Average Joe Ch. 02

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You may want to read chapter 1 before reading this chapter. ‘Thank You’ to WanderingScot for editing this story.

Chapter 2: Some things about Mary.

Mary tells her story:

First, I want the readers to know that I’m not a whore, slut or what they call a cougar. Joey and I are just close friends. I have never gone after young men in my life. There was just something special about Joey.

I was a lonely person since my divorce two years ago. I didn’t date but at times would have liked to have sex but had no contact with other men. I did have my vibrators which I used if it was necessary. My kids were my life.

Joey is a happy, yet sad young man. He had a rough beginning in life after losing his parents. He always called himself the average Joe but he was anything but average. He was a kind, gentle and caring young man. He might not have been big in stature but he had a big heart and I must say he turned out to be one hell of a great lover. Too bad I wasn’t thirty years younger.

I had met my husband when I was a freshman in college, and he was a senior. For me it was kind of love at first sight. He was after all a senior, a good looking man and was about to get an Engineering degree and was also a jock. I felt great being with him. He wasn’t my first love but I wasn’t all that experienced either. As luck would have it I got pregnant. We used condoms but I guess I was one of those statistics where the condom failed.

He told me he loved me and that we could get married as soon as he graduated. He was true to his word. We got married by a Justice of the Peace since by that time I was showing. We were the proud parents of a bouncing baby boy, whom we named Robert, after my dad.

Steve, my husband got a good job and we bought a nice house. Everything couldn’t have been much better. I didn’t go back to school which made my parents a bit aggravated but I wanted to be home with my baby. Steve was making good money, enough for us to live on. Besides he wanted me to be a stay at home wife and mother.

Thirteen months after Robert was born we had another child. We named her Kim, after Steve’s mother. We were now the perfect family. Life went on and was quite good. We had a few arguments but nothing that most married couples didn’t have.

Steve’s position had him traveling quite often and once the kids started school I was alone a lot. There wasn’t much we could do about it so I volunteered to help at the school.

It worked out great for me because it gave me something to do while the kids were in school. I helped three days a week. I didn’t get paid, that’s why it was considered volunteer work.

When Robert was thirteen and Kim was twelve I had found some condoms in one of Steve’s suit jackets. We didn’t use condoms since we were married, we didn’t have the need for them. I didn’t care how many kids we had, I loved my children.

When I did the wash I found that Steve’s jockey underwear had cum stains on them. We must have argued for a good hour before Steve confessed to having sex on his last trip. He did say it was the first and only time but I didn’t believe him. I asked him to please leave our house. I never wanted to see him again.

We argued awhile longer and he packed a suitcase and left the house. I sat and cried; I don’t know how long. Robert and Kim came in and asked me what happened, they are great kids. I told them the truth that their father had cheated on me and I asked him to leave.

My kids loved their father, they really did, but they were mad at him for hurting me. For the next week Steve called me every day and apologized. He kept telling me that it was only the one time and he regretted it. He asked me if we could get past this and that he would always be faithful to me.

I really didn’t believe it was the only time, but I didn’t have any proof. Sometimes you just get that gut feeling when you just think about your past. Another problem was that I loved him and he was our only meal ticket and means of support.

I decided to give him another chance so after another week I let him back in the house. The kids were happy and so was their dad. I was going to make a few changes. One thing I was going to do is look for a paying job. Next time, if there was one, I’d be able to support myself and my kids. I also decided not to be so trustworthy of Steve. Trust would have to be earned all over again.

I did tell him if it ever happened again that there would be no more second chances.

“Mary, believe me. It won’t happen again.” He went to kiss me but I turned my head. I told him I wasn’t ready for that.

Our first night in bed together I told him to not even try. He told me he could wait till I was ready. I really did want him but wasn’t going to make it that easy for him.

A week went by and Steve said he wanted to take me out for dinner. He had it all planned out and our kids were going to be staying at their friends house that night. We had a wonderful dinner, a few bahis firmaları drinks and then did some dancing. I loved it when he held me close. I could feel myself kind of tingling inside. Needless to say we went home and made love that night.

