Bands of Lust- Chapter III

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Bands of Lust- Chapter III

The Brody that was is gone. He skipped town hours ago. What now lay in Terra’s arms was something else. I’d lost my virginity to the girl I’d loved from afar since sophomore year. I’d always pictured her to be this sweet, charming, funny girl with a laugh that just made the worst days seem like distant memories. And she was all those things, but she was something else, something I hadn’t expected and probably wouldn’t have suspected if not for tonight.

To be honest, I’d only seen them in movies or porn videos. In a way, they were more mythology than reality. But somehow the porno and movies seemed tame compared to the truth. Terra, the girl I loved, was a sex addict. Take that in as best you can. Your brain’s probably telling you that this is probably some weird fantasy, but it isn’t. Your probably as shocked as I was, well, maybe not since you weren’t in my shoes, but you’re nevertheless wondering what the fuck am I to do, because I vowed to be the permanent outlet for her sexual desires for life, or at least as long as I could stand it. That’s how much I love her, and she loves me because of it.

Now I’m lying in her bed on a Saturday morning staring up at her ceiling. I could feel her breasts rising and falling like a calming sea, her heart beat a steady meditating baseline. Her arms were wrapped around my torso, her right thigh lying on top of my groin. She’s still in her striped stockings and fishnet gloves. Her hazel eyes that flipped between loving to lustful on a dime were hidden away, and her brown flowing hair slightly obscured a soft, charming face that had stolen my heart since tenth grade. Did I see myself here back then? I mean really? No. This was simultaneously the dream and the reality. And I still couldn’t believe it.

My clothes were scattered about her room. My dress shirt had most of its buttons thrown about the floor like some wild fortune teller’s failed bone casting. My pants, belt, and underwear were slumbering in a corner; my shoes were a few paces from the bed where I’d tossed them. I still had my socks on. I pulled myself from Terra’s sleeping form and made my way to her bathroom, my eyes landing on her bedside digital clock as I went; it was 6:00 AM. Christ, it’d be light in an hour and I still needed to get the fuck out of dodge before Terra’s loving parents awoke and found me here naked having just satisfied their nympho daughter. Never thought I’d say that sentence at some point in my life.

After removing my sweaty socks, I padded into her bathroom and closed the door. I didn’t bother locking it. I rested my hands on the sink and gazed into the mirror. The sex had drained a few years off my life given my tired, disheveled appearance. My hair was a mess and my eyes seemed glazed. I turned around and regarded the pink claw marks on my shoulder blades. She hadn’t drawn blood, but she’d definitely been close. I turned back to face my twin.

“What the fuck are you doing?” I asked it. “You can’t do this. I know you love her, but come on, this is insane. Be her outlet? The fuck were you thinking you dumbass?” What was I thinking? That was just it, I wasn’t thinking. I was so infatuated with her, so in love with her I made a rash promise without reading between the lines. Now I was stuck with it. I couldn’t just abandon her now, say, “I know I promised I’d stay with you, care for you, and be your outlet, but I’ve realized that was a mistake. Good luck and see you at school. And don’t worry, I won’t tell anyone.” Yeah, right, that’ll go over real smooth, idiot.

“Shit, shit, shit,” I growled. Everything was all wrong. It wasn’t like my dreams, wasn’t like my desires. Somehow those fantasies had been turned on their heads, spun around, and beaten with baseball bats until it resembled some perverted mirror image. “I can’t do this, I can’t do this, I-”

“Brody, are you okay?”

I spun at Terra’s soft, concerned voice. It was the voice I’d heard in my dreams, the one I always loved as I passed her in the hall. That was my Terra’s voice, not the addict within her, but the real Terra, the one I needed to care for, to protect. She stood in the doorway as naked as I’d left her, minus her stockings and gloves. She looked at me with those loving hazel eyes now filled with worry.

“I’m fine,” I answered. “Just, a little cluttered is all.”

She came in, hugged my right arm, and looked at our reflections with her head resting against my forearm. “Is it me?” she asked. “I know that it’s hard to understand, I’m sure I wasn’t what you were expecting, but…I want you to know I still love you.”

