Bathhouse Heaven Ch. 29

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Riding back after the latest 3 hour bathhouse visit, ass feeling really good in a new way, as if it would love to continue being rimmed and finger fucked for another hour or two. Rarely has a visit started so unevenly, and then ending up revealing – and fulfilling – more about my desires, exposed in a place where they are so easily indulged.

Men are not always ideal cock suckers, actually, particularly when it comes to facial hair. In the porn room, watching some hot jacking and sucking action, the just finished beer added its own enhancement to my stroking. Several weeks had passed since the last visit, making it easier to display my cock to the first man that came in, sitting down on the lowest row beneath me. Clearly a perfect place for a cock sucker to sit, as it turned out. The subtleties of the bathhouse are still something I am learning, after years of visiting.

Getting hard, legs spread, displaying myself, the man below was paying more attention to an approaching set of footsteps than me. Seeing another man turn the corner, to have his cock engulfed quickly. Between watching the real cock sucking and the screen, I was in voyeur heaven – at a place where watching is part of the shared attraction. The blow job continued for a while, turning me hard, as the cock sucked man watched my stroke. After enjoying himself, not cumming so early when at the baths, the man left. Leading to a certain anticipation as I pointed my rod at the cock sucker below me. Fully aware that generally, when at a male only sauna, one cock easily leads to another.

It took only a couple of moments before he turned his attention to me, kneeling on the middle level and taking my horny cock into his soft wet mouth. This is what I had been wanting for weeks, and watching the porn just made the sensations more satisfying. It was so good that poppers were out of the question, sinking into the glorious haze of getting head from a stranger.

Sensations which changed after a while, as his cock sucking started to rub his whiskers over my cock, in an increasingly unpleasant way. It was possible to redirect his sucking whenever it grew too much, but he seemed completely unaware of what I was finding distasteful. Nonetheless, getting sucked and watching porn was attractive enough to put with such things, though with ever less patience.

At some point, my cock no longer really hard, he stood up, and asked for me to fuck him. By this point, my cock was more than a bit sore, my interest waning, though he seemed unaware of that. When he had started going down, I had played with his nipples and tried to reach his cock, but he had no interest in mutual fun, which to be honest tends to be something that reduces my desire. Further, he was blocking the screen, just adding to the lack of desire to do what he asked.

Finally, I left, having to actually force my way past him, finishing off any chance of me doing whatever he wanted.

Though a nice reminder of how easy it is to find sex at the baths, such encounters are not what makes the baths paradise on Earth for men who have enjoyed their delights. I tend to write only about the best experiences, not the mundane or even distasteful, which can occur. Though the visit start was not great, there was also no question that the joy of my cock going into a stranger’s mouth was irresistible, as just had happened. Already providing more than enough enjoyment to ensure my continued interest in going to the baths, regardless of how things developed later.

The next 45 minutes was not much of an canlı bahis improvement in terms of luck – a surprisingly clumsy man in the darkroom, and some distinct unpleasantness in the steam bath, ensuring that I would not be returning to it during this visit.

Around 4:30pm I went upstairs, debating whether this would be the last time exploring before leaving. As it turned out, that was the case, but in a surprisingly satisfactory way.

It is relaxing to simply lay naked in the dark alone, waiting for the next opportunity to arise without concern of time passing. A man came in, soon discovering my extended foot, then stroking upwards. As his hands continued further over my shins, my foot could feel he was still wrapped in a towel. Sliding over the cloth, his cock swelling while pressing and rolling my foot over the stiffening shaft.

We took our time getting turned on, with a nicely increasing intensity, enjoying how well two horny men can play with each other. I first grasped his naked cock as he went down on me, enjoying his luxurious size as his soft mouth slid lower, covering my shaft. He soon began to tempt me with subtle touches, my eager responses to his offering anal delights unmistakable.

We shifted position over time, mainly so that he could keep teasing my horny ass. Something that was turning me into a mindless slut, aided by his talented mouth and tongue. Sliding my leg over his body was an invitation, and when he began tea-bagging me, the pleasure was as addictively wonderful as always, with the extra thrill of knowing my ass was positioned over his face, cock jutting as he played with it.

His cock was jutting too as I stroked it, condoms and poppers in my left hand. My mind was under a spell, both able to plan and unable to resist what was going on. Knowing that at some point, I’d do that first hit, and go down on his gorgeous thick cock. Yet incapable of doing anything but letting him keep me under his control, more than willing to have him have me by the balls. Especially as his tongue seemed to drift ever lower.

Rarely has such a perfect haze of desire fill me, especially considering how well he seemed to know how to make it grow ever better. Anal play has always been something associated with men having sex with other men, and something that has definitely occurred to me at the baths. But this was quite different, as someone who seemed to understand my weaknesses exploited them – with me playing along helplessly. A game I enjoy playing, though generally in his role, being the one taking advantage of someone’s desires to satisfy my own.

I could sense him wetting a finger, making me moan in unstoppable anticipation, then gasp “oh fuck yes” when that coated finger began to touch my soft hole. The sensations were enthralling, as he knew. By now, it was clear enough to my fogged awareness that he was enjoying turning me into his helpless anal slut, just as I have done to many other partners in the past. Knowing what was going on made no difference, helplessly surrendering to his skill.

Starting to really understand what makes being a bottom so attractive, in comparison to rimming. That first bathhouse visit involved the first time getting rimmed by a man, and it was incredible. Since then, a number of experiences have also made a real impression, though the temptation of rimming remains something I cannot resist. Yet now, it felt as if someone was teaching me, something that just increased my concentrating on the sensations.

