Aunt Mandy’s Hidden Side

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“I wanted to show you this before I go,” Kevin Evans told his friend Brent as he pulled up to the side of his buddy’s house. “Hop in for a second.”

“Where you off to?” Brent asked after hoping in the passenger side of the car.

“My Aunt Mandy’s down in Hudson,” Kevin explained.

“Wasn’t she just up here for a couple of days with your uncle?” Brent asked. “The little blonde that looks a lot like your Mom?”

“The same.”

“How come you’re going to go see her? I would think that after a couple of days of them underfoot the last thing you would want to do is see them again,” Brent opined, adding. “Even though your Aunt Mindy is kinda cute. Like your Mom.”

“They are sisters after all,” Kevin reminded his friend. “Although I doubt whether my mother is anywhere near as kinky as Aunt Mindy is. She’s crazier than even you or me.”


“Oh yes, as you will soon see here, thanks to my ingenious use of cameras out in our hallway at home.”

“You still playing with that stuff?” Brent asked. “I figured that after you thought your old man found out you had their bedroom bugged you swore you would give that shit up?”

“This isn’t any bedroom stuff, it’s just the hallway of our house,” Kevin said as he positioned the laptop so they both could see. “No harm in that. See? Mom and Dad’s room is at the end, and then there’s the bathroom and then my bedroom. You can’t see the guest room where my aunt and uncle stayed.”

“Not very clear,” Brent noted as he looked at the grainy image on the screen.

“Hey, I’m not Fellini. It’s a freaking security camera. You’ll be able to see well enough though, believe me,” Kevin assured his friend as he sped the film up. “It took me all day yesterday to edit this down. And here’s my Aunt Mandy going to the bathroom.”

“She looks like a little kid,” Brent suggested as the woman in a modest nightie went into the bathroom and closed the door.

“She’s petite, just like my Mom is only even more so.”

“How old is she?”

“A little older than my mother, so I’m guessing she’s 50.” Kevin explained as they waited for Aunt Mindy to come out of the bathroom, and when she did her nephew provided commentary. “Now where are you going Aunt Mindy? Your room is the other way.”

“What’s she doing?” his friend asked when after a moment where the tiny blonde paused in the middle of the hallway, she tiptoed down to the closed door of her sister and her husband.

“This was Saturday night, so unless I’m mistaken, that means my Mom and Dad are fucking,” Kevin chuckled as they looked at the little woman leaning against the master bedroom door.

“What’s she up to, listening?” Brent cackled, and then roared when he saw the back of his friend’s aunt’s nightie rise up to expose part of her butt. “Holy shit! She’s frigging herself!”

“Told you she was kinky,” Kevin agreed as they watched the grainy image of the middle-aged woman with her hand up under the bottom of her nightie.

“Nice ass for an old lady,” Kevin buddy opined as they watched, and when Aunt Mindy was done she straightened out her nightie and went back up the hall to the guest room. “I have to admit that I feel like a pervert but watching that was hot.”

“There’s more,” Kevin told his friend while he fast forwarded a bit. “That was Saturday night, and this part coming up is going to be Sunday night.”

“Your parents screw a lot more that mine do,” Brent commented as once again the petite middle-aged lady went down the hall, but this time Mandy just stood there and looked down the end of the hall. “What’s she doing? Listening to hear your folks?”

“No my friend,” Kevin snickered as his aunt made baby steps past the bathroom. “What my Aunt Mindy has noticed is that the bedroom door at the far end of the hall is open a bit.”

“You left it open?”

“Just in case Aunt Mindy was bored I wanted to give her something to look at,” Kevin related. “My bedroom curtains were wide open, and that let the moonlight shine right on the bed where a certain constantly horny dude you may know is sprawled on his back naked as the day he was born with the sheet down at his feet.”

“Fuck!” Brent choked as he watched the woman go down the the end of the hall and suddenly throw herself backwards after looking in. “Was your cock hard?”

“Halfway, and it was a struggle to just lay there and pretend I was sleeping and not pop a boner,” Kevin told his pal. “That’s it Aunt Mandy. Look in. Don’t worry. I’m sleeping.”

“Un-fucking real.” Brent mumbled as he watched the woman leaning back and pulling her nightie up so she could do the same thing she had done the night before, her hand furiously working in her crotch as her legs bowed open. “You can even see her pussy. Does she shave it?”

“Don’t think so. There’s a little hair down there but I think she’s like my Mom and just doesn’t have much of a bush,” Kevin suggested as they watched the lady try not to slide down to the floor as she came, and then after she recovered simply straightened up and went back casino şirketleri to her room. “And that’s it.”

