At First Hand

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He grabbed her waist and kissed her deeply. She tore at his clothes, begging him for more. He peeled off her small black tank top revealing two perfect breasts.

The phone rang…

Kevin sat up with a start. It had only been another dream about Susan. A moment later he heard her sweet voice over his answering machine.

“Hey sweetie! I guess you’re not there. I’ll see you tonight at 8:00. Love ya!”

They were going to see a movie tonight. He wiped the beads of sweat from his head and glanced at his watch. It was 6:45. He must have dozed off. Kevin picked up the remote and clicked off the t.v. Better jump in the showe, he thought.

He removed his clothes and ran the water till it was good and hot. He stepped in and ran his hands through his hair. Just thinking about Susan made him start to get hard again. He had known her since grade school, she had even been his date to junior prom. They had always been friends but only recently started dating. She was so beautiful, with bouncy golden locks and crystal blue eyes. She had a body to kill for and great curves on a petite frame. They had not had sex, they had only been together for about three weeks. There was a lot of petting and kissing but he didn’t want to push her. His thoughts and fantasies would have to suffice for now. He finished washing and turned off the water. He toweled off and combed his hair. He just shaved yesterday so that should be alright. He splashed on some Obsession for men, her favorite scent and slipped on a pair of Khaki casino oyna pants and a burgundy shirt. Still had some time to kill, so he went to defend the world from invaders, via PC.

About 11:00

Kevin and Susan entered his place, laughing. The movie had been quite funny. They went back to his room and flopped down on the bed. They began to kiss and he started to slids his hands over her body. She removed his shirt and felt the hard muscles of his stomach. She then unbuttoned his pants and slid those off too. He removed her pants as well, he loved to look at her in her little lacy panties.

She could tell he was more than excited. His erection strained against the fabric of his boxers.

“Here”, she said tugging them away, “That should be more comfortable. She had never really touched his penis before but her hand felt drawn to it. He couldn’t believe the way her tiny hand felt as she gripped his shaft. She squeezed a little and moved her hand back and forth a little. She had never done this before and the motion was a little awkward to her. “Sorry” she muttered.

He reached down and cupped his hand over hers. He squeezed a little harder and moved her hand up and down faster, guiding her movements. After a moment he moved his hand away and she continued. He closed his eyes and visualized her naked body and all the things he longed to do to it. After a few moments he mumbled.

“Oh God!”

His penis jerked slightly and she felt a warm drizzle hit her back. There were several more short slot oyna bursts of warmth that sprinkled her shoulders and back. She rubbed her hand over the head of his penis, which was still ultra sensitive after cumming. He gasped as she squeezed his wet penis in her fingers over and over.

She giggled at his very animated reaction. She reached down and slid off her red lace panties. She leaned back and spread her legs suggestively.

“Now it’s my turn.”

He was shocked for a moment and then he snapped back to reality. He put his arm around her shoulders and with his other hand he felt between her legs. Go she felt so good and so wet. He slipped two fingers inside and felt around. She moaned softly in pleasure. He thought back to the days of his boring anatomy lass and how useless he always thought it was. He found a rough spot on her pelvic bone and rubbed firmly. Her body came alive. She began writhing in shear bliss and digging her nails into his back. The more he moved the tighter she grabbed at his shoulder. Her face contorted and she became silent. Her mouth opened in little “o” and he could feel her tighten around his hand. He smiled, he had just made her cum. He didn’t stop and she moaned loudly in his ear. He was hard again, so turned on by her naked wriggling body and passionate cries out.

Without thinking he whispered in her ear.

“God, I want to fuck you like an animal!” Instantly he knew it was the wrong thing to say.

She moved back from him, her face unreadable. She was probably canlı casino siteleri going to go.

Instead she sat up and kneeled on all fours.

“Like this?,” she purred.

He couldn’t believe it; one of his fantasies was coming true. He knelt behind her and felt where she was with his hand. He guided the tip of his penis into her gently, then thrust forward. She gasped and clenched the sheet. He knew she wasn’t a virgin, she had told him when it happened. It had only been once and it wasn’t that great according to her. He was sorry she had such a disappointing first time. It was no wonder she had been turned off to sex.

He looked ahead at her reflection in the mirror. Damn, she looked hot! He could she her face, twisted in pleasure as he thrust in and out of her. He could see his dick disappearing into her body as he pumped back and forth. Her tight ass was banging against his thighs and her cries seemed so far in the distance. Her knuckles were white from her tight grip on the sheets. He hoped her cries were from pleasure and not pain. The two had melded together, out weighed by pleasure. He could feel an orgasm welling up inside him. He never imagined he would cum again so quickly but he wasn’t about to pass up this opportunity when she was so willing. He pounded away harder, her shrieks echoing in his ears. He felt ready to explode. With a few final hard thrusts he came, warm and wet. He slowed and paused for a breath. Susan loosened her grip on the sheets and he kissed her back. She felt hot cum ooze out of her and run down her thigh. She lay down and rolled over looking up at Kevin.

“I love you”, he said

“I love you too.”

That had been her first orgasm but certainly not the last.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20