At the Farm

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I visited Roger at his family’s place, a farm down in eastern Tennessee. His mom was off in Europe someplace but his dad was there and he was extremely nice. We stayed in a guest room that had two beds. Roger and I had never had sex, though I think both of us were more than willing. Anyway we slept great the first night, the windows open, crickets singing up a storm, cool night air coming in and maybe a screech owl in the distance.

I woke up at about dawn, 6 AM, and Roger soon after. We went down to breakfast which his dad was fixing – sausage and scrambled fresh eggs (with chives and tabasco) and toast and butter and homemade jam. Yum! It was wonderful and we took our time.

I helped with the dishes. His dad said he had to do some business in town. So Roger said, “Let’s go out to the barn and see the horses and goats.” That sounded fine to me. The barn was mostly full of hay and there were some horse stalls and it smelled horsey and warm and it was really good. As it happened there was a little pavilion in the middle of the barn and there were two horses in there, a stallion and mare, and there were some of the hired men watching them.

The mare was in heat and they were supposed to breed. The stallion sniffed her rear end, wrinkling up his nose, and he was definitely getting the idea. His penis was reeled out and dangling beneath him. It was a good two feet long and thick as my wrist, mostly black with mottled pink and a kind of knob on the head of it. I couldn’t take my eyes off it. I couldn’t help imagining what it might feel like to grab hold of it, though I am sure the stallion would have kicked or something. He was a big horse, a sleek dark brown coat and a white star in his forehead. It’s hard to see where a stallion puts his penis when it’s not dangling out or erect – but being a running animal, I can see why it would be bad to have it out all the time.

Anyway, the stallion kept going up behind the mare. She was standing very still, rock still, not trying to move away at all. Pretty soon he got up on his hind legs and put his front legs over her back. She was still standing very still, kind of bracing herself against him. It looked to me like she knew what was going to happen and she wanted it to happen. I could see her vaginal opening and it looked like it was wet.

The stallion started pointing his penis at her and now it was even bigger and longer and quite hard, though bent from its own weight. He was trying to get it in her. It went off to the side. She lifted her tail a little and that helped. Finally he guided it into the right place. It went in a few inches. I was fascinated by the size of it. Big and mottled black and pink, veiny, very fleshy looking, and when he pulled it out a little ways it was wet with lubrication from her vagina. Oh my god, it was the most fascinating thing, the size of it.

The hired men were just riveted looking at it and Roger was too and licked his lips, and some of the hired men stole a glance at me to see what I thought about it. But I wouldn’t glance back, just leaned on the railing and tried to look nonchalant like I saw this every day.

Then stallion casino şirketleri got more into it and pushed his penis farther into the mare – a whole foot of it at least, sliding in. He pulled out some and snorted and gently bit the mare’s mane. She seemed to be liking it, or at least not trying at all to move away, maybe even backing up against him a bit. He went in again, this time almost all the way, sliding in as smooth as silk, then pulling out again with his penis completely wet with her secretion. Then he started pushing it in and out all the way, really humping her and thrusting with his big haunch muscles. His huge penis was going in and out like a piston. He would take a little rest, let it all the way out – it was fully erect and stood up at an angle – then he went in again and again.

I was riveted to the spot. It was making me wet watching this. I could feel dampness in my panties underneath the tight blue jeans I was wearing and I wanted to squirm a little to squeeze myself down there but I didn’t dare while the hired men were watching.

This went on for quite a while. The stallion was getting more and more excited, breathing pretty hard, and thrusting in and out. It was like watching a fence post go into a hole. When he took it all the way out her vagina closed up right around where it had been, looking very wet. He pushed it all the way in as deep as it would go, certainly two feet or more of it, and I was thinking how deep in her it must be, right up to her cervix presumably.

The stallion then got very still, all the way in her, and then he started having little spasms, just twitching it in and out an inch or two, and he bit her on the neck and made a horse noise. He was coming inside her. She was just rock still, her head lowered. He came and came for what seemed like two minutes.

Then finally he started pulling out. Now his penis was really wet, and I could see it was dripping a bit out the end, some of his sperm, a whitish sticky fluid. Some of it also dripped out of her pussy and ran down her leg. He dropped down on his four legs for a while. But he wasn’t done. His penis was still big and hard. He got up on her again and pushed that monstrous thing in her again and it was pushing in and out like before, and around the base of it some of his semen was pushed out and dripped from her pussy and down her back legs.

I have no idea how much he came in her, it might have been a pint or two of come, and presumably most it stayed inside. He had fairly big balls that banged right up against her, and they were getting wet with the come leaking out of her also.

This went on for at least half an hour. The stallion finally started getting tired. The hired men drifted away, walking a little stiff-legged, with a few glances back at me to see if I was aroused. I kept a stoic but interested look. My panties were quite wet. I hoped it hadn’t soaked through to my blue jeans. Roger gave me a look, sort of hard to make out. I glanced back at him and didn’t say anything. Finally he said, “Let’s go back to the house.”

I was having trouble with control at this point. I was turned casino firmaları on like I had never been before. I keep seeing that big penis going in the mare. And I kept imagining how it felt to her, that big black-and-pink thing sliding in, hard and thick, going deep inside of her, filling her up. Two feet of thick horse-penis going inside her – how must it have felt?

