Back to the Farmers Market

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“I liked what you wore last week better,” I said to Randy while glancing around to make sure his parents were busy waiting on somebody else.

“Pop didn’t think it was a good idea to wear something like that here,” Randy said with a grin about the sweatpants he was wearing last week, through which the contour of his penis was very visible. “He told me people might get the wrong idea.”

“Father knows best,” I said while looking at the baggy slacks Randy had chosen to wear instead.

“You here for another planter?” Randy asked.

“Not really. I’m just looking around.”

“Maybe there’s something else I can interest you in,” Randy asked. “We’ve got some hardy mums that you might like.”

“Mmm – don’t think so,” I said after glancing briefly at the flowers.

“I think I know what you want,” Randy said in a whisper. “I also think I might have what you’re looking for too.”

“You’re wise beyond your years,” I whispered back at the baby-face with the dazzling white teeth that contrasted so nicely with Randy’s chocolate colored skin and full dusty rose-hued lips. “Can you get away?”

Randy looked over at his mother and father, who were occupied at the other side of their booth, and gave me a curt nod along with a sly wink.

“Same place?” I asked, and when Randy nodded and whispered that he would be there in 10 minutes, I spun away, not wanting to draw his parents attention.

I felt sleazy luring an 18 year old boy like that, especially within sight of his parents, who were in their mid-40’s and a good ten years my junior, but my pussy had been on fire all week just thinking about last Saturday.

Just thinking about Randy’s long stiff cock erupting in my mouth had inspired me to get myself off three times over the course of the last week. None of my orgasms matched the intensity of the one I had experienced last week with Randy last week, and now as I headed for the woods behind the Farmers Market I was yearning for another earth-shaking experience.

I remembered the way to our special place, snaking my way back from the main path to the tiny clearing that was shielded from the Marketplace and the road on the other side of the woods, and reached into my bag with a chuckle.

“Randy will get a kick out of this,” I said aloud as I set down the little rubber mat that I often used when gardening to make it easier on my knees. Along with being more comfortable that kneeling on the ground, it also served another purpose by keeping my legs clean.

“Can’t go home with dirty knees again,” I muttered as I assumed the position to test it out. “Mmmm… hurry up Randy.”

My hand went under my skirt and between my legs, feeling the first hint of moistness already forming along the opening of my pussy. Just thinking about how nasty I was being was enough to get my juices flowing, and now I could hear rustling out from the main body of the woods.

How embarrassing would it be, I thought to myself, if instead of Randy a cub scout leader and his pack happened to walk back here and see me like this, on my knees with my fingers in my pussy?

“Hello?” came the lyrical voice that sang instead of spoke the word, and then Randy appeared, looking so good.

“Hello yourself,” I said, giving the gorgeous guy a big smile that I wanted covered with his cum as soon as possible. “I came prepared this week. See what I…”

My words froze in my mouth when from behind Randy emerged another person. A man taller, heavier, older and blacker than Randy. His father.

“No no no,” Randy was saying as he put his hand on my shoulder, keeping me in place as he got to me before I could get up. “I like you just the way you are now. You know my father, right?”

I nodded, feeling my face burn with humiliation as the boy’s father joined us.

“My boy told me what you did to him last week,” his father said, his voice deep and soothing. “Couldn’t hardly believe it. Nice lady like you. Always so prim and proper looking, and then Randy here tells me what you did to him.”

“I don’t know what to say. I’m sorry,” I mumbled.

“Sorry?” Dad said, breaking into a hoarse chuckle. “Hell, my boy here wasn’t sorry. Said you gobbled his meat like a wolverine.”

“Dad – he wanted to see for himself,” Randy said. “Didn’t think you’d mind.”

“I can’t,” I said, my voice barely audible because my mouth had gone dry on me all of a sudden.

“Here,” Randy’s father said, pulling a pint bottle of Jim Beam from the deep pocket of his carpenter jeans. “Wet your whistle.”

I hadn’t drank straight liquor since college but I grabbed the bottle and took a long swallow. It burned going down but it served the purpose of calming me a bit.

“Show my father how good you are,” Randy said. “Make me proud of you.”

I looked over at the hulking figure of Randy’s father, and if I had thought that the man’s physique was imposing enough when chatting with him at his stand at the Farmers Market, the sight of this man from this position on my knees was truly intimidating. The only saving grace was his casino şirketleri smile, which was just as warm and friendly as it had always been.

