Bad Girl Sonya Ch. 01

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The reverberation of the door slamming behind him had barely ceased as he felt two hands on his chest pushing him back onto the bed. He was about to protest but a hand across his mouth caused him to rethink his comment. She kneeled on the bed beside him, spun on one of her knees and replaced her hand with her groin.

Tony was expecting a mouth full of cotton underwear but was instead muted by soft moist flesh. Sonya expertly dropped her pussy directly on his mouth; she was already wet in anticipation, which explained the moistness of her labia and vagina. His tongue found the entrance to her vagina and probed as deeply as he could. Sonya began to slide her pelvis backwards and forwards along his face after that initial probe. His tongue ran from her anus to her clit, sucking and probing as it travelled. She waited at certain points to allow him to suck on her clitoris, to probe her vagina and her anus depending on what her mood fancied at that moment. His earlier thoughts of protestation melted as her tasted her juices.

Her hands busied themselves unbuckling his jeans exposing his now rigid cock. To her delight, it sprang to attention the moment she released it from his underwear. Reaching forward, she engulfed the organ in her mouth. The resultant change of angle of her pelvis presented her clitoris to his tongue again. He latched on with his tongue as strong as possible and began to masturbate her. The sensation distracted her – it felt so erotic, she forgot about bahis firmaları her own oral activities, the sense of an approaching orgasm engulfed her.

Tony both sensed and felt the orgasm. Her oral movement had stopped. Initially she collapsed her pelvis on his face and Tony felt the rush of fluid on his face followed by the clamping of her legs on his face as the orgasm intensified. He was trapped.

As her spasm subsided, she realised that she had a mouthful of Tony’s cock which she fortunately hadn’t bitten down on. She reached across to the bedside table, opened a condom and placed it over his penis, covering it liberally with lube cream. She turned around to face him, slowly lowering herself onto his organ. She began to kiss and lick his face, tasting the juices she had left after the orgasm. He could sense Sonya guiding his shaft and it was not until the head had penetrated that he realised he had entered her arse. She rocked backwards and forwards, the tightness of her sphincter stimulating the entire length of his organ.

He loved anal sex, she knew he loved it as well. He was desperately trying to hold out as long as possible, but he felt the grumbling in his groin and knew it was a hopeless cause. His first spurt had already gone before he heard her muffled request for him to fill her. Her request was superfluous – he had already started. He concentrated on the bliss of orgasm, pumping his pelvis against her buttocks repeatedly until he was spent.

He kaçak iddaa felt disappointed that he had ejaculated so quickly, but her re-assurance and loving strokes on his brow soon had him dozing blissfully.

Her plan was coming to fruition. Tony happily dozed oblivious to her activities.

What caused him to wake a short time later was Sonya straddling his face again. She had removed his condom and emptied its contents on his abdomen. She was gently lapping at the pool of semen rubbing her pussy on his face with each exaggerated lap action. His tongue and lips searched for her clitoris but she was angled too far forward. He went to move his hands to grip her buttocks to bring her back further so he could again taste her but his hands were immobile. Looking over, he could see that he had been tied arms spread across the bed.

She sensed his movement. He can wait she thought until I finish this pool. She continued to lazily lap at the semen while Tony sensed that he was to remain still lest he be punished. It didn’t take her very long to finish. She sat back on the bed and engaged him in their first conversation.

“You remember screwing me in the office?” she asked. He nodded. “You left me craving for more, and now I going to have my more.” He didn’t know what that was going to entail, but he knew that he’d have to be at his best.

She crawled off the bed and delved into the top draw of the bedside cabinet. Removing a small crop. She tapped his kaçak bahis legs lightly and ordered him to move down the bed. He dangled his legs off the edge of the bed, bent at the knees, his feet being on the carpet. She slapped his knees a little harder demanding that he spread them apart. She knelt between his knees, took his semi-rigid shaft in her hand and gently began to masturbate him. Slowly, Herman began to respond. She sucked the head, her tongue probing the tip. Her hands massaged his testicles, each in turn before she lowered her mouth to take each of the spheres orally.

Now that she had him sufficiently rigid, she stood, turned, bent forward and guided his penis into her vagina. Tony could do very little by way of thrusting, but Sonya had full control and was impaling herself on him, one hand ensuring that his cock stayed where she intended, the other furiously masturbating her clitoris. The explosion of her orgasm made her feel like she was floating and the rush of fluid in her hands was evidence that bit had been monumentally large.

As she recovered, she turned to face him. Tapping his chest with the small crop, she praised him. “Good boy, nearly there now.” She straddled his groin, inserting him into her spasming vagina again, she rode him squatting on top, angling herself to ensure that her g spot was rubbed with each stroke. He next orgasm was also intense. He could feel the fluid rush down his groin as she collapsed on top of him.

Slowly she sat back, started untying his limbs muttering, “Hmmm, I’ve been a bad girl.” Herman needed no further encouragement to stand at rigid attention. She would need to be punished and he knew exactly how this would be metered out …

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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