Batman’s Darker Side – 7: Epilog

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I had so much fun writing this series I just had to write one more segment. But, I promise this is the end. I’m tired of typing “stately Wayne Manor.”

Chapter 18

Bruce rose up the Reverse Bat Pole to find his three women—slaves Stephanie and Marianne and his fiancé Barbara Gordon waiting for him, kneeling on the study floor naked. “May we serve…I mean, service you, Master?” Barbara had said. Bruce couldn’t believe his eyes. That little minx; Barbara had only been in residence at stately Wayne Manor for a week and already she was organizing the slaves. God only knows what they’ve done together, he thought. He nodded and pulled them up, the slaves first and then Barbara.
They undressed him, leaving his clothes in a pile on the study floor. Then they walked the exhausted Batman up the curved staircase to the master bedroom. Stephanie and Marianne walked next to him arm in arm, their heads resting on his shoulders. Barbara walked backward in front of him, leading him by his unbelievably huge cock. Bruce was concerned she might fall going up the stairs but with one hand on the banister and one on his organ she was rock steady. In the bedroom he was pushed backward onto the bed. Stephanie was the best cock sucker, able to get almost nine inches of the monster into her mouth and throat, so she positioned herself at 90 degrees to the Batman/Bruce. Marianne positioned herself, mouth at Stephanie’s cunt. Barbara completed the square, ready to suck the delectable Marianne while Bruce would be able to eat her yummy pussy. “I’ve given them permission to cum,” said Barbara. Neither girl was permitted to cum without Bruce’s permission, not that there was ever a problem. They had so much sex—usually once or twice a day—that there was always an opportunity to cum. Barbara said, “Go,” and they all started to lick and suck. There was groaning and twitching all around. Bruce loved the taste and texture of Barbara’s pussy. He licked all around her labia and probed her tunnel with his tongue. When he moved up to her clit he slid two fingers deep into her and pumped her hard. Meanwhile, Stephanie was getting more and more of him into her mouth. Bruce snuck a peek at her and saw almost all of his cock had disappeared into her oral cavity. She always had an active tongue and tonight was no exception. Her licking and sucking was driving him crazy. In fact, everyone was going a little crazy. Everyone was sucking in earnest and soon enough Marianne grunted several times as her orgasm took over her body. To her credit she kept on sucking off Stephanie who was the next in line. Bruce was torturing Barbara’s clit, nibbling and sucking it between his teeth. She locked her legs around his head as she soaked his face with her juices, screaming her way through the orgasm. Now only Bruce hadn’t cum. All three women now turned their attentions to him. Stephanie sucked him in and out of her hot mouth. Marianne started to lick his balls while Barbara fingered his ass. Even Batman at his strongest couldn’t withstand this assault. All three women recognized the signs that his orgasm had begun and they all moved to share the spoils. The first hot ribbon of cum went down Stephanie’s mouth. Then she was off him in an instant to be replaced by Marianne. Finally, Barbara moved her mouth onto him and sucked him dry. Bruce was astonished at how much cock she could get into her mouth. Hmmm, he thought. Was Stephanie giving her lessons?

Once they were all sated they lay back on the bed to recover. It was late so Bruce suggested they all go to bed. He was surprised when they all cuddled up into the bed with him. Barbara didn’t complain so why should he? Bruce reflected on his good fortune as they all fell into a deep sleep.

Bruce had been really beat. His crime fighting activities over the previous week had taken a toll. He slept in the following morning, expecting the women would just get up and go about their business while he continued to sleep. However, when he opened his eyes he saw three naked sticky women smiling at him. Barbara opened her mouth to ask, “May we…”when Bruce yelled, “NO! Later maybe, but not now; I need some coffee and some breakfast.” Bruce jumped from the bed, heading for the shower. He waggled his finger, inviting Barbara to join him.

After eating he took Barbara to stately Wayne Manor’s kennels. “Yes,” he told her, “You can have a dog. He can be a normal pet or he can even fuck you if you wish; whatever you want.” The first kennel they stopped at was the Great Dane. He sniffed then looked at Barbara longingly and Barbara looked back. Then she looked at Bruce. “No—too big and too possessive–you’d never have a moment’s peace with him around and I’d worry about the baby.” They passed several other kennels. Barbara recognized the Dobermans who had also fucked her and a Rottweiler. Bruce led her past them. He obviously had something else in mind. They eventually stopped in front of a yellow lab. “I just rescued this one from the Gotham City Animal Shelter. I think he’ll be pretty good.” He directed the attendant to open the kennel. The dog ran straight to Barbara and licked her hand, tail wagging. She rubbed his head and scratched his ears. “He seems very gentle,” she said when casino şirketleri the attendant had stepped away, “Do you think he’d be willing to fuck me?”