We looked at each other. “I’m glad of that,” I said, smiling, trying to seem strong. But she knew what was bothering me.

“Come here,” she said. She led me to the toilet where she sat down, her legs tightly pressed together. I took the floor across from her with my knees drawn up, waiting and wondering. “I…,” she began. She looked at me with tears in her eyes, and I felt I was seeing Terra for the first time.

“Go on,” I said. “I’m listening.”

She wiped the tears away and then started over, but she kept her head lowered, eyes to her lap as she spoke. She didn’t want to see me right now, which was fine. She would when she was ready. “It all began when I was thirteen. I had lost my virginity for the first time then to a sweet boy I’d met in my Algebra class. He was good looking, nice, and athletic, everything my whimsical little heart wanted, at the time at least.

“I’m not sure what came over me during that first passionate night. Sex had been everything my friends had described it to be. The warmth, the pleasure, the love, the pain, all of it was rolled into a tight ball that then exploded into the sky. His name had been Robert, but it was hardly love, I mean not real love. It was lust, but after that night in his house, under the nose of his slumbering parents, something triggered in me. Addiction always starts with the first leap. Some people experience something and then just leave it at that. They just see it as something else to add to their list of things I’ve done in life, but then there are those that take the first plunge and somehow become hooked to it, become addicted. This isn’t just with sex or drugs, normal things like movies, television, internet, can become addicting if the right personality tries it. I’d never thought myself an obsessive personality, but after that night it became clear. I no longer looked at boys as potential boyfriends, but just another body to satisfy my growing desires. As it continued, I bedded countless boys, and they never said anything about it as long as I kept them satisfied. A blowjob here and a hand job there. But when I turned fourteen everything changed. To be honest as terrible as the ordeal was, I thought at the time it might help me, but I was mistaken.”

“What happened?” I asked. Terra was divulging everything about herself. This was a part of her that no one but she and she alone knew. The fact that she was telling me meant that she trusted me, she loved me, and she cared for me. I couldn’t abandon her now, not ever.

She took in a deep breath to gather her thoughts, her breasts heaving in all that secrecy, all that truth to bursting. And as she let it out, the past came pouring from her lips and I was silent for the entire confession, eyes wide, and ears prickling. “Even today I’m not sure why I decided to go with him. I suppose it was my addictive side’s fault for trusting the boy, trusting that it was going to be well. Fuck, I’m so stupid.” Fresh tears formed at the corners of her eyes, and she didn’t wipe them this time, just released them. They streaked down her cheeks one after the other and I was unable to bring myself to stand and wipe them away for her. I didn’t want to see her weep, but she needed to, it was the only way she could continue her story. “The boy was handsome and older. Probably in college, freshman at least, and I’d grown bored with the high school crowd. I was itching to taste something mature, something with experience. The addiction moved my legs, drawing me away from the school and towards the car. I got in and he drove us to a small house. Heh, I actually gave the guy a blowjob the whole way there. I still remember the texture of his shaft, the taste of his cum. I can’t ever forget those sensations, or the ones that followed.

“He escorted me into the house, and it was then that my brain registered the facts. There were three more of them, each one in college and just as handsome. They were all seated on a worn couch in front of a cheap hotel television with the bunny ear antennas. The place had pizza boxes and beer cans tossed about, and it smelled of dust and cigarette smoke.

“‘Look what I’ve got here, guys,’ he said. ‘This bitch gave a nice good blowjob on the way here and I figure she’d do the same for you all, isn’t that right?’ He held my shoulders tightly, and though my brain was telling me to go. To shake loose and hit the sidewalk, my legs wouldn’t move. ‘Well, come on, babe, get to it,’ he said. I shook my head. ‘I think I need to get out,’ I said. But he didn’t care; he shoved me into his friends who didn’t waste time. They forced me to the ground, and though I screamed as loud as I could I knew it wouldn’t do anything. There’s no heroes left to rescue damsels in distress, just dragons looking for something to burn.