“That’s enough,” Brent told his friend. “Having an aunt that’s a voyeur? Incredible. What if your Mom came out of her room to go to the bathroom?”

“That would have been interesting, wouldn’t it? My Mom watching her sister finger herself while her precious 18 year old son is sleeping?” Kevin wondered aloud. “But she didn’t.”

“So what do you do plan on doing with that little movie – after you send me a copy that is?” Brent asked hopefully.

“What I’m going to do,” Kevin mused as he checked the clock on the dashboard before closing up the laptop and holding it aloft, “is take a trip down to my Aunt Mandy’s and show her this little flick.”

“What are you planning? Going to blackmail her?”

“No, I would never do that. That would be wrong, but I’ve been paying attention to my Aunt Mandy the last few years. Little things like the way she acts and the stuff she does when nobody is watching,” Kevin explained. “That, plus overhearing my Mom talking to my Dad about her sister once when they didn’t know I was around. About how her big sister was always a pig ever since they were growing up and how she thought Mandy was a sex addict.”


“Mom swore that if my Dad ever touched her she would kill them both,” Kevin concluded. “As for me however…”

“You gotta call and tell me all about it,” Brent said as he climbed out of the car, and after Kevin pulled out of the driveway he got out to the Interstate where after the hour drive he would be arriving at his aunt and uncle’s place shortly after Uncle Jack went to work.

“Don’t want to crush these,” Kevin reminded himself as he pulled the two beige foam cones that he had found in Mandy’s bra while rummaging through his aunt’s undies in her suitcase. “You’ve probably been looking for these since you got home.”


“Kevin!” the petite lady chirped after opening the door and seeing her nephew on the porch. “What are you doing here?”

“Paying you a visit,” Kevin told her.

“Oh, well come in then,” Mandy Wolf said, stepping aside and opening the door wider she Kevin could come in. “You just missed your Uncle Alan. He just left for work.”

“I know,” Kevin replied, not mentioning that he had circled the block a couple of times when he saw the car still in the driveway. “Didn’t come to see him. I came to see you.”

“Me?” Mandy answered, clasping her hand up to the neck of her baggy shirt.

‘Of course you, but you don’t seem too happy to see me,” Kevin responded. “Are you expecting company? Some bingo playing friend or maybe a gigolo stopping by?”

“A gigolo?” Mandy chuckled. “Honestly, you’ve always been such a funny boy.”

“Not a boy any more,” Kevin corrected. “But then again you know that don’t you?”

“I’ll say,” Mandy clucked. “You’re a head taller than I am now. Uh – what do you have in the bag honey?”

“This?” Kevin said as he held up the satchel he was holding. “A couple of things.”

“Now these,” the teen said as he pulled the foam enhancers out of the bag to offered then to his aunt, whose horrified expression was also reflected in her shaky hand as she dropped the cones and had to chase them down as the bounced crazily on the kitchen floor.

“Why do you bother with those Aunt Mandy? You’re a pretty lady regardless,” Kevin explained to his crimson-faced aunt. “Anyway, lots of men like small breasted women.”

“It’s not – you don’t understand,” Mandy mumbled as she set them on the counter. “It’s just that clothes don’t fit right without something up there – you know?”

“You aren’t wearing them now and you look sexy as hell,” Kevin related, and his aunt suddenly realized that she was bra-less with her nipples popping out into the fabric of the blouse.

“Well – uh – thank you for bringing them to me even though it wasn’t necessary,” Mandy mused as her face turned an even darker crimson. “Could have sworn I packed them.”

“I have something else to show you Aunt Mandy,” Kevin said as he pulled his laptop out and set it on the counter next to the falsies. “Trust me you’ll find this a lot more interesting.”

“Oh. Computers. I confess I don’t know anything about them. Your Uncle Alan? Now he’s a guy that knows about computers.”

“No Aunt Mandy,” Kevin smiled as he opened up the laptop and got it ready. “You don’t need to know anything about computers. Just enjoy the show.”

“This isn’t one of those things like the Blair Witch Project, is it honey?” Mandy asked as she leaned into the counter top and squinted at the screen. “Those things scare me so much.”

“No,” Kevin replied as he put his arm over his aunt’s bony shoulders and squeezed lightly.

“This – this is your house isn’t it?” she asked. “Oh. This is one of those things that you can have installed that keep an eye on your house when you’re away? That is probably a good idea because our neighbor got burglarized last year and…”

“No, Aunt Mandy. This casino firmaları is a tape. See?”

