Awakening Ch. 02

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I was soaking in sweat, pumped high on adrenalin and ready for cock. But while Paul could well have been a medal contender in the Blow-lympics, I was a complete novice, totally untried and unprepared and would have been laughed out of any qualifying competition.

He seemed to understand this when my nerves took hold as I grasped his throbbing pole, an impressive seven incher (he claimed eight!) although not as thick as mine. “Just try,” he prompted as I struggled to come to terms with my predicament. I wanted this cock in my mouth, and I wanted it now, but what the hell do you do?

After being given a masterclass, I didn’t want to let him down. I wanted a convincing, purposeful, more than adequate BJ on my very first try. The odds must have been huge against it happening. I almost lunged at him in the end, wrapping my lips around the tip, slurping up a tiny taste of pre-cum, before descending the shaft, slowly and carefully, desperate to avoid a stomach-churning bite on this beautiful cock. I gagged, but Paul insisted “You’re doing fine.”

I was sucking as if my life depended on it. At that moment, it did as all I wanted was to please this man, and enjoy a load of his sweet cum. I knelt down lower to get a better angle, and it felt so right from that moment. I concentrated hard, kept sucking and licking, licking and sucking and got a boost, and a thrill, when a low moan emanated from Paul. I was feeling fantastic, and nervous, as he eventually announced “I’m gonna cum …”

My heart was racing, my cock rampant and my mouth willing as it went in for the kill, even more determined than ever to keep my teeth out of harm’s way – it would be typical if I blew it (pardon the pun) now.

The actual moment was incredible – a torrid movement as Paul’s cock flexed its muscle and showered the back of my throat with hot, incredibly salty cum. It was almost too much to bear. He kept coming, I couldn’t swallow much and had to pull off his spurting member, but got an unforgettable sight as it twisted again and blew another load onto my cheek.

“Not bad for a first time,” drooled Paul as his cock slunk back to normal size. I was bahis firmaları ecstatic and horny beyond belief after the most exhilarating time I’d ever had, thanking him for letting me suck his gorgeous cock. We lay there together for a while, my mind in turmoil over how to follow up this unexpected turn of events, falling asleep eventually as the tiredness of the previous day’s travelling and coursework took its toll.

Paul was up and about before me the next morning, and I awoke feeling strange, not knowing where I was. He laid down next to me again, though, and the memories flooded back. “I had a great time,” I said. “Me too,” grinned Paul. “I always had a feeling you might be interested – I’m glad I swapped dates with Gill to get on this course.” “Bloody hell” was all I could muster. He’d planned this. And he’d thought I might have been bi or gay all the time, even though I was sure I came across as totally straight guy. I was stunned, thinking what if everyone else thought the same all this time. But that worry soon passed.

I jokingly asked “What do you want to do tonight?”, expecting just a quip from my quick-witted colleague in return. But Paul looked me straight in the eye and said “Well, I’ve got some of these handy” as he held up a clear bag filled with condoms. “Fancy a fuck?”

I was dumbfounded, a little scared, but entranced by the possibility. This was what I’d been longing for secretly all these years. Tonight, my dreams would come true and could not wait. Unfortunately, the damned course we’d been here for stood in the way – nine hours or so of virtually pointless, completely dull talk, none of which I took in as my mind, my cock and my virgin ass were all gagging for night time to come around.

Finally, it did. We managed to get away from the group at about eight after dinner. I could hardly eat, but there was no stopping Paul, obviously used to the evening ahead, as he tucked in to a giant meal. I was transfixed by the thought of what was ahead, and relieved that Paul appeared to be intent on safe sex. Unprotected sex was not on my agenda.

Dreaming about sex was so different to real life, as last kaçak iddaa night had proved, so I just could not wait for bed, my ass tensing and relaxing as it seemed to know it faced its most testing time, but I hoped also its most rewarding. We cracked open a cheap bottle of champagne when we got to his room – it eased my dry mouth at a key time – and then tore each other’s clothes off as my passion took hold and I searched frantically for his cock. It was in my mouth quickly and I was sucking away as if I was on fire, although he soon had me calming down and gently licking for a warm-up.

But Paul had other fish to fry. “I want your ass,” he announced. “You can have it,” I replied. “but promise to be gentle.” He slid off to find his lube and it was an amazing sight as his erection grew in front of my eyes – the thought of fucking me was making this man as hard as I could imagine anyone being.

He turned me over and it was an amazing sensation as he squeezed out cool lube onto my burning ass, then exquisite as he expertly prepared my pussy for deflowering. He was thorough in making sure it would be as comfortable as possible for me, with one finger, then two oiling me up just right. I could have started cumming then it was so erotic, but I knew I had to hold on, for there was much more excitement to come, so I hoped.

He was kindness personified as he finally got ready to mount me, shoving a pillow under me to lift my ass just a little higher. The anticipation was incredible – I was almost floored by the excitement surging through me, I’d so long wanted this. As his cock nudged the hole for the first time, it was bliss. When he started edging into the forbidden corner, I almost came instantly. But it was sore, by God it was sore.

Yet he had the patience of a saint and the soreness slowly passed into passion. He had taken virgins before, I could tell, as he made tiny forward movements, letting me feel my way gradually around his mighty weapon. At one point I thought I was literally splitting in two, but he eased up, took his time and it was a moment of utter triumph when I could feel his balls against my ass. “Wow” I muttered kaçak bahis as the magnificence of the moment reached my brain. Paul’s cock felt even bigger than it seemed in my mouth, so it was no surprise that a feeling of exhilaration swept right through me. I was gone, and I was ready for a fucking.

Paul knew just what he wanted – exactly the same as me. I didn’t really need to say: “Fuck me, please fuck me.”

He started pumping, slowly at first, but building up gradually with a well-honed action which had obviously satisfied many a man. I started spreading myself to accommodate as much of his whopper as possible, pushing back on his dong to get that extra millimetre of ecstasy. His balls were banging against me violently now, as he powered his way deeper and deeper and I shot my load to add to the overwhelming sense of perfection. I was in heaven, gasping “Yes, yes, yes” – this was what I had been missing. This was real sex. Good, hard fucking from a man who knew what he was doing, whose thrusts were sending orgasmic messages around a body which had never had sex on the same stratosphere as this, which was loving every second of pure lust. I just wished I’d not wasted so many years. My God, I had a lot of catching up to do.

Paul’s stamina was tremendous. I was almost flat out, moaning loudly, before his thrusts slowed a bit in my stretched hole and he erupted into me, firing his tasty seed into the condom. I would swear I could feel it try to burst through the rubber such was the force.

How good was that. How much better would it have been to have actually felt the spunk showering my insides? “Thank you, thank you, thank you,” I blurted out eventually, after taking an age to get my breath back.

It truly was out of this world – and I could not have been more grateful. He fucked me twice more that night, and I had an interesting first fuck of his ass, although I came so quickly that it was almost over before it began.

Perhaps the most memorable moment was when he ushered me to bend over in front of the big mirror in the bathroom – and I saw a gaping chasm where my tight little asshole used to be. I was genuinely worried, but he said it’d be back to normal in the morning. It just about was, but by then I’d decided that my hole needed to be filled regularly. I was hungry for more.

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