouth. Get ready to take it all deep in your throat.”

I nodded as much as I could. At the same time, Mistress stopped the cropping of my ass and I felt the dildo against my opening. She had a big one, bigger than the ones she used before. As wet as I was, it went in easily. It was also longer than the other ones I was filled like never before. I moaned, even with Bob’s cock in my mouth.

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