ARG – Alternate Reality Gay

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Note from the Author:

I’ve never actually played an ARG so my apologies if I’ve offended any ARG players out there or if I’ve misrepresented the genre. Honestly I just thought “Alternate Reality Gay” would make a fun title for a story so I tried to work it in. This is a story idea I’ve had for a while but I only just recently worked out the details. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it. If you don’t enjoy it then take comfort in my promise to improve my writing style with every new story. Practice makes perfect.


It was the fall of 2013. I was in my junior year of college and lived in an apartment off campus. It was far from campus and small, but also cheap and I didn’t have to share it with anyone. That meant I could bring girls over whenever I wanted without worrying about a roommate. Ever since puberty hit I have had a powerful sex drive. I lost my virginity when I was 15 and didn’t have too much trouble getting what I wanted until college. I’m blonde, naturally pretty hairless, and only about five and a half feet tall. This all comes together to make me look much younger than I actually am. College girls don’t want to go home with a freshman that looks like he’s still 16. So I worked on my pick-up techniques and managed a couple hook-ups during that first year of college. Fortunately by my sophomore year word had spread that I had a seven-inch cock and stamina to go for hours, so I started getting it fairly regularly. I had just needed to get my foot in the door, so to speak.

But then it suddenly became trendy to be a “born again” virgin. Girls that had been giving it up at parties on a weekly basis were now showing off their ring and proudly talking about how they were going to save it for marriage. Any guy that laughed or tried to argue that she couldn’t really be a virgin again got a drink to the face or worse.

I should note that I wasn’t just dating for the sex. I was actually hoping to find that special woman one day. But most nights when I just needed to blow a load I avoided anyone wearing one of those rings, just in case. The ring was like an early warning not to waste my time. So imagine my frustration when I find out the girl I had spent all night with was saving herself for marriage, but that she didn’t wear the ring because she didn’t like how it looks. I kept my cool, wished her a good night, got into my car and started cursing loudly as I drove down the road.

On the way back to my apartment I decided to stop in a small park to cool off. It was late and the sun was down so it should have been closed, but the gate had been broken for at least 2 years. Clearly no one cared enough to fix the gate or patrol the area. The only reason it wasn’t regularly full of college students getting drunk and stoned off their asses was because of its significant distance from the campus.

As soon as I parked the car I realized I had to piss pretty badly so I made for the restrooms. They were in a small brick building near the entrance to the park. There was one for the men and one for the women. Neither was cleaned very often and you could smell the stink as soon as you got close. I reflexively held my breath as I pulled on the men’s room door handle. It didn’t budge. I pulled again, hard this time. Still nothing happened. I pulled out my phone and turned on the flashlight. A bright, shiny new lock was instantly revealed and a quick glance to the women’s side revealed the same. It was just my luck. They had finally gotten new locks for the doors and were now locking them every night.

I turned off the flashlight and took a quick look around. I was pretty sure I was still alone. The moon was nearly full so I could see the entire parking lot and mine was the only car there. In desperation I quickly walked around to the side of the building where the shadows were deepest and, once I was certain I couldn’t be seen from the road, I pulled down my pants and released a steady stream against the brick wall.

Being exposed in a public park was actually kind of exciting. As I finished I noticed that my manhood was starting to get hard. I had never thought to have sex here but now I wanted to try it. Unfortunately that made me think of the woman I had just left which only made me angry again and killed my arousal. I tried to think of her naked and kneeling in front of me, ready to take my load onto her perfect breasts, but it didn’t help. I grumbled as I zipped up and walked over to a nearby picnic table.

I sat down and pulled out my phone again. I had recently downloaded a game that was becoming bahis firmaları popular and it might be just the thing to get my mind off of her. Then I could go home, blow my load and finally have relief. The game was an ARG or Alternate Reality Game. It took real-world locations and made them a part of the game, using the GPS in your phone. This game had some story about a post-apocalyptic war but I didn’t really care. I quickly selected a “clan” without really reading it and flipped quickly through the tutorial. It revealed that the park I was sitting in was an active battleground, which sounds pretty exciting but at level 1 there didn’t seem to be much I could do.

I puttered around the park for about twenty minutes or so. Finally I hit level 2 and the game started to get more interesting. I figured out how to collect resources and built a small outpost. The outpost was automatically garrisoned with amazon warrior women whose breasts were comically large. It should have just been funny but I was so horny that I found myself getting an erection. Getting aroused by pixelated women was definitely a sign. I knew it was time to call it quits and go home. I closed out the game to look at the clock on my phone. I was surprised to see I had been here for over an hour.

Suddenly the park was lit up by headlights as a car drove in. My heart skipped a beat as it parked next to my car. I told myself to relax. I wasn’t doing anything wrong except for being in the park after hours. They would probably just ask me to leave. But I was still relieved when they turned off their headlights and I could see it wasn’t the police. A man who must have been in his 40s leaned his head out of the driver’s side window.

