All Saints Ch. 03

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Monday November 2, 1992, Palm Springs, CA

Carter awoke, disoriented, with a loud buzz in his ears. He looked at his watch. “Christ!” he muttered, “3:30 a.m.? What the fuck is that noise?” Then he noticed he was alone in a sofa-bed and suddenly remembered he was in Luz’ studio apartment. “So, I wasn’t just dreaming after the Hallowe’en orgy and long tough drive to Palm Springs,” he thought to himself. “But what’s that buzzing noise?”

Carter rolled out of bed, nude below the waist, but still wearing his navy cotton Polo pullover shirt. He saw a light through the half-open door to the bathroom and walked toward the sound. He pushed the door wider. Pablo wascurled on a damp bath towel on the floor by the shower tub. Luz, naked except for a towel turban, stood stooped over the toilet, facing away from the door. She held an electric cordless razor in her right hand and was shaving her left leg which was bent and angled on the closed seatlid. She was absorbed in her task and humming a nondescript tune.

Carter stood quietly, admiring the view of her naked ass and the waving shadows of her curly pubes peeking between her cheeks at the base of her great divide. Her full pendant breasts swung gently as she moved the razor. Luz lowered her left leg and put her right foot on the lid. She stopped humming and said, “mi anciano es muy duro y fuerte, eh Pablo?” She laughed her special liquid laugh and switched the razor to her left hand and began shaving her right leg, picking up her tune where she left off.

Carter strained to listen but could not catch enough to recognize the song. He recognized his growing dick, however, and knew what ‘duro’ and ‘fuerte’ meant. Moving quickly, he slipped into the bathroom, noticed only by Pablo, who dashed past Carter for his kibble bowl in the kitchen. The towel, scooting in Pablo’s wake, distracted Luz. “Que paso, gato?” she said as she clicked off the shaver and looked over her shoulder for the cause of disturbance.

Carter was already close behind her. His left hand grabbed her left wrist, immobilizing the razor, while he snaked his right arm around her trunk and clamped his right hand on her left tit. “Good morning, chica,” he said with a low growl. “Can you feel how ‘duro’ and ‘fuerte’ I am right now?” He pushed his pelvis against her ass and his purple bell, sliding along her thigh, brushed her slit, still moist and warm from her recent shower.

“Oh, Bill!” Luz mumured, “Mi maestro, mi amante… Si, I feel your strength!” She pushed her bottom back and forth, sawing her cunt on top of Carter’s fat dickhead until it insinuated itself between her opening lips. “I… uhhhn, I have heard,” she stammered, “h-h-hot water is mmmm…portante for a woman who w-w-wanntss uuunnn a bebe” Carter was soon fully lodged in her pussy and began to stir and flex his hard cock in her twat.

Luz covered Carter’s right hand with her own and clutched her breast through his strong palm, doubling the pressure. She dropped the razor to the towel on the floor and pulled Carter’s left hand to her crotch. As he stroked up and down and rolled his hips, she moved his fingers for him along the upper reaches of her slit and pushed their hands hard onto her swollen clit.

Luz twerked her ass in time with Carter’s deep thrusts. They grunted and gasped as each built to their inevitable release. “AARGGHH! Here it comes, chica!” Carter snarled as he seized her breast and pulled Luz backward.

“AYYYII! Damelo! Damelo! COGERME! Sem… brar mi huevo!” Luz screamed at Carter as she shook in his grasp. Carter’s tight sack flattened against Luz’s bottom as he poured his seed, shot upon shot into her fertile trench.

They remained welded in position until Luz’s legs quit quivering and Carter’s softening dick retreated naturally from her pussy. Leaning forward, Carter kissed Luz’s neck and whispered, “Gotcha?”

“Oh, Bill,” Luz cooed, “Espero… I do so wish it.”

Carter spun her around and kissed her full, wide mouth, hugging her close, pushing his moderate pot belly against her soft stomach. “You are mine. My seed is in you. Let it grow. Pray a ROSARY.”

With his final word, Luz collapsed, eyes closed, held upright in Carter’s arms, waiting for instruction from her master.

Carter squatted, folded Luz across his shoulder in a fireman’s carry and hauled her back to her bed where he tucked her carefully under her sheet. As he dressed he spoke quietly, “Luz, it is time for your box to return to my shelf. You may be pregnant. We both hope so. If you are carrying a child it is because you were visited on Dia de los Inocentes by a loving spirit who saw your need. If, by bad luck, you are not pregnant, you may look for the spirit to return for Navidad. Do you understand?”

“Yes. A spirit has loved me,” Luz replied in a flat monotone.

