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I live in a relatively small town on the west coast. My wife and I moved here just after we were married. We bought a small house in town and raised three kids, two boys and a girl. After all three left for college my wife and I were going to travel. That never happened. Right after my daughter graduated from college Sara, my wife was diagnosed with advanced breast cancer. She died 6 months later. I was devastated. I threw myself into work and spent most of my time there. Gradually the pain of Sara’s death dulled and faded. By the time I retired at 62 I could think of her with dry eyes.

In all that time I never found a woman I wanted to be with for any length of time. It’s not that I didn’t have girlfriends, I did but none seemed to be as attractive as my wife, so I’d go from girlfriend to girlfriend until I finally gave up. Then I met Fran. She is now a close friend whose husband isn’t interested in sex anymore. I met her by accident, at the library. She was checking out a science fiction novel. I love Sci-fi and I hadn’t read the one she was holding so I asked about the book. We talked for a bit then I asked if she’d like coffee as we talked.

It was the first time I got a taste of Fran’s bawdy sense of humor as she grinned and replied, “You aren’t hitting on me are you?”

“Of course not!” I replied having seen the ring on her finger and was stunned by what she said.

“That’s a pity.” She said as her grin widened.

We sat at the coffee shop talking about sci-fi. We parted company three hours later after drinking four cups of coffee and dissecting the sci-fi novels we had both read. She was interesting to talk to and with her no holds barred sense of humor, fun to be around.

A few days later I got a call from her and she asked if I’d like to go to a reading by Ursula La Guin. Since she has been a favorite author of mine for years I jumped at the chance. We both enjoyed the reading and listening to Ursula describe how she came up with her storylines. When we left we sat in the coffee shop for several hours going over the evening.

Over the next few months we became fast friends. We were having coffee and talking about books one day when the subject of spouses came up. For some unknown reason, probably because I never had and I was comfortable with Fran, I began to talk about Sara and couldn’t stop until I told her our entire story. She listened without comment. When I was done talking we were silent for a while, then she told me about her husband.

After she finished telling me her tale we sat in silence for several minutes before she looked at me and in her plain blunt way said, “Frank I like you and I think you’re a doll. I’m horny as hell. I haven’t had sex in a year and I’d really like to. Would you take me to bed?”

I didn’t know what to say at first but finally, I replied, “Fran, you’re a sexy woman, but you’re married, I don’t want any attachments or repercussions and I’d hate to screw up the friendship we have.”

Fran grinned and in her straightforward way replied, “I’m not about to leave my husband. Other than the sex, we have a great marriage. But I am a very physical woman. I need sex. Besides, I don’t want to marry you. For my part I don’t think it will mess up our friendship at all. And the only thing here I hope will be screwed is me!”

I was thinking about her proposition when she stood and said, “Come on. I’ll get a room.”

Before I could think about it we were in a motel room fucking like rabbits. Fran proved to be as bawdy and free in the bedroom as she was the rest of the time. The first thing she did after we got undressed sh shoved me onto my back on the bed and swallow my cock to the root. She sucked me until I exploded in her mouth and she swallowed every drop of my cum.

When she was done she sat up grinned and said, “Lip-smacking good! Now would you care to reciprocate?”

With a grin I grabbed her and tossed her onto her back. A few moments later I had my face buried in her warm, wet pussy. It took her about the same time as it had taken me to cum, mere minutes. When she did she grabbed the back of my head and pulled my face so tightly to her pussy she almost suffocated me. I finally had to pull away from her. As I did she reluctantly released the grip she had my head.

“Oh fuck that was good!” She groaned.

My cock had grown hard again as I had eaten her so I slid up and let my hard shaft lay along her warm, wet slit.

“Care for some cock?” I asked with a grin.

She wrapped her arms around my neck and pulled me down against her as she moaned, “Put it in! Oh fuck I need you inside me now!”

I pulled my hips back enough so my cock slid down and the crown nestled between her slippery, wet pussy lips. I pushed forward just a bit to get the head of my cock started into her wet, slippery tunnel, then with one hard shove I was balls deep inside her.

“Oh fuck!” She groaned, then her hips began to buck against me as she gasped, “Fuck me! Fuck me!”

