BabySitter Proposition

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Ann and Jim Smith.

What sort of names are those? If my name was Ann Smith I’d be having it changed on the grounds that the name was just too blah to be believable. Same where Jim Smith is concerned. Imagine checking into a motel. I can just see the polite looks and hear the sniggering behind their back.

“They call themselves Ann and Jim Smith. Another couple away for a dirty weekend.”

When I first heard the names I thought they were putting me on, but why would they? They were just hiring me for a babysitting job while they went out to a party. I guess someone has to be a genuine Smith.

I turned up a little early. I like to get to a job early if I haven’t sat for those people before. It gives me a chance to get a feel for what they’re like. It turned out I was a few minutes too early.

“Oh, come on in, Patty. I’m Ann. The kids are down at the park with their father but they should be back shortly.”

We wandered through to the kitchen where Ann was gathering together the ingredients for a cake.

“I’m being run ragged right now,” she told me. “I promised the kids a cake and I’m only just getting ready for it and I’ve still got to get changed. I don’t know where the time goes.”

“Been there, done that,” I said with a laugh. “I’ll tell you what. How about I get on with the cake while you start getting ready? I enjoy messing around in the kitchen.”

“Would you? That’d be such a help.”

“No worries,” I said smiling. “This way I’ll have earned a slice of the cake.”

Ann scurried off and I started preparing the cake. I was bent over the table beating the mix when I heard the front door, followed by the excited chatter of little children. The noise faded away into the house and I assumed that their father was taking them to their rooms or to the bathroom for a clean-up. Kids can be such little grots after playing at a park.

I was partly right and partly wrong. The kids had apparently bolted for their room to grab some toys but their father hadn’t come with them. I heard a step behind me but before I could turn around. . .

You wouldn’t believe it. A nice sounding voice said, “How you going, gorgeous?” and a hand flipped up my skirt and dived down the back of my panties. If told, I wouldn’t have believed a man could put his hand all the way down and reach your pussy just like that.

I reared up with a squawk, dropping the bowl onto the table (without breaking or spilling it, fortunately.) My head spun around and I’m looking at Jim Smith. He seemed as astonished as I was.

“God, I’m sorry,” he said. “I expected to find Ann here and when I came in and saw you I thought. . .”

His voice trailed off. I have to admit I could understand the mistake. Ann and I were both wearing skirts and I had been bent over. Jim saw what he expected to see and acted accordingly.

“Ah, um, yes, I understand,” I muttered, embarrassed. “I’m Patty, the baby sitter. Um, your hand.”

That last comment was due to the fact that his hand was still jammed down the pack of my panties and patting my pussy.

“Oh, yes, right,” Jim said, speaking very quickly and jerking his hand free. “Um, terribly sorry. Ah, I’ll just go and find Ann.”

He rushed off and I went back to finishing off the cake, my face still red.

After that inauspicious beginning everything went well. The cake (chocolate) came out just right and was very tasty. I got on well with the kids and Ann and Jim seemed OK, although I still blush when I think casino şirketleri of my first encounter with him.

Ann and Jim shot through and the kids were well behaved (for kids). Eventually they went to bed and slept and I just idled my time away until Ann and Jim returned.

It was pushing midnight when they rolled up. Jim came in carrying Ann. Literally. She was dead to the world.

“One too many,” said Jim with a grin. “We hit the fresh air and she was out like a light. She’ll sleep until morning now. Just one moment while I put her to bed. I’ll be right back.”

He carried his wife away while I checked to make sure I had all my stuff. I could collect my pay and be gone and seeking my own bed very shortly.

Jim came back, his wallet in his hand, already extracting my agreed fee. He looked at me and then he went still for a minute. He ran his eyes over me with what could only be called male appraisal.

“Ah, tell me. Would you drop your panties if it means a little bonus?”

Eh? Just what did he mean by that? Just flash him or did he mean. . .

Seeing the look in his eye I decided I knew exactly what he meant. He was propositioning me.