“Good.” Carter praised her. “Very soon the phone will ring and you will hear it and answer. Listen for my voice. You will be confident and happy and all will be as it always was, pero mejor!” Carter casino şirketleri stroked Luz’ hair and kissed her lightly on her lips. “Listen for the phone. Hear nothing else until it rings.” With that command, Carter walked to the desk, wrote Luz’ phone number on a scrap of paper and left Apartment 6.

Carter lookedup into the depths of the clear desert sky as he walked back toward his car. Passing a phone booth he punched in Luz’ number. She picked up on the third ring. “Luz, do you hear me?”


“Finish getting ready for work. You must not miss your breakfast shift. Do you understand?”


“Be confident. Be well. Be happy. PRESTO.” Carter hung up quickly and whistled his favorite refrain for the remainder of his walk and the drive back to his hotel.

Luz looked at the phone in her hand. “Que?” she wondered, then set it on its cradle and walked to the bathroom where she finished shaving her legs and got ready to open ‘La Familia’ for the Monday morning regulars.


“Split-shift sleeping is the shits,” Carter thought, shaking his woozy head. He hung up the phone, beside the hotel room queen-size bed, and cut off the robotic female voice as she announced “It is 6:30 a.m. Pacific Standard Time.” Although he groused to himself, he was, nonetheless, grateful he had placed the wake-up call.

Carter rose, quickly showered and shaved, and dressed ‘desert business casual’ in a cream-colored Polo pullover shirt, sand chinos with matching, patterned, thin silk socks and burgundy Johnston & Murphy penny-loafers. Pulling on a lightweight wine cashmere cardigan, in case the conference rooms’ AC was set too cold, Carter left his room and headed for the elevators.

Registration was quick. Carter perused the agenda for the three day event while he sipped a crappy cup of coffee and pushed rubbery scrambled eggs around on his breakfast plate. He saw the multi-session format would allow him to bounce around at will, or even skip entire presentations, without notice. “These things are for ‘R and R’ any fucking way,” he rationalized as he planned his truancy. The welcoming speech by the association president would be followed by a keynote address to the entire body. After that he would be free to do whatever he wanted.

The assembly adjourned for the lunch break at noon and, after glad-handing a few unavoidable colleagues, Carter drifted away and drove into Palm Springs proper. Strolling from the car park toward ‘La Familia,’ he smiled, remembering his back-to-back deliveries to the lovely Luz. If, as she said, her period was over ten days ago, there was a great chance his seed would be hanging around when she ovulated. “Go get her, fellas!” he muttered hopefully and entered the small restaurant.

“Buenas Dias, Senor Bill!” Mariana Flores de Guerrero greeted him when she saw him in the doorway. Luz’ mother and the co-owner of the restaurant flashed her brilliant white teeth in a broad smile as she stepped from behind the register and touched Carter’s left arm lightly. “How are you today? I think a table will open up very soon!”

“Hello, Senora,” Carter began, only to be interrupted.

“No, no, no!” Mariana said quickly, squeezing his elbow for emphasis, “You must call me Mariana, or Mari, as you wish. Did I not promise, just yesterday, to say a prayer for your wife, Ann?” she asked, crossing her chest.

Carter nodded and said, “Alright, then, Mari, and thank you again for that kindness.” Meanwhile, Mari’s hand movement distracted him from his false marital history and drew his attention to her pronounced bosom. He looked again at her face and saw she was very attractive and, oddly, was reminiscent of someone he could not quite place.

Across the room a middle-aged couple was standing up. Carter watched Luz as she bent, balanced their used platters and cleared the table. Looking back at Mari he was struck by how much she mirrored her daughter’s natural sensuality and grace. “She must be, what, 45 or something?” he mused, “but she looks at least 10 years younger.” Carter bit his lip as he pondered the fuckability of this sweet, middle-aged business woman, wife and mother.

“Ah, the table is freshly set,” Mari said, breaking through Carter’s lascivious considerations. “Come with me, Bill,” she directed, leading him, menu in hand, to the table.

“You wouldn’t need to ask me twice to ‘come with you,’” Carter said to himself, following Mari and studying the movement of her ass cheeks beneath the skirt of her charcoal sharkskin suit. Her white silk blouse billowed slightly at the waist, below her bolero cut jacket, inviting his hands to reach out, pull it free and explore the matronly love-handles they covered.

At the table, Carter sat and quickly dropped his napkin across his lap, hiding any tell-tale interest his thickening prick showed in Luz’ mother. Mari smiled again at Carter and leaned over as she put his menu before him. “Jesus,” Carter thought, inhaling deeply of her scent, “they use the same casino firmaları jasmine and sandalwood perfume!”