I did. I casino şirketleri fucked her like a madman, slamming into her over and over. Soon I felt her pussy pulse and heard her groan as she came. I kept right on hammering my cock into her. A few minutes more and I again felt her cum. A few minutes after that I felt her cum a third time. By then I was close, very, very close and the pulsing of her warm, slippery pussy pushed me over the edge. I grunted as my cock exploded, squirting rope after rope of cum deep into her womb. We lay in each other’s arms gasping, spent. We fucked for the next two hours. When we parted we were both tired and sated. After that I could call her anytime I wanted sex, or for that matter she would call me when she wanted it and we’d meet.

She asked me one time why I wasn’t out dating. I told her I couldn’t find anyone like Sara, but to keep it light, ended the conversation by telling her the real reason was I couldn’t find anyone who sucked cock as good as she did. She guffawed and told me that since I liked her blow jobs so much she’d give me one any time I wanted it. That was my sex life for a year. When I wanted it I’d call Fran. But then Anna and Mike moved in next door.

Now even though I don’t chase women, or don’t date, it doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate a fine-looking female. The day I saw Anna standing on the front porch of the house next door, I could feel my cock start to stiffen. She was standing looking out over the lawn, her hands on her hips. She looked to be in her mid-twenties and was petite, I was later to learn she was 4′ 10″ and weighed 95 lbs.

She was dressed in a mid-thigh length sundress with a wide black belt at her waist which showed off her hourglass shape. Her breasts were “C” cup at least and her legs were smooth with a slight tan. All I could do was stare at her. Her hair was shoulder length and black as coal. And when I finally focused on her face I was startled to find she had sea-green eyes. She wore ruby red lipstick that accented her full lips. She was fabulous to look at.

When she finally turned to go into the house she moved with a lithe grace that caused a knot in my stomach. I called Fran a half-hour later and was buried to my balls in her pussy a half-hour after that. The entire time I fucked Fran visions of Anna were flitting through my head. When I came I came hard.

As I pulled out Fran chuckled and said, “Damn Frank you’ve never fucked me like that before! I’d almost bet you were thinking about another woman! So who is it?”

As I said, Fran and I have become very close friends as well as lovers and don’t keep much from each other. I told her about seeing Anna (although I didn’t know her name at that time) and how it affected me.

“Well, if she wasn’t married I’d tell you to go introduce yourself and try to work your way into her panties.” She said as she ran her hand down my chest, “But she is and I don’t want you getting this,” she wrapped her hand around my flaccid cock and wiggled it, “cut off. I can’t stand to lose the sex!”

“Hell Fran,” I said,” even if she was single, she’s way too young for me. Women that age want young, buff men, not old worn-out ones. And besides, I’ve never found anyone who sucks cock as good as you do!”

Fran let out one of her belly laughs and said, “Damn you Frank! You’re trying to get into my panties again aren’t you? And damn your eyes, if you keep it up it will work! But I’ll tell you something, some girls like older guys. It’s a daddy thing you know.”

“That would be nice, but in this instance I doubt it,” I replied as I stood.

I left a few minutes later and headed home, sated for the moment. Over the next few days I got a few more glimpses of Anna as she and Mike moved in.. Each time I was taken by her image. It seemed that no matter what she was doing, moving boxes, cleaning, washing windows, she looked gorgeous.

Once, the day she washed the windows, she was dressed in a pair of very short, very tight daisy dukes and a tight tank top. As she moved I became aware of her breasts jiggling under the thin material and realized she didn’t have on a bra. My cock was hard that entire day as I covertly watched her work. Mike introduced himself to me four days after they moved in.

I had just pulled in from work and was getting out of my car when I heard a voice call, “Hi neighbor.”

When I turned Mike was standing on his side of the hedge looking over at me.

“Hi.” I responded, then held out my hand, “I’m Frank. I’ve been meaning to introduce myself but you and your wife seemed to be very busy moving in and I didn’t want to hinder you.”

“I’m Mike.” He said, “My wife’s name is Anna. Yes we’ve been very busy moving, but I think we have most of it done. Say, would you like to come over for a dinner? We’d love to get acquainted.”

“Sure.” I replied, thinking about an evening of looking at Anna, “What time? I’ll bring some wine if you like.”

“That would be great.” Mike replied, “How about 7:30?”

