Ava and/or Eva Pt. 08

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Author’s Note – This is the conclusion to this story. For the best experience, please read the previous parts in sequence, or you may not be able to follow the story properly. Although this is a work of fiction, it is based on real characters and events. All names and locations are fictitious. Thank you.


A Final Homecoming

Monday morning we were waiting at the house when the moving van pulled up. June and Crystal had insured that all the business furniture and computers were loaded last, so those things could come off first and they could get the business up and running asap.

We had discussed what was in the truck beforehand, therefore I had a good idea where they wanted most of the stuff and directed the men as they unloaded. The telephone and cable installer showed up as scheduled. I made sure everything was tested and ready to go when the phones and computers were turned on. By noon, the movers were done and gone. June had fired up the main computer and checked on the business with the office almost complete and ready for business as usual.

Although they had given their customers fair warning of the upcoming shutdown, there were still a dozen messages and several orders needing their attention. A couple of their bigger customers were wedding planners with new customers they needed to get quotes out to. I was surprised by the size of their customer base and how large their business had gotten in so short a time. June attributed it to Eva’s aggressive marketing campaign with extensive e-mailings and follow-up phone calls. Eva tossed in the fact that June’s customer support and attention to detail was very key, while Crystal’s ordering, supplier interfacing and timely handling of schedules and deliveries were also valuable to their success. From what I could see, they were a well-oiled machine, seeming to interact almost flawlessly.

I ran out and grabbed some lunch which gave them a much welcomed break. Afterward, I had June show me what she wanted for furniture arrangement. She helped my quickly move the larger pieces into suitable locations, then I made sure that the marked boxes were in the correct rooms.

Finally, I went into the downstairs storage room to check on the security and video systems. When I was sure all was working fine, I had my girls come back and showed them how to work the recording system for the video, then we moved to the front security pad and set up their password while I ran over the procedures should they have to talk to the security company, how to kill the alarm and so on. It was just a little after 2 when they shooed me out, saying they would finish up. Eva said they would bring something home for dinner, so not to worry about that.

As I was heading out the door, I reminded them, “Don’t forget that we are having ‘Cherry Surprise’ for dessert, so don’t to be too late.” June slapped me on the arm with a big smile while Crystal dropped her shorts and wiggled her gem-plugged ass at me, sticking out her tongue playfully.

“Get out of here, daddy … we still have work to do!” Eva admonished me, shoving me out the door.

I needed to run by one of my properties and check on the progress of the remodel. The new lessee had requested some minor changes to a few wall locations and electrical outlet additions in return for a long term lease. I wanted to be sure that the contractor I was using was on schedule for completion. Previously, I had done a lot of this stuff myself, but now farmed it out since it was no longer cost effective for me to do it by myself. When I could see that all looked right, I headed for home, making a quick shopping stop on my way.

It was a beautiful day with a hot edge to the air … summer was here for sure … so I threw on my trunks and headed for the pool. I dove in, welcoming the cool water around me, and started doing the short laps and turns that my medium-sized pool would allow, alternating between a series of hard, freestyle laps and lazy, backstroke ones. Within 15 minutes my arms and shoulders were burning, so I just floated on my back for a bit before leaving the pool to lie on a lounger.

Running everything through my head that had happened since Eva had come back, I was astounded by the events that had transpired since that momentous day. I had gone from a man who rarely ever thought about getting laid … whose only focus was on his work and making sure he was set up for life without any worries come retirement…to a dad who was fucking his own daughter without any regrets. A man whose life had been turned upside down with three women who seemed to have made me the center of their desires and attention. My life was now full of sex and eroticism which rose above all else. I thought I had been happy before … now I was joyous.

The warmth on my skin told me it was time to move, so I rose and went into the house. I downed a bottle of water then began to work on a beer as I sat on the deck. The grass was ready for the crew to cut Wednesday, and we could sure use some rain as it had been a dry, late spring and the summer fire danger might get high if we didn’t get some relief soon. The sudden chatter echoing inside told me my girls were done for the day. Eva came casino şirketleri out on the deck and kissed me passionately.

“Been swimming, I see.” I nodded while she added, “Gonna jump in myself…be right back.” She left and I could hear them all head upstairs to change. A few minutes later, three barely covered, gorgeous asses ran past me, heading for the water. Apparently it was topless Monday and I whistled at the bare boobies bouncing and teasing me from below, enjoying the view as they played and tussled. Soon, I wondered why they had bothered to dress because all three bikini bottoms were floating in the pool. I smirked when I saw a head disappear between legs and squeals of pleasure erupted as they attacked each other for a taste. I was in heaven.

