Another Holiday Adventure

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I was so preoccupied I walked along the sandy, unfamiliar street in a daze. It was around midday and the town was busy, lots of traffic zipping by, beautiful food smells coming from food vendors and the many restaurants along the road, incense, smoke and car fumes, but little of it registered today. I stepped off the curb and almost into the path of a holiday maker on a hired scooter. He shouted and waved an arm at me and I decided it would be best if I just found a place to sit and wait. Across the street was a small bar and although open to the street and with no a/c it had large ceiling fans oscillating rhythmically as the dusty blades forced hot air around the space. I ordered a local beer which came with a jacket of rapidly melting ice pooling on the unvarnished wood of the bar. As I bought the glass to my lips I smelt the mouth watering, strong scent of my wife’s unwashed pussy and my cock twitched. I lost myself in thoughts of what she might be doing at that moment.


Our first trip to Indonesia was to be an experience. The hotel had a great kids club and they had little interest in sightseeing so we were all happy. My wife, Jenn, wanted more though. That’s not really fair, we both did. We plotted and planned and placed an advert, an advert on a select website and including very specific instructions with what was wanted and what was to be expected. Although no RSVP was required a number were received. Some were ‘wish I could be there’ types, some promising to hold the date and others with interesting and delicious photographs attached.


I sat in the room watching Jenn ready herself. She looked so gorgeous, her round, full curves wobbling slightly as she moved from bedroom to en suite. She kept smiling at me as I watched, a kinky, sly sort of a smile. She wrapped her summer dress around her body and stepped over to the camera I’d set up.

“This is definitely working?” she asked, fiddling with the tripod and the angle it faced.

I got up and wrapped my arms around her from behind, holding her close to me so she’d know how excited I was.

“It’s fine,” I replied, “just leave it, all you have to do is turn it on.”

She turned around and kissed me and squeezed my hardness through my shorts.

“Just checking. How do I look?” she didn’t have to ask but she was clearly a little nervous.

“I wish I could stay. You look incredible.” she did and part of me wished I could stay but that was not what we’d agreed, that would be another adventure.

“How do I smell?” her eyes widened and followed me as I dropped to my knees. She pulled the hem of her dress up to her belly for me and I pressed my face to her pussy and inhaled deeply.

I love to smell her unwashed pussy. She hadn’t showered since the previous morning and although we’d swam in the ocean during the day she had the rest of the day’s sweat and odour saturated into her knickers. They were yesterdays too and her scent was strong and sexy through the fabric. She pushed her bald pussy to me and I used my fingers to pull the gusset to one side. Her lips were already sticky and I pushed two fingers into her. She moaned above me and I looked up to see her with her eyes closed. As I withdrew them slowly she came to her senses and pushed me away.

“Stop it!” she scolded, playfully, “Your fun comes later, now piss off, it’s time for you to go.”

I stood and looked at the clock on the wall, it was 11am. We kissed and I left through the sliding doors into the lush, green, perfectly dressed garden outside our suite.


I looked at my watch, 12.30, an hour to go. I ordered another beer and looked around the bar for someone to talk to but there were no obvious choices amongst the couples and travellers. The hotel was a half hour walk away and I finished my beer fifteen minutes later and decided to take a long route back, drift through the hotel gardens and maybe catch a glimpse of someone leaving.

I made it with five minutes left and from the outside the suite looked quiet, the gardens empty, the sound of the ocean behind me and some distant screams of children playing in the pool. My heart was pounding in my chest, my stomach somersaulting and my hands trembling. With thirty seconds left I jumped from the bench and almost ran to the same door I’d left by. I stopped outside and listened for any sound but all was quiet. I nervously slid the door open a little but could still hear nothing. I stepped inside without parting the thin, white curtains and closed the door. I kicked off my shoes, the polished stone floor cooling my bare feet, I took a deep breath and stepped through the fabric into the room.

On a ruffled, messy bed lay my naked wife. She looked at me and smiled, aimed the remote at the camera, still sitting on its tripod and the huge screen at the foot of the bed flickered into life.

I undressed, my eyes not leaving her body. I could see droplets of fluid on her skin as it caught the casino şirketleri light and as I moved closed, more of it filling her navel and covering her breasts. Spots also covered the white sheets and, between her legs, from her pussy to the foot of the bed, the fabric was sodden and wet.

