Awakenings Ch. 03

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I found an old notebook as I was cleaning out the attic of the house we recently bought. It was handwritten by a girl named Jenny. I couldn’t believe the story that unfolded as I read those old and worn pages written in ink. I decided it was too good and needed to be shared with the world. Here is Part 3, unedited.

I woke up later that night starved. I headed for the kitchen but stopped when I heard noises coming from my parent’s room. I put my ear to the door and heard my mom spewing obscenities as dad rammed his hot poker up her cunt.

“Oh god yes… fuck me… fuck me harder, John… shove it up my cunt… uuuunnngggghhhh… deeper… yes… that’s it… ooooohhhh… oh fuck… I’m gonna cum all over your cock… AAAAAHHHHH. UUUUNNNNGGGHHH.”

I cracked open the door to peek. Both bedside lamps were on so I had a perfect view. Dad was on top of mom slamming his cock repeatedly deep into her cunt. Mom had her legs pulled back with her feet sticking in the air shaking uncontrollably as though someone had hit a nerve ending. Her hands were clawing at his back leaving red marks with her fingernails. Her head was flopping around and she was biting her lip. Dad just kept pounding his cock into mom making wet squishing sounds on each thrust. His cock glistened over its whole length, and I could see her cunt juice dripping from his balls as they smacked against her ass.

“Put it in my ass, John. Fuck me in the ass. Oh baby I want you to shoot your cum in my ass. Please.”

Dad pulled his huge dripping cock from her pussy. He juice up two fingers with her cum and inserted one, then the other in her ass. He rotated them around inside her to loosen her butt hole. He shoved his cock back up her cunt to load it with pussy juice, then pushed her legs back even further, positioned the head against her little brown nub. Mom grabbed her ass cheeks and pulled them apart. Dad rotated his hips, pressing in until the head popped into her asshole. Mom wrapped her hand around his cock to guide him as he fucked his cock deeper and deeper up her ass. I was amazed when he eventually worked all twelve inches into her bowels. Then he fucked her ass, slowly at first but with increasing tempo until her was hammering her on each stroke.

Mom was losing control again. I could see juices pouring from her cunt onto dad’s cock, giving him extra lubrication as he pounded her ass. She was rubbing her clit hard with one hand and pinching her nipples with the other. Meanwhile, I had my hand in my panties working on a big cum I could feel building inside me. Just as mom started screaming, I also gasped and felt pussy gush over my fingers and into my panties. I kept rubbing my clit and continued to cum over and over. I heard dad grunt and saw his face grimace just before he dumped his hot load deep into mom’s bowels. She started cumming all over again. I felt my cunt quiver one last time pouring another gush of juice over my fingers.

I quietly closed the door and went into the kitchen to get a snack. I couldn’t stop thinking about mom getting dad’s dick up her ass. I wanted to know what it felt like, so I took a carrot and a small bottle of oil back to my room. I took off my panties and climbed in bed. Then I rubbed oil over my asshole and worked my middle finger inside. I fought the sensation at first, but when I relaxed I could feel a warm, erotic sensation spreading in me. I oiled the carrot and, reaching around behind my leg, shoved about an inch into my ass. I slowly worked it deeper and deeper until most of the seven or eight inches was in me. I fucked my ass, slowly at first but with increasing tempo.

I was tempted to touch my pussy, but I wanted this to be an ass cum. I rolled onto my stomach and fucked my ass up onto the carrot as I held it with a hand behind me. My head was spinning and I could feel my legs shaking. Suddenly the dam burst. I squealed. My pussy gushed onto the sheets. I kept hammering the carrot up my ass and my pussy kept cumming. Finally I collapsed exhausted from my first ass fuck. I couldn’t wait to get a real cock in there.

I dozed off quickly, but was awakened later by someone whispering my name. I opened my eyes and saw my brother standing over me wearing only his boxers with a hard-on poking out through the front. It was swaying no more than six inches above my face.

“Hey sis, I really need a blow job. I’m so fucking horny. How about it?”

I looked up at him and could feel my pussy tingling. That gave me an idea.

“Okay. But then you have to do something for me. I wanna get fucked in the ass.”