It felt so good being with him. It was like old times, like when we first got married. We made love on and off all night. We kissed, cuddled and he fucked the shit out of me. Sorry, but it was pretty much the truth, it was only the second time we tried anal. It hurt like hell but I wasn’t going to deprive him, not that night.

We slept in till almost noon the next day. Luckily we got up and dressed before the kids arrived home. They smiled when they saw us having breakfast together. Life was back to somewhat pre-cheating normal. I was a lot more aware of what he did and where he went. It’s just something a person does after forgiving a cheater.

I saw at the school where they wanted a full time person to help out in the cafeteria, preparing breakfast and lunch for the kids. I applied for the job and got it. All the time I had helped out for free finally paid off. I now had a job with benefits. I was also home when my kids didn’t have school. This job was so right for me.

Steve really didn’t want me to work but was glad I found a job that didn’t interfere with the raising of our family. As luck would have it, I became pregnant from our all night session of love making. I worked in the cafeteria up till my actual delivery. That’s when my wonderful baby girl was born. She was our love child.

Steve was mad that I was only taking a maternity leave. Then there was the summer and I would be going back to work. I didn’t want to leave my baby girl but I couldn’t take the chance of not having a job if Steve was unfaithful.

We argued over it during the summer but I held firm. My mother would watch Nancy while I worked at the school and I would pick her up after work. The first week it was hard leaving her but I had to do what I had to do.

Steve got over it when he saw that Nancy was a very smart and happy baby. We wondered how the new baby would affect our life but we both really loved her and so did her brother and sister.

Life got back to normal and everything seemed fine. I got away from checking up on Steve all the time. I felt he earned my trust and we let life go on. We both put our kids first and our love life second but that’s the way it should be. We still made love, or had sex on a regular basis.

When our older kids were in college and Nancy was around nine years old things seem to change. Steve had gotten a promotion and worked longer hours. I still worked at the school and tried to have dinner ready when Steve got home. Our love life seemed to wane quite a bit. Steve said it was because of the stress of his new job.

Something just didn’t seem right so I was back to watching how he acted after his trips. I didn’t like being that way but it’s something I couldn’t help. I checked his suits and clothes when he returned from trips.

I didn’t find anything after a couple of his trips and decided to be pro active in our sex life. I went to an all girl party where they had showed different lotions and toys to keep your man happy. They even had a three night massage class on how to rub your partner.

I got some tapes on how to make your partner happy. I was surprised to find out how naive I was when it came to having sex. I thought I knew a lot but I learned so much more. I started to use my new methods on Steve. He loved the rubdowns and massages. I learned more about how to enjoy both oral and anal sex. Needless to say, Steve loved the sex as well.

One thing that I had noticed is that I was doing all these things for Steve but he didn’t return any favors. I would give him oral sex but he wouldn’t return the favor, the same went for massages. It bothered me but I kept trying to do my best. I was going to fight for my husband.

On one night I decided to make him spaghetti and Texas Toast. He loved my homemade sauce. It was 4:30 pm and I had just put the toast in the over when the phone rang. It was Steve.

“Mary, I won’t be home for a couple of hours. A few of us have to stay over and get some work done.”

“I made your favorite spaghetti with the garlic bread.” I replied.

“I’m sorry but I have to stay for awhile. I’ll eat it when I get home. I can just warm it up. Thank you for thinking about me.”

After I hung up with Steve, Nancy asked me if she could go to her girlfriend’s house for awhile. It was a neighbor a couple of doors down from us. I told her that I was going to take dinner to her father and would be back in about an hour. As soon as the toast was done in the oven I wrapped it in foil and took the spaghetti and toast to my husband and his friends so they could all have something to eat.

Everyone would always compliment my cooking. Even the kids at school would tell me how much they liked my cooking compared to their mom’s. It always made me kaçak iddaa feel good.

As I pulled into the parking garage I saw a couple of the people that worked with Steve driving out of the building. I was wondering who all had to work over. Henry, the guard at the desk saw me and smiled. I have known him for years.

