An Evil Trick

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Today started out normally enough, it was a day just like any other. Boring, mundane, everlasting, just a normal day in my normal crappy little life. These boring days have melted together into almost thirty boring years. My job is the same boring desk job that so many of us have, clicking away all day on keyboards, eyes strained to read tiny words on tiny screens. Just sitting there all day, watching time slip away, watching our lives slip away, hoping for the weekend and yet unsure of exactly how the hell we were going to fill all that empty time allotted to us. Of course life living with any woman that you hate makes for long weekends, it makes you long for Mondays, it makes you appreciate your boring job. My ex-girlfriend Julia and I had been broken up for nearly two months, and life under the same roof was proving to be too much for either of us to handle. We shared what she called a cute little two story jobby on a hill, that we’d bought together three years ago when the relationship was still fresh. But now as time goes on and as the relationship sours we sit across the room from each other, loathing each other, no doubt wishing the other one was dead. This was my life, the one I’d laid out for myself. My own personal self destructive and yet utterly boring life. But things were about to change.

I knew tonight was going to be odd as soon as Julia started blending banana daiquiris. When I heard that ice crunching, I knew tonight would be different. You see, Julia is one of those girls that when she gets it set in her mind to start mixing drinks, she doesn’t stop until all control is lost. Back when we were dating I would’ve loved the sound of ice crunching, of inhibitions lost, I would’ve come running downstairs wanting to drink a beer and watch her as she downed her daiquiris one after a delicious other until her lips were numb. But she was a hard to read drunk, sometimes she was an angry drunk, sometimes a sexual drunk, and on the rare, frightening occasion an angry sexual drunk. But now, after our falling out, after our relationship meltdown, she was always an angry, abusive drunk. I’d grown to fear the drunken version of herself. So upstairs in the largely unused third bedroom of our house, I turned on the computer.

The computer was my escape from her red faced screaming fits. My on-line friends seemed to understand anything, of course they had the benefit of complete and total anonymity so they could think I was a total douche bag and I’d never know unless they typed it to me in an instant message, but so far no one had. It seemed people were simply more honest when they didn’t have to talk face to face. More honest and more compassionate. Take Redhot23 for instance. Redhot23 was the screen name for a woman in her mid thirties who told me her name was Silvia. Silvia was a thrice divorced woman with three children running around bugging her bahis firmaları at any moment, but she seemed to always be there for me when I needed her most. So with the computer booting up, I could hear Julia downstairs talking on her cell to one of her friends at the beauty salon where she worked. I rolled my eyes and prayed that she kept to herself tonight, I didn’t need her abuse. When I logged onto my messenger, a little box popped up instantly, giant cartoon red lips greeting me.

Redhot23} Good evening luv, what r u up 2 2nite?

Her message blinking across the screen begged for a response. I smiled and cracked my knuckles in a bridge.

Niceguy58} Hi Redhot…things aren’t 2 bad…what about u?

Redhot23} Kids are runnin around like terrors again.

Niceguy58} At 10:00 at nite?

Redhot23} yea, they were at their asshole daddies 2night and he loaded them up with Popsicles and soda….L

Niceguy58} bummer

Redhot23} yea, they need to take a nap, my head is splitting!

Niceguy58} sorry to hear

Redhot23} what about you? What r u up 2?

Niceguy58} She’s at it again.

Redhot23} Julia?

Niceguy58} yea

Redhot23} drinking?

Niceguy58} yea

Redhot23} u know u need to move luv…how long have I been telling u to get out? My bed has some spare space…J

Niceguy58} lol, yea, I know…

Redhot23} doors always open u know

Niceguy58} yea…shit BRB, she’s coming upstairs.

I locked the computer just before Julia burst into the computer room, her eyes already red from the daiquiri. She didn’t know about Silvia, and I preferred that she never did.

“Whatcha doing tonight Charley?”

“Probably nothing, just sitting her in front of the computer and checking up on a little…”

“Porn?” she interrupted, her hand on her hip.

“Uh…I was gonna say sports scores.”

“Well hun, why don’t you come out to the bar with us tonight? Let bygones be bygones you know? Me and a bunch of the girls from the salon are gonna go to the Ninth Street Pub downtown tonight. You are more than welcome to come along.” She gulped some daiquiri from her half filled glass, licking her lips in that way of hers that she knew drove me mad.

“Well I don’t know.”

“Come on Chucky, be a party winner…not a party wiener…” she laughed.

“Well…ok.” I reluctantly agreed, it had been far too long since I’d been out of the house.

“Well who-fucken-ray then!” she giggled, leaving me alone in the computer room. “Oh and be ready in fifteen minutes we gotta meet the girls down there around 10:30!”

“Ok…I will”

I unlocked the computer.

Niceguy58} I’m back

Redhot23} welcome back!

Niceguy58} thx…look, I need to go

Redhot23} L y?

Niceguy58} well, Julia wants me to got 2 the bar.

Redhot23} that’s kaçak iddaa bad news

Niceguy58} I know

Redhot23} then y go?

