All in the family Chapter 3

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All in the family

Chapter Three.

The boys had finished making some lunch and more drinks, and had retired to the Jacuzzi. They relaxed in the hot swirling waters eating some sandwiches and drinking the cocktails they had fixed. The girls who had just finished bringing each other off by their lesbian activity now joined the boys in the Jacuzzi. Janet sat next to David. Lisa sat next to her mom and Greg sat next to his sister. The family was feeling much closer to each other now that they had shared such intimacies together. As they finished eating Greg and Lisa began asking their parents questions.

Greg asked his parents, “Mom and Dad, Lisa and I get the idea that you two have done this before. I mean, some of the things you say lead us to think that you two have been with other people. Is that true?”

David answered his son, “Well, you might as well know that your Mother and I are an open couple. That means we have enjoyed having sex with other like minded adults.”

Lisa asked her mother, “How many men have fucked you Mom? How many other women has Daddy fucked?”

“Honey, we really don’t keep count. Your father and I have lots and lots of friends. Since we both share the same interests, we usually always enjoy our activities together, that is, your father sees who fucks me, and I see who fucks him. Sometimes however, I have girl friends whom visit me during the day that are gone by the time your father gets home, but he knows who they are. We don’t sneak around on one another, we don’t have to! If your father likes fucking some friend of mine, then he doesn’t mind if I want to suck one of his friends cocks. Your father and I love each other very much, and our relationship is completely open. We hope that you children will learn what that means.”

David added to that, “Your mother is right. We have lots of friends whom share the same feelings that we do. We usually invite them here to this cabin where we show movies, and have orgies.”

“You have some porn movies?”, asked Lisa. “Could we see some of them?”

Her father answered, “Yes, some of the movies are ones we’ve bought, others are ones we’ve made. Your mother and I are ‘stars’, and our friends are the ‘extra’s’, if you know what I mean. I have no objection to your seeing these films, if your mother doesn’t.”

His wife answered, “Oh no, I have no objection. I love watching those old reruns. They certainly are ‘hot’. But I do have a question for you two. Since we have accomplished so much with the lessons, there’s not much else we can show you. I mean we’ve explored oral, anal, and just about everything in between, what would you kids like to do that we haven’t tried yet? Do you have any fantasies that you would like to act out?”

Greg and Lisa looked at one another smilingly like two children had been just been given the keys to Willie Wonka’s chocolate factory. There was so much that they had to explore. Greg leaned over to his sister and they began whispering to one another.

“Honey, I think you just opened Pandora’s box”, said David watching his kids discussing among themselves their plans. “Look at them making their plans.”

At last Greg and Lisa nodded their heads in agreement on what they wanted to do. Greg took the lead as spokesman for he and his sister and said, “Lisa and I have been giving the matter some thought. Since you and mother have ‘swapped’ mates, letting each other fuck someone other that your own spouses, we would like to act out a fantasy by swapping each other for us. That is, Mom, you and I will sleep together tonight, and Lisa and Daddy can sleep with one another tonight. You be my girl, and Lisa can be Daddy’s girl. How does that grab you?”

Janet looked wickedly at her son, and said, “Ooooo, that would be an excellent fantasy. Don’t you think so dear?” looking at her husband who had a gleam in his eye.

David answered his son, “I like the idea. Lisa would you like to be my girl for the evening? Remember, anything goes.”

She looked at her father and said, “I hope you aren’t too tired Daddy. I might just wear you out!”

He laughed at her and said, “HA! That’s what you think! Mother, do you think your little girl will wear me out? And Greg, your mother will have big plans for you two. I hope you haven’t bitten off more than you can chew!”

“Then its agreed. Lisa, Daddy is your man, while I’ll be Mama’s man for the evening. Who knows, we may ending up doing this more often.” Greg said as he smiled at his mother.

The all laughed and changed positions in the Jacuzzi. Lisa went and sat on her father’s lap, while Janet came and sat in on her son’s lap. Greg reached his hands around to feel his mom’s tits. He loved feeling her up. Rubbing his hands over her big boobs he massaged them. He just loved feeling her big globes of flesh, spreading his fingers trying to fit into his hands her more than a handful size knockers. She responded to her son’s attentions and turn around to look at his face, she put her arms around his shoulders. She kissed him and whispered in his ear, “I just wanted to tell you how delicious your idea is. I have been wanting to fuck your cock since you first got hard looking at my boobs. Go ahead and enjoy feeling my titties. I have wanted to spend some time with you alone. We will have such fun tonight lover. Thank you for suggesting the idea.”

Lisa who was sitting in her father’s lap reached down to feel his cock. David’s member was rapidly growing in prospect of fucking his daughter in the intimacy of their own bed. He knew that his wife Janet would likewise enjoy fucking her son in the other room. He and his wife would enjoy this ‘wife swapping’ that their kids had suggested. He reached up and began feeling Lisa’s fine sized boobs who was very nearly like his wife. No doubt, in time she would fill out to match her mother and would drive men crazy with her big boobs standing out causing men’s eyes to bulge. With the waters swirling about in the Jacuzzi, you could not see what was taking place below the water, but above the water, hands were visible feeling the large breasts of each of the girls. David felt the hand of his daughter grasp his cock, so quickly was his little girl ready to start the evening’s activities. He picked her up from his lap ’cause he knew that she wanted to put his dick into her cunt. He was going to first fuck his daughter’s cunt here in the Jacuzzi in front of his wife and her mother. His wife had the same idea, and she was taking her son’s prick and putting it to her own cunt, she eased down upon his member to fuck him.

Greg felt his mother responding to his affections, by taking his cock. She lifted herself up to place the head of his dick to her fat lipped pussy. She eased down, and he felt himself slip inside his mother. Her pussy felt so good and warm like the Jacuzzi. Sitting on his lap he hoisted her by the waist and move her up and down on his pole. She was quite buoyant in the water and he easily moved her up and down on his member.