“Sure, sis, anything you say. Just get your lips around my cock right now. I’m about to explode.”

I sat up on the side of the bed, leaned forward and wrapped my lips around his throbbing manhood. I licked around casino şirketleri his head and then took him deep in my mouth. There was a powerful and pungent taste to his cock, which I knew could only have come from a stale mixture of pussy juice and cum. My brother had been fucking someone else earlier in the evening and hadn’t cleaned himself. I ministered to him for another minute or so until he was visibly excited, then pulled away and looked up at him.

“So who’s the lucky girl that had her cunt filled with your cock tonight? I can taste her on you. And I know you shot your load in her pussy cause I can taste your cum as well. I thought you were with mom.”

John looked shocked. He stammered about how maybe it was left over from when we did it this morning. I just laughed and said a girl knows how her own pussy tastes and that definitely isn’t me. I then put him back in my mouth and continued sucking until I thought he was close to a cum.

“You want to cum in my mouth and then do me in the ass, or do you want to fuck my ass now.”

“Oh god, sis, finish me now. That’s it, baby, take it in your throat. I’m gonna cum, Jenny, get ready. AAAAAHHHHH… UUUUHHHHHH…”

And unload he did. Hot cum was spraying into my mouth in streams. I couldn’t even begin to swallow fast enough and could feel it drooling down my chin and neck. I pulled him from my mouth and took the last few blasts in the face. By the time he was finished I was a mess.

“Not bad for a guy who has already pumped at least one load into someone’s pussy. Do I know her?”

“Look, just drop it. Where did you learn about ass fucking anyway?”

I told him about mom and dad and his eyes got big. He just kept shaking his head and saying he couldn’t believe that mom wanted to do that. Then I asked him if he would eat my pussy while I sucked him hard again. He got up on the bed and I straddled his face, clamping my pussy over his mouth and rubbing it back and forth over his nose and lips. I was just about to lean forward to suck his cock when he pulled his face away.

“Hey, I think I can taste someone’s not so stale cum in your cunt. So tell me sis, who have you been fucking?”

I figured he was probably bluffing because I had showered, but I had nothing to hide.

“Well, as a matter of fact, I’ve been fucked by two other cocks since yours this morning. So there.”

John looking a little stunned asked, “Anyone I know?”

So I told him all about Mr. Kelty after school yesterday and Mr. Hayes and Miss Carter at school this morning. He just sat there wide mouthed as I relayed the sordid details. I could see his cock rapidly growing back to hardness.

“Jesus. Miss Carter? We had heard a rumor that Mr. Hayes was banging some of the girls in detention, but we always thought Miss Carter was a prude. Anyway, Mr. Hayes is only one. You said there were two.”

“Okay, but ya gotta promise not to tell anyone. Particularly mom.”

I told him the whole story of dad and me and he just kept shaking his head. When I finished I said that he had to tell me about tonight or I might change my mind about the ass fucking. Looking over at his throbbing cock I knew he wouldn’t risk that. So he proceeded to tell me about the evening’s events.

“Well, you see, it all started about three weeks ago. I was in the shower when mom walked into the bathroom. I didn’t see her at first, but she got a good look at me wailing away on my cock. I almost died, but she just smiled at me, then turned around and walked out.

“A few weeks later I thought everyone was out. I went into mom and dad’s bathroom to get some shaving lotion and there was mom standing in front of the mirror wearing a pair of really sexy black thong panties and a matching bra that barely hid her nipples… and nothing else. I turned four shades of red, excused myself and turned to leave. Mom insisted I stay and asked me to look at her. Then she asked if I thought she had a nice body, putting her hands on her hips and posing like a model. I mean shit Jen, this was our mom. I could feel my cock getting hard and stammered something about her being really hot which I regretted saying the second I said it.

“Then mom started talking about walking in on me in the shower and how glad she was to see that I liked to masturbate. She went on and on about how natural it is and that girls do it too. The next thing she said almost floored me. She said that she still does it all the time when dad’s not around. Then she told me that after seeing me in the shower, she was so excited she went to her room and masturbated for an hour. All the time she was saying this, she was striking really sexy poses and running her fingers across her body without touching herself anywhere too private.