“Luz will be her soon,” Mari said, “Buen provecho!” and returned to the front of the cantina.

Luz arrived seconds later from behind Carter and stood, pad and pencil poised, by his left shoulder. Her curly black hair fell to the top of her shoulders, framing her oval face. Her large gold hoop earrings swung as she grinned and tilted her head, looking bemused. “Mama me dijo a customer asked for me yesterday, but she did not say he was so distinguished as you,” she flirted. “I think I remember you helped me. You are ‘Bill,’ yes? And you did something to meke me feel muy confiado.” Luz’ hip brushed Carter’s shoulder as she stood, imperceptibly swaying and smiling. He felt her radiant heat, as he had that lazy Sunday morning, weeks ago. The episode flashed through his mind and he became instantly hard under his napkin.


Luz had been standing beside him, pouring his coffee, and Carter quickly turned his face to her left ear, whispered “ROSARY” and then said, “Luz, please, can you stand here and help me not to misunderstand anything on the menu?”

Luz, responded to his command, saying , “Certainly, Senor, just point to what you like and ask.”

“That’s fine, Luz, just there, thank you,” Carter had smiled and put his right index finger on the “Huevos Rancheros” plate. At the same time he dropped his left hand and cupped Luz’ right calf briefly, before running his flat palm up the inside of her leg, under her skirt, stopping only when the webbing of his hand felt the crotch of her panties. Turning his wrist, he curled his fingertips and lightly scratched the crease of her pussy through the nylon. “Tell me about…your eggs…” he said, pausing for effect, “are they very fresh?” Carter worked his finger around and under Luz’ leg seam and resumed methodically stroking her cunt, slipping ever deeper as her lips lubed themselves.

“Oh…yes…yes,” Luz answered breathily, “Senor, the eggs are the freshest possible.”

“Hmm, I like them…soft, even a little…runny,” Carter continued, poking up and in, tickling the sidewalls of her slick vagina. “Can I get them like that?”

Luz was having trouble standing still. She found she could do so, however, if she clenched her thighs tight onto Carter’s hand. Squeezing her cunt around his finger also helped, although it sent more electric thrills through her entire body. “Senor,” she said, controlling her breathing with difficulty, placing her right hand on Carter’s shoulder for a moment, steadying herself, “You…umm…may have…the…ehh…eggs …ehh..exactly as you…want.”

Carter withdrew his hand, pointed to the “Chorizo con Huevos” and had asked, still smiling, “Which do you recommend? The Rancheros? or the eggs with sausage?”

“It is a matter of taste, Senor,” Luz answered more calmly, now that Carter was not fingering her pussy, “For me, I like the chorizo because it is spicy. There is also salchicha, which is more like the American breakfast sausage.”

Returning beneath her skirt, Carter pushed three fingers under her panties, into her sopping twat. “Hmm…OK,” he decided, punctuating his pauses with wriggling thrusts, “I’ll have… the… Huevos Rancheros… runny.” He kept sliding up and down her slit, ringing her doorbell on each upstroke, as he turned to Peri and Ruth. “Luz is ready…even waiting…” he said, “have you decided?”

Luz hopped a little when Carter had added his thumb to the mix in her cunt, pulled it out again and painted her juices onto her thigh. Shifting her hips back and forth, she sawed herself on Carter’s hand while she wrote down his eggs, Ruth’s plate of breakfast tacos and Peri’s chile relleno.

Carter gave her pussy a final, small pinch and pulled his hand away, back to his lap, at the same time as he softly hissed, “ROSARY!” under his breath. “Luz,” he asked, at a normal volume, “When you work on Sunday, do you have to say an extra prayer?”

“No Senor,” Luz had replied, “I go to the midnight mass on Saturdays before I work on Sundays.” Carter had watched her hurry from the table, put the food order up and disappear down the hall toward the restrooms.


But now, after a swift look around the crowded dining room, he dared not apply her key word and feel her up. He looked up at her sparkling, laughing eyes and said, “Well, Luz, I am pleased to see I had a positive impact. You are clearly much more self-confident. Do you still want to go to Hollywood and be a film star?” he asked.

Luz shook her curls, “No, Bill, I think that was not something I really wanted. After talking with you I realized that was… oh, just me running away from me.” She frowned as she heard her words. “Does that make sense?”

“Oh, absolutely!” Carter declared. “And you are very wise to recognize the truth in the old cliche: No matter where you go, there you are.” He grinned broadly and risked touching her. Putting his left hand güvenilir casino flat against her back, just above the elastic waist of her skirt, well away from her ass where he truly wanted it to be, Carter praised, “I am proud of you Luz.” He gave her spine a quick light rub to the bottom edge of her bra and back to her waist, departing with a light pat. “Could you bring me a tostada, a bottle of Modelo, and save me a flan, please.”