Something rarely done, even during the two bahis siteleri times I was fucked. In contrast, I have easily fucked more than 20 men over the years, providing an entirely different perspective. One that was getting ever more attractive, deciding to just let him continue, and participate as a willing student, loving their lesson.

His touch grew firmer, starting to press further, making me moan without control, straddling his body, displaying an unstoppable willingness for him to keep using me. Which he did, for an extended period of bliss. A period which ended up with my face near his sexy smelling cock, knowing that I would be sucking it after doing a hit from the magic brown bottle. I’d already run my fingers over his hairy ass crack, making my further interests clear, fully aware of how shared they were likely to be.

His cock was so tempting I could not resist licking and kissing it before taking a deep hit from the magic brown bottle. Going down on his delightfully extended cock, wanting to pleasure him fully as his finger played with my soft hole. My own wettened finger went to his hole, feeling the welcoming softness. As the rush started to fill me, I took his cock deeper as he slowly finger fucked me, enjoying the sensations fully as they expanded through me. Soon, he was being almost deep throated, amazed at how much of his cock I was taking as his finger went in fully.

The cock sucking was like the last visit, as big cocks are starting to be something to be enjoyed, filling my stretched mouth with its soft stiffness, sliding my lips down, tongue pressing along his shaft. No question he was loving it, his finger barely moving as I began to slide my fingertips up and down over his soft ring.

I went down on him for quite a while, and he introduced me to a new pleasure. One that was exquisite, the anal equivalent of playing with the slit of a cock – he rubbed just outside my anus with a slippery fingertip, spreading my cheeks.

The spell that allowed me to imagine the future while lost in the present led to me deciding that my next hit would be when he began rimming me. An appealing idea as he kept sucking my cock, finger manipulating me perfectly. My hips had started to move in rhythm with his finger, my cock wet in his mouth. We were almost 69ing, and he clearly understood how to keep me from cumming as the rush filled my mind with delightfully decadent sensations of pure sexual bliss.

I bent back down to suck his cock, and he positioned my hole over his face. We were at the platform edge, his head and my ass the first thing a visitor would likely encounter of our playing. When his tongue finally touched my hole, my mouth was filled with his cock when doing another hit of rush.

Riding the wave as long as possible, then groaning in animal bliss when his wet finger started to fuck me with willing participation. Merging in sexual delight, utterly explicit about what we were doing. In my case, fully enthralled by anal sex, amazed at how I could make it better the more I let go, letting a man control me completely, yet again discovering how irresistible sex with a stranger can be.

The spell still held me, deciding that the next hit would come when I rimmed him. We had become total sluts with each other especially the way we were enjoying mutual anal games. Particularly the one where he kept finger fucking me so good as I virtually deep throated him, my own wet finger sliding over his sexy soft hole. We continued enjoying dirty fun with each other, the sort of wonderful bahis şirketleri sex that is found so easily at the baths, as has been true for thousands of years. As all repeat visitors know, the baths provide a sexual feast to anyone interested in having sex with other men.

I had been tea-bagging him for a while, making opening the bottle a bit tricky with now slippery fingers. Taking a deep breath, I bent lower, my tongue easily finding his waiting hole, sliding over it. I rimmed him with total abandon, which when so turned on, is even hotter than sucking cock after doing a hit, indulging in the pure decadent satisfaction of being between a man’s legs, tonguing his hot ass. He was under my spell long before I breathed out, my tongue pressing and sliding over his soft anus.

His finger was still inside when we shifted enough so that he could take my cock as I kept licking him. We went into a mutual shared period of sucking, rimming, and fingering, totally open to each other, aware that I was still his bottom even as we shared pleasures equally.

Things blur deliciously after this, reaching paradise. Though at the edge of platform, with the room empty there was no offer being made. Something that changed at some point, as someone appeared who did not take repeated hints to move away. He failed by having no condom and no lube, making it extremely easy to push him away. Plus my teacher kept his finger in my ass after it was clear that I was not interested.

At some point, after repeated mutual sessions of oral/anal enjoyment and a couple more hits of rush, other men began to enter the space. Generally, this had little effect on us, though to my surprise, there seemed to form a five-some without even realizing it. I was straddling my ass licking partner’s face, who was getting sucked as he rimmed me. That I did somewhat understand, knowing that I had been sharing giving head with another man not long ago, as I was rimmed and sucked, playing with the third man’s cock.

Another new man to the right started sucking my cock as the man to my left played with my nipple. An amazing scene, especially after another hit, barely conscious of how it happened as my cock took control, watching four men underneath service me and themselves. This is the sort of thing that fantasy cannot match, something that I have also learned by going to the baths for so long – whatever one reads or hears about men at a gay sauna, the reality of the baths is so much more attractive.

After that group broke up, between several more delicious sessions of mutual rimming and sucking, he said he needed to take a break. Which I gave him, in a certain fashion. I kept my hands running over his body, slowly and teasingly, soon beginning to concentrate on his thighs and ass, leading to us returning to touching wet holes in a couple of delightful moments. We actually did take another real break, both of us just caressing the other for several minutes, until deciding to return to our more intense games.

One memory that stands out is feeling like flying, balanced on his chest, floating almost weightless, centered on the delight of being anally fingered by a man. Another thing that remains vivid is more a series of memories, much like my very first bathhouse visit. Each time I would try to move away, he would keep me helpless, licking or touching my ass so irresistibly that I just gave in, letting him pleasure me. To the point that moving away was just another sign of how completely I wanted to be used like this.

Finally, the games slowed, and he withdrew. Gathering myself together, after going down the stairs, seeing that it was now 6:30pm, Meaning that easily an hour and a half had been spent having sex with a stranger’s finger or tongue on my ass the entire time.

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