“What? Who is… is that me?” she asked when she saw herself entering the picture and stepping into the bathroom.

“It is.”

“Oh lord no. Please Kevin,” Mandy gasped when she saw herself leave the bathroom and hesitate before taking a few steps down towards her sister’s bedroom, and as she looked at the keyboard for something to make it stop she added, “Honey please. I don’t want to watch this”

“Don’t cry Aunt Mandy.”

“Your mother – if she ever saw this…” Mandy said with a cracking voice. “Don’t make me watch.”

“But you like to listen and you like to watch. We all do,” Kevin said as he paused to lean over and kiss the top of his aunt’s skull when a bit of brown was starting to show at the roots of her short cropped blonde haircut. “Mom sure is a yelper no matter how hard she tries to keep quiet.

“No,” Mandy whimpered as she watched herself listening to her sister and brother-in-law, her hands shaking so hard she had to grab the edge of the counter top.

“I think that’s hot,” Kevin whispered in his aunt’s ear, and when he looked down he saw that her nipples were popping out even more and the faint blonde down on her forearms was sticking straight up. “And I think if I wasn’t here you would think so too.”

“I can explain,” she said after swallowing. “I know that’s horrible but my life – it’s nothing like your mother’s. She has you and a loving husband and…”

“You have Uncle Alan,” Keven interrupted but Aunt Mandy shook her head.

“No. No I don’t,” she corrected. “Your Uncle Alan? He – he can’t perform any more. He says it’s my fault. He says I’m lacking. He loathes how flat chested I am and berates me for not getting implants. He says I’m too demanding. He’s been cheating on me for so long that I don’t even care anymore. We haven’t – you know – in ages. That’s why I…”

“It’s okay Aunt Mandy. He’s wrong you know. Wrong about you for sure,” Kevin said as he advanced the recording to the next part. “Now that? That was Saturday night. This here? This is Sunday night, and I like this even more.”

“There’s something wrong with me,” Mandy whispered. “I need help, and I promise to you that I’ll get it, Kevin,” Mandy pledged.

“That’s why I’m here,” Kevin replied as they watched Mandy skulking around the door of Kevin’s bedroom. “You know, up until recently I felt unwanted too, but all that’s changed. Maybe it’s my attitude or maybe it’s something else. Whatever it is, I seem to have captured your attention here and I like that.”

“It’s not right. You’re my nephew honey,” Mandy choked, but then continued in another tone. “It’s just that you’re – you’re so manly now. I mean, I know you aren’t a kid anymore but…”

“Go ahead.”

“It’s just that I never expected – you’re a lot like your father was back when he was courting my sister. Handsome, with a body so lean and trim, but even he wasn’t as well endowed as you are.”

“Is that a good thing?” Kevin asked as he leaned into his aunt, wondering how she knew something like that about his old man. “Do you like guys with big cocks?”

“Yes – I mean I don’t know,” was her answer, and as she felt his nephew move behind her she added, “I’ve never been with anyone built anything like you.”

“Well then this might be OUR lucky day,” Kevin remarked as he slid his hands up under his aunt’s blouse, and he sighed when he found the lime-sized buds which might have been tiny but had nipples that felt as big as a baby pacifiers when his fingers stroked them. “Because I want you so bad.”

“Don’t honey,’ Mandy pleaded although her heart wasn’t in it as she writhed in place. “I’m too weak to say no right now.”

“That’s good because I’m not sure I could stop anyway.”

“Kevin,” Mandy wheezed as her nephew’s hands glided from her breasts to her sides which were dripping with sweat, and after Kevin’s fingers moved up her rib cage they reached the origin of the perspiration. “I – I- I didn’t shower yet this morning. Haven’t shaved in a few days.”

“So I see,” Kevin chuckled as his fingers danced over the modest strips of peach fuzz in the centers of the damp hollows of her armpits, and just before he nibbled his aunt’s neck and removed the last attempt at resistance he added, “I like that too.”

Mandy didn’t answer but simply fell back into Kevin, grinding her backside into him as he yanked her blouse upwards and off, and after throwing it aside he jammed his hand under the elastic of her sweatpants.

Kevin’s hand jerked back a little when his hand hit panties that were dripping wet but then the boy ducked under the soggy cotton to feel a dripping patch of curls over what felt like large labia.

“Fuck me.”

Kevin lifted his face out of the crook of his aunt’s neck when he heard an unfamiliar word come out of Mandy’s mouth as her middle-aged body shivered and shook until she spun around to face him.