“He’s a male. Like any male, he’ll fuck anything that presents itself. Care to try it tonight?”

“Hmmm, what a great idea, except that Daddy is coming over to see us. Maybe we can get rid of him early.”

“Barbara Gordon, what a terrible thing to say about your own father!”

“Bruce, you know as well as anyone what a complete bore Daddy can be. Sometimes I wonder if Mom was fucking the mailman before I was born.”

Chapter 19

Bruce had the kennel attendant wash and groom the dog before bringing him up to stately Wayne Manor. Once there he ran right to Barbara wagging his tail. He licked her hand and when she leaned down to greet him, smothered her face with doggie kisses. “What should we call him?”

“How about Commissioner Gordon?“ he joked, earning a jab to the ribs. “Seriously, he’s your dog so you can name him whatever you want. Any ideas?”

“Well,” she thought, “certainly not anything like Rover or Fido…how about ‘Fuck?’” Now it was Bruce’s turn to poke her to show his “annoyance.”

“Okay, how about ‘Sam’ or ‘Fred?’”

“I don’t really care, Barbara, whatever you want, just so long as you don’t call him ‘dog.’”

“I think ‘Fred.’ Shall we try it? Come on Fred. Come here.” The dog just looked at her but when she motioned with her hand he came a running. It only took a few trials before he knew his new name. Bruce gave Barbara some doggie treats from the kennels as a reward for his good behavior.

Late afternoon saw the arrival of Barbara’s father, the estimable Commissioner Gordon. He kissed his daughter and shook Bruce’s hand. Once they were inside he asked Bruce, “I assume there will be a suitably long engagement period? Barbara’s mother and I were engaged for two years—a very proper engagement, I’d say. After all there is so much to do…uh…invitations, the catering hall, dress, and all that.”

“No, Commissioner,” Bruce replied. “We’ll be married by the end of the month right here in stately Wayne Manor. The Archbishop has already agreed to perform the ceremony. We’ll have the reception here, too…out on the back lawn.”

“Why…harrumph…that’s impossible! I won’t allow it. I won’t!”

“Well, Commissioner, that’s when it’s going to be. My entire household staff is working on it as we speak, not to mention my office staff.”

“Your office staff?”

“I told you not to mention my office staff,” Bruce joked as he and Barbara broke out laughing at his lame attempt at humor. “Commissioner we have our reasons for moving so swiftly.”

“I don’t understand! What reason could there possibly be?”

Bruce looked at Barbara who nodded. “Barbara’s pregnant.”

“Don’t be upset, Daddy. Bruce and I love each other…very much.”

“Oh….” Commissioner Gordon said. “Well, in that case…I suppose it’s OK. But I will never understand you young people. How am I going to get my guest list together in such a short time. It’s impossible…impossible, I tell you.”

“Don’t worry, Commissioner. I’ll send my secretary and her aide to your office to help compile your list. Believe me, they’re very capable…very capable.” Barbara could barely suppress a giggle at the thought of Stephanie and Marianne alone with her stodgy father. She’d have to speak with them before the meeting.

“Relax, Daddy. You need to get with the times. No one is a virgin any more, at least not after the age of 14.” She rose and hugged the Commissioner who still looked bewildered. Fortunately, it was time for dinner.

At dinner she wanted the dog to sit near her, but Bruce refused. The dog clearly knew who was the boss and stayed at the doorway until summoned after the meal was concluded. Commissioner Gordon was again assured that Stephanie and Marianne would take care of all his concerns. Again Barbara almost laughed out loud. Instead she coughed. After the Commissioner had gone Bruce and Barbara led the dog upstairs to their bedroom. Barbara stripped and lay against the edge of the bed rubbing her pussy, getting it wet, sending whiffs of arousing scents to the dog’s sensitive nose. He wagged his tail rapidly as he sniffed the source of the attracting odors. He nuzzled Barbara’s snatch, making his nose even wetter then licked her entire slit. He kept on licking, the roughness of his tongue sending Barbara higher and higher. She lay back moaning in delight. Bruce placed leather booties on the dog’s feet so he wouldn’t scratch her when he became excited. Fred leaped onto the bed bringing his long doggie cock to the door of Barbara’s cunt, spraying her with precum. Fred was obeying his natural urge to mate. He lunged forward skewering Barbara on his slippery cock. He lunged again forcing his knot to the edge of her. He pushed again–hard—forcing the knot into her. She knew what to expect but the suddenness of the intrusion still shocked her. “Ooohh,” she exclaimed as the knot swelled, sealing her pussy. The beast continued to hump with quick short thrusts. Too soon for Barbara the animal completed mating her forcing his semen deep into her womb. She felt completely filled casino firmaları between the stiff cock and the huge quantity of cum. As Fred relaxed his knot began to shrink allowing him to slip from Barbara’s cunt. She was angled down so cum poured from her. Fortunately, Bruce had placed a large towel beneath her, but soon it was soaked. Fred curled upon the floor licking and cleaning himself, no longer interested in his bitch. Bruce, however, was really turned on. Barbara turned when she heard a rustling noise. Bruce was removing his clothes; Barbara just smiled and led him to her. He stood before her and leaned forward. His cock was huge for a man, but Fred’s was just as long. Bruce, however, had the advantage in girth. Fred’s cum would lubricate Barbara so Bruce slid easily into her. They started a rhythm, bringing each to a higher plane of pleasure. They held each other, celebrating their unity—extracting pleasure from each other. They were both fully aroused when it started to hit them. Barbara’s cunt quivered; Bruce’s balls boiled. They kissed and then they EXPLODED, shaking all over before falling together onto the bed. It was getting late so they just climbed under the covers, naked and gooey. Fred moved to the floor below Barbara, circled three times and joined them in sleep.