A sound from the TV caught my attention. It was Jenn’s voice out of view as she greeted someone. The first of her guests had arrived and she was inviting them in to the room.

I stepped onto the bed and propped myself next to Jenn, watching the screen for any sign of movement. Next to me Jenn ran two fingers over her breasts and nipples, coating them in the fluid which she licked from her fingers.

“It tastes very good.”

It was the first thing she’d said to me and I rolled forward to lick her soft skin. She was right, the flavour was delicate and familiar, not too salty. I took her nipple into my mouth and licked it clean then released it as the sound from the TV grew louder. I watched the image of Jenn standing at the end of the bed, a pair of mans legs in front of her, their heads out of shot. I watched his hands run over her body, feeling her warm skin through the fabric of her flowery dress and I watched her hands loosening the belt of his linen pants. They dropped to the ground to reveal an impressive pair of thick, tanned thighs and a small, pert arse. Her fingers stroked his skin and as she began to play between his legs her dress joined his plants on the floor.

They caressed each other for a while then Jenn sat down on the edge of the bed and thoughtfully turned her lover toward the camera. His cock was long and straight and had the same deep tan of his body. She wrapped her fingers around the base, pulled his skin forward then back, kissed his tip and then opened her mouth and wrapped her lips around him. I heard him moan and she licked and sucked the tip of his lovely cock and played with his balls and shaft with the tip of her fingers. She placed her hand on his arse, pulling him deeper into her throat, her nose almost touching his stomach. She released him and panted for air, wanking him at the same time with long, slow strokes. She licked him and used her spare hand on his balls but a sound outside of the room stopped her momentarily. She wanked the cock before her while looking behind its owner and then said hello to someone else, apologised for starting and then went back to licking and sucking him.

A few seconds later another body came into view. This one was thinner and whiter but the hard dick that preceded it was much larger than the first. Jenn stopped sucking and took the new one in her hand, feeling its warmth and muscly firmness. The tanned body broke away for a second and the man dropped to his knees and lent forward, kissing Jenn’s thighs. She shimmied forward a little to give him better access and opened her legs wide. She opened her mouth and began tasting the new cock as a face reached her pussy and a strangers lips kissed her through the fabric.

I heard him say something but couldn’t make it out.

“He told me he liked the smell of my cunt.” Jenn clarified for me.

The first guy pulled Jenn’s knickers off and sniffed at them before handing them up to the stranger above.

“He liked it too.” Jenn said, giggling.

I went back to licking her skin and moved lower towards the pool in her navel. It could have been the cum from both of them, there was a lot there and I wanted to plunge my tongue into it and suck it all up into my mouth. I heard Jenn on the TV moan as the tanned man began to stroke her naked lips, parting them and then inserting a finger to the knuckle, playing with her pussy and clit with his thumb and occasional licks from his soft tongue. Jenn wanked the other man into her open mouth, the tip of his cock resting on her tongue as she looked up into his eyes.

The second guy pulled away and sat beside Jenn on the bed, facing the camera. I could see he looked very young, early twenties maybe. He kissed Jenn’s neck and stroked her breasts through her bra while fumbling behind her back. The bra released with a spring, her large breasts forcing it apart and they separated a little and dropped slightly as he discarded the fabric and lowered his mouth to her nipple. Jenn looked at the camera and smiled, mouthing ‘I love you’ at it before her gaze was diverted outside the room again.

“Sorry I’m late,” we heard from a third stranger who also undressed off camera and stepped forward naked, another tanned but slightly hairier body moved towards Jenn. She stopped the man between her legs and gave instructions to the new guy who did as he was told. He was also younger than us, mid thirties, a little bit of a belly but a large, soft cock swinging between his legs. He lay on the bed and propped himself up on his elbows. Jenn turned over and knelt up, pulling his legs open to rest either side of her thighs. She played with her tits for him and rolled her nipples in her fingers.

“You’ve got some catching up to do.” I heard her say and she dropped forward casino firmaları and kissed his hardening cock which twitched and jumped, hitting her lips as she broke her kiss. She pushed her knees back and parted them slightly and the younger of the three began to kiss and stroke her arse. The tanned guy stood and watched, wanking himself slowly.