“What? No! Of course not,” I said, and I’ll swear that I didn’t mean to glance at his wallet. Or at where his trousers were bulging.

“Why not?” he asked me softly. “You’re not a virgin, are you?”

Well, no, I wasn’t, but neither was I very experienced.

“Well, no, but I just don’t do that sort of thing.”

“If you’re not a virgin then you do that sort of thing,” Jim pointed out. “Maybe it was a reward for a nice dinner and a show, although I’m sure you didn’t look at it that way. Are you madly in love with your boyfriend?”

He had a point there. I wasn’t. I wasn’t even sure why I had let him do it. It just seemed like a good idea at the time. And it wasn’t bad. Fun, even. At least, after the first time it was fun.

“That’s beside the point,” I said, feeling myself blush. “It just seems wrong to take money for it.”

“You’re looking at it the wrong way,” Jim told me. “The bonus is just a gesture of appreciation for the excellent job you’ve done looking after the kids, what with you even baking a cake. Having you drop your panties would let me show you how much I appreciate your hard work.”

Fucking hell. I should just have said no and left it at that. He was actually starting to sound reasonable.

“Any way, you’re married. It wouldn’t be right.”

“Why not? It’s not as though Ann is in any condition to help me out and she’d be the first to admit it. So why shouldn’t you extend your services to me?”

I hadn’t noticed how close Jim was standing. He must have been edging closer and closer as we talked and now he was right there in front of me.

“Easiest thing in the world for a young woman to lose her panties,” he said softly, and he was helping me lose mine. His hands had slipped up inside my skirt and was lowering them. He didn’t try to lift my skirt and look at me and, oddly enough, that reassured me. At least to the point where I didn’t try to stop him.

Then I was stepping out of my panties and Jim picked them up and tossed them to one side. I was blushing, not knowing what to do.

“Um, I think I should just take my money and go,” I said nervously.

“You’re probably right. That’s what you should do,” agreed Jim.

“Ah, why don’t you just lift up the front of your skirt before you do so?”

That wouldn’t hurt. casino firmaları Not really. I’d just be flashing him briefly. No harm in that, is there? Then I could be out of here. Probably giggling as I ran. Slowly, blushing, I lifted my skirt.

The rat. He knew just what he was doing. As soon as my skirt was out of the way he just reached down and his hand closed over my mound and squeezed. I felt the shock of that all the way down to my toes. And he started rubbing me lightly.

“Stop that,” I whispered.

“Undo your skirt,” he whispered back.

His whisper had more power than mine. Still blushing I undid the button and zip, letting the skirt drop. His hand moved away from my pussy to let the skirt drop past but was back on it so fast that it was almost as if the skirt had just dropped straight through his arm. And I was suddenly naked from the waist down.

Not nude. Naked! Naked you’re really conscious of the fact that you are missing your clothes and it’s a big deal.

Jim finally let go my pussy and, looking me in the eye, he started undoing his trousers. I didn’t know where to look so I just stared back at him. I could tell when his trousers dropped and when his shorts were pushed down. The way he was moving told me he was stepping out of them.

“Have you ever watched a cock going into you,” he asked.

Watched one? Was he kidding? I’d only ever had the one, although it had visited me several times. As for watching it, I’d barely even touched it. I mean, it was dark and we’d be groping around, not really looking. Going more by touch and that seemed pretty effective.

He must have seen the answer on my face because he grinned at me.

“Let me show you how it’s done,” he told me and he was pushing me gently down onto the couch. Then he was lifting my legs high and wide. Like, he was almost bending me in two, and suddenly I find I’m looking down at my own pussy and I can see that my labia are flushed and pouting. My god, even my inner lips were puffy and pushing themselves out.

Not only could I see myself but just on the other side of my mound was Jim’s cock. It was big and fat and pointing down at me. I just watched, mouth open in shock as it slowly descended.

I gave a small gasp when I saw him start to brush the head of his cock back and forth along my lips. My lips seem to be dragging against him as he brushed them. And I could feel it, my lips reacting to his presence and my whole pussy seemed to be swelling and wanting.