“Ooooo my lover wasted no time in fucking his mother,” said Janet looking at the other two sitting across from them.

“That’s OK. Your little girl stuffed my big dick inside her cunt when she sat on my lap. She is quite ready for her father to fuck her pussy.” David now put his hands on Lisa’s waist lifting her ass off his lap and bringing her cunt back down as he fucked her in the Jacuzzi. “She’s been dying to feel my fat dick inside her cunt ever since she felt it deep inside her ass earlier today. Isn’t that true little girl?”

“Oh yes Daddy! Your big dick felt so wonderful in my asshole, but I really need to feel it fill my pussy now. Is my pussy tight? Do you like fucking me as much as you like fucking Mama?”

“You have a fucking good tight pussy baby. Your mother’s cunt is tight too! I like fucking both of you. How’s your mother’s cunt Greg?”

He looked at his father fucking his sister and he said to him, “Oh man! Mama’s pussy feels so good. She a good fuck! And I’m going to fuck her all night long if she can stay awake.”

“Me stay awake! Boy, you’ll be passed out long before I’m done with your dick. I expect you to fuck me in my cunt, mouth and ass again before you’re done. Your father doesn’t go to bed before he has serviced all my holes at least once!”

David was moving Lisa up and down on his big tool. He now told her, “Lisa darling, how about turning around and facing me now. I want to kiss you.” Lisa did not remove her father’s fat cock from her cunt. She simply lifted her legs and spun around on his dick so that she could face him per his request. He looked at his voluptuous daughter’s big boobs and pressed his face into her bosom. He looked down upon her face and kissed her on the mouth. Lisa eagerly took her father’s tongue into her mouth exploring his own with her tongue. David continued lifted her hips up and down upon his pole fucking her. With her legs now straddling her father’s legs, her ass was spread open. David now reached around and pushed one of his fingers into her asshole, and began to pump his finger in and out.

“Ooooo yeah! That feels good Daddy! I wish that were another cock instead of your finger, but just the same, I love feeling your finger in my ass. Finger fuck my asshole while you fuck me with your big cock. Do you like playing with my ass and fucking my cunt at the same time?”

He answered her, “You know I do little girl, your cunt and asshole are fucking tight. I’ll let you sit on my dick again and feel it up your rectum. Later on tonight we’ll do all kinds of fun things. I’ve got big plans for you dear. You are a fucking little whore. But I know how to keep you satisfied.” And he kept poking his finger into her ass as they humped.

Greg was keeping his mother satisfied with his dick buried in her cunt. He lifted her ass up and down on his pole. However, he reached down to finger her clit so that his mother began reaching an orgasm. She cried out, “Ooooh lover! Make me cuuummmm!!!! Finger my clit while you fuck my cunt!” And her son banged his mother hard on his prick. As he shot his load into his mother’s twat he kept his fingers upon her cunt fingering her clit. His mother felt the gush of cum enter her womb, and she loved it.

Just then Lisa’s tight little pussy was squeezing her father’s dick so that he could no longer hold back from cumming in her cunt. As he pumped his finger in and out of her asshole he shot his load into her pussy. Lisa began climaxing from all the stimulation her father was giving to her cunt and ass and she cried out, “Ooooo Daddy! I’m cumming with your fat cock in my pussy, and your finger shoved inside my asshole. It feeeels sooooooo gooooood!!!!”

At last as their orgasms left them feeling satisfied, Janet spoke up, “Let’s get out of the hottub before we shrivel away to nothing.”

Greg assisted his mother as she was his date for the evening, and David did likewise to his daughter. They all looked forward to the events which lay at hand for each of them. David suggested, “Why don’t we all retire to the living room and I’ll dig up some of the films of your mother and mine’s weekend parties. Would you kids like to see those?”

“Would we, boy I’ll bet those must be HOT!” answered Greg as he put his arm around his mother. He felt very close to her and he wanted her to know he wanted to spend time with her. His mother responded to his affection and put her arm around him. She felt the same way toward her son and could not wait to get into the intimacy of their own bedroom where she could fuck him privately.

So off to the living room they went to view the films of their parents parties.

Following the movie show Greg and Lisa were now quite familiar with the antics of their parents. They knew their lust with one another and with whomever they were with. It was now late and the two couples decided to retire for the evening. Lisa and her father went off the her bedroom where she and her brother had slept together last night, while Greg and his mother went off to his mom’s bedroom to spend the night. Everyone was anxiously awaiting the night of fun filled activity.

Each couple walked to their respective bedroom holding hands. Greg and his mother entered into their bedroom and Janet closed the door. Greg turned to his mother and they embraced one another. Greg and Janet leaned forward to kiss each other. Both having in the mind the same thing they were anxious to fuck each other. Greg kissed his mother full upon the mouth and finding her mouth open he stuck his tongue inside to french her. His mother responded and she likewise stuck her tongue into his mouth as she wanted him very badly. Greg grabbed the cheeks of her bare ass and he pulled her hard against his body. Janet wrapped her arms around her son and she likewise pulled him tightly against her own body. They continued kissing for some time until his mother broke their embrace.

“Ooooo lover, let’s take a quick shower and then I want you to fuck me.” Janet said to her son.

“OK mom.” replied Greg. “Let me wash you like I did Lisa in the shower last night.”

“Oh yes! We saw you two in the shower. Did you enjoy feeling your sister’s nice tits? If you liked feeling her big tits, then you’ll enjoy mine even better.”

Greg looked at her and said, “I loved feeling Lisa’s tits even as you say Mom, but yours are even better, and I’ve been waiting a long time to enjoy them.”