Chapter 20

Promptly at three the following afternoon Commissioner Gordon welcomed Stephanie and Marianne to his office, marveling at the sight of them. “Please don’t interrupt us,” he told his secretary. He was quite taken by the two young beauties who were dressed more like expensive call girls in tight blouses designed to show off their ample cleavage and matching mid-thigh leather skirts. Completing their outfits were five-inch heels, exactly what Barbara told them to wear. He may have been old but he certainly wasn’t dead. His rarely used cock throbbed at the sight of them. He sat in an armchair, pointing them to a couch. “So,” he started, “What to you two do for Bruce Wayne? He tells me you’re very capable…very capable.”

“Everything,” they chimed in together. “We were instructed to work very closely with you Commissioner…very closely.” They both rose and strode to his chair. Marianne held his tie as she kneeled to kiss him, pushing her tongue past his teeth into his mouth. Stephanie quickly unzipped and pulled his semi-hard cock from his pants.

“Wha…wha..what’s going on here. Oh my God! What do you think you’re doing?” And then, “That is so incredible. No wonder Bruce Wayne speaks so highly of you.” Stephanie had just placed his now rock hard penis into her hot mouth. She was an oral queen. She was accustomed to Bruce’s cock but she was surprised to learn that stodgy old Commissioner Gordon was quite well endowed, himself. She swallowed his cock, his pubic hair pushing against her lips. Marianne, too, was surprised. The Commissioner was a pretty good kisser. Stephanie managed to pull his pants down to his ankles. She pulled away and mounted, pushing his cock deep into her dripping pussy. He managed an appreciative groan into Marianne’s mouth as she continued to kiss him. She managed to rub his balls while Stephanie began to ride him, accelerating her pace. They were both surprised at his staying power, but they failed to take his age into account. Gordon reached with both hands and placed them on Marianne’s breasts, kneading them as they continued their kiss. Marianne groaned under the civil servant’s touch. The Commissioner pushed Stephanie to his desk and did her doggie style. His eight inches pounded her pussy, only giving relief when he withdrew, positioning himself right over her ass. “I’ve never done this before but I’m not wasting this opportunity,” he gasped. Stephanie turned her head and smiled, “Just push it in, Sir. Don’t worry, I can handle it.” And handle it she did. After managing Bruce’s girth the Commissioner’s relatively normal cock was a breeze. He gripped her hips and pistoned her like he was 20, instead of 70. Marianne teabagged the leader of the Gotham City P.D. bringing his orgasm from deep within his body. As he came, Stephanie reversed and took his cock into her throat. Gordon blew several hot thick ropes of cum into her waiting mouth. Marianne joined her and shared his load, then licked him completely clean. He was drained physically and emotionally. ‘It’s going to take a long time to get this list together at this rate,” he surmised.

“Yes,” they stated together. We’ll have to come here over and over until we get it just right, won’t we?”
Commissioner Gordon smiled at this prospect as he collapsed into his well-worn chair.

Commissioner Gordon cancelled all his afternoon appointments for the next week. The list steadily grew, but not as fast as his cock when he saw his two young lovers enter his office. He was careful to lock his door as his secretary commented she had heard some strange noises that first day. All in all he had more sex—much better sex—than he had in the previous ten years, ever since Barbara’s mother had passed away. He often wondered how Barbara would deal with their high level of sexuality. One day, near the list’s completion he asked Stephanie about it. “Mr. Wayne is our Master; we are his slaves. We do whatever güvenilir casino he commands no matter how disgusting or repulsive it may appear.”

“Slaves? I thought that was illegal. He could get into a lot of trouble…slaves, indeed!”