“Hi Mrs. Wilson, how are you this evening?”

“I’m fine Henry. Is Steve still here?” Henry checked his logs, everyone in the building had to check in and out.

“Yes he is, must be working late again. What do you have there?” asked Henry.

“Spaghetti and toast, would you like some, there’s plenty here,” I said with a smile on my face.

“I’d love some. You’re the best cook I know. I wish my wife could cook as well as you. Your husband is one lucky man,” replied Henry.

I took out a Styrofoam plate and a plastic fork and gave a heaping plate of spaghetti and a couple of slices of toast to Henry. He thanked me over and over again as he started eating it.

I grabbed my stuff and headed to the elevators and up to my husband’s office. I began seeing him now and then for lunch a few years ago. It was kind of a way to check up on him. The only thing is I always called first.

When I got to his floor the receptionist had already left. No one seemed to be around. I went by his office and he wasn’t there. I then went to the lounge area and the door was closed. I could hear voices from the inside. My worst fears were coming out when I heard, “Oh fuck me Steve. God I love it when you take me from behind. Where did you learn all these little tricks? They make me feel so good and yet so dirty.”

Steve laughed and said, “My wife taught them to me.” He must be rubbing her clit while fucking her doggie style. I showed it to him but I had to rub my own clit.

I put down my stuff and slowly opened the door and looked in. He had her leaning over an ottoman and was on his knees behind her. They were so busy that they never even heard me. Their backs were to me as I picked up my pot of spaghetti, walked over to Steve and dumped it all over his back and ass. Too bad he still had a shirt on.

He screamed out as the hot spaghetti hit the bare skin on his ass. The sauce ran down his ass and onto his girlfriend. He jumped up and turned around and saw me.

“You fucking bitch, you could have burned us with that hot sauce.” I couldn’t believe that was the first thing that came out of his mouth.

“You bastard! You fucking rotten cheating bastard! That’s all you can say? I just wish it was ten times hotter and burned your fucking cock off. No need to come home, if you do I swear I’ll fucking shoot your balls off, and you know I’ll do it.”

“Mary, we can talk about this later…”

“No you bastard. We’re through talking. Your slut, whore can cook for you from now on,” I said as I walked out the door with my pot. I did turn around and pick up the toast and threw it at him.

All this time the woman just moved away from me and cowered in the corner. I knew who she was. I had met her at the last Christmas party. I had to wonder if they were fucking back then.

I went down the elevator and was crying. Henry smiled at me and then he looked concerned when he saw me crying.

“Are you ok Mrs. Wilson? Is there something I can do?”

“You can shoot my husband if you like,” I said as I continued on out to my car. Of course I knew Henry didn’t even have a gun but it must have made him wonder.

When I got home I just cried my eyes out. Nancy came home and asked me what happened. “Your dad cheated on me with another woman. He won’t be coming home.”

It might have been too much for Nancy at such a young age but I wasn’t thinking that clearly. She started crying as we held each other.


Steve tried calling but I kept telling him to go to hell. I threw most of his clothes into garbage bags and my son took them to him when he came home on the weekend. Steve did get a court order to come and get the rest of his belongings. I just went into the kitchen while the officer waited for him to gather his personal stuff. I both hated and loved him but the love was waning fast.

I filed for a divorce and our lawyers got together and worked out an agreement. If I would file for irreconcilable differences Steve would pay me two hundred a week in child support and a hundred a week in alimony. He would also be responsible for our medical costs.

My lawyer told me that this was very good seeing I only had Nancy at home. The support would be until Nancy turned twenty-one or finished four years of college. If I would remarry, the alimony would stop.

Steve really loved his kids. We had joint parental rights. Steve got Nancy every other weekend. We shared holidays and other special days. I wouldn’t talk to him about anything except Nancy until the divorce was final.

It was six months later when we sat across from each other to sign our divorce papers. I promised myself I wouldn’t cry. All I had to do kaçak bahis is picture him with his girlfriend that night and I had no problem being mad. After the signing he asked if he could talk to me and I said sure.