“They ripped my clothes from my body. My jeans unbuttoned and unzipped without my consent. I struggled to keep them up, but they held my hands down. The jeans hit their wall with a hard slam, and then they dug their casino şirketleri fingers into the hem of my panties, and that’s when the terror gripped the hardest. I started shrieking and fighting back. ‘No! Please don’t, please don’t do this, I don’t want this!’ I kicked at them and actually managed to draw blood from one of their lips, but all that did was get me a swollen right eye. In my dizziness they’d managed to tear my panties from my hips and take the red top I’d been wearing off along with my bra. I was naked, confused, and shaking. I, God, they didn’t stop.” She finally wiped the streaming tears from her eyes, the salt thick rivers falling to the tile as she flicked her wrist. She was struggling to keep the story going, the recall like having a rusted foot long screw bored into your skull with all your pain receptors jacked up to hellfire. A part of me wanted her to stop, to just let her sob continuously into my shoulder. But then there was the other part that told me this needed to happen. She needed to tell this story, needed to let someone else know, needed to share her pain in order to better bear it in the future. And God forgive me, I didn’t move.

“They took turns, each of them taking away what honor I had left. I felt them within me at all times, second long intervals being the only reprieve I had as they switched and then it began again. Every part of me was violated that day. Not even my addict self could react to the sex. It wasn’t good, it was hell. My body was ravaged raw and the bastards came inside of me, by the end of it, even today I’m not sure how long they violated me, minutes, hours, it’s impossible to tell, I was left unconscious on the floor sprawled like some conquered beast, their fucking cum leaking from me and churning in my belly.” Terra’s eyes seemed to gloss over as she spoke, the world becoming a mist, her voice flowing out from some infinite ocean. “When I finally came to, the guys were standing around me, grinning, and their cocks straight and ready to go again. I feared then that they’d do just that. I thought I’d never leave that house. I’d remain there as their prisoner satisfying their carnal urges for the rest of my life until they got tired of me or I simply died. But they didn’t. They just stood watching as I stood on quaking legs, gathered up my clothes and began to dress myself. I wasn’t even sure it was me by this point; my mind was so twisted that it might as well have been happening to some other girl. I stepped into my dirt stained panties, my bra, my jeans, and my top. I swear I could still feel their cum inside of me creating an unwanted child, the offspring of four rapists. As that thought crossed my mind, I collapsed to my knees and vomited on the rug, and they just laughed at me. Then a heel slammed me to the ground. ‘Get the fuck out, bitch, we’re through with you.’ It was the boy who’d lured me, and I hated him. I wanted to jump on him and bite out his jugular, claw out his eyes, maybe bite off that smug dick of his, taste his blood in my mouth like a satisfied she-wolf, but I didn’t. I just stood up and walked out, the stench of the violations following me onto the sidewalk.”

Terra stopped and just stared down at her trembling hands, her thighs squeezed tighter than before, tears forming celestial dew patterns in her palms. “Several weeks later I started getting sick. I was vomiting, getting feverish, always waking up cold or trembling, covered in sweat. I had pains throughout my body. I thought I was pregnant, but when my period came that was the luckiest day in my life. I thought the pain would stop after that, but it continued. It became painful to masturbate, and I felt like shit for entire days, entire weeks. It wasn’t until I collapsed in front of my parents that I found out what had happened. The doctor had explained that I’d contracted an STD, and that the damage it’d done was such that the only way to really help me would be a hysterectomy.”

“They took it out?” I asked, shocked.

“Yeah,” she said, trying to form a smile, but it faltered at the last second. “I thought that not having it would mean my addiction, the one that got me into this mess to begin with, would stop, but it got worse. I guess, without the possibility of pregnancy, all the restrictions were removed, and my body just wanted to become showered in pleasure. I couldn’t stop it; even remembering what happened to me didn’t stop it. Hell, soon I started taking two, three, even four guys home with me because having sex with one boy just wasn’t enough. I was left wanting.”

That was how I felt. I would need to satisfy her needs the same as four guys, and I knew I didn’t have the energy or resolve to do that. Eventually, it’d overwhelm me. The only chance I saw was to hopefully kill her addiction, but how the hell do you do that? This wasn’t some heroin addict or alcoholic, this was psychological, exasperated by a terribly traumatic event. There was no way I could cure her of something like that.