“C’mon then lover.” replied Janet and taking Greg’s hand she led them into the master bedroom bath where they stepped into the large walk-in shower. The same scenario as last night took place with Greg bahis firmaları taking the soap stood behind his mother and he began to soap her backside. His mother was in terrific shape and was still young relatively speaking. She was beautiful and he felt like he was in the presence of an “older” woman, and she turned him on greatly. As he ran the bar of soap over her back side he massaged her back kneading the muscles of her neck and shoulder to relax and stimulate her. She enjoyed the attention her son was giving her and she put herself in his control. She would let him first have his fun, then it would be her turn to play out her fantasies. Greg moved down to soap her ass and he rubbed the soap all around her shapely ass, in her crack, and down around her pubic area. He then moved down her legs, and back up to her front he reached around and soaped her tummy and then her large round boobs. As he soaped her breasts he lifted them and rolled them around in his hands. She took her hands and placed them with her sons’ and helped him massage her own tits. She could feel his young hot dick between the crack of her ass, and she moved her ass back against him. As he groped his mother’s boobs, he moved one hand down to her crotch to feel her pussy. His mother swooned and taking one hand from her boobs she reached down to take her son’s hand and help him feel her up. Greg began sliding his cock up and down in the crack of his mother’s ass. He whispered into her ear, “I love how you feel Mother. You are so beautiful. Your boobs look so lovely and I want to fuck you very much.”

Janet turned to face her son and she looked into his eyes and answered, “I too love you son. I need to feel your cock inside me. Please fuck your mother. I want you to fuck me. Let me wash you down now.” With that she took the soap and soaped her son’s hard body down, paying particular attention to his cock and balls. She explored his pubic area and after letting the shower rinse off his cock she got to her knees and took his rigid member into her mouth and began sucking him. Seeing his mother give him head he wanted to fuck her badly. Janet did not suck him long however, just a tease to keep him primed for her pussy which needed his cock. They got out of the shower and dried off. Next they climbed into bed and began to kiss each other. Greg really loved being in bed privately with his mother. He had been anxiously awaiting the opportunity to enjoy his mother’s treasures all to himself. He knew that his mother equally shared his enthusiasm toward his body. He first wanted to enjoy his fill of her delights, so after exploring their mouths using their tongues, he moved his mouth down over her body exploring every inch of her with his tongue. He basically was licking her body all over. Janet let her son tickle her with his tongue as this added to the erotic feeling she was receiving. He kissed her boobs and licked her nipples as he used his hands to cup and squeeze them together. He moved his tongue down her belly and then as he maneuvered his face into position, he began to lick his mother’s pussy. This is at last what he had been dying to do since he first laid eyes on her beautiful shaven cunt. He could once again smell the fragrance of her sex and he feasted on her delightful juices. His mother spread her legs to allow her son to access the treasure he so badly wanted to taste. Greg relished the taste of his mother’s cunt in his mouth and he slurped her juices eagerly. Janet grabbed her son’s head by the hair and pulled him into her cunt mashing his face against her clit. Greg did not mind and he was nearly smothered by his mother’s crotch. After eating her pussy for a few minutes he stopped and looked at his mother and said, “Your pussy is delicious Mom. You and Lisa both taste so good. But you know me. I must enjoy licking your beautiful asshole too! Let’s change position and you sit on my face.”

Greg moved over and had his mother straddle his face. She looked back at him and said, “You like seeing my rosy asshole don’t you Son? Please lick it clean and stick your tongue into it. Make me hot and then I want you to ram your dick into my cunt and fuck me. Your tongue has made my twat hot! After you fuck my pussy, then you better fuck my ass!” He nodded in agreement and told her, “You better believe I’ll fuck your cunt. I’m your mother fucking son of a bitch, and I know my fucking slut mother needs to be fucked and fucked good! Spread open your ass and let me look at it so I can lick it.” Janet pulled the cheeks of her ass apart and sat back upon Greg’s face. He first licked the backside of her pussy finding some residual juices that had trickled down from when he had first eaten her pussy that he could not reach. They had trickled down from her cunt down to her asshole where he now concentrated on licking up. He had good access to his mother’s bung as she held her asscheeks apart for him. Her puckered anus was open for his tongue to explore and he licked all around her asshole and then he stuck his tongue inside.

“Ooooo yes lover. Your tongue is making me hot. My ass loves your tongue. I can’t wait for your dick to be inside my cunt honey. Please hurry up.” Greg continued rimming his mother’s ass enjoying the tasted of her rectum. His mother began to climax from his expert tonguing and she pushed her ass hard against his face. Greg pushed his tongue as deeply into her ass as he could causing his mother to moan more loudly, “OOOOooo that’s it! I’m cummmming Greg. I’m cuuuummminnnngggg!”

Janet was now ready for her son to fuck her so moving off of his face she laid back down on the bed. Opening her legs she begged her son, “Please now! Fuck me lover! Fuck your mother with your cock. Give me your hard dick now!”

Greg wasted no time in complying with her request. His dick was rock hard. From the moment he began eating his mother’s cunt and ass, he dick was in a perpetual state of rigid erection. Being a very young man and years from his sexual peak he would stay hard for extended periods of time and his mother was aware of this. She knew her son would have a very hard dick for years to come and she looked forward to his fucking her often. Greg got between his mother’s legs and she took his member and put it to the lips of her pussy. Looking into his eyes she said, “Now Greg. Fuck me. Fuck your Mother! You like my pussy don’t you? Then what are you waiting for? Put that dick inside my cunt and screw the hell out of me! Ooooo fuck me lover! I saw how you fucked your sister and now you can fuck your mother!”

Greg grunted at hearing his mother’s words and he pushed forward with his cock. He slid more easily into his mother’s pussy than he did into his sister’s cunt. She being much younger and all was more tighter. His mother’s cunt was not loose by any means, but he found that her cunt accepted his member more readily. He filled up her pussy with his dick and he began to pump his meat in and out. “Oh yeah! You’ve got a good cunt Mother! I like fucking your hot twat! I like fucking you and my sister both.”

