All by Myself

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I had posted this to an anonymous website before but really want to know what others think of it and had no replies. If you are just looking for the juicy part to get your rocks off to, skip to the second large paragraph…

First off, let me say that I consider myself straight and have never had sex with anyone but women. I’m 28 and very physically fit. I find women extremely attractive and sexy. However, when I stray into the world of internet porn, I tend to like to watch shemales. I’m not sure why and can’t remember exactly when that started, but I remember the first time really watching shemale porn I was about 20 and in college.

At first, it was just something different that I thought was a nice change. But it continued to grow as a turn on. Back then, I would just masturbate my dick but over time I started getting curious about playing with my ass. As a teenager I had often played with it just because I liked how it felt. Never really anything more than my fingers and mostly just on the outside. Occasionally, I would use a small marker but every once in a while I would use the handle to a toilet plunger or a hard banana with some vaseline for lube.

But after a few years of tranny porn obsession, I decided to take it to another level. This is an account of some of those experiences.

One night in the middle of summer I was feeling extremely horny. My girlfriend at the time was away from our apartment at college. I hadn’t been laid in weeks. I got on the computer to find something to jack off to and found myself watching shemale porn, as had become fairly commonplace for me that summer. When I jack off to internet porn, it will usually take me hours before I find that I’m ready to release what by that point is a huge load of cum.

On this particular evening, I was about 45 minutes in and watching a small breasted, blonde shemale getting handled by two other shemales, one in her ass and one getting her cock sucked by the blonde in the middle. As I was stroking my rock hard cock, I got an idea in my head, “What if I rammed something up my ass to be more in tune with the girl in the middle (as well as everyone else I’d watched take it up the ass that night)?”

I began to scan the apartment for something to serve as a dildo. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find if my girlfriend had one, so I looked around some more. I thought of the bananas in the kitchen, but they would be too messy as I remembered to my younger days of playing with my butt. Then I found it: I often went to play pool at a local bar and had a few of my own cue sticks. The fat end of it was rounded and while thinner than my own cock, it would serve well enough to do the job. However, I didn’t want to get the dirty side bahis firmaları effects on my cue stick, so I brainstormed how to keep it cleaner. I settled on putting a condom over the end; after all, they weren’t getting used with the girlfriend away.

At this point, I thought back to my teenaged years of experimentation and how to best penetrate my ass. I knew in most videos that it was usually done doggie style with two people. My own experience by myself had taught me that would be much harder to keep working the object back and forth. So I laid the stick down on the floor and positioned my body next to it.

In our bedroom there were sliding mirror doors on our closet that ran from the floor to the ceiling. I had often watched us fuck in them but today would be a whole new experience with the mirror. I had been sure to lay my head to the mirror and then rocked back so my legs came back over my head… positioning my dick less than a foot from my face.

I have always wanted to be able to suck myself, but it simply is not possible for me. In this position though, I looked up to see myself in the mirror. I saw my ass up in the air, with my still rock hard cock pointing right at my face.

Now came the moment I had built up to. I squeezed out some lubricant from a bottle we used from time to time and spread it over my asshole, slipping a finger in here and there. After about two minutes of warmup, I reached for the 2.5 feet of cue stick next to me, with the largest end covered about 8 inches down with the condom. I raised it up, positioned it against my anus, and slowly started to push in. It took me several minutes to accept it, with the slight burning pain being replaced by pleasure the further it went in.

I started to push and pull it in and out, in and out, slow and fast, fast and slow, watching my self sodomy in the mirror the whole time. I was so aroused, I just wanted to blow my load.

But not so fast. After about 10 minutes of this, I had to change what I was doing, or else risk blowing my load all over my face too soon.

Slowly, I lowered my body down, with the stick still sticking out of my ass. With the length of it, I was able to let the end with the bolt that goes into the other end of the stick rest on the floor. The bolt served as a natural brake in the carpet.

On all fours, I turned sideways to see myself in the mirror, and started riding down and up on the shaft of the long stick. It felt so good I forgot to keep stroking my cock. In front of my face, I had more tranny porn going, pushing me closer and closer to climax. I was riding faster and deeper than I could have thought possible given my lack of experience, pushing all the way to the edge of where kaçak iddaa the condom stopped on the shaft.

I could feel the tip massaging my prostate. With every touch, my prostate nerves demanded more stimulation and I obliged again and again.