“I’ll casino firmaları be there,” I replied.

I arrived on their doorstep at 7:30 sharp. Mike answered the door and guided me to the living room. He asked if I’d like a drink. I asked for a whiskey over ice. He left and returned in a few moments with my drink, then sat down and we began to talk.

“Anna is still getting dressed. She’ll be down shortly. Are you single?” He asked, “I haven’t seen anyone but you at your house.”

“Yes I am,” I replied simply.

“What brought you and Anna here?” I asked, trying to keep the conversation going.

“I work for a large company and they transferred me to this office.” He replied.

We continued to chit chat until Anna arrived. She was dressed in sandals and a bright white sundress that hit her at mid-thigh. She was stunning. It took all my will power to pry my eyes from her and not stare. She asked Mike for a drink. He left to get it and she sat down in an armchair directly in front of me. Her dress pulled up as she sat and I could almost see her panties.

“How long have you lived in the neighborhood?” She asked.

Her voice was a bit throaty and put me in mind of Mae West.

I told her then she asked, “Are you married?”

I was going to just answer her like I had Mike, without telling her about my wife. But when I opened my mouth, before I could think about it, I had told her about Sara. Just as I was done talking Mike came in and handed her the drink.

She took it, looked me in the eye and said, “I’m so sorry you lost her.”

There was something about the way she said it that made me feel like she really was sorry. I smiled and said that it had been a few years so the pain of her loss was somewhat diminished.

We talked for another hour and I learned all about Anna and her family. It didn’t strike me until later that Mike said very little. In fact, Anna and I did all of the talking. While we talked it was very difficult for me not to stare at her. She was so damned gorgeous. At times I found I had to consciously pry my eyes from her, which was difficult.

Once when she leaned over to put her drink on the end table, her legs parted just enough that I could see the crotch of her panties. I sat enthralled feasting my eyes on the sight until she sat back. I glanced over at Mike to see if he had noticed me looking. He was looking in Anna’s direction but I could have sworn I saw the shadow of a smile on his face. After a moment I decided I must have imagined it. Anna finally got up and said she needed to check dinner. After she left Mike and I talked a little, but it was only a few moments before Anna called us to come and eat.

The dinner was fabulous. She had made cedar-planked salmon with wild rice. During the meal, Anna and I again fell into a conversation and again it didn’t strike me until later that Mike never said a word. When we finished eating it was getting late and I said I should go so they could get to bed. Anna looked like she wanted to say something, but I saw Mike shake his head. I wondered what that was all about. I said my goodbyes and headed home.

Anna escorted me to the door and before I left she hugged me. When she did she pressed her body full length against me. I could feel her firm young body pressed against me from her tits all the way down to her warm mound which was pushed tight against my thigh. My cock got hard instantly at the feel of her body. At the time I thought she might be able to feel the lump of my hard cock and was embarrassed by that. I had to adjust the raging hard-on I had as I walked home.

When I got to my house I dialed Fran and asked if she could come over. She replied she’d be at my place in half an hour. When she arrived I grabbed her, pulled off her panties, pushed her onto her back on my bed and climbed between her legs. A moment later I was balls deep in her pussy. I fucked her hard. And she loved every stroke of it. When I came it felt like I blasted a gallon into her pussy.

When I pulled out and flopped next to her she asked, “What the hell was that about?”

I told her of my evening with Mike and Anna and the hug Anna gave me when I left.

“I’m telling you,” Fran chuckled, “That girl has a thing for you. You’d best watch out, or she’s gonna be sitting on your lap asking you to fuck her!”

The thought of Anna sitting on my lap made my cock stirred.

“I bet if you suck on it, it will pop up again,” I told Fran.

With a grin, she fell on it and her warm mouth had my cock standing tall again in no time. That second time we fucked it was long and deep and slow. We both came close together. Fran left a few minutes later.

As she stepped out the door she said, “You just remember, after you get her you save some for me!”

I saw both Mike and Anna going and coming over the next few days. We waved but never had time to stop and chat. On Thursday I was just getting home from work as Mike pulled into his driveway.

“Hey güvenilir casino neighbor!” He called.

“Hey Mike.” I greeted him, “Got everything done?”

“Yes, we finished unpacking last night. Anna wants to celebrate with a special dinner. Would you like to join us?”