“Jen, my pants were casino firmaları about to split at the seams, and mom knew it from the glances she kept taking of my bulge. What she said next really floored me… ‘John, I believe you want to masturbate right now, don’t you? You can do it here in front of me, I don’t mind. Pull your pants down, John. Come on, listen to your mother.”

I didn’t know what to do. I mean I wasn’t going to argue with mom. Soon my pants and boxers were around my ankles and my cock was waving hard in front of her. Then she said she wanted to do a little dance for me.

“Jen, I still can’t believe I had my pants down around my ankles and my throbbing cock in my hand with mom not only watching, but also trying to help stimulate me. She was swaying back and forth while moving her hands along her legs, ass, hips and then cupping her tits before extending them in the air. She turned her back to me and gyrated her ass, spreading her legs so I could see the outline of her cunt through the thin material of her panties. Finally, she turned back around and unsnapped her bra freeing two of the finest tits on earth. She started playing with them and dancing closer and closer until she was less than a foot away. She shoved her hand into her panties and said, ‘let’s cum together, sweetheart.’

“Well, I had just about peaked. Cum was churning in my balls. Mom moved even closer and said, ‘Cum on me, baby. Cum on your mama. I want to feel your hot juices splashing on my tummy. I want to feel it run down into my panties and over my cunt. Hurry up, baby.’ Well that did it for me. A huge eruption streamed steadily from my cock, shooting up between her tits and all over her stomach. This was followed by a second , third and fourth blast. Just as I thought I was nearing the end I got a second wind and began spewing even more spurts of cum onto mom.

“I looked up at mom and realized she was having an orgasm at the same time. Her body was shaking and she was gasping for air. This went on for a while after I was finished. She finally regained her composure, stepped back and looked down at herself. She was covered in cum from her tits to her toes since much of it had streaked down onto and into her panties and then down her legs. Her panties were soaked and had a few white blotches clinging to the crotch. She just laughed, kissed me on the cheek and left.

“Mom never said anything and I just pretended it didn’t happen until tonight. Mom packed a little picnic lunch and suggested we eat in the park since the meeting wasn’t until seven. She pulled into this secluded area with bushes all around and a table in the middle. She put out all kinds of food, then sat down across from me and started. But Jen, she wasn’t just eating it, she was making love to it with her mouth and staring right at me while she did it. She put down the chicken and scooped two fingers into her yogurt and then shoved them deep into her mouth. She did it again only this time she smeared the yogurt over her lips and let it dribble from her mouth. By now my woody wanted out of my jeans but all I could do was shift it around so it wasn’t in so much discomfort.

‘Oh honey, has mommy given you a hard-on? Here, let me help.’

“With that mom got up and came over to my side of the table. Standing behind me she reached around and unbuckled my jeans. My cock poked up through the slit in my boxers. Mom wrapped her fingers around my shaft.

‘Oh my, look what we have here. My little boy is all grown up. Now what are we going to do about that?’

Mom pulled off her jeans, then straddled me wearing a pair of sexy white cotton panties. She rubbed her pussy against my shaft and unbuttoned her blouse. Then she pushed her tits up above her bra, squeezing them and pinching her nipples. My cock was about to explode.

‘How about a little dessert, sweetheart?’

“Mom picked up a piece of cherry pie and shoved it down the front of her panties, squishing it against her pussy. Then she got up on the table and sat in the rest of the pie, squirming her ass into it and making a complete mess of her panties. She lifted her ass, pulled her stained panties down to her knees and sat back in the pie. Red paste with pieces of cherry and pie crust clung to her naturally red pussy hair. She pulled her panties all the way off handing them to me, then climbed up on all fours with her cherry stained ass and pussy fully exposed less than a foot from my face.

‘Would you be a good boy and use your tongue to clean up the mess all over mommy’s pussy.’

I was so fucking horny, Jen, that I dove in like I hadn’t eaten for a week. I buried my face in her ass and began licking and slurping both her pussy and ass. The combined taste of the pie mixed with her flowing cunt juices was really erotic. güvenilir casino I could feel my cock throbbing and thought I might actually cum without even touching it. Mom was grinding her ass in my face and begging me to lick her cunt and make her cum. After sucking her cunt and licking her ass for several minutes my face looked like a cherry pie. I could tell mom was close so I shoved two fingers into her pussy. She exploded and started gushing cunt slime all over my face. I kept licking and sucking and she kept cumming for about a minute before she finally regained control.