Even though he easily slipped into her fuckhole, Janet began squeezing her vaginal muscles and tightening her cunt to make it more pleasurable for her son’s fucking. This caused an immediate reaction in Greg who said, “Ooooh Mother. You feel like Lisa now. Your pussy is so tight! What are you doing? Whatever it is don’t stop. Your cunt is gripping my dick like a hand or something and it feels so good.”

“That’s right my son,” replied Janet. “I’m squeezing your hard dick cause I like feeling you fuck me. Keep fucking me with that hard dick. I hope you can keep it hard all night lover cause to satisfy your mother you will have to fuck me all night. Think you can do that lover?”

“You better know I can. Fucking you is so sweet, and I love to fuck you Mother. You can call me a motherfucker now I suppose. I don’t care. Just let me fuck your cunt, your ass, and your mouth. Hey! I want to fuck your boobs like I did Lisa last night too! Would you like me to fuck your tits Mom?”

She had her legs wrapped around her son as he fucked her and she answered him, “You can fuck me wherever you want to boy! I just love your hard meat. You like to fuck like your father does, and since I’m a slut you can fuck me however you like.”

Greg stopped his fucking and told his mother, “You are a fucking cunt. I like fucking whores like you and Lisa. You are both cocksucking lesbian bitches who also love sucking cum from each other’s holes. Let’s change postition. I want to fuck you from behind, you know, doggie style.”

Janet got up and got on all fours for her son. Greg got behind his mother and putting the head of his dick against her cunt he rammed his meat into her. He put his hands on her ass and as he rammed his dick into her he pulled her ass back upon him. “Ooooo yes lover. I love it when you fuck me this way. Please ram your big dick into my cunt. You can fuck me more deeply when you fuck me this way. Fuck me harder Son! Fuck me harder! Yes! Yes! Keep fucking me!” Greg literally was slamming his meat inside his mother who was enjoying the feel of her son’s hard dick inside her. Greg kept fucking his mother but he was holding back on shooting his jism into her. As much as he enjoyed fucking her he was saving himself for other things. For now he kept pistoning his dick into her hot twat. His mother on the other hand was squeezing her muscles making it difficult for her son to concentrate. Greg looked down at his mother’s ass and decided that it was time to cum, but not in her cunt. So he again stopped fucking her and removing his dick from her pussy he moved it up to her asshole where he promptly rammed it into her bung. “You fucking cunt! I know you like my fucking your cunt, but I know you want me to fuck you in the ass too! So there! I going to fuck your ass and cum inside you.”

“Oh yes! You can shove your fat young dick into my ass and fuck me hard! Please fuck my ass like you were fucking my cunt love. Shove your meat deep inside my ass and shoot your wad of cum inside me. I love feeling your cock inside my ass! Fuck me harder lover! Your big dick feels so good inside my ass.” With that his mother banged against her son’s oncoming pelvis. Greg knew his mother liked to be fucked in the ass because she met his thrusts with her own. So he banged away at his mother’s bung shoving his meat deep inside her bowels. “Fuck my ass boy! Fuck my ass. You love my ass don’t you! Yes! Keep fucking me harder and deeper! Fill my ass up with your hard dick and fuck me. Yes fuck me!”

Greg at last felt the rise of climax building in his balls and he could no longer contain himself. His mother’s hot words and willing ass were taking their toll on his tool. He was rapidly ramming his youthful cock into her bung, fucking his mother like there was no tomorrow. Janet was frigging her own cunt since Greg had removed his beautiful cock from her leaving her frustrated orgasm delaying until he began to fuck her in the ass. She really loved her son’s sodomizing, and his pleasure of fucking her ass was causing her to cum as well. They at last began to climax with Greg shooting his wad into her bowels.

“Oh yes lover. I can feel you’re hot sperm inside my ass. Keep fucking my ass and fill me up with your jism. I wish I could suck your cock and taste your sperm. Uuummm! I bet it would be so good!”

Greg continued his assault of his mother’s ass until he was at last spent. He wished he could continue fucking her but he would have to wait until his member could again grow hard but that wouldn’t take long he hoped.

Janet knew how her son wanted to keep fucking and she had plans for his cock so as he removed his prick from her ass she knelt between his legs and began to give him a blowjob. Licking his dick of the lubrication from her ass she sucked the remaining drops of sperm from his dwindling peter. She licked his balls and sucked them into her mouth. Looking up at her son she stopped and said, “Let’s go lover! I need for you to get hard again so you can fuck me some more. You are not through yet my love. I want to get you hard for round two. You promised me that you would fuck me all night and I plan to keep you to your promise.” Greg smiled at his mother and said, “Don’t you worry, I’ll keep that promise. You just keep sucking my cock like you’re doing and I’ll be ready to fuck you again.” He just laid back letting his mother suck his responding semi-erect prick. Janet knew her son needed more time to rest so she stopped momentarily and shifted position so that she could lay alongside him face to face. They talked for awhile about different things, and while she gently played with his dick, he was stroking her cunt. Greg asked his mother, “Mom, I know that this was mine and Lisa’s fantasy, to divide up and spend the night like this. I want you to know that I have enjoyed this whole weekend. I can’t think of what has been the highlight, since I’ve had so much to enjoy for the first time. Surely, being alone with you like this has been fantastic. It is surely memorable. Has it been as good for you as it has been for me?”

Janet looked at her son and said, “Oh my yes! I have just been tickled ever since you first laid eyes on my body and wanted to see my shaven asshole. I knew you were kinky, and I like that. Nothing has given me greater pleasure than to fulfill your fantasies. You are a wonderful lover, even as Lisa told me. You have given me great pleasure fucking me my Son. And the night is still young.”