“I never told my parents what had actually happened to me,” said Terra. “They think it happened with some boy, whose name I never gave them. They were sad that I couldn’t bear children anymore, but they were gladder that I was still with them I suppose. They still don’t know about my addiction, and I feel I’ll never be able to really tell them.”

“Where do they think you go at night?” I asked.

“I’ve gotten really good at sneaking in and out,” she replied.

I can’t do this, I thought. This is impossible, yet, I don’t want to leave her. She’ll just go back to what she’d been doing long before last night. Fucking one or four guys in order to satisfy an animal she’d lost control over. I couldn’t let her do that, I’d feel awful the rest of my life if I did.

She’d stopped crying. She sobbed once and a while, but the tears had drained. She sat motionless on the toilet with her hands on her lap and her head bowed.

Eventually, I managed to find my voice underneath all the madness. “I’m sorry that happened to you,” I said. “And I promise it’ll never happen again.”

The mask of surprise and hope she wore, as if her knight in shining armor that normal Terra had been waiting for all this time had finally come galloping on his white horse, lit a bonfire in my heart that hadn’t been there. All the doubts I’d been having were gone. I probably couldn’t do this, but Goddammit I was gonna try like hell.

I stood, stepped forward, and then fell to one knee gazing up into Terra’s blinking, tear streaked, wonderful visage and said, “Terra, I, Brody, promise to be here for you always no matter what, whether it’s to keep you company when you’re feeling down or to satisfy that other part of you so you don’t have to suffer alone.” I bowed my head, took her hand in mine and kissed it deeply and lovingly.

Tears crept to the corners of her eyes, but it wasn’t sorrow or depression that flowed to the surface of her gentle features, but pure joy, pure hope. She leapt from the toilet, tackled me to the ground (the cold linoleum sent a shockwave up my spine that made me jump in surprise) and kissed me hard and long. Her arms held me in a lover’s embrace. It was warm and sweet and promising. “Thank you,” she said. “I love you, Brody.”

My cheeks flushed. Her words seemed superficial, fictional really, but they were real. I’d only heard those words in my dreams, and I knew by the cold stings of the linoleum on my bare flesh that this wasn’t a dream. Those words had flowed from her heart with all the sincerity and conviction that a woman of her beauty could produce, and in that moment my soul left my body and soared into the heavens seeking the bosom of God. When I returned to myself I was hugging her, our bodies curled into an intertwined ball on the floor of her bathroom, our lips inseparable, our hearts beating as one. And the fire that consumed us wasn’t wild, it was controlled and life giving. This was the Terra I’d fallen in love with sophomore year, and she’d said she loved me.

“I love you to, Terra,” I said. “I’ll never leave you.”

“Me neither,” she said. “I’ll do the best I can to fight, but I’ll need help.”

“You’ve got it,” I assured her.

We stared at each other for a while and then broke into heavy beats of whimsical laughter. We were children again who’d just remembered a great joke at the same time. Then the laughter died down and we wiped fresh comedic tears from our eyes and smiled into one another’s brightened features.

Terra sighed. “I could really use a shower,” she said.

“Likewise,” I said.

“Wanna shower together?” she asked, a sly feline seduction lacing her playful suggestion.

I made a mock of a growl. “You read my mind, babe,” I said with James Bond smoothness.

“Ooh, ‘babe’, I like that,” she replied.

“I’m glad,” I said. “Now, let’s get in the shower before we mess up your floor.”

She giggled. “Right,” she replied.

We got up. Hand in hand we cast back the flower patterned shower curtain and stepped into her tub. She slid them closed and then turned the knob releasing a heavy waterfall of warmth over our sweaty, quasi-cool bodies, and then our ignited libidos took over.

We tumbled into it I suppose was the best way to describe it. Beneath the steady pearls of warm water our inhibitions were lifted up and tossed out of the wrestling ring by more primal essences that seemed to fill our bodies down to the tips of our fingers and the bulbs of our toes. We were marionette puppets on aphrodisiac coated strings dancing to some 70s porno funk tune only the two of us could hear. casino firmaları It awoke Terra’s other side like an adrenaline shot to the heart, and I was on my feet for about five seconds before I was lying in the tub feeling the churning puddle of water beneath my back and ass. I was confused; mind racing through years of categorized porn memories to pinpoint what the hell was coming next, but before I could take a guess her thick, luscious thighs were on either side of my soaked head and I was staring up dumbfounded into a slick, loosely moist pussy, and I knew it wasn’t from the water.