“Marie?” Randy said, his lilting voice bringing me back to earth.

“Don’t mind me,” Randy’s father said as he put his hand on the tree which was at my back. “Pretend I’m not here.”

Easier said than done, I thought to myself as I took a deep breath and steadied myself by putting my hands on my thighs. For one thing, the man I was supposed to be pretending wasn’t there was probably about 6’4″ and well over 200 pounds. The other thing was that the man who was directing the show was Randy’s flesh and blood father.


My hands were shaking as I tried to unbuckle Randy’s belt, and I refused his father’s offer of another drink to calm me down, because the one I had forced down was doing cartwheels in my stomach as it was.

Steady Marie, I told myself as I managed to get the belt undone, wishing that Randy had worn the sweat pants again this week because now I had to coax his pants down his legs. Beautiful legs they were too, I noted as the fabric exposed their wiry smoothness, and there it was, hidden underneath white satin boxer shorts.

I could see the outline of his sex clearly through the briefs, and when I ran my hand over the bulge I could tell Randy was semi-erect already. The briefs eased down without hesitation, and then Randy’s chocolate toned penis came into view. When my eyes came upon his beautiful member, I actually did forget about his father hovering over us.

The sound of Randy’s moan as my lips slid down his dick made me shudder along with him, and I took the opportunity to let my mouth completely envelop him, my nose brushing into the tight curls of his modest patch of pubic hair as I sucked his cock while it swelled in my mouth.

“Yeah,” I heard Randy’s father say as I brought my mouth back up the length of his son’s cock, my saliva making his penis sparkle in the sunlight.

I glanced over at Randy’s father long enough to see that his eyes focused on what I was doing and his smile was a bit different now than it was before, forcing me to turn my attention back to his son.

My hands worked over what my mouth could no longer take it; my left hand spinning around the base of his cock while my right hand kneaded his balls, and while I longed to slip one of my hands under my skirt so I could finger myself to climax along with Randy, I was too ashamed.

The end came too soon for Randy, as I knew it would. The lad lasted not much more than a minute under my intense oral affections, and after he finally erupted, sending a torrent of his sweet cum into my mouth and throat, I was reminded of the elder man’s presence once more.

“Guess you were right, son,” Randy’s father said. “Mrs. Provost here certainly is talented.”

Randy was smiling as he pulled up his boxers and pants, and he even helped me back up to my feet like a gentleman.

“Now why don’t you go help your mother pack up the stand?” his father suggested.

“You coming Dad?” Randy asked.

“In a minute, son,” he said. “Mrs. Provost and I – I believe that I need to have a word with her. You run along now. Git!”

“Bye Marie,” Randy said, giving me a wave as he jogged back out the path he had come in, and now I was alone with his father.

“My my,” Randy’s father said. “Who would have ever thought?”

“I know what you’re thinking, Mr. Burnett,” I said. “There’s nothing you can say that would make me feel any lower than I do right now. It’s just that lately – I don’t know what’s come over me. What I’ve done with your son is inexcusable.”

“Looked like you enjoyed it as much as my boy did,” he opined as he looked down into something he was holding in his hand. “Take a look here. What do you think?”

Lucky for me that the giant oak tree was behind me, because when I looked over at the phone Mr. Burnett was holding, the image nearly made me faint.

“Steady now,” Mr. Burnett was saying, his free hand helping me stay upright as my eyes took in the pornographic picture the phone was displaying, the photo of a middle-aged blonde with her red lips halfway down a long, stiff milk chocolate-toned penis.

“These things are something, aren’t they?” Mr. Burnett said as he flicked the cover back down on his device and stared at me. “I think you looked damn sexy.”

I shook my head as Randy’s father raised his hand to me, gently brushing a few stray blonde hairs from my face. His hand was enormous, and I felt so small and insignificant that it was almost like I was Fay Wray getting ready to be swept up into his palm.

“Mr. Burnett?” I said in a voice that even I could barely hear.

“Randy,” his bass voice replied, sounding like Barry White. “Named my boy after me. Folks call him Little Randy, and so I guess that makes me Big Randy.”

“Please,” I whimpered as he moved even closer and hovered over me.

“Mmm, you came prepared Mrs. Provost, didn’t you?” I heard Mr. Burnett say, his breath hot in my ear and his hand now up casino firmaları between my legs.