“That’s great Mom. You are so beautiful, and you have held back nothing in fulfilling my or Lisa’s fantasies. But what kind of fantasies do you like? Is there something we kaçak iddaa haven’t done or could do that you would like to act out?”

“Well, nothing comes to mind Greg. Of course fucking you has been one of my fantasies. I’m sure fucking your sister is a fantasy of your father which he’s acting out now I’m sure. We’ve done just about everything we would like to do this weekend. I’ve sucked your beautiful dick. I’ve eaten your sister’s fine pussy and rimmed her asshole. Your sister enjoys lesbian love, and I’m sure we will explore all the intimacies of one another in the days and weeks ahead. My vaginal and anal cavities have been plundered by your earnest fucking, so what’s left? You and your sister seem as open as your father and I.”

“Well, that’s true. We have just about unturned every stone so to speak. But imagine, for moment if you could do something new. Something perhaps daring or taboo. What would be kinky for you? What is something you haven’t done that maybe you’ve given thought to doing?”

His mother pondered that for a few moments and an idea began to formulate in her mind. She whispered to her son, “Well, since you have fucked me, I have gotten an idea. You are only fifteen years old. And your cock is still maturing and has some years to go before you reach your sexual peak. You see, men peak out at about eighteen to twenty years old believe it or not. Women on the other hand peak out much later. Funny how that is. Your father still fucks very well, and he loves to fuck so don’t get the wrong idea. Women on the other hand love to fuck just as much. That’s why I have a lot of women lovers, since we can cum more often than you boys can. But having your young, very, very hard dick has made me want more of the same inside me. Yes. That’s what I would like. I have had many men fuck me, but after fucking you I would like having boys to fuck me. Young boys like yourself. I can see you inviting some of your friends over. You know, some of the guys on the track team. I would love having them gang bang me. Your cock stays very hard and rigid, not like your father whose cock gets hard but it tends to only stick out like this.” She took her hand and held it out at about a thirty five degree angle. “Now he can fuck me with his cock like this, but your cock on the other hand sticks straight up like this.” She took her hand and moved it up like the hands of a clock that read twelve o’clock. “That’s what a women likes. A good and very stiff dick. That’s why I’ve liked fucking you so much my boy. If I could have some more stiff young pricks like this that would fulfill my fantasy.”

Greg pondered over that for a moment and said, “I bet I know that some of the guys would enjoy fucking you Mom. You are a real hot looking woman. But what about Dad? Do you think he would mind? I know I could set you up with some of the guys.”

“Your father wouldn’t mind it at all. In fact, he would like to watch I’m sure. But, I would like to say ‘entertain’ the boys without his knowledge. That’s my fantasy. I would love to be your whore whom you would invite your friends over to let fuck. Would you like your slutty mother to service all your friends?”

Greg once again growing hard said to his mother, “I like your fantasy Mother. You are kinky. Yes, I think my mother would love to suck and fuck my friends. I can bring over all my friends so that your mouth, cunt, and ass will be filled to the brim and kept filled. Is that what you want me to do?”

“Oh yes! That’s a splendid idea son. Let me service your friends. Treat me as a fucking whore who needs to have her holes filled by your young friends hard cocks.”

“OK Mom. You got it. Now that I’m hard again what do you want to do?”

His mother quickly moved and straddled his dick and said, “I want to ride this nice stiff piece of meat!” She took his stiff member and sat upon it and began to ride up and down his shaft while he laid there watching his mother’s boobs bounce up and down. He loved seeing his mother’s large boobs bounce in unison as they did while his cock disappeared in and out of his mother’s cunt. “Yes my young lover, your hard dick feels so goood in my cunt. I’ll fucking ride your dick all night. So you just lay back and relax and leaving the driving to me!” And she happily rode his dick.

Meanwhile, Lisa and her father David had taken the same course and were taking a quick shower together. As David lathered up his daughters’ body from behind he slowly ran his hands over her soft smooth skin. Lisa enjoyed the attention she was receiving from her father and she thought to herself how much her brother and father were alike in their method of showering with her. Despite the similarities, however, she loved arousing them, and she enjoyed their attention to her body. She snuggled up against her father letting his hands roam freely over her body as he ran the bar of soap over her skin. She could feel the stiffness of his prick in the crack of her ass and reaching around with one hand she tried grasping his soapy member to run her hand up and down his shaft. Her father was reaching around to lather his daughter’s boobs. She had very nice boobs which would probably equal the size of her mother in a couple of years. He lifted her boobs and gently massaged them as he thrust his stiff cock into the crack of her ass. Lisa becoming very aroused, leaned her head back upon her father’s chest and looking up at him she whispered. “Please take me here in the shower Daddy. Your cock feels so hard in the crack of my ass. Will you fuck me in my ass here in the shower? I want to feel your dick inside me as the hot water rains down upon us.”

Her father reached down to play with her pussy, and he whispered into her ear, “If you want me to fuck your nice ass here in the shower I will. You feel so wonderful and smooth here in the shower. I would love to fuck you in the ass and fill your bung with my jism.”

“Ooooo hurry Daddy! I can’t wait for you to fill my ass with your big ass dick!” Lisa was at the mercy of her father whose strong arms had completely lifted her medium size frame up off the floor of the shower. Holding her out he aimed the head of his massive cock toward the vicinity of her asshole. Lisa spread her legs and held her ass out to her father. David had no trouble finding her puckered opening with the head of his dick, and easing the head inside her tight opening his began feeding her bung his cock.

“Mmmmm. Yes! That’s it Daddy! Mmmmm. I can feel you thick meat spreading my asshole open. Don’t stop now. Please fill my ass up with your big dick!”