When they were played out, they came back up with their bikinis in hand, dropping them on the table as they went inside for refreshments. Crystal returned first, stopping to give me a hug and a kiss before walking to the railing and looking out in the yard, her white gem gleaming in the late afternoon sun from between her ass cheeks. When Eva and June came out, I motioned them to come close and quietly whispered my desire to them. They set their drinks down and strolled up on either side of Crystal, each securing an arm before they unleashed a torrent of of hard slaps on her ass. She squealed sharply as she wiggled and tried to get away, but my sluts held on tight until the white gem was surrounded in red. When they quit, she turned to me as she rubbed her sore butt with a look of mock indignation and a super exaggerated pout, her lower lip pushed far forward as she faux whimpered to me.

“Daddy!” she complained. Eva and June were giggling mischievously.

“Just your daily dose of bitch training, sweetie,” I teased as she waddled over to me. “Let daddy kiss and make it better.” She grinned and turned her ass to me, just inches from my face. With my hands, I softly caressed her redness while covering her ass with little kisses, finally stopping to clamp my teeth over her plug and popping her gem from her, my hand taking it from my teeth. She jerked for a moment, but when she felt my tongue rimming her sphincter, she pushed back at me and faux swooned as my tongue poked her hole.

“Hey!” hollered Eva, “I wanna be a bitch too!” When I looked up, June and her were leaning over me as I tended to Crystal.

“Not fair!” added June with a disappointed look and a pout to rival Crystal’s from before. I popped Crystal’s plug back in and slapped her on the ass, grabbing my drink as she stood and turned while smiling brightly.

“June, I need a spreadsheet set up.” They sat down at the table as I explained, “Put your three names on the left side until it is filled. Then, for the top columns, give me … oral, pussy, anal, toy, spanking, 2 way, 3 way, 4 way … ummm … leave the rest blank. Print about 20 of those and we’ll post it in the kitchen. When I ‘do it to you’, check it off the list.” They were all chuckling as I continued my hypothetical solution. “One hour before bed, I will try to make sure and catch up whatever was missed with whomever I missed it with… until I pass out from exhaustion … or die … deal?” Crystal snorted her juice out while Eva and June were nearly hysterical with laughter.

Eva had tears running down her cheeks when she finally regained her composure. I was leaning back with my arms crossed, a half-serious look on my face. “Smart ass!” she teased.

“June, add another on the top … treated like a bitch … I’ll make a list of any additional ones I think of.” I managed to set off another round of giggling. Crystal had laid her head on the table and was shaking it side to side. Finishing my beer, I went in to get another. They were back to normal when I returned.

“How did the rest of the move go, my ladies?” I inquired.

“Great, daddy…we were surprised how easy it was…thanks for setting those things up, lover.” Eva blew me a kiss with a smile.

“Yeah, we’ll just have to do the household stuff over the next few of days, but the business is all set!” added June.

One of the things I had been thinking about a lot was how I wanted to be with each of my girls. Having three women who wanted me to love and care about them was a heavy responsibility. Eva wasn’t a problem since we slept together every night and had plenty of cuddle and alone time to share our love and feelings. It was more of a concern to me about June and especially Crystal. I wanted to make sure I gave each of them some alone time with me to just ‘be’ together. Since Crystal had received a lot of attention recently, I decided to start with June.

“June, throw on a cover-up and meet me by the pool, lover.” She looked at me questioningly before running upstairs. When Eva and Crystal gave me the same look, I explained, “I just want to check and see how she is doing … I plan on giving each of you my undivided attention as much as you need it. I just haven’t talked to June for a bit.” They both smiled and nodded as I rose and walked down to the pool, sitting on one of the loungers. June came up a minute later dressed in one of my shirts.

“I guess I need to let you and Crystal take your ‘shirts’ casino firmaları with you when you go to the house tomorrow,” I commented with a chuckle and a big smile. She returned the smile as I patted my lap and took her hand to pull her to me. Straddling me, she began sliding her pussy against my covered cock.