“Mom climbed off the table, straddled my legs and lowered her slimy cunt over my throbbing cock. She was telling me how good my cock felt in her pussy and begged me to cum inside. She didn’t have to wait long. My head was spinning. I felt all my energy rush to my balls. I grunted just as my cock blew a huge load into her waiting pussy. Mom kept pumping her cunt up and down on my spewing cock until I could feel it leaking onto my balls. When I was finished she pressed her pussy hard against my pelvic bone burying my cock deep inside her. I could feel the walls of her cunt twitching against my cock which stayed hard inside her.

“After catching my breath we started fucking again. A little bit later she stood, propped her arms on the table and motioned for me to fuck her from behind. She had another orgasm when I squeezed her tits and again after rubbing her clit. Then she pushed the food to the side and got on the table on her back. I climbed on top and shoved my cock back up her cunt. She began talking dirty again.

‘Oh baby, shove your beautiful cock up my cunt… that’s it… fuck me… fuck me harder… make me cum sweetie… make your mommy’s pussy gush all over your cock… ooooohhhhh… shove it in me… aaaahhhhhh… cum with me baby… cum in mommy’s cunt… uuuuhhhhh.”

“I was really close to a second cum and began hammering mom’s cunt hard and fast. I felt her whole body tense and her fingernails dig into my back. She let loose with a high pitched scream as her body was consumed with orgasm. I could feel juices pouring from her cunt and dripping down my balls. I couldn’t take it anymore. My balls shrunk, my cock swelled and I began filling mom’s cunt with a second load of cum. When we were both finally spent, we just lay there on the table breathing hard as my cock slowly deflated inside her cum filled cunt. When I finally pulled out I felt a flood of cum and cunt juice gush out all over my cock and the top of the table.

“Mom left her panties on the table and pulled on her jeans. I cleaned my face and pulled my clothes back in place. We left for school. On the way home, mom pulled off on a dirt road. She unzipped my jeans and suck edmy cock. When I was good and hard, mom pulled one leg from her jeans, straddled my lap and shoved my cock into her cunt. Within five minutes we were both cumming. After we finished she pulled back on her jeans and drove home. I figured she had fucked me because dad wasn’t giving her enough. When you told me how they were going at it tonight I figured she was probably just a nymphomaniac.”

Telling me about mom had John hard again and I was definitely ready for an ass fuck. I took a bottle of baby oil from my dresser and lubed his cock by rubbing my hands up and down his shaft and over the nob. When he was good and slick I got face down on the bed, spread my legs and rubbed baby oil over my asshole, working two fingers inside. Then I spread my ass cheeks as John positioned himself behind me. I felt him press his cock against my sphincter and press in until he popped into my ass. He pushed deeper and the pressure almost seemed unbearable. He pulled back out then shoved back in even deeper. I tightened up, and could feel my ass trying to push him out as he drove deeper.

I was beginning to think this was a mistake, but then I remembered how much mom enjoyed dad’s cock in her ass. I quit fighting him and felt my ass open to his thrusts. By the time he was all the way in me I had the rhythm figured out. Unbearable pressure turned to unbearable pleasure. I began to whimper. Juices flowed from my cunt as I neared a big cum. John kept pounding my ass until I felt my head spinning. My whole body shook in my first ass fuck orgasm.

I rolled over, pulled my legs back by my ears and waited for John to reenter my ass from on top. Watching his cock move in and out of my sphincter was a real turn-on. Filth started spewing from my mouth.

“Oh god, fuck my ass… harder… shove it deep… that’s it… cum in my ass… yessss… oooohhhhh… I’m gonna cum… here it is… harder… AAAAHHHH… UUUNNNGGGHHH…”

I was thrashing and jerking on the bed as John repeatedly speared my asshole. I could actually see pussy juice pouring from my cunt and trickling through my pubes. I saw John’s face scrunch up and then felt something warm filling my bowels. This sent me into a second wave of orgasm which lasted until he finally pulled his limp cock from my cum-filled ass.

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