This wasn’t the chipper Aunt Mandy who could pass for Peter Pan güvenilir casino much of the time. This Aunt Mandy was wild-eyed, her face flushed and strained as she stared at her nephew, and when he hesitated she grabbed the bottom of his t-shirt and yanked upwards savagely, ripping it a bit in the process.

Just as quickly the older woman dropped to her knees, clawing at the belt that held up his Dockers until it came free, and after that the slacks came down without being undone.

“Good god!!” Aunt Mandy cried out as she forced the pants down to her nephew’s knees and saw the bulge in Kevin’s boxer briefs, the long tube curved over towards his hip, and the lad left out a groan when Aunt Mandy grabbed hold of the bulge and stroked it feverishly.

“Aunt Mandy,” Kevin gasped as he tried to slow the crazed woman down, but that didn’t seem possible as she jerked the snug briefs down.

Kevin’s arching prong slapped her under the chin when it sprang out of confinement, but Aunt Mandy didn’t flinch, instead grabbing the long lean tool with both hands, and after admiring it for a second stuffed as much as she could into her mouth.

Now it was Kevin set back on his heels as he watched his aunt’s lips going up and down on his cock as her right fist squeezed the base, making his nearly erect cock as hard as steel in seconds..

“Aunt Mandy,” Kevin pleaded, finally pulling her off of his cock before it erupted, and as he reached under her arms to lift her to her feet he was stunned to see that at least 2/3 of his throbbing 9″ organ was wet with her saliva.

“Please fuck me!” Aunt Mandy cried out, trying to step out of her sweatpants and panties while dragging Kevin over to the table, nearly falling in the process, and with one sweep of her skinny arm sent the newspaper and the napkin holder that was on the kitchen table flying.

“Please,” Mandy insisted, looking like one of those insane Black Friday shoppers at the store Kevin used to work at, and as the petite woman bent over the table, grabbed the sides and presented herself to her nephew, Kevin moved forward and pushed his cock under her still-pert ass cheeks, finding the sloppy entrance with no problem.


His aunt’s howl sent chills down the lad’s spine as he pushed his manhood into the vise-like opening with no further delay since it was obvious that Mandy wasn’t going to wait for any more foreplay, and even though the cock was pretty normal in girth as he pushed it into her it was a very tight fit.

“Hard. Fast!”

Mandy was insistent, and even though Kevin knew he wasn’t going to last long he complied, holding onto his aunt’s hips and slamming into her, causing the table to lurch forward with every thrust. Reaching around her, he captured Aunt Mandy’s swaying hangers and pulled on the teats roughly in time with his thrusts.

The lad forced himself to keep from cumming as best he could although in less than a minute he knew he had lost the battle. Just then his mother’s sister let out a scream followed by a series of animal-like noises, so loud that if there were neighbors within earshot they would be calling the cops.

Kevin’s seed blasted into Aunt Mandy’s womb as her pussy clenched and crushed his dick, her orgasm making her scratch at the table until her body finally stopped convulsing. When her petite savaged body finally stopped shaking Kevin heard his aunt sobbing, so as his member flopped out of her he knelt over and asked if she was okay.

“Did I hurt you? I didn’t mean to, I was just trying…”

“I’m sorry. Please – I know you’ll never be able to forget what I did but please forgive me,” was what Mandy said.

“No,” Kevin responded as he lifted her soggy body off of the table, a puddle of some fluid where a place-mat had been, and even though he was not all that muscular lifted the little lady up and carried her down the hall to the bedroom.

“Didn’t make the bed yet,” Aunt Mandy said for some reason as Kevin deposited her into the sheets, and as the lad reached down and pulled his socks off she told him, “Guess that would have been a waste of time.”

The lad nodded, looking down at the middle-aged woman who could have passed for a teen the way she looked, with only the slight signs of aging around the corners of her eyes and her neck giving her age away.

Mandy’s waif-like body looked strangely erotic to Kevin, even though the other two women he had been intimate with him before had been much more voluptuous. Mandy’s breasts all but disappeared with her on her back but it looked erotic to the teen as he knelt down at her hip and ran his hand up and down her upper torso as he bent over to take the closest bulbous nipple into his mouth.

Kevin’s aunt gasped as the teen eagerly suckled on the plump nipple like a starving baby, and as he leaned over to give the other one equal treatment he saw Aunt Mandy was crying.

“Oh – am I hurting you?” Kevin asked,but after she shook her head no he insisted on knowing what was wrong, fearful he was screwing up.

“It’s silly honey,” she finally said, running her fingers through his dirty blonde hair. “It’s just that back when your uncle and I were still being intimate occasionally, he used to make me wear a bra when we had sex. Made me feel so ashamed.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20