(Just to be clear, I have no interest in sex with any four-legged animal. Bestiality disgusts me. I have no interest in accommodating some gigantic horse penis myself. Even so, I kept thinking how it might have felt to the mare.)

So Roger and I went in and up to the guest room. The house was quiet. I grabbed Roger and kissed him like crazy and he kissed back. I could feel his hard penis inside his pants against my belly. I started unbuttoning his shirt. He was doing the same with me. We were frantic and so horny we were shaking. He got my blouse off. I wasn’t wearing a bra. I have good sized tits and I can tell you, the nipples right then were hard as marbles. Roger kissed me and kissed my tits, taking them inside his mouth and swirling his tongue around on them. I was trying to unbutton and unzip his pants.

Pretty soon we were both down to our underpants. And pretty soon after that those were off too. Roger was staring at my big tits and at my triangle of hair down below. I was staring at his penis, which was standing up at about a 45 degree angle and pulsing with his heartbeat. God, I wanted him so much right then. There was a big wet spot on my dark cotton panties.

Up till now we hadn’t said anything. We were standing next to the bed. I said: I want you in me, right now. I want you to take me like that stallion, from behind. I want to feel your big hard cock in my pussy like that horse. I wasn’t fantasizing at all about the stallion himself – his penis would have severely damaged any woman who managed to get it in her – it was just the image of it.

Roger’s was big and hard, too – maybe 7 inches long and thick, and a pink head. I took hold of it. But pretty soon I got on the bed on all fours, with my ass sticking up. Roger got on the bed behind me. He was on his knees. I could feel his penis around my slit. He took both my tits, now hanging down, in his hands and gently squeezed the nipples. This drove me crazy. I said, put it in me now, please please!

But he didn’t do that right away. He slid his penis against my slit, getting it very wet. He slid it against my clit. This was all I could stand. I reached back with one hand and pushed him against my opening. Then he pushed it a little ways in. Then out again. Teasing me, and I couldn’t stand it. I wanted his penis in me so bad!

And finally he put it in a good ways. I could feel it filling me, stretching my pussy walls. He was thick and long and smooth and super hard. I have been fucked before but this time was the best. And I kept thinking about the stallion and the mare. And I think Roger must have been thinking about them too. He pulled out almost all the way and then plunged in me as far as he could go. I could feel it against my cervix. I thought: just like güvenilir casino that black and pink mottled penis, going in and out of me. He thrust back and forth. This pulled on the skin around my clit. It was enormously stimulating, both in my pussy and on my clit. I don’t know which felt better. Roger as it turned out had a lot of stamina. I think he could have gone on all morning. He pushed in me and I pushed back. We were both very wet with my wetness and it went in and out as smooth as silk. I was starting to climb the mountain to an orgasm. I said, Ram it in me harder and faster! Go all the way out and then push it all the way in! I love the way it feels! And Roger obliged. He also squeezed my nipples and jiggled my heavy tits and he reached down and felt my pubic bush and caressed my clit with his finger, and I was simply going wild. He would pull all the way out – then I would feel the head of his penis right at my lips – there was a little resistance, then it sort of popped in, the most wonderful feeling – then the rest of it.

Oh my god. There is nothing to describe this. I was halfway to an orgasm now and really bouncing my ass against him. I could feel his balls slapping around my pussy too – big weighty balls he had, and I loved to feel them. Pretty soon I said, Keep going – oh – oh my god – I am going to come – keep thrusting that thing in me, it feels so divine! I had to look at it as best I could – I loved seeing it go in and out of me and feel it at the same time – Roger would go all the way out and I would see the big pink bulb at the end – I wanted to see how it went all the way in my pussy, but the angle was wrong – I could see my tits hanging down and my bush and his big hard penis thrusting, but I couldn’t really see my own lips or my clit.

But anyway then I started to come, a huge wave starting at the roots of my hair and traveling down to my tits all the way down to my toes, but most of all in my vagina – I could feel the muscles inside my vagina and around my clit and my sphincters start contracting – I was milking Roger – the contractions just went on and on and Roger kept thrusting, and then he got almost still and then there was a burst of very short thrusting, and he was coming inside me while I was still coming, and I could feel the spasms of his penis and him spurting his thick semen deep inside my pussy, and I think there was a lot of it.

It seemed to go on and on. Roger had spent his load inside me, but he didn’t go soft – he continued thrusting for another ten minutes, and in that time he made me orgasm twice more. And I just could not get the vision of that stallion and the mare fucking out of my mind – I felt so much like the mare with that giant penis, two feet of hard meat, going up her rear end, filling her up, pumping her full of horse come. And she probably ended up pregnant.

And I could have also, for all I cared. I loved Roger so much. He came in me again before he was done. He can fuck me like that every day, three times a day. We were both a little sore afterward because of the hard thrusting, but it was a good kind of soreness, like your muscles get from vigorous exercise. I wanted to come back to the farm again and again and repeat that experience, see the stallion and the mare, and then feel Roger’s big penis in my pussy and against my clit, and my contractions squeezing the semen out of him. Oh my god, it was so great.

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