He started pushing and while I watched (in a state of some shock, I can tell you that) I saw his cock first of all push past my lips, which seemed to close around him, and then he was sinking into me. That big fat cock of his was getting shorter and shorter and I could feel it inside me, going deeper and deeper. If it went much deeper, came the silly thought, it’ll be pushing against my tonsils from the other side.

Then Jim’s groin settled firmly against mine. I could see his pubic hairs brushing against me as well as feel them lightly tickling my lips. He held himself like that for a moment, cock fully sheathed inside me. I waited for him to move and when he didn’t I lifted my eyes to look at him. He was watching me, and when he saw me looking at him he winked and gave me a smile. I gave a rather tentative smile back, wondering what on earth I thought I was doing. I really couldn’t remember agreeing to this but here I was, doing it.

Jim started moving in me and my eyes just jumped back güvenilir casino to where he was joined to me. He was rising slowly up out of me. I found it hard believing that something that size had gone into me. He just kept growing and I could feel the head of his cock dragging along my passage. Just when I though he was going to pop free he stopped, and returned a damn sight faster than before.

I mean, his cock just charged into me. One moment I was looking at it, feeling nervous, the next moment his groin was slapping against me and his cock was doing all sorts of strange things to my insides.

Now I knew that when a man sticks his cock in you, it’s polite to push up to greet it. It seems a simple enough task for a girl to do. Cock comes in, you push up, the pair of you come together nicely.

So, tell me. How does the girl push up when she’s bent in two, feet up around her ears and his cock is drilling in so fast you can’t even see it move? Ye gods, I was reduced to helpless bouncing, the force of his stroke pushing me into the couch cushions and the cushions bouncing me out again to meet his next drive.

It was strange, it was intense, it was exciting. Thank god kids sleep so soundly and thank god Ann was in the arms of Bacchius. None of them were going to be woken by my squeaks and gasps and little screams, forced out of me by the pummelling I was getting from Jim’s little workout.

Not so little, either. Not little in size of the equipment he was using and not little in the time he was taking. He just bounced merrily along, dragging me in his wake, my body singing with pleasure and my mind completely stunned by the whole thing.

Just when I thought things couldn’t get any more intense Jim started pushing up my top. First my t-shirt was pushed up and then my bra, not even being undone. He just dragged it over my breasts, having them bounce around when they finally popped free. With that his hands started work on them, massaging my breasts, pinching my nipples, having his fun, and extra little trickles of excitement were flowing into me from his touch.

And he was still bouncing on me. Not that I was watching anymore. My eyes were closed and I was just going with the flow, happily letting it all wash over me.

You know, I honestly thought Jim was going at it full bore right from his first stroke. Just shows how little I know. That was his idea of a nice gentle pace to calm the suspect nerves of a not very experience young woman. How do I know? He decided that the time was ripe to get a little action so that he could climax.

So there was I, bouncing along faster than I’d ever bounced before, gasping and panting and making all the usual noises, and he stepped on the accelerator. Geez, I didn’t have a chance.

I’m like, “Oh, my, goooood,” and it felt like Jim was throwing a fit or had stuck his toe in an electric socket. He was bouncing up and down, gone totally crazy, doing his best to drive me crazy as well. It was sheer self-defence that made me climax. I had to, to turn off those runaway sensations. I just screamed and bucked and clung and let the whole world go to pot.

It seemed ages before I got it together. Jim had very thoughtfully wiped me down, put my panties back on, and straightened up my top and bra. All I had to do, once I could sit up, was pull up my skirt and do it up.

I vaguely remember collecting my pay and being escorted out to my car. Then I just sat there for a while until I wasn’t feeling quite so stunned.

As I drove home I couldn’t help but think, if that’s the way he shows his appreciation for a baby-sitter doing a good job, what does he do at work when his staff does a good job. That must be an interesting place to work, I decided.

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