Niceguy58} dunno, destructive behavior I guess.

Redhot23} lol

Niceguy58} yea…

Redhot23} well I don’t think u should go

Niceguy58} I already told her I would, plus there will be some of her friends there 2…so I trust it will be ok

Redhot23} I don’t trust her at all…she is up to no good as usual.

Niceguy58} maybe so.

Redhot23} no talking u out of this?

Niceguy58} no.

Redhot23} then good luck! I have the feeling u r gona need it.


The dance floor was packed with people grinding up against one another and slashing drinks to and fro. I could still see Julia, her friend Chantel and her other friend Denise from my seat at the bar. I was watching the Bulls game on the TV behind the bar sitting beside their other friend Jorge. Jorge had bought the last two rounds and I knew that my turn was coming up but my head was already a little dizzy from the first several rounds. But what could I do? I didn’t want to look like a pussy. So I ordered more, and he ordered more, and I ordered more, and so it went on and on until the game was over and I realized that I had to pee more than life itself.

“Hey Jorge, I’m gonna go take a leak, can you tell Julia that I’ll be back.”

“Sure man, no problem, but I gotta tell ya, I don’t think she’s gonna be over here for awhile.” He cocked a thumb at the dance floor where it seemed that Julia had found a stray guy who was more than happy to let her rub herself against

I shook my head laughing and went down the narrow staircase to the small hallway below the bar. The hall led past a small out cove of payphones and toward the men’s and women’s bathrooms.

On my way out of the bathroom, I saw Jorge coming down the stairs at about the time I reached the bottom step. I nodded at him and he nodded back. We passed on the steps, but as we did, he seized my arm and pulled me back down into the tiny hallway with relative ease. You see Jorge was a pretty large man, one of those really muscular types, when he grabbed the crook of your arm, you by god listened.

“What’s up man?” I asked.

He turned me around and pressed a finger to his lips, urging me to be quiet.

“What’s going on?” I whispered.

He led me back into the area of the hallway where the old payphones were and led me back to the farthest tucked away phone. He leaned in as if he had a secret to tell me, and I was suddenly began to feel uncomfortable. In that far away dark corner of the bar, all I could hear was the muffled stomping of dancers above and heavy bass lines that made the fillings feel loose in my teeth. It no longer seemed like Jorge was about kaçak bahis to spread gossip to me, it now seemed like he might spread something far worse. His hand enveloped my shoulder with ease, and pushed me against the brick wall, the shadows and his bulky frame hiding me from passersby. He pressed up against me and leaned toward me, still intent on telling me that secret it seemed.

“What….” Was all I could say before his lips were on mine, his tongue thrusting into my mouth. I wanted to scream, but I couldn’t move with his massive hands pressing me back, his tongue flicking against mine. I struggled to move, and his hand grabbed onto the crotch of my pants, my entire manhood fitting into one of his massive hand, a hand that could crush a grapefruit without working up a sweat. I wanted to scream, and all the while, that invading tongue was twisting and cavorting against mine, my head dizzy from alcohol. His hand was now caressing my crotch, tracing the line of my penis in the pants, his tongue flicking. With him thoroughly distracted with me, I was finally able to fetch a glance over his shoulder and out into that hallway, and when I did, I jumped, nearly biting down on his invading tongue.

There, just at the bottom of the steps was Julia, Denise and Chantel, and they were all smiling broadly, hands rested on tiny girly hips, eyes wide as they took in the display. In fact, Julia was laughing. I squirmed out from under Jorge’s grip, a disgusting string of spittle still connecting our lips.

“Is that what you wanted?” Julia laughed.

And I suddenly knew that Silvia had been right, Julia had been up to something, this was a set up.

“What?” I wiped Jorge’s saliva off my chin with the back of my hand.

“I said, is that what you wanted? You begged and pleaded with me for it…now you have it! Is it everything you thought it would be?”

“What are you talking about?” I stuttered.

Julia laughed, “Oh you’re gonna play little Mr. Innocent eh?” She turned to Denise and Chantel, “Well girls, that little man down there begged…and I mean FUCKING PLEADED with me for fucking weeks to fuck him in the ass with something, anything…he said a finger, a dildo, hell even a strap-on would do.”

“I did not!” I debated, but I knew the truth, that secret desire that I’d shared with her in the privacy of our own bedroom, it was now out in the public forum.

“Don’t lie…we don’t like liars around here do we girls?” Her friends shook their heads in unison, like it was a god damned play they were putting on. “So I figured I’d help you out. You want to be fucked in the ass? Well guess what? Jorge there WANTS to fuck you in the ass. See what I did for you? See how I have helped you out? Jorge will be more than glad to do to you what I would NEVER and I mean EVER do. What do you say Jorge? You still down for fucking that little cock boy there?”

And that was when I ran. I scurried around Jorge, and split the giggling girls with ease, racing up the steps and out into the downtown streets, anywhere was better than in that bar’s basement with them.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20