Jenn took the new guy in her hand and began massaging his cock which grew and grew. When erect he was as fat as her wrist, not very long but thick and veiny. Jenn licked him and a thread of silver connected her tongue and his muscle. She licked him again and squeezed him towards her mouth, a bead of clear fluid appearing at his hole which she licked off before closing her lips around him. Behind her a pair of hands pulled her cheeks apart and the young guy began to lick her pussy in long strokes from her clit, over her lips and arse hole and up to her back. The tanned guy moved around and placed Jenn’s hand around his cock. She pulled him onto the bed and he lay beside the other stranger, Jenn wanking him as she sucked on the fat cock before her.

I reached her navel and pushed my tongue into it tasting the nutty, salty flavour that formed a puddle there. I slurped at her and swallowed it down and Jenn parted her legs slightly as I stroked her thighs. I could feel her fingers in my hair, massaging my head and I could smell sex and cum, pee, sweat and perfume all mixed together. A loud moan on the TV caught my attention again and I looked up to see the young guy sliding his long cock into Jenn’s pussy. She’d moved to straddle the two closest legs of the guys on the bed, her head right between their cocks, allowing her to swap with ease. She stopped sucking for a moment to enjoy the sensation as the other cock slowly pushed deeper into her, the hands on her hips pulling her back onto him.

The hands of other two men began to massage her breasts and nipples and Jenn raised herself up off the bed to give them better access. She had a different cock in each hand and looked so slutty, so gorgeous as she was fucked from behind. Her lover built up a steady rhythm, pulling almost all the way out and then sliding back in till his balls pressed against her lips and clit. Jenn alternated between sucking the two cocks in front of her but they stopped her after a few minutes and sat up, manoeuvred themselves underneath her and began sucking her nipples, stroking her body and rubbing her clit.

Jenn went wild at this and told the guy behind her to fuck her faster. He held her and did as he was told, still with a good rhythm, his hands pulling her arse cheeks apart, stroking her back or her thighs as he did so. Jenn cried out that she was going to cum and as her first orgasm hit she knelt up, pulling her nipples away from the two mouths, her own hands dropping between her legs and pressing against her pussy as she shook and jerked. She slid off the still hard cock and forward onto the bed, face down. The young guy stood and moved round, sitting beside her, his wet pole pointing towards the ceiling.

A few seconds later the other two rolled Jenn over onto her back. I saw her smile as the one with the fat cock held her legs apart at the ankles and the tanned man knelt on the bed, aiming his cock at her hot pussy. He pushed inside her still trembling body and held her hips as he began the same rhythm, slow and long.

Jenn reached out to the pair of balls hanging down beside her and began to fondle them delicately, feeling the weight of them. The guy holding her ankles let go and turned around and she began to play with his cock too. The young guy, his cock still hard and wet with Jenn’s juices, knelt beside her and pushed himself towards her lips. She licked him clean and moaned at the experience and the cock inside her began to move faster. Jenn began panting and moaning, telling him to go faster. She stopped sucking the cock and wanked both of them as before and looked down to the man between her legs. The other two took a leg each and held them apart and the tanned man threw back his head telling her he was going to cum.

This was enough for Jenn and she announced her orgasm too. The man must have spurted some inside her before pulling out and spraying thin strands of cum up over her body, reaching her nipples with two spurts of hot fluid. Jenn’s own orgasm was much stronger and a little squirt of her own covered his cock and belly. One of the guys holding her legs swore as he watched the stream of liquid cover the sheets and then twisted away from her head and used his hands on her pussy. Before her orgasm had subsided he rubbed the hot semen into her clit and pushed the fingers from his other hand into her pussy, fucking her with fast strokes as Jenn threw her arms out onto the bed, gripped the sheets and struggled to contain a scream as her squirting orgasm continued, soaking the man between her legs who stood up to watch the scene. The man with the fat cock took his place without moving his hands and when lined up with her pussy, removed his fingers and replaced them with his fat güvenilir casino cock.

