Alice’s Big Adventure

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Alice walked nervously into the hotel lobby. She looked from side to side making sure she didn’t see anyone she knew. But that was ridiculous. This was a local Holiday Inn, why would anyone she knew even be there? Why was she there, she asked herself. A reasonable woman would not be here looking for people she had only talked to over the phone. She took a deep breath and went up to the reception desk. “I’m looking for Mark Stone. He’s supposed to be staying here,” she told the clerk.

“You’re the fourth one today. Room 314,” he remarked, eyeing her cleavage. She had worn a low-cut crimson red blouse and a thigh-length white skirt that held her tight. The clerk smiled, almost leering. This made Alice even more nervous. In a daze, Alice turned and went toward the staircase to the third floor. The world seemed far away as she approached the door. Her head was full