Luz smiled, wrote his order, and walked away, giving her hips an extra swish as she ejoyed the lingering warm feeling from the older man’s touch.

When Carter took the check to the register Mari crooked her index finger and beckoned him. Leaning in he was, again, intensely aware of her alluring perfume. “Senor Bill!” she whispered, “Por favor, I have a favor to ask… May I impose upon you?” she begged earnestly.

Carter was moved the urgency in her voice, the a flash of desparation in her eyes. “Of course, Mari,” he answered promptly, “How can I help? What is the favor?”

“Please, can you come back here at 2:15 this afternoon? I would like you to drive me to the cemetery… ” she looked over her shoulder toward the swinging doors to the kitchen and prep area. “I cannot speak now… will you do it? PLEASE?”

Carter knit his brow and narrowed his eyes. “What the fuck?” he thought, unable to guess the drama. Out loud he said, quietly, “Certainly,” looked at his Bulova and added, “I’ll return in forty minutes.”

“Muchas gracias!” Mari said with a relieved sigh. “I will be outside in the alley. Please bring the car there.” She entered keys on the register and reached into the open drawer to make change for Carter’s $20 bill.

“No, Mari, give the change to Luz, please,” Carter said in a normal voice, “Hasta luego.”

Carter drove around the area, killing time until his rendezvous with Luz’ mother. He stopped and fueled the Taurus. After he gassed up, he pulled off the pump, parked, and walked to a mom-and-pop bodega next door to the gas station. Browsing the aisles, he idly picked up a large bag of Doritos, a pint of Canadian Club, a six-pack of Canada Dry ginger ale and a six-pack of Corona beer in tall bottles.

Back at the Ford, Carter put his provisions, except for the whiskey, on the floorboard behind his seat. Cracking the seal on the liquor pint, he took a slug, swished it around in his mouth and swallowed. He savored the burning sensation the alcohol left on his cheeks and gullet as he re-capped the bottle and flipped it into the glove compartment.

Carter found the alley entrance and pulled up by the dumpster behind ‘La Familia’ just as Mariana stepped out from the restaurant’s back door. He reached over, popped the passenger door for her and tried to fathom the circumstances as she slid into the car, shut the door and buckled up. “Thank you!” she said in a rush and pointing to the end of the alley, “Take a left on Hwy 111. I will show you the way.”

Carter moved out into the eastbound traffic. “So, what’s going on, Mari? Can you talk, now?” he asked with a neutral tone, using his professional counselor’s approach to people in trouble.

“Yes, Bill,” Mari answered, more composed now that they were alone and moving, “I am sorry for the mystery, but I did not want Luz to know until I had a chance to show you something and ask you about it. Also, I do not drive. I am afraid. So, I hoped this would, how does the saying go… kill two birds with one stone?” She twisted toward Carter, smiled, and braced her right hand against the Ford’s dashboard. “You are not angry? I thought if I said too much at the cantina you would laugh at my foolishness.”

Carter turned his head and appreciated how the shoulder strap dug into Mari’s blouse, dividing her full breasts as she stretched forward. Her silk ruffles were parted, giving him a clear, direct view of a small pink satin bow in the center of her bra cups at the base of her decollete. Her bolero suit jacket was pulled away from her left breast and the dark round shadow of her large areola was obvious. “No problema, senora,” Carter said with a chuckle, “it seems my destiny to to help the Guerrero women in time of need.”

“I am so glad to hear you say so, Bill,” Mari said, relaxing back against the seat.

Thirty minutes later, on the backside of Coachella, Mari directed Carter to the gates of the Coachella Valley Public Cemetery. They drove along slowly until she said, “Stop! This is the place to park.”

They walked a few minutes through the graves and came to a pair of headstones. The left one read: Francisco Herrera Garcia, B. 12 Marzo 1900 D. 8 Julio 1970 Se dirigio en el jardin. The right one read: Noemi Garcia Flores, B. 27 Julio 1935 D. 13 Noviembre 1980 Los angeles lloraron. Carter stood somberly as Mariana knelt between the graves, pulled two marigold blossoms from her purse, and gently laid them at the bases of the markers. He could not hear what she said, and doubtless would not have understood her low, rapid Spanish, but it was easy to get the context.

When Mari finished her prayers, she crossed herself, stood and stepped beside Carter. “Thank you again for doing this,” she said, surprising Carter by slipping her right hand softly in his left and squeezing his fingers gently.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20