“Mary, I’m sorry, I truly am…”

“I don’t want to hear this shit again,” and started to get up.

“Please Mary, I need to tell you this. Please give me a few minutes of your time.”

I sat there and listened to Steve talk. “Look, I didn’t mean for anything to happen but it did. Lisa is not a whore or a slut, believe me.” I just gave him a dirty look.

“We have been working together for about six months now and we just fell in love. I wasn’t looking for love but it just happened. Before we knew it we were joking with each other on one of our trips and well we became a couple.”

“You had to have let it happen. You know that if a person gets too close to a fire they will get burned. So don’t tell me it just happened. It happened because you let it happen,” I replied.

I got up and left. I was now a free woman but I didn’t feel so free. My heart ached but life goes on. At least I still had Nancy and my older kids to cheer me up when they came to visit.

It was over two years and I hadn’t dated. I just didn’t feel that I wanted any kind of relationship. I guess on the inside I felt old and ugly. I spent most of my free time going to Nancy’s activities. She was a smart girl and into everything.

Steve got married six months after our divorce. Our kids didn’t go to the wedding because they thought their dad got married to soon after our divorce. I really believe they stayed away because of me.

A year ago Kim got married. She asked me if I minded if her dad’s wife Lisa came to the wedding. “Mom, dad said he would pay for most of my wedding but not if his wife wasn’t welcome to the wedding. I know you have a lot of reasons to hate her but she is our father’s wife now. Mom, I would really like dad to walk me down the aisle.”

“Kim, this is your wedding, one of the most important days of your life. I promise you that I won’t do anything to upset that day for you. If you want to invite Lisa, I’m ok with it as long as you don’t seat her anywhere near me. I’ll do my best to help you make your wedding day a wonderful one to remember.”

At the wedding my family, parents, brothers and sister all sat together. They were cordial to Steve but were no longer close. Lisa was there but sat on the groom’s side of the aisle. Seeing my daughter walking down the aisle with her dad made me cry. She looked so beautiful.

At the reception we were all having a good time. I just kept my distance from Lisa. My kids knew her well, especially Nancy. They did spend time with their dad and Lisa at their table. I have to admit we probably all were a little nervous but the wedding was beautiful.

I guess no one mentioned to the band that my husband and I were divorced. He had a dance for the parents of the bride and groom. I was a bit surprised when Steve came over and asked me to dance. Kim looked over at me and I remembered my promise to her and took Steve’s hand as we walked onto the dance floor.

He was such a good dancer. I know I was nervous dancing with him but he held me steady and not too close. As we were dancing he thanked me for the dance and allowing Lisa to come to the wedding.

I didn’t really talk to him but I did give him a smile. I was relieved when the dance ended. My son Robert asked me to dance the next dance. I didn’t realize he was so much like his father. I even told him so.

Since the wedding I have talked to Steve from time to time, mostly about things that concern Nancy. I have seen Steve and his wife at different school functions. He really does try to be there for his daughter.

My life was now working and doing things with Nancy. Robert recently graduated and told me I should rent out his room above the garage. It would give me additional income.

I posted a “For Rent” note at the local grocery. I was surprised when a young man that worked there asked to see the apartment. He was clean cut and had good manners. He ended up renting the place. We invited him in for dinner and he told us about his life and what he had gone through. I told him that we didn’t have sit down meals every day but when we did, we would let him know. He loved my cooking. Of course that always made me feel good and I liked to have someone to cook for.

A week went by and we saw Joey a few times. He always smiled at Nancy and me. On one particular Saturday it was hot for September. Nancy had gone to be with her dad for the weekend and I decided to lie by the pool and get a little sun. I never thought about Joey getting up or even being there.

I put on my skimpy two-piece swimsuit and laid in the back yard. The next thing I knew Joey was standing there looking at me. I was startled at first and then remember telling him he could swim any time he would like, and it was really a hot day.

He was so young and so cute standing there in his bathing suit. I was embarrassed at first and grabbed a towel to cover myself. Joey told me he was sorry to have startled me but was going to take up my offer and go for a dip in the pool.

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