By now I was working my erect meat furiously with my hand, drooling mouthfuls of saliva all over my hand as lubrication. I almost blew it too soon and decided I needed to changed position again.

As I stood up holding the shaft in my ass, I squatted in the mirror, placing the shaft against the floor again. Now I started raising myself up and down, riding the long hard shaft with my erection bouncing up and down as I watched in the mirror.

After a few minutes, my legs got tired, and I sat back into my chair, slouched to allow my ass to stick out over the chair edge and keep the shaft in my ass.

With my left hand moving the shaft in and out and my right stroking my cock, I watched as a large, huge cocked tranny bounced on a large dick. I lost control, jerking furiously and blew one of the largest loads of my life all over myself. The first blast hit me in the neck, the second all the way to my left cheek, and the third, fourth, fifth and sixth landing on my chest and stomach. I started smearing my cum all over my six pack abdominal muscles and then let the shaft slowly slide from my ass. I stood up to look in the mirror, seeing a glistening, cum-covered, lean, muscular body. This would become a regular occurrence over the rest of my summer.

Before that summer ended, we moved but she continued to be gone a lot. I was getting more excited about getting in my ass, and more bold as well in terms of objects. I had discovered my favorite thing to use was cucumbers. I could buy large or smaller ones depending on my mood and had come up with an idea from a shemale video of how to jack off more pleasurably than just my hand: by creating a hollow part of the cucumber, warming it, and fucking it. It was with this that I had yet another profoundly vivid memory of enjoyment all by myself.

I was off to a good, normal start watching porn and jacking off when I had another yearning to fill my butt with something big. I had bought two cucumbers for just such an occasion, both were quite large. I turned off the computer and went into the bathroom, using only two candles for light.

I ran a warm bath and got in, continuing to stroke my cock. By this time in the summer, I had developed quite an appreciation for the taste of my own pre-cum. I would collect it up on my fingers and immediately lick it off whenever I jacked off, regardless of what kind of porn I was watching.

On this particular day, I had a new idea. I would take the end of kaçak bahis a cucumber and wipe the pre-cum onto it, then start sucking on it. I had turned over onto all fours in the tub and placed the pre-cum covered cucumber in front of me, bobbing my head up and down on it as I pretended it was a voluptuous shemale’s throbbing cock.

With my other hand, I was rubbing my eager asshole. The amount of drool being worked up was incredible, it was running all down the nearly 14 inch cucumber. I couldn’t wait anymore. I had to get that thing in my ass. It was bigger than anything I had ever taken though and I was somewhat worried I could hurt myself with it. But once I got it started in, I never wanted it out.

I took out the other cucumber and started sucking on it while I used one hand to work the giant in my ass. After a few minutes, I edged as close as my long legs would allow to the edge so I could work the cucumber as I had the pool cue shaft. Up and down I went, all the while sucking on the other cucumber and stroking my cock.

Ten minutes later, I was sitting on back in the tub, legs up in the air, ass under water and working the monstrous green cock in and out of my ass while raising the other one in and out of my mouth with my hand as if being mouth fucked.

Then I broke the smaller one in half and hollowed it out so I could start to work my dick with it. It felt so good having my ass filled while my cock felt like it was buried in a tight, warm asshole.

Occasionally, I would rotate back to the doggie position. When I did, I would pull the giant cucumber out of my ass and suck on it for a moment or two before violently shoving it back in my butt.

Finally, I felt I could no longer hold what I knew would be a massive load. I rotated into the legs and cock over my head position.

I had felt a small amount of cum spill into the hollow cucumber so I took it off, spit a large amount of drool in the cucumber and poured the mixture all into my now gaping asshole. I shoved the big cucumber back in and started jerking my raging hard on as fast as I could. I could feel the moment of my climax approaching and opened my mouth as wide as I could, sticking my pierced tongue out over my chin. Then my cock erupted, spurting cum for at least 15 or 20 seconds in what was probably the most violent orgasm of my life to that point.

The first place I felt the cum hit was on my chin, the next was in the back of my tongue, then some on my upper lip, more on the middle of my tongue, then I could feel it hit in my right nostril and then sporadically on my neck and chest. I was stunned. I had never had cum in my mouth before. I tried to spit it out, but there was too much. I ended up swallowing a good deal of my load that day, but not all of it.

Over the years, I have done this again several times though not often. It is a truly amazing feeling but one that requires a full afternoon of freedom to conduct.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20