“Sure. When?” I asked.

“Tomorrow night, 7:30?” He asked.

“I’ll be there. Red or white wine?”

“White.” He replied, “We’re having Chicken Cordon bleu.”

“See you at 7:30,” I replied.

The next evening when I knocked Anna opened the door. She was dressed in a black dress that hugged her body like a glove. I could tell by the way her breasts moved and jiggled and the way her nipples showed through the thin fabric that she didn’t have on a bra. And even as tight as the dress was I couldn’t see any panty lines. That had my mind in a tizzy. All I could do was stand and stare, my cock growing hard, until she shook me from my stupor.

“Hi.” She said with a huge smile. “Please come in.”

I snapped out of my stupor enough to smile at her. I followed her to the living room, watching the delightful show of the material of her dress sliding over her round, firm ass as she walked.

When we got to the living room she motioned me to a seat and said, “Mike has to work late. You and I are on our own for dinner. I hope you don’t mind?”

“No, not at all,” I replied thinking this would give me a chance to catch more glimpses of Anna’s charms without having to worry about Mike catching me.

“Would you like a drink?” She asked.

“Sure.” I replied, “Whiskey over ice. Here”, I handed her the wine that I brought, “Mike said we were having Chicken Cordon bleu so I thought this would go good with it.”

She gave me another of her dazzling smiles, then disappeared into the kitchen. As I sat waiting it hit me I couldn’t smell anything cooking, which puzzled me. I finally decided that they must have a very good exhaust system in the kitchen. She returned a few moments later with two glasses and handed me one, then sat down on the love seat next to me.

I wondered why she had chosen to sit next to me rather than use one of the other seats in the room as she had the last time, but I didn’t question it for long. When I glanced down at her legs I found that her dress had pulled up almost to her crotch. The view of her firm, smooth thighs made my cock grow totally hard. When I was able to finally pry my eyes from the view I looked up to find her looking at me with a smile on her face.

“Frank, can I ask you a question?” She said.

I figured the best way to keep my mind off this fabulous woman sitting next to me was to talk so I replied, “Sure, fire away.”

“Do you like younger women?” She asked in her throaty voice.

For a moment I couldn’t believe what I had heard.

“Excuse me?” I said, blinking in confusion.

“Do you,” She said again in that sultry voice, sliding closer to me,”Like younger women?”

“I aw…I’m not sure I know what you mean.” I stammered.

Part of my mind was screaming ‘She wants you to fuck her!’while another part was telling me to be cautious and not to get myself in trouble by misinterpreting what she was saying.

“Well,” She breathed, “do you like to have sex with younger women?”

She had moved even closer and now had her leg pressed to mine with her face only a few inches mine.

“Well, aw…I’m not sure how to answer that.” I stammered again, my brain trying to figure out what was going on, how I should respond and failing miserably.

“Let me explain.” she said in a sultry half-whisper, “I like older men. I have a daddy thing you see. I find you very, very attractive. So the question is, as a younger woman, do you find me attractive?”

A hope that I’d repressed flared from hope to possibility as I stared into her green eyes and answered slowly, “Who in their right mind wouldn’t find you attractive?”

“Does that mean,” She whispered, moving closer, until her lips were only a few inches from mine, “that you would…fuck me?”

It took me a moment to process what she had just said. When it finally clicked, my heart jumped with the realization that my fantasy was about to come true. I reached out and pulled her to me, leaned the few inches separating our lips and kissed her.

When I pulled back she smiled and said, “I take that as a yes.”

I felt my cock throb and my heart jump as she asked in a demure whisper, “Can I sit on your ap…Daddy?”

I couldn’t speak, but nodded my head and patted my knee.

I was expecting her to stand and sit on my lap with her legs to one side. Instead, she swung her leg over me and settled astride of my lap facing me. She smiled, leaned down and gently put her lips against mine. I pulled her against me so her full firm breasts were tight to my chest as my tongue slipped between her lips. As we kissed I put my hands on her thighs and began to slowly rub them, which brought a low moan from her. I could feel the heat of her pussy pressed to the lump of my hard cock trapped in my pants.

Finally she pulled back with a small gasp and said, “Oh my! Aw…how would you feel about Mike watching us? He has always wanted to watch me with another man.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20