I hadn’t worn panties under my skirt, just like last week, which was supposed to make it easy for me. Instead, Randy’s father was now playing with the wisp of golden fur that guarded my sex, and I think I said “please” once again just before he worked a thick finger into my opening.

“OHH!!!” I cried out as I felt my clit being worked over for a few seconds, my body writhing in response like a puppet in his hand.

“Tight little pussy you got there,” Randy’s father sighed as he pulled out his finger from my sex and brought it up to his face to examine. “Wet too. You’re really dripping.”

Mr. Burnett grinned while looking at me over his raised hand, and then he brought the moist digit to his lips and slipped it into his mouth.

“Sweet too,” he said, seeming to savor the taste of my cunt as I squirmed against the tree.

“Please,” I said again, but I didn’t know what I was pleading for.

“You give my boy any of that pussy?” he asked as his meaty hand landed on my shoulder.

“No,” I said. “It’s not like that.”

“That’s okay either way,” he said. “Now why don’t you get back down on your little pad there?”

“Please,” I whimpered, realizing that my vocabulary had been reduced to one word as my knees began to give way under the firm pressure of the hand on my shoulder.

Now I was on my knees in front of Randy’s father, watching helplessly as he pulled down the zipper of his carpenter jeans, and the sound that it made was so loud it seemed like a roar to me.

His hand reached inside of the opening of his jeans, and then he bent his knees a bit as he fished out what he had gone in for.

“Omigod,” I said, not meaning to say what my mind had screamed when Mr. Burnett pulled out his cock and held it in front of my face, his hoarse chuckle signalling that he had heard me loud and clear.

“You know you want it,” Mr. Burnett. “Damn sure I know that I want it.”

“I can’t,” I said, shaking my head at the monstrosity Randy’s father was presenting to me. “It’s too…”

It was too – way too big. The jet black hose that Mr. Burnett was hefting in his palm defied description. Even though some of it was still hidden on the other side of his fly, what was visible seemed to be humanly impossible.

From beneath the crinkled foreskin, the tip of his glans peeked out from under the shroud, the purplish tip moist with pre-cum, and as Mr. Burnett pulled the foreskin back and exposed the plum-sized helmet of his cock, he reminded me again of what he wanted.

“Enough looking, Mrs. Provost,” Big Randy said as his free hand cupped the back of my neck and brought me to his waiting member. “It’s time. Time for you to move up from boys to men.”

Boys to men. That used to be a musical group, I thought for some strange reason as I felt the bulbous head of Mr. Burnett’s cock against my lips as he tried to work it into my mouth. I opened my mouth as far as I could, letting the swollen crown in after minimal struggling.

“That’s it,” I heard from above me as I reached up and grabbed the semi-turgid shaft of the cock I was trying to suck.

Mr. Burnett had opened up his pants and let them drop to his knees, exposing all of his manhood, which was like nothing I had ever seen before. Both of my hands were on the shaft of his slowly stiffening organ, my fingers barely managing to get halfway around the absurd thickness as I struggled to get my mouth past the fat head of his cock.

What if my jaws locked up in this position? An absurd thought, but trying to keep my teeth from scraping against his cock was forcing my mouth open like it had never been before.

Big Randy’s hands were on my head, running his fingers through my blonde locks as he helped try to coax more of him in my mouth. He was now erect, and the vein that wound down the root of his manhood was thick as it wound its serpentine way up the shaft. When I looked at my hands trying to work on what no mouth could ever hope to reach, I was stunned to think that such men existed.

I had seen pictures, and movies, but assumed they were playing with camera angles or something. The idea that a man this large really existed was not even conceivable to me, because the pulsating cock I was trying to suck had to be a foot long.

“Here you go,” I heard Big Randy say as he sprinkled some bourbon all over my hands, greasing his cock to make my hands slide easier on it.

That gesture was almost like some bizarre Charles Bukowski thing, as if I was an alcoholic desperate for booze instead of a woman on her knees craving something else. Is this what I had become? Of course not. I was a respected member of the community. A woman that held herself above people that did things like this. Performing fellatio on a virtual stranger in a semi-public area? Me?

Yes, it was me. I was forcing my mouth down onto this gigantic phallus that seemed inhuman while my now-slick hands jerked him off roughly. Big Randy’s balls were smacking me güvenilir casino in the throat, adding to the difficulty I was having in breathing with his cock hitting the back of my throat.

I was like a machine now, my lips going up and down what I could manage while my jaws screamed for relief, but there was no help on the way, except for Randy’s hand which replaced my two on the shaft of his cock.