Her light green eyes were sparkling at me and I loved the color of ginger her hair was. Set against her lightly tanned skin, she had a very exotic look about her. Only two buttons of her top were done up and I undid them slowly as I looked at her. When it fell open, I enjoyed her beautiful breasts for a moment before bending in to suck each one into my mouth. Her nipples were hard and long as they always seemed to be. I flicked them with my tongue before leaning back.

“God, you’re beautiful, June.” She smiled sweetly. “With all the stuff going on, I just wanted to get you alone and tell you that … and, tell you how much I really care about you. You’ve gotten inside my head and heart pretty deep in a very short time, girl.”

She looked at me with a real tenderness and replied, “I can’t believe what has happened, David. It’s like a dream … like … that whole new life I was fantasizing about when we decided to move here. I can’t believe it … and you … are true. Words can’t … ” Her voice trailed off as she bent in to give me a kiss. When it ended, she looked at me with her head shaking in disbelief.

“None of us know what the future holds, June … and Eva will always be my number one, but you and Crystal mean almost as much to me as she does … Eva feels the same way. No matter what happens, you will always be a big part of me … understand?”

She smiled with love at me and tilted her head to the side before saying, “Yes … and no matter what, you will always be my ‘daddy’ … and my lover. You can fuck me anytime, anywhere and anyway you want. Understand?”

“Yes, my slut … I do … yes, I do!” We both smiled and smooched again. Before she got up from my lap, she reached down and tugged my shorts lower, ground her pussy against my cock for a minute then walked back into the house with an evil grin on her face and her blue ass gem sparkling in the sunlight. I sat there for awhile feeling satisfied as I enjoyed the moment, then went to the house.

Eva and Crystal had been busy getting dinner ready. While eating, we chatted about their business and what they still had to do. Although June and Crystal seemed happy about their new home, I still got the feeling that it was going to be hard for them to not be here all the time. Even though it had only been a few days, it still felt to all of us as if this was the natural way we should be together. The move was going to be rough on them.

We were cleaning up when I finally addressed the topic that was on everyone’s mind. “If I recall right, two of my sluts wanted a special treat for dessert tonight. Is that right?”

A chorus of, “Yes, daddy” rang out as June and Crystal jumped about enthusiastically.

“Okay. All my sluts need to go get dressed, but no panties tonight … I need those sexy asses totally accessible.”

Eva warned me, “We’ll need time to clean up and get pretty for daddy, okay?”

“Of course, my love … take what time you need,” I agreed. “Now off you go!” The mini-hurricane raced upstairs leaving a trail of squeals and chatter in it’s wake. I decided I had better clean up as well and followed them. Eva had just stepped into the shower as I entered our bathroom, dropped my trunks and joined her. We soaped and cleaned each other. As much as I was tempted to push her against the wall and fuck her right there, it was going to be a long night, so I needed to save my loads for later. She must have seen me grit my teeth and shake my head as I cleaned her tits.

Giving my cock a pull and smiling, she teased, “He’s gonna get a workout!” I grinned in return, stepping out to dry myself off. After brushing my teeth and a quick shave, I threw a simple pair of boxers on and headed downstairs, Crystal slipping by me with a smile and towels covering her hair and body. She gave me a playful slap on my ass as she passed.

Thirty minutes later they all came down and lined up before me. The beauty that was before me never failed to amaze me. What had I done to be worthy of these three wonderful women? As I stared at them and enjoyed their fully exposed pussies that were already showing signs of excitement, a gleam from around their necks quickly caught my attention.

“What have we here?” I asked, stepping up to Eva. My fingers slipped under the delicate heart held in place by a short, choker chain and I read the etched ‘Daddy’s Girl’. My eyes watered up from their touching display of affection for me. I kissed Eva tenderly before moving to June … kissing her in kind, and then finishing with Crystal. As I stepped back, I had to wipe a tear from my cheek … the smiles on their face were glorious as they realized the effect they had provoked from me.

“Oh, my … whew!” I fought for words, finding none to respond adequately with, so I moved on to the night’s agenda. “Okay … Crystal and June, head on down and get all your cuffs on … I need to talk with your güvenilir casino sister a moment.” They headed out with a chorus of ‘Yes, daddy’. I grasped Eva by the shoulders and told her, “Wow, you sure know how to choke a guy up, baby girl.”

“It was their idea … they wanted something special to show you how much you mean to them,” she replied.