“We are voluntary slaves, Commissioner. Mr. Wayne doesn’t own us. In fact he pays us very well and provides us with room, board, clothes, jewelry, cars…anything we need or ask for. I actually make more money than you do and Marianne is in six figures—a pretty good salary for a 19 year old.”

“Well, what does my daughter think of all this?”

“Barbara is our Mistress. Mr. Wayne offered to get rid of us when they became engaged, but she insisted we stay. We also do whatever she tells us.”

“You mean…sex…with my daughter? That’s preposterous”

“She is our mistress; we do as she instructs. Yes, that has included sex with her, her and Bruce, and both of us. It’s a lot of fun, just like the sex we have. Speaking of which….” Stephanie put down her pen and pad; Marianne followed her lead. Stephanie was out of her clothes in a flash. She stood above Gordon and spread her legs inviting him to lick her tasty cunt. Marianne removed his dick from his pants and went all the way down on him.

“Oh…fuck!” exclaimed Commissioner Gordon, quickly forgetting his indignation as he slurped nectar from Stephanie’s pussy. Suddenly both girls withdrew, led him to the desk and bent over next to each other. “Do me first,” pleaded Marianne. Gordon stepped behind her and pushed into her tight tunnel. She moaned in delight. Then he withdrew and pushed into Stephanie. Stodgy Commissioner Gordon had become quite a swinger in the past week. “Maybe,” he thought, “I’ll try my secretary when these two leave. She’s been flirting with me for years. I’ll bet I can fuck her.” Then he was surprised at his language. He never used profanity before last week. “Aw, fuck it,” he thought, “Who the fuck cares?” He continued to fuck both women until he was ready to cum. “Oh, I’m going to ….”They turned around before he finished, Marianne engulfing his throbbing cock in her mouth. He pushed thread after thread of hot semen into her. Then she swapped with Stephanie and together they cleaned anything left on the softening dick.

The following day they were done with the list and rarely saw Commissioner Gordon again. When he approached his secretary she slapped him and threatened him with a sexual harassment lawsuit. He turned to cheap prostitutes in his quest to duplicate the fun he’d had, but it was never quite the same.

Chapter 21

The wedding was huge—more than 400 guests—although the wedding party was small. The Boy Wonder, Bruce’s ward, Dick Grayson was best man; Barbara’s cousin was maid of honor. The Archbishop had a cold and sneezed his way through the brief ceremony before all retired to the tents pitched on the huge back lawn for the reception. Set up there were fifty-four eight-person tables. Bruce, his bride, Dick and his girlfriend, Barbara’s cousin, and Commissioner Gordon were first to be seated. There was a seat to each side of Barbara’s father. “Why am I over here all by myself,” he inquired.

“There are two others joining us but they will be a little late,” replied the new Mrs. Wayne, the baby within her just starting to show. Suddenly the two guests appeared, as did Commissioner Gordon’s hard-on at the sight of Stephanie and Marianne in matching strapless short gowns—Stephanie in aqua; Marianne in mauve. They leaned in to the Commissioner and each kissed a cheek then watched him turn the brightest shade of red.

“Hi, Commissioner, how nice that we’re sitting together,” purred Stephanie. Marianne ran her hand through Gordon’s hair before they sat down, leaning close to the embarrassed crime fighter. Soon their hands were roaming freely over his thighs. Commissioner Gordon quickly reached for a napkin and spread it over his lap trying to hide his growing erection. When Marianne heard the band strike up the first tune she unzipped his pants and freed his erection. Barbara noticed her father’s discomfort and pointed it out to her new husband. “I don’t think Daddy will be leaving the table anytime soon. Marianne has him well in hand.” At that instant Stephanie “dropped” her napkin as an excuse to take him into her mouth. They had seated him at the wall so everyone’s eyes would be looking away, in the opposite direction. Stephanie licked all around the head of his cock while Marianne reached into his boxers to massage his balls. It was all the Commissioner could do to stop from groaning aloud. Instead, he panted as he started to sweat . “Hot out here, isn’t it?” he said, loosening his bow tie.

“Gee, Daddy, I think it’s nice,” replied Barbara suppressing a grin.

By now Stephanie had his entire erection in her mouth, bobbing up and down beneath the table, hidden by the table cloth. She pulled him to the edge of his chair so Marianne could finger his ass. He hadn’t seen them in more than two weeks so he was really horny—hornier than someone his age had a right to be. He came in a torrent of cum which Stephanie swallowed, licking first her lips and then cleaning his cock. She zipped him before rising back to her seat. “Boy, I didn’t think I’d ever find my napkin under there.”

Commissioner Gordon almost choked; Barbara couldn’t stifle a hearty laugh. This was going to be a fun reception, and an even better life.

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