Andrea and Stix Ch. 05: Assault

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The next three days were pure hell for Andrea. She just wanted to reach out and hug Stix but Stix avoided her at every turn. They did a corporate meeting Friday night, two weddings Saturday and a third Sunday afternoon. She looked for opportunities to tell Stix she was sorry but never had the chance. Stix was on the floor early and left without going to the locker room.

Andrea was desperate now. Her plan was to corner Stix in the locker room and ask/beg for a minute to explain herself. It was Sunday and she wouldn’t see Stix for a few days and she wanted to try to clear the air with her. She noticed Stix held back from going to the locker room with everyone else so she took her time getting changed. Maria and Janet had already left and Gloria was just taking her time. Andrea really didn’t want to get into a discussion with Stix in front of Gloria but she had to take the opportunity.

A few minutes later Stix walked into the locker room, turned the corner and saw Andrea standing by her locker. It looked for a minute as if Stix had decided to turn and walk away but, instead, she walked over to her locker and grabber her belongings. Andrea knew she had to act. She gently put her hand on Stix’s shoulder.


Stix swung around and shrugged Andrea’s hand off her shoulder.

“No. Andrea… no,” was all she said and quickly left.

Andrea sunk to the bench and tears formed in her eyes. It was as if a final decision had been rendered, swiftly and without question. Andrea had lost her friend. A few seconds later she felt Gloria sit down next to her.

“You know,” she said softly, “people react differently to things around them.”

“I hurt Stix,” Andrea responded. “I didn’t mean to. I just want to be her friend. I thought I WAS her friend.”

Gloria shook her head in disagreement.

“Child, people view things differently and I think that’s the problem here. Yes, you treated her like a friend. That’s nice. But Stix was treating you like a lover. She saw the relationship as two people who were in love. You saw it as two friends.”

Gloria bahis firmaları paused to let that sink in and then continued.

“I’ve seen that look before. The look Stix had when she was with you. I raised three girls and each one of them was in and out of love. I’ve seen the look before. The look when someone was in love and the look when love hurt them. I’m not here to say which of you were right but I can say that unless two people see this type of relationship the same way, things are bound to get messy. People are bound to get their feelings hurt.”

Gloria patted Andrea’s leg and smiled.

“I’ll pray tonight for both of you to find peace with yourselves and each other. You’re both good people and were good together, whether as friends or lovers.”

Gloria got up, said good night and left Andrea with tears streaming down her face. How could she not have seen this? Did she lead Stix on? Should she been more aware of how Stix felt. Andrea was mad at herself because she should have known, should have realized that Stix was in love with her and she had treated Stix poorly. She gathered her bag and jacket and headed home.

She arrived home to an empty house, which was fine with her. She couldn’t stop crying and didn’t want to have to explain herself to Mike, who was out with the boys again or to Mike Jr. who was at college. She didn’t even want to eat. It was about 8:00 when she changed into a pair of shorts and a t-shirt and climbed into bed. She curled up and kept playing Stix’s words in her mind, and the more she did, the worse she felt. She knew at this point there was probably no reconciling with Stix. It’s bad enough to treat someone poorly once, but then a second time. Why would Stix even give her the time of day? And then there was her job. How could she look Stix in the face again? The more she thought about it, the worse she felt.

A little before midnight she heard Mike pull into the driveway… one more thing that she would have to deal with. But not tonight. She wasn’t in the mood to have sex with him, to give him a blow job or to take his ejaculate kaçak iddaa on her face or breasts. No, not tonight. She just wanted to be left alone. Alone… that’s what she was… alone in a marriage and alone from her best friend. Andrea just curled up and wished she could fall asleep and wake up from this bad dream.

She heard Mike walk into the bedroom. His routine was the same every night… keys on the dresser, shoes kicked off, clothes thrown on the floor and heavily climbing on the bed. Didn’t matter if she was awake or asleep… the noise and movement was the same. She felt his hand on her shoulder pulling her on to her back.

“Not tonight, Mike.”

She couldn’t believe those words came out of her mouth. Never… not two days after her C-section to deliver Mike Jr, when she was sick with the flu, on her period… she never said no. But she did tonight.

“What do you mean ‘not tonight’?” Mike asked.

“Not tonight. I don’t feel like it,” Andrea replied.

“What the fuck do you mean by that? I wanna get laid!”

Andrea knew this would be his reaction. Two days without her performing oral or letting him “lay” her got Mike in a mean-spirited mood. She didn’t care. She didn’t respond. She just lay there.

Mike pulled hard on her shoulder and got Andrea on her back. In a flash he was between her legs pulling her shorts down.

“Mike! Stop! Not tonight!”

Mike didn’t listen. He managed to get one leg out of her shorts and that allowed him to spread her legs wider. Andrea struggled but couldn’t push Mike off her. She felt his penis at the entrance of her vagina and he was pushing but without lubrication (and her cooperation) he couldn’t penetrate her. He brought this hand up to his mouth, spit and rubbed his saliva on the tip of his penis.

“Mike! I don’t want this!”

Mike pushed again and his penis slipped into Andrea. It felt like sandpaper being rubbed inside her.

“MIKE, YOU’RE HURTING ME,” she yelled but he wasn’t listening. Andrea winced in pain as Mike continued pushing in and out of her and while Andrea was struggling beneath kaçak bahis him, his penis fell out of Andrea. When he reached down to reposition himself, Andrea took the opportunity to turn away from him. But Mike pushed her as she turned and she ended up on her stomach. She heard him spit again and once again he tried to push into her, this time from behind. Despite his efforts, he could not get his penis inside Andrea. She heard him spit again and this time she felt his penis at her anus.


Again, Mike wasn’t listening. He pushed hard and penetrated Andrea’s anus in one move. Andrea screamed in pain.


Mike continued to push and buried himself fully in Andrea’s anus. The pain was almost unbearable. She cried and begged Mike to stop but to no avail. He started pumping in and out of Andrea with no regard for her pain. But Andrea didn’t give up. She put her arms under herself and started pushing up, Mike countered by wrapping his arm under Andrea’s chin, around her neck and started to squeeze while he raped her. Andrea felt the tightness around her neck and a few seconds later her field of vision narrowed until it went to black and just before losing consciousness the only thing she could hear was Mike’s grunting.

She awoke seconds later and the assault was still continuing. Once again she tried to push up and get Mike off her and, once again, he wrapped his arm around her neck and cut the blood flow to her head. Her vision narrowed and faded to black.

Again she snapped out of it and Mike was still on her. She tried again but this time she decided to keep her head down to protect her neck. She pushed and got some leverage. Mike realized this and he delivered a viscous blow to Andrea’s ribs. She collapsed on the bed gasping for breath and it felt like Mike had broken some ribs. Mike continued to rape her anus as she tried to regain her strength. She was in pain from the assault, the punch and choking but still had some fight left in her once again she tried to lift up, keeping her head down to protect her neck and her arms close to cover her ribs. What she didn’t see was Mike’s fist headed towards the side of her face.

There were stars. There was blackness. Her struggle had ended.

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