“Hey, you look too young to be out this late. Is everything okay?” he yelled over to me.

“I’m in my 20s,” I yelled back. It felt awkward to yell back and forth so I started walking towards his car. “I’m fine, I’m just playing a game to…” I hesitated “…kill some time,” I said, finally.

“Bullshit,” he said when I was a few feet from his car. “Did you run away from home or something?”

Defiantly I pulled out my student ID and showed it to him.

He gave it a serious once over. Then he surveyed me in a way that made me feel more than a little uncomfortable. A grin appeared on his face. “Shouldn’t you be drunk and banging some hot chick right about now?” he joked.

That’s exactly what I had wanted to be doing right now. My frustration got the better of me and I ended up telling him my whole story. Then I ended with, “so now I’m bored and horny as hell.”

Without missing a beat he replied, “well if you’re willing to make me cum I’ll make sure you get off too.”

I was shocked but I could see him pretty well in the moonlight and part of me was aware of how handsome he looked. He appeared to be in good shape. It may have been that part of me that responded.

“How do I know you won’t just take off as soon as you…uhh…cum?” I felt myself flush with embarrassment. I definitely wasn’t used to this kind of talk with strange men.

“You’re the one that needs to get off in a bad way,” he said matter-of-factly. “That’s my offer. You can take it or leave it.”

There was a long silence. “S-sure.” I stammered.

He eagerly got out of the car. “Lets do it in the bathroom. It smells, but we’ll get privacy.”

I got my confidence back. “That’s no good. They fixed the locks. We can go around to the side. It’s really dark there. No one will be able to see.” I explained without flinching.

“Fine by me,” he said with a smile.

He quickly made his way there and I had to jog a bit to keep up. When I slid into the shadows next to him he already had his pants down. I couldn’t see anything, but he put his left hand on my shoulder and forced me to kneel in front of him. I slowly reached out with my right hand until I felt the warm, soft flesh of his penis. I didn’t really know what to do but I had seen a lot of pornos so I just tried to imitate what I had seen.

I slowly leaned forward with my wet lips slightly parted. I inched forward anxiously. Any second I expected to feel the head of his penis brush against my mouth. Then, guessing that I had misjudged the distance in the dark, I leaned forward more quickly. It turns out I had been less than an inch away. Instead of just touching the head I took his entire flaccid member into my warm, wet mouth.

Not wanting to look stupid I just went with it and started sucking. I breathed through my nose and inhaled his faint musky odor. I felt his pubes kaçak iddaa brush the tip of my nose and his balls were pressed against my chin. As his manhood began to grow and stiffen within my mouth I grew bolder. My right hand slid down to gently massage his balls as I sucked on his cock in earnest. It wasn’t long before he was rock hard. Only then did I pull my mouth away.

It was too dark to see him so I used my tongue to explore every inch of his cock. After a couple minutes I had him moaning and I also had a good mental image of his dick. I guessed that it was only five inches long, but rather thick. I could take most of it into my mouth without gagging, a fact that he rather enjoyed. After what felt like several more minutes I began to taste something salty. My cock was now painfully stiff and I was eager for my turn.

I pulled my mouth away to catch my breath and jerked him with my free hand. I also took the opportunity to look around. I thought I saw a flash of light earlier, but it could have only been a passing car. I couldn’t see the parking lot from where I was kneeling. If anyone was with us they weren’t objecting to what we were doing. I looked up at the stranger.

“Are you almost there?” I asked. The possibility of being discovered was driving me to new levels of arousal.

“Son, you’re pretty good but it’s going to be a while at this rate,” he said with a chuckle. He was really enjoying this.

I don’t know what came over me. I may have just been desperate for it to be my turn to get off, but I found myself saying “if you have a condom and some lube, you can fuck my ass.”

He must have been trolling for a sweet piece of ass that night because he had come prepared. I heard the unmistakable sound of a condom wrapper tearing and then a rubber being unrolled down a hard shaft. I reached out and felt it to be sure. My fingers brushed against the rubber condom that was stretched tightly around his thick cock.

Without hesitation, I turned my back to him and pulled off my pants. I shivered a bit as I pushed my bare ass towards him and braced my hands against the cold brick wall for support. Something cool dripped into my ass crack. A single finger stopped the stream of lube as it touched my anus, rubbed it around once and then roughly pushed its way in.

I winced a little. He was generous with the lube but in his eagerness he was not very gentle. I barely had time to acclimate to the feeling of one finger before two and then three pushed in. There was pressure and discomfort but I managed to ride it out.

In too short of a time his fingers pulled out and I felt something else trying to push in. The head of his cock was pressed against my tight virgin hole and too late I remembered how thick he had felt in my mouth. There was the cool sensation of more lube and then a forceful push that popped the head inside. I was hit with brief pain followed by a small wave of pleasure. I did not have time to enjoy it though. The shaft of his manhood soon stretched me to the breaking point as his head rammed inside. 3 fingers had felt like a lot and this felt like twice that! I tried to turn to look behind me but my positioning wouldn’t allow it.