David’s pelvis was tilted upward as he lowered his daughter down upon his member. He enjoyed fucking Lisa’s hot ass as much as she enjoyed having him there. She moaned softly feeling his hot dick deep inside her bung as the hot water from the shower sprayed down upon them both. David began to pump his meat in and out of his daughter’s ass while he held her up like a ragdoll. He began to talk to his daughter, “You like my big dick inside your tight little ass my dear?”

“Ooooo yes! My ass aches for your big dick Daddy! Please keep fucking my ass and feeling my titties. You fuck my ass so well. I loved Greg fucking my ass, but your bigger dick is more satisfying. I know Mother is enjoying Greg’s hard dick in her ass, or cunt, or wherever the fuck he is fucking her! You just keep fucking my ass since you like my ass so much!”

He answered her, “I like fucking your ass because you like being fucked in the ass. The way you wiggled your ass this morning told me that you wanted to have my big cock reaming your asshole. No woman who exposes her ass the way you and your mother do wants any less than a big hard dick fucking them in the ass. So you just keep that pretty fanny of yours ready for my dick anytime you want to be fucked in the ass. Anytime baby, anytime.”

David could just not get over his daughter’s love for ass fucking, though he certainly was not complaining. She definitely had an ass for fucking, it was nice and round. It stuck out, just advertising itself so to speak, saying, ‘If you just want to, then fuck me.’ Not only was he impressed that she loved to be sodomized, but she was able to accommodate his large size. And she was so tight. She felt like a vise, squeezing his member so that he could not fuck her too long because he would shoot his wad into her waiting bung. He banged away at her hot ass pumping his cock deep into her rectum. He could feel his balls bang into his little girls’ asscheeks, and he knew that she was easily accommodating his huge member. Feeling the swell of cum building in his balls he told her, “Your tight little ass is squeezing me dick so that I’m going to cum in your ass little girl. Get ready to feel my cock cumming in your hot asshole baby!”

“Yes Daddy, I’m cumming too! Your big dick in my ass is causing me to cum also. Please fill my ass up with your cum. I need it so bad!” With that they both shuddered with climaxes. David lifting his daughter higher shoved his meat inside her ass shooting his load of sperm into her hot rectum. Lisa was in heaven feeling her father’s hard cock plunge deeply into her bung pumping his hot semen inside her ass filling up her rectum. She moaned loudly, as her orgasm took control of her body causing her to squeeze her asshole tightly gripping the large rigid member of her father adding to his pleasure. As their orgasms subsided they disengaged and finished up their shower together. Lisa turned to face her father and after kissing him on the mouth she looked up at him and said, “Thank you Daddy. That was a good fuck. I look forward to many more of those. Let’s go to bed now and you can fuck my pussy.”

They got into bed and spent a few moments kissing each other. As they tongued each other David reached down to finger Lisa’s twat. “She is always hot!”, he thought to himself, as he pushed a finger into her wet hole. He wanted to fuck her per her wish, but he wanted her to suck his cock first. So moving from their embrace he told her, “You lay back and let me straddle your face. I want you to suck my dick.”

“Mmmmm what a delicious idea.” Lisa lay there on her back, legs spread open wide with one hand stroking her swollen pussy lips. Her father straddled her face holding his semi-erect member to her mouth. Lisa opened her mouth and sticking out her tongue she began to lick the head of his dick. She stuck her tongue into the slit of his dickhead swirling it around to taste the precum oozing from the opening. Using her other hand she cupped his massive sack of balls and pulling them to her mouth she licked his balls as well.

“Ummmm. I just love sucking your big dick Daddy. I’ll make it nice and hard so you can fuck my cunt. You do like to fuck my pussy don’t you?”

“Yeah your fucking little hot twat is a good tight fuck little girl! I love to let you suck my dick cause you are a such a good cocksucker like your mother. Your pussy is fun to fuck just like your ass is! You make my dick hard and I’ll fuck your tight fucking cunt you slut!”

“I like being your slut Daddy. When are you going to bring some more men over to fuck me? You know I need to be fucked often and by big men who can satisfy me.”

“I’ll find you plenty of men who will want to fuck your hot little asshole and cunt. I’ll line them up and let them fuck you all night. Would you like that you fucking little whore?”

“Oh yes Daddy! Say you will! Please say you will invite your friends over and let them all fuck me! I need to have them fill my holes with their big dicks and let me suck them down my throat. I love to taste cum in my mouth cause I’m a fucking cocksucking whore.” Then she greedily gobbled her father’s growing penis sucking his cock down her throat.

“Little girl, I have lot’s of friends who will let you swallow them just as you are sucking my dick. They will satisfy your hot little slutty cunt and asshole” He watched his dick disappear into Lisa’s mouth as her lips went down on his cock and came as far as his pubic hair. Having reached full erection he let her deep throat him a few more times then he withdrew his cock from her mouth and he got between her legs so that he could fuck her. Lifting her legs up he placed her feet on the tops of his shoulders and putting the head of his dick to her small opening he pushed his cock into her waiting pussy. Her cunt was quite wet and hot, ready to receive her father’s hard dick. As he slid his tool inside her tight twat he saw the lust in her eyes.

“Ooooo yes Daddy. Ummmm your cock feels good in my pussy. Please fuck me now! I like this position. We haven’t fucked this way before. This is so comfortable having my legs up on your shoulders while you fuck my cunt.”

He pumped her easily for a few moments feeling the tightness of her young pussy around his huge member. With her feet on his shoulder he could easily fill her cunt up with his cock, and he began to thrust into her more earnestly. Her pelvis was tilted up to allow him full access to her hot box and as he banged his daughter she encouraged him saying, “That’s it Daddy. You are fucking my hot pussy, and I like it. Don’t stop. Keep that big dick of yours buried deep inside my cunt. Ummmm. It feels so fucking good. I love to fuck Daddy. And I love your fucking big dick. I know Mama loves it too! She has told me how you fuck her and you are fucking me the same way. Keep fucking me! That’s it! Fuck me. Yes! Your big fucking dick is filling my cunt up! While you are fucking me think about Mother fucking Greg. I’ll bet Greg is fucking Mama while we speak!”