I went to the frig and pulled a sack out from the back, opening it to show Eva the can of whipped cream and the cherries inside. She giggled as the picture of what I was planning became clearer. “I’ll need your help in case I have trouble ‘getting it up’ … I just hope I can pull this off … your daddy’s not the stud he used to be, honey.”

I handed her the sack as she kissed me on the cheek, countering with, “Oh, you’re a stud alright … believe me!” She slapped my ass and we went to the playroom.

At the bottom of the stairs, I stopped and asked, “I know Crystal’s anal background, but what has June done? … I guess she’s not a toy virgin, but tell me more.”

“Lots of toys … she really likes it … and a medium-sized dildo, but not as big as you, so treat them gently at first until they get comfortable,” she informed me.

They were by the side of the bed,waiting with antsy anticipation as I strolled in and went to the wall to fire up my video gear. When it was set, I moved to the bookcase and opened the doors at the bottom, pulling out one of my video cameras. It had been a while since I had used it, so I replaced the batteries and checked to make sure it was ready before popping in a new cassette. I showed them how to operate the basic functions and let them take a bit of video to check and make sure they were ready. I had Eva drop the sack on the bed and set my plan into motion.

“June, you get the camera first. The main cameras will cover most of the action, so what I want from you is close-ups of faces, pussies and the action.” She nodded and took the camera, ready to do what was needed. I dropped my boxers and kicked them aside, my semi-flaccid cock swinging about. Pointing to a spot on the floor by the bed, I directed them to kneel there and face the bed while holding out my hand for Eva to join me. When she was at my side, I took my cock in hand, telling Crystal, “Take care of this.” She immediately crawled forward and began to arouse me. As my cock twitched and began to fill, June was filming the blowjob. I put my arm around Eva’s waist and pulled her to me, moving my mouth to her ear and whispered, “Remember how I fucked you in front of the mirror on my lap? … I’m going to do it again, but in your ass this time.”

I hear a sharp gasp from her before she murmured back, “Yes, daddy … fuucckkkk yesss!” I moved my head back and kissed her, sucking her tongue into my mouth and playing with it. My cock was almost fully hard when we broke for air. Her eyes were already a little glassy.

“Thank you Crystal … you’re an excellent little cock sucker, my love.” She released me, then moved back a bit. June was having fun filming all the action, a grin on her face. “Before I begin your training, I want to show you what will be in store once you are ready. Since Eva is super qualified, she will be my partner. Get the lube, Crystal.” I sat on the edge of the bed as she retrieved the tube. When I held out my fingers, she squeezed some on them. Turning her ass to me, I pulled her gem, tossed it on the bed, then worked the lube around and in her hole. As I held my fingers out again, Crystal squeezed a bit more and I coated my cock.

“Kick off those shoes and climb on, baby girl … let’s show them how it’s done,” I directed her as I spread my legs. She moved between them and turned her ass to me as I gripped her waist and lifted her up. She remembered to grip my thighs and leaned back into me, holding her weight while I reached under her and positioned my tip against her sphincter. She moaned as I rubbed it around a moment before telling her to go ahead. When I felt my tip pop inside her, I grabbed her cheeks in my hands and lowered her down. June and Crystal were watching with intense fascination as Eva was impaled on me … a loud sigh escaping from her when she hit bottom. I felt her shudder on my shaft, my balls becoming wet from the juices dripping out of her cunt. I marveled once more at how wet she got and how fast she did so.

Lifting her up, I began to move her on me … a minute later I whispered, “I got ya… legs up, baby girl.” She released my thighs, grabbed hers and pulled her legs in tight to her chest as I picked up speed. Laying her head back, she groaned and began to whimper loudly, her chest heaving. Stopping a minute later with her fully impaled, I instructed Crystal, “Eat her, baby doll … make her squirm … get that hard clit of hers standing at attention.” I needed all the help I could get to make Eva cum without blowing my own load. Crystal crawled in and went to work on Eva’s pussy. Eva was staring down and jerking as Crystal tongued and sucked her. “Get your fingers in her … fill her up!” Crystal complied as I began to slowly rotate Eva back and forth counter to what Crystal was doing. Eva’s breathing was extremely harsh and rapid as I moved her slowly up and down on me again, allowing Crystal to still have access to her. Eva was squirming, trying to fuck me with her ass while I could feel she was getting closer. “Thanks, baby doll,” I told Crystal and went back to my harder fucking motion.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20