Terra looked back along her body at my puzzled face. “You ever been 69’d before?” she asked.

My reply caught in my throat momentarily, the implications of the question sluggishly sinking into my brain. Eventually I managed to say, “You’re my first remember? And no, I haven’t.”

“Then this should be fun,” she said.

Before I could further the conversation, she lowered herself down onto my face burying my nose and mouth into her slick folds. For a moment I thought I’d suffocate, but somehow I was still breathing. My breath was hot, and it just made her lightly spasm and buck. Her cunt clenched and unclenched hungrily, waiting for stimulation. I didn’t leave those moist folds waiting for too long. My hands moved and latched onto her ass like talons and spread her inner petals with my thumbs revealing that warm tunnel. I found her clit swelled and peeking up expectantly from beneath its hood. I barely touched it with the tip of my tongue before she let out an ecstatic sigh and bucked. Here we go again, I thought.

She didn’t waste precious time either. As soon as my tongue had pressed that button of hers, she took my length down her throat with practiced expertise. Soft, moist lips gripped tight, but comfortably, creating a vacuum suction as she bobbed her head up and down in a slow, coaxing rhythm. And her tongue, God, it was like a Boa slithering and slathering about my shaft coating it in saliva and drawing shivers and quakes from me as it traced the pulsing veins, her hot breath tingling my skin playfully.

I worked my mouth to exhaustion, jaw burning, but I kept at it, kept my resolve. I plunged my tongue in and out of her honeysuckle folds, the bonfire within heating my tongue and lips. I took time running my tongue from the swell of her clit up to her pulsing vagina to keep her peaked, raising that temperature of hers. My neck was giving me trouble, but I ignored it. I buried myself in those lips, tasting the nectar oozing out, swallowing its sweetness. After awhile, she began to grind back onto my face, hips churning as her lips pressed down around me to swallow my tongue and feel the sensations it provided as it plunged deep, slurping at the walls. I worked my thumb on her clit as I drank. Pressing and pinching it just to hear her moan and groan and buck like some feral animal.

The faster I worked on her, the faster she worked on me. She never once gagged, a testament to her years of practice, though I wasn’t sure if this made me feel good or not. I hated that she was so good at this, but I was also relieved because I was sure as hell playing it by ear with nothing but porno as my repertoire to pull from. I suppose I was getting better, but who the hell really knew, I sure as hell wasn’t in an enough reasonable state to contemplate such a question. I was just itching for some pussy was all. One hand massaged my balls with a delicate touch like she was handling precious gemstones. She slurped and breathed and moaned, my cock vibrating with pleasure. At times, on the upstroke, she let her top teeth gently scrape the bottom of my dick sending lighting into my system and making me moan and groan into her own soaked regions, which just kept the cycle of unfettered lust going.

I bucked just a bit, not wanting to jam my cock in her mouth like some over eager asshole, but more to ease the strain on her. She gave my head a break as she worked her cunt on my face a bit more, my tongue needing to do little else than just be out. I switched thumbs on occasion, keeping up the stringent regiment of stimulation on her clit, the pink nub twitching and pulsing beneath my touch.

We worked one another like this until our bodies peaked. Lightning shot through us both, stiffening us. I felt her cunt clench up and begin to grind faster and faster. I bucked a bit more as her mouth turned into a V8 piston driving my orgasm to the surface. I felt my balls tighten as her pussy snapped around my tongue and this time didn’t let go. I stiffened just as she did. We both screamed to the heavens as our orgasms went supernova. My seed sprayed her throat and she gobbled every ounce like some starved beast, while her syrupy nectar invaded my senses. I slurped every drop as she spasmed above me, her last orgasm dissipating. She released my pulsing cock, and before I could take a breath, she spun herself around and stared down at me before she impaled herself.