David was banging away at his daughter’s pussy. He had placed her feet on his shoulders kaçak bahis to give himself good access to her shaven cunt. With her pelvis tilted up he could fuck her deeply and she would enjoy that. He rammed his meat in and out of her hot hole while he looked down at her boobs bouncing in rhythm to his thrusts. He could see the lust in her eyes and hear it in her voice as she ordered him to screw her. He could not satisfy her insatiable lust for cock. Both he and his wife were realizing that they had unleashed two sex crazed adolescents and were remembering how they themselves had acted at one time like this when they were this age. Nevertheless, he furiously fucked her cunt knowing that she loved feeling his huge member inside her hot hole, and he would do his best at satisfying her teen age lust. He leaned into her shoving his hard dick as far as he could. Lisa lay there mashing her tits together and rolling the nipples between her fingers as she watching her father thrust his cock inside her.

“Ooooh Daddy, I think I’m going to cum. You are fucking me so hard. I just love how you fuck my pussy. Ooooo yes, keep fucking me harder now, harder. Yessss! I’m cuuuummminnngg!”

David grunted and feeling his own orgasm begin to erupt he shot his load of hot cum inside his daughter. “You fucking little tramp, do you feel my cum inside your pussy? Ooooh your fucking hot hole is squeezing my dick and I’m shooting my load inside you now!” He kept ramming his meat into her pussy while spurting load upon load of sperm inside her womb.

David collapsed upon his daughter’s body and they lay there kissing for a few moments feeling somewhat satisfied. “You are such a wonderful lover Daddy. Greg was very good too! I love having him fuck me for my very first time, but there’s no accounting for experience and you certainly know how to satisfy a woman.”

He looked down at his daughter with a surprised look and said, “I was beginning to think you would never be satisfied. But, thanks for the complement. You certainly have a lot to be proud of with your accomplishments this weekend. For a young person you have been very open minded about many sexual ideas.”

Lisa looked at her father and said, “With such wonderful parents like you and Mom how could we go wrong. I have enjoyed myself immensely, and I know Greg has too! I was wondering though, what kind of fantasies do you enjoy? I mean is there anything you would like to do that we haven’t done already? I know that you and Mom have let me and Greg more or less indulge ourselves, but what would you like to do?”

David rolled over beside his daughter and starring up at the ceiling thought about her question for awhile. After a few moments he said, “Well, actually, we have explored many new things together as a family, and even now dividing up with one another as we have done, that has fulfilled a fantasy of mine and your mother. Your mother and I have done just about everything we wanted to do when it comes to sex. I can’t think of anything. I mean I have tasted of your beautiful ass and luscious pussy, that is both orally and carnally. You have sucked my cock, and offered your ass and pussy for my enjoyment. Seeing you put on that nice sexy dance this morning was a real turn on. Watching you and your mother fuck each other was also very hot to watch. No, I can’t think of anything.”

Lisa rolled over on her stomach and taking one hand she began playing with the hair on her father’s chest. She rolled her fingers twisting some of his chest hairs together and again speaking to him she said, “I know how you have lusted after my young body. You love to talk dirty to me and I like talking dirty too! I also know you have wanted to fuck me ever since you first laid eyes on my twat when me and Mom were showing off our pussies to you and Greg. But I also know that there might be something you haven’t done for whatever reason but you would still like to try it. Have you held back on account of maybe Mom’s not liking what you might want to do? You can tell me, I would never tell.”

David listened to his daughter and was surprised at her persistence. Not only that, but he was taken aback by her insight. He could not hide his lust for her following the first time they had all been undressed together the night before. As he thought about her words he looked down at her playing with his chest hair and said, “Well, I suppose that there may be some things I have held back from exploring myself because I feared what others, including your mother would think. I have had my share of ladies and girls in your case, and I love fucking you all. I consider my self a heterosexual because I am turned on by the female anatomy. Seeing your beautiful body, your firm ass, and big tits, I enjoy them and never tire of them. But at times I am also turned on by seeing other men’s cocks.” He could not believe he was sharing this information with his own daughter, yet here he was telling someone whom he had never mentioned to before that he liked looking at other men’s bodies.

“That’s OK Daddy. I don’t know why you would have a problem telling anyone that. When Mother first asked me whether I would like to have an affair with her, I briefly considered that is was a lesbian thing, but it really did not bother me. I was turned on by her body even as Greg was. Since she had the hots for me and I had the hots for her it only seemed natural for us to have sex. Men seem to have more of a hangup about same sex relations that girls do. I enjoy having sex with you or my brother, and I especially look forward to having other men fuck me. But I also know that I want to have sex with other women, and hopefully, some of my friends at school will share my sentiments. I can almost taste their pussy upon my lips now. But I’m surprised that you haven’t mentioned this to Mom. Has she ever asked you about it before?”

Her father shook his head and said, “No. I guess it was a long time in coming before I felt this way. But there have been times when I wanted to explore some homosexual fantasies. I just assumed your mother would flip out or something.”

Lisa looked at her father and said, “I appreciate your sharing this with me. I know it wasn’t easy, especially since you have never even told Mom these things. And I promise I won’t say a word of this to anyone. I do believe however, that you are wrong about Mom. I bet she wouldn’t mind your swinging either way as long as you still fuck her. I think its kind of kinky. How can we both share in satisfying your homosexual craving?”

Her father still feeling kinda of stunned at revealing this information to his daughter just shrugged and said, “I dunno. Time will tell I suspect.”