I heard him moan deeply as he held it inside me. He was pausing to enjoy the tight squeeze. It wasn’t my comfort he was worried about. I took the moment to get used to the feeling. After a few seconds I began to relax and the pain went away. When he finally began thrusting again there were only waves of pleasure.

I gave in to the mix of sensations. The cool night breeze brushed against my bare buttocks and legs. The rough brick bit into my palms. The manhood of a stranger whose name I didn’t even know was pushing into me with abandon. What used to be tight was now getting stretched beyond what I thought was possible. I heard him grunt in time with each thrust. I couldn’t help but moan and gasp with each one as well.

He roughly pounded me for quite a while. I was not sure how long, but I was vaguely aware that the shadows had changed. The moon must have shifted position. Finally, I thought I felt the telltale shudders of an orgasm and then he pulled out completely.

I thought it was over, but before I could pull my hands from the wall I felt him enter again. He had already stretched my virgin ass wide so I wasn’t surprised when I didn’t feel the stretch like before. But he must have just been repositioning because when he thrust back inside I felt him push deeper than before. He began pounding my ass again with renewed vigor. I shivered with delight as I both kaçak bahis heard and felt his balls slapping against me. The feeling of his cock thrusting so deep inside me was an intense rush.

That’s when I began to feel something like an orgasm coming upon me, but slowly. My dick was still as hard as steel and I knew that if I could only take a hand off the wall to touch myself I would have the most amazing climax of my life. I began to pull one hand away, but I just could not support the weight of his thrusting with only one hand. Instead I concentrated on the sensations again and the slowly building orgasm.

He lasted about half as long before he pulled out again. Having been distracted by my slow ascent to climax, I hadn’t been paying attention and wondered if he had finally cum. I was aching for release. It would take only a few seconds for me to cum when it was my turn.

I took the opportunity to catch my breath while I patiently waited to see if he was going to start again. I began to notice that the moon must have risen higher because I could see a little better around me. I wondered how long I had been out here and then that thought was cut short as I felt the head push against me again. This time there was a stretch and I nearly lost control of my limbs as he pushed deep, deep inside of me. I didn’t know how he was doing it but he felt bigger than ever. I remember thinking there was something wrong and then I lost myself in the pleasure.

The orgasm I had felt building earlier was back in full force. It marched inexorably closer with every thrust of this massive manhood inside me. Every second felt like a minute. Every minute felt like an hour. I lost touch with all of it as somehow I climaxed without even touching myself. I looked down in time to see my cock convulse and release the first spurt of cum against the brick wall. At the same time my ass involuntarily squeezed tightly around his cock. This set him off as well and we cried out together in pleasure.

He grabbed my hips, holding his cock deep inside me as he filled the condom. My insides were constricted so tightly around it that I felt ever pulse and quiver. My own was spraying cum like never before. The first few spurts hit the wall and then just the ground as they grew smaller and further apart until I had completely emptied myself.

The spasms left me weak so when he let go of me I just dropped to my knees. As I collapsed I felt him slide out of me, leaving an only immense empty feeling. I had lost all strength in my legs so I didn’t get up, only turned, when I heard a sound behind me. I saw the stranger drop a cum-filled condom on the ground.

Except it wasn’t the stranger. It was another man with an even bigger cock. He was a young white man with dark brown hair and a goatee. I didn’t catch much else as I was involuntarily staring at the glistening, slowly shrinking cock in front of me. It was just as thick, if not thicker, than the stranger’s and definitely much longer.

The condom he had dropped came to rest next to two others, also full. A glance behind the large man confirmed that the stranger was behind him and next to him yet another man. The third man was standing in shadows so I couldn’t make out any features. Through the euphoric haze came the realization that I had just been violated by three different men in succession. I had been used and I had liked it.

I reached behind to feel my asshole that, thanks to the abuse it had taken, was now gaping open. There was no damage though and it was already beginning to shrink back to normal. The first stranger smiled when he saw me playing with it. As his well-hung friend finished getting dressed the stranger walked up to me, fully clothed and holding a business card.

“I’m impressed. You took everything we gave you and had a great time with it.”

I only stared. I was still trying to reconcile the rage I felt at being tricked with the euphoria that was still flooding through me. These men had awakened a desire within me that I didn’t know I had.

“We had planned to meet here. I was just early and when they finally arrived and found you…well they couldn’t resist,” he explained but clearly wasn’t going to offer an apology.

“Give me a call if you ever want to do something like that again,” he said and tossed the card onto the ground in front of me.

Part of me wanted to jump up, yell at him and punch him. A different, surprising, part of me wanted to tear his pants off and get taken all over again. Instead I picked up the card. It wasn’t a business card. It just said, “Chuck” and had a phone number.

“Mason,” I said to their retreating backs. “My name is Mason.”

Chuck kept walking but turned his head towards me and I saw him smile. “I’ll be eagerly awaiting your call, Mason.”

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