I groaned with sensitivity as my already engorged cock was plunged into a burning forge slick with sweat and cum. She just sighed and then began the slow and easy grind as she brought herself back to her sexual summit. I placed my hands on her hips and thrust up, meeting her down strokes with a wet slap that seemed to echo louder than the water.

Her hair was plastered to her face in soaked clumps. I pushed the few strands I could behind her ear or back behind her head to reveal those loving features of hers. She pressed her palms onto my chest and just rocked.

“Come here,” I said. She lowered herself and I met her lips. The kiss was passionate and heavy, our tongues tasting one another’s essence as they danced. I gripped her ass, spread her wide, folded my legs in and just thrust up into her with strong deliberation. She bucked and cried with surprise and pleasure as I pushed deep, savoring the wet, burning touch of her sex. My senses went hi-res. I could see everything, feel everything. The slap of my balls against her ass, her supple tits pressed against my heaving chest, the bitter, sour, and sweet taste of each other as we kissed and held one another.

She bounced back on me, our thrusts colliding like asteroids, shattering our senses into billions of star clusters. We were both raw, our sensitivity making us growl and groan with beautiful agony as we drove each other over the edge. As her walls clutched and released my twitching length, I plunged deeper into those folds seeking out that one needle point shot of ecstasy that’d have her convulsing and howling like a wolf on top of me. I focused my senses on that as I increased speed, the collision of our flesh resounding and growing into one long crescendo of euphoria that ripped away all understanding of reality. There was only the desire for escape, for carnal release. I grunted and growled into her mouth as I thrust harder, slamming my cock into her cunt with such force that she was barely keeping up. She slammed back onto me with greater ferocity, trying to outdo me. That’s what it came down to, each of us trying to drive the other to the edge and over, first. We turned it into a game. I plunged deeper, my thrusts the piston of a locomotive at top speed. She pushed back, but I was there to shove up. She took me without regret, her folds swallowing and holding me with greater and greater urgency. We were there, both of us teetering on the precipice, an ocean of light below. Sweating and growling like animals, we pushed ourselves over, our hips grinding and pounding on pure unfettered sexual potency. The white light rushed up to meet us. We plunged in, and then our bodies seizured as my balls emptied themselves once again into her starving core. She howled and screamed, bucking and grinding down on my length intent to make the moment last, to accept every jet that erupted within her. I growled through clenched teeth, eyes shut, as my hips thrust into her continuously for a few seconds before settling. She ground down on me for a bit before relaxing. Exhausted and panting, we lay on top of one another for a spell.

“Fuck,” sighed Terra.

“That felt good,” I replied, staring up at a white ceiling.

“Fuck,” replied Terra with a laugh.

I laughed too. “You ready for thirds?” I asked.

“Yeah,” she replied. “But, I want something different.”

I gave her a puzzled expression. “What do you mean?”

She straightened up and sat back. I adjusted to take her sudden weight. “I want you to fuck my ass,” she replied.

I just stared at her. Was she serious or just fucking with me? (No pun intended)

She just kept smiling.

“You’re serious,” I said, after a beat.

“Yeah,” she replied. “Why? Is it too weird?”

I nodded. “A little,” I said.

“Don’t worry,” she replied. “It’ll be good.”

I opened my mouth to say some more, but she put a finger to my lips stitching them shut.

“Just say, ‘Yes’”

I blinked, breathed, and then replied, “Okay.”

Okay, I’ll take this time to admit that fucking a chick in the ass has been a rather odd interest of mine. However, you guys need to remember that I never expected myself to ever come into the opportunity to try it, let alone with Terra. So, here’s the girl of my dreams who’ve I’ve pined over for a good three years or so, asking me, no, commanding me to fuck her in the ass. Putting obvious health, moral, or religious issues aside, would you really say no in my position? I didn’t think so. To see Terra on all fours, head resting on her folded arms while her plump ass just floated before my eyes like some güvenilir casino long lost artifact doused in glittering dew drops from the showerhead, well, let’s just say my health, morals, and God took a vacation.