Lisa suddenly got a gleam in her eyes and said, “Hey I have an idea! Wait just a minute.” She jumped up out of bed and tipped toed over to the bedroom door. Cracking it open she peered out into the living room to make sure the coast was clear. She snuck out into the living room and returned a couple of minutes later. She was carrying one of strap on dildos that her mother had brought out the night before. She also had one of the big rubber dildos and a vibrator. She closed the door and locked it and climbed back onto the bed. Her father looked at her and said, “What do you have in mind my dear?”

Lisa began putting the strap on dildo and said to her father, “Well this may not be the real thing, but like Mom said it’s the next best thing! Let’s pretend, and have some fun. If you would like to play with my rubber cocks then I’ll be your ‘man’”.

David’s dick began to grow hard in response to his daughters’ suggestion. He was surprised at how rapidly his cock grew very hard at the prospect of acting out his gay fantasies. But he was certainly into acting these out with his daughter since she had gone to this trouble and really wanted to assist him in fulfilling his pleasure. Lisa took control of the situation and told her father to lay back on the bed. Adjusting the strap on dildo she fitted it on herself. It was a nice eight inch black rubber instrument along with a black set of molded balls. She pushed her father down on the bed and told him to close his eyes. Next she straddled his face holding the rubber penis to his face. Letting it touch his nose she teased him with the toy just as he had done with his cock on her face earlier. Her father smiled as she drug the rubber cock along his chin and lips.

She now said, “Open your mouth boy, let me feed you a dick now.” He opened his mouth and stuck out his tongue to lick the plastic phallus. Lisa placed the head of the rubber cock to her father’s lips and told him, “Go ahead and suck my cock you bitch.” Her father now began to open his mouth wider to accept the black dildo that his daughter was feeding him. He imagined that it was the real thing and he reached up with both hands to grasp the ass cheeks of the person feeding him the cock he longed to suck and he pulled her closer. Lisa let him suck the rubber dick for a few moments enjoying the power that she had over her father. She imagined her father sucking a real cock and it turned her on. She wondered whether her father secretly longed to suck Greg’s dick. She also wondered whether Greg would let his father suck his cock. Anyhow her father was pulling her hips to his face as he went down on the rubber dildo. Lisa now told him, “OK that’s enough sucking boy. Now I want you to turn around and bend over.” Her father obeyed and turning around he offered his ass to his daughter. Lisa now took the head of the rubber phallus and put it up to the opening to her father’s asshole. “I’m going to fuck your ass like you fucked my big boy!”

David’s cock was rock hard and he began to jack his own dick while his daughter who was wearing the strap on dick began to push the black cock into his ass. He looked around at his daughter and told her, “Go ahead Lisa. Shove your cock into my ass. I’ve had some of those toys of your mother’s up my ass before. I have fucked my own ass with those toys while jacking myself off.”

Lisa began to fuck her father’s ass with her strap on dick. She did not know that he would derive more pleasure from being fucked in the ass than she did. As the rubber cock massaged his prostrate David continued jacking his dick. After a few more moments David asked Lisa to stop. “This feels so good Lisa. Let’s change position again. Let me lay back and you fuck my ass from the front.”

“From the front?” she asked. “Ooooo that should be interesting.” So she allowed her father to change positions. He laid down and placed a pillow under his hips. Lisa faced her father and put the rubber cock down below his balls until she found his asshole. She easily slid the dildo back into his ass and as she fucked her father she watched him jack his big dick. It was kinda odd doing this she thought but she wanted to give her father a new kinky kind of pleasure. She imagined her father being fucked by young strapping gay or bi-sexual men, while he also sucked their cocks. While she fucked his ass she reached down to finger her own clit as these thoughts were exciting her. Her large breasts dangled in her father’s face and as she fucked him in the ass he jacked his dick with one hand and leaned forward to suck her tits.

David meanwhile looked upon his daughter’s beautiful face and boobs as she pumped away at his ass using the strap on dildo. He furiously jacked his meat nearing an orgasm from the anal attention he was receiving. He was very grateful to his daughter for bringing his gay feelings to the fore and allowing him to fulfill some fantasies.

“Oh Daddy I’m cumming again. Fucking your ass is causing me to cum!” Lisa cried out.

“I’m right behind you dear” and just then David began spurting cum on his chest and belly.

Lisa did not collapse upon her father’s chest. She did not want to smear his cum on herself. She had other plans. She slowly fucked his ass and after her father had squeezed the last few drops of jism from his softening prick she withdrew the strap on rubber dick and moving her hips up to straddle his stomach she placed the rubber dick on his belly to swab his cum onto the toy and scooping the jism onto it she then brought it to her father’s mouth and said, “If you wish to suck dicks and be fucked in the ass then you will no doubt enjoy licking fresh sperm from the dick that just fucked your ass. And even better you can taste your own cum as I feed it to you.” Placing one hand behind her father’s head she drew his face forward toward the rubber dick coated with his own cum. Her father closed his eyes to imagine the real thing and opening his mouth he let his daughter feed him the cum coated rubber cock that had just been fucking his ass. He held his tongue out to catch the strand of cum that was nearly about to drip off the dildo and sucking the rubber dick into his mouth he began to swallow his own cum. As he tasted his own jism he imagined that he had just sucked another man’s hard dick and was enjoying the fruit of his labor. “Ummmm” he said as he sucked the rubber cock and licked all the cum from it. Lisa pumped his face a few times letting the toy slide in and out of his mouth watching her father suck all the remnants of cum from it. “That’s it. Lick it clean. I know you will want to eat all that fresh cum you just spurted on your belly. I had so much fun fucking your ass Daddy! Watching you jack your big dick as I screwed you made me cum. I would love to see you sucking other guys cocks and being fucked in the ass. Promise me that you let me be a part of your gay activities when the time comes.”

Her father opened his eyes and removing the rubber dick from his mouth he looked at her and said, “Honey you can share this with me anytime!”

At last both couples fell asleep together feeling sexually satisfied for the time being.

End of Chapter Three

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