Jenn looked down at him telling him ‘no’ and to stop but she was enjoying it too. He fucked her hard and fast and Jenn continued to thrash around on the bed, switching from telling him to stop to words of encouragement; “fuck me harder, please” I heard at one point before she stopped him and moved over onto all fours. He pushed into her again and Jenn buried her face into the bed, moaning and screaming, the sounds deadened by the mattress. With a final thrust fat cock announced he was cumming and Jenn pushed back onto him, lifted her head from the bed and hissed at him to fill her. He cried out and pulled her onto him, pushing as deep as he could, filling her pussy with hot cum. He slipped out of her and Jenn rolled over and beckoned him to her. As her got close she lifted herself off the bed and licked and sucked his cock clean, it looked amazing.

Jenn flopped back on the bed, her legs trembling and wide apart, not caring at her gaping wide pussy being on show for all. She looked around the room and then exclaimed a sound of surprise as she realised they’d been joined by another. The new man stepped forward and got don between her legs. Without saying a word her licked her pussy lips clean of the cum trickling from her and she gasped at the softness against her and kept twitching as he brushed his tongue over her very sensitive clit. The new man was the best looking of them all, a very well toned body and a nice, if not too big, cut cock. He finished licking her and crawled up the bed until his face was level with hers, looking down at her. He smiled and opened his lips and a trickle of semen and pussy juice ran out and into Jenn’s open mouth, I’d never seen anything so hot and Jenn kissed him, pushing her tongue into his mouth. He took hold of her hip and rolled onto his back, pulling Jenn with him as he did so. Jenn swung her leg over him and straddled his thighs, his cock resting against her lips. She reached down and held him, guiding him into her as she slipped down until he was all the way inside her.

She barely moved on him, slowly and gently just rotating her hips and in the background, fat cock dressed and left. The tanned man was hard again and he and the young guy were talking as they watched, then whatever was said was agreed and the young guy stepped forward behind Jenn. Awkwardly he positioned himself behind her and told her to hold still. She looked back and smiled as he pressed the tip of his long cock against her arse. A couple of failed attempts and Jenn shifted to give him better access then shouted a long ‘aaawww!’ as he stretched her. She stopped him while she got used to his size and then leant forward and he slid deeper into her.

Jenn became more vocal as she was fucked by the two cocks, occasionally frowning with an ‘ouch’ as the long cock in her arse stretched her but then they settled, the man underneath supporting her weight and thrusting up into her, the guy in her arse moving faster and faster as she relaxed. The guy underneath increased his pace and from the slapping sounds, Jenn was getting wetter and wetter, her pussy squirting onto him until finally she couldn’t hold back the screams and she cried out as a final orgasm hit her. The cock in her pussy didn’t stop thrusting for another ten seconds or so and then with a final push began filling her with spurts of hot cum once more. The young guy in her arse stopped and slid out, causing Jenn to shout in pleasure again as she collapsed down onto the bed beside the new guy.

The men stood and talked for a second while Jenn recovered enough to join in. She looked at them, the new guy was dressing, the tanned guy was hard once more and the young guy stepped out of the bathroom, his cock, still hard but clean.

“Oh my god,” she said to the young guy, “you still haven’t cum”

He just smiled and shook his head “No, but I’d like to.” he laughed

“Would the two of you wank over me?” she asked, “I’d love to watch you cum and have it covering my skin when my husband returns.”

They both stepped forward, kneeling up on the bed either side of her in line with her hips and wanked themselves as they watched Jenn stroke her body, stroke her pussy lips and lick her fingers clean.

The young guy was the first. He said nothing, stopped wanking and squeezed his cock hard, his foreskin pulled back down exposing a shiny red head. When he released the first spurt shot over her head, some of it catching her face, a few drops on her breast. The spurts came quickly and plentiful, streams of clear cum covering her skin from belly to face and as they slowed he moved closer so the final drips ran over her pussy.

The tanned guy took a minute or so longer and Jenn licked her lips of the beads of semen that had landed there, staring at him as she did so and moaning playfully. She wiped her chin and cheeks and licked her fingers before massaging the cum into her tits then licking her fingers for him. He cried out and aimed his cock at her belly and three good spurts of white fluid joined the other mans and a pool of semen formed in her navel. He moved himself forward and wiped the last few beads onto her nipple and then his softening cock into her mouth for her to clean.

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