My hands were shaking as they touched the swell of her cheeks, fingers and thumbs gripping hard as they spread her wide, the puckered eye of her ass gazing up at me like a condemning judge. My mother’s voice suddenly burst through my mental walls saying, This is wrong and you know it. This is against God’s teachings. Not to mentioned AIDS and HIV. You don’t need to be gay, son, I read somewhere that even a straight man can get AIDS by putting his penis in the wrong hole. Granted, my mother would have never said anything remotely similar to the little mom voice in my head, but it definitely had her overprotective, conservative nature in it, which made me chuckle a bit.

“Is something wrong?” asked Terra, breathing lustfully as her fingers massaged her swollen, quivering clit and probed her soaked tunnel. Her ass bucked a bit, asshole winking at me to begin. I had to bite back a streak of laughter.

“Nothing,” I replied. “Um, should I put my fingers in first to, you know, loosen you up?”

“If you want,” she replied, exasperated. “But, I’d rather you just get in there, sweetheart.”

Sweetheart, she called me sweetheart, I thought. My cock stiffened in a flash. Holding her cheeks wide, I pressed the helmet of my cock against the impossibly small opening of her asshole and she bucked and pushed back on me.

“Hurry up,” she breathed, fingers deftly exploring the depths of her cunt with slick excitement.

“Here I go,” I said. Gritting my teeth, I pushed my cockhead against that opening and felt it resist, but as I kept it up the hole began to yield, stretching willingly as the pair of us pressed against one another. Eventually, I was able to get the tip in, and with a few mildly painful grunts and growls from both of us, Terra’s ass swallowed my head and tightened about it like a tourniquet. “Jesus fucking Christ that’s tight,” I said.

“Don’t stop,” she panted.

With an exhaustive grunt of effort, I plunged my length to the balls and felt Terra’s sphincter, I think that’s the right word, but don’t call me on it, clamp down on me strangling my cock like a hanger’s noose. She bucked and cried out in a mixture of surprise and ecstasy that seemed a choir of cherubs to my ears. “Does it hurt?” I asked her, breathing steadily, the act of getting my dick into her ass rather daunting, believe me, it ain’t easy.

There was a moment of silence as she just breathed and sighed desirously, and then she managed to say, “A bit, but it’s okay. Just, keep moving, I’ll loosen up and it’ll get easier.”

“Alright,” I replied. Clamping down on her hips, I drew my length out about half-way, her lips parting with a groan of pleasure, and then plunged it deep. She bounced and then growled. I repeated the gesture until I felt comfortable, and then started a steady fuck rhythm that wasn’t too draining on me, or her. I could feel her ass pulling on my cock, trying desperately to suck it back in as it was simultaneously instinctively trying to shove it out because, well, it wasn’t supposed to be in there, right? For some reason I thought of a vacuum cleaner tube, don’t ask why cause I’m about as clueless as you are, but that’s what it felt like to me as her ass became a vise sucking and pushing in time with my thrusts. At times I was slow and steady, and when I could I pounded her raw, our flesh crying out with each moist impact.

Though I couldn’t see it, I figured that given how much Terra was shoving back on my cock; ass bouncing like a stripper’s on Saturday night, and the plethora of animal noises pouring from her throat, her fingers were working her cunt ferociously. Slender fingers, her best friends in the world, shoved themselves into her moist folds eagerly driving her towards climax, while her thumb worked double-duty massaging and grinding the fuck out of her engorged clit, which accounted for the surges of electrical stimulation that got her bucking and shoving back harder and harder the longer I fucked her widening ass. I could feel her loosening, adjusting to my cock intruding where it shouldn’t have been. Even so, it was still a narrow fit.

“That’s it, Brody, keep it up, I’m nearly there,” she growled. “Oh, God, I can feel you through my pussy.”