“Lick my nuts,” Randy said matter-of-fact as his hand began working like a piston on his member, the foreskin moving up and down along with his grip as he raised it upwards to better expose his scrotum.

Big Randy’s balls were as absurdly over-sized as the rest of him. Too large to really suck on, I could only lick the coarse sac, which tasted nothing like his son’s. Little Randy’s balls were tart and sweet tasting, in contrast to the musky and slightly funky aroma and flavor of his father’s.

It all inflamed me; the scent, the man, his enormous cock and the act I was performing, and I found myself putting a hand under my skirt. My pussy was truly dripping wet, and now I was slapping at my clit as I went back to Big Randy’s tool with enthusiasm after my jaws had been given a momentary break.

Now Big Randy was feeding me his cock, still pumping it with a jackhammer like motion while I struggled to get myself to cum.

“Keep your mouth open!” I heard Big Randy say from above, sounding like a god as he bellowed loudly. “Stick out your tongue. Here it comes baby.”

His penis… his beautiful instrument was being taken away from me, yanked from my mouth. My head tried to follow it, leaning forward to try and recapture it when I caught the first blast from his cock.

The first rope flew right into the back of my throat, making me choke for a second, and that made the next couple of volleys splatter all over my face. Big Randy kept coming, spurting his load while I tried to catch as much as I could with my mouth. My eyes burned when an ejaculation landed in my eye, and his semen blinded me as he kept on cumming. Although I kept leaning forward, Big Randy kept his tool just far enough away from my eager mouth, content with covering my face with his seed until he was spent.

So close. That was what I was thinking as Big Randy rubbed his cum all over my face with the head of his cock. I had been so close to cumming when I got distracted my the cum in my eye, and now I just knelt there too self-conscious to do anything more about it.

“You got some in the lady’s eye, Randy, you damn fool!”

His wife. Randy’s wife was kneeling on the ground next to me, and I shied away abruptly in shock when she raised her hand to me.

“Let me get that for you honey,” Mrs. Burnett said, dabbing at my eyes with a tissue. “Go help Junior finish loading the ruck. I’ll take care of her.”

“Alright then,” I heard Big Randy say, and sensed his leaving, although I still couldn’t see straight.

“What?” I said, my speech consisting mostly of one word sentences as the lovely woman tried to get her husband’s load out of my eye.

“Guys don’t know how much their sap burns,” Mrs. Burnett said as she moistened another tissue with her tongue and went back to wiping my eyes. “He got you good, didn’t he?”

“You – you’re not mad? I stammered.

“Mad? Heavens no,” Big Randy’s wife said as she helped me to my feet. “Unless you fucked him that is? You ain’t fucking him, are you?”

“No. Never,” I assured her.

“Cause I’d have to kill you if you did that, Mrs. Provost,” Mrs. Burnett said, and although she was smiling when she said it there was no mistaking her message.

“Can’t believe you’re not upset,” I said, remembering how I felt when my husband had cheated on me.

“Do I seem upset?” Mrs. Burnett asked. “Missed some.”

Mrs. Burnett leaned over to me and cleaned up a wad of cum from my neck, but this time she didn’t use a tissue. She used her mouth.

“Watching you go down on my husband was really hot. You really love that big black cock, don’t you?” I heard Mrs. Burnett ask as she nibbled on my ear. “But you didn’t cum, did you honey?”

In less than a minute I did. With Randy’s mother leaning against me, holding me up between her and the tree while she chewed on my neck and ear, her hand moved between my thighs. A finger – two fingers – three fingers later I was practically climbing up the tree backwards, and when I came my head slammed back against the bark while my body convulsed wildly into her hand.

“You okay honey?” I heard Mrs. Burnett say as I bent over with my hands on my knees and tried to stop my body from shaking.

“Yes,” I gasped as I looked at the wetness on the insides of my legs as the fluid trickled down them.

“Name’s Cora,” she told me as I straightened up and leaned back against the tree before I keeled over. “You’re Marie, right?”

I nodded, watching as Cora smiled and brought her hand to her nose, inhaling the scent of my drippings before licking her fingers just like her husband had done before.

“I think we’re going to become good friends,” the attractive woman with the bronze skin, prominent cheekbones and fingers still wet from my cunt said before she left. “Maybe you would like to come over to our place some time, when Junior’s not around. Maybe bring your husband?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20