I didn’t need to ask to confirm that. It was a light touch, but I swore I could feel the pressure of her knuckles and massaging fingertips through the membrane wall separating her cunt from her asshole. The entire experience was mesmerizing, a carnivorous hunger rising in me from the depths of my soul. I wrapped one arm about her torso and then yanked her back until we were both upright, her curved back scraping against my heaving body. I nuzzled her neck with my nose and then began kissing the nape as one hand massaged her breasts, nipples granite spikes. Between my thumb and forefinger I elicited grunts and yelps of painful lust as I worked her tits expertly, pinching, twisting, and pressing with timed precision. My other arm held her soaked stomach as I continued to grind up into her ass, which was now wholly impaled on my dick driving her already batshit crazy nympho mind into its final laps. As I suckled her neck, lips sucking and teeth biting lovingly, I glanced down and watched her hand plunge the depths of her pussy. The showerhead sprayed us all the while, our bodies glistening and slipping. It took all my focus to keep from slipping on my feet, while making sure I didn’t stop thrusting. For a brief moment, the image of slipping and hearing my cock break like a twig stuck in a sidewalk crack as all of Terra’s abruptly shifting bodyweight was brought down on it crept into my skull. With a shake of my head and a low keyed grunt of exasperation and approaching orgasm, I shoved the stupid worst case scenario into the darkness and pistoned into her with such mounting aggression that she actually looked back at me in wonder. At last, I’d done something unexpected, something even she had trouble knowing I could do. That’s right, babe, I thought. I’m here to stay.

“Oh, fuck, Brody, yes, that’s it, right there, don’t stop,” she yelled.

Stop? Fuck that (no pun intended), I amped it up to eleven. With a growl, I thrust up into her gyrations, speeding up to the best I could manage without slipping on the tub’s porcelain like some idiot. I felt her ass clench up around my cock. My balls tightened and I plunged my cock up to the hilt as I exploded within her. A second behind me, her orgasm struck her like a megaton nuke. Her voice exploded from her core like a banshee’s cry that crackled towards the end as her throat muscles strained with the sheer magnitude of her climax. I watched her pussy turn into a fountain as she came, grinding down on her hand in quick, dissipating bursts of mini-orgasms. Unable to stop, I continued to pound into her as my dick emptied. Once I felt her calm, I made a few careful movements and managed to pull out. The water washed the cum from my cock in a matter of seconds. Terra slumped back into my arms breathing heavily, exhausted as I was. She curled up close, our hearts eventually beating in tandem, and then tilted her head to gaze lovingly into my contented face.

“How was that?” I asked.

“Epic,” she said.

I laughed.

She laughed.

We remained like that beneath the downpour for a while, just enjoying the warmth of our forms, listening to the trickle of water off our skin, the Apache war drum beats of our hearts. After about a minute, Terra said, “What are you doing this afternoon?”

I inhaled deeply and let it out. “Whatever you want,” I said.

“We can go to the mall,” she said.

“That sounds fine.”

“I’ve got to buy some new lingerie,” she said, not to anyone in particular.

“You don’t have enough?” I asked, jokingly.

She grinned playfully up at me. “Well, I need to know what my new boyfriend likes,” she exclaimed.

I smiled wide. “Well, then, I’ll meet you there around one?”

“That sounds good,” she said. Nestling into me a bit more, she straddled me, put her arms around my neck, and just stared at me.

“You want more?” I asked.

She shook her head. “No, not just yet,” she said. In my head I breathed a sigh of relief. “I just want to thank you, for everything. I’ve never really had a real boyfriend, and now I know what it’s like to actually love someone, not just lust after them.”

“I’m glad,” I replied. I pushed her hair back, and massaged her cheek lovingly. “You’re the girl of my dreams. There’s literally nothing I wouldn’t do for you.”

“I know,” she said. For an instant, she turned away and got this look of uncertainty in her eyes. I didn’t much like it. After awhile, just before I was able to say something, she turned back with an expression of caution, as though she were thinking deeply about what she was going to say, and then said, “Will you help me get rid of my addiction?”

My senses were floored. Surprise came over my face briefly before replaced by sheer terror. She seemed to catch on and I felt her ease away from me. That look of caution, twisted into something I took to be despair. And before my mind could catch up with my mouth I said, “Yes.”

Her face lit up. “Really?” she asked, hopeful.

“Yeah,” I heard myself saying. “Definitely.”

Fresh tears came to her eyes and she wiped them away. “Thank you so much, Brody,” she said. Then she pressed back into me and rested her head against my chest. “Thank you so much.”

“You’re welcome,” I said. The white ceiling and I made eye contact once more.

Your addiction, I’ll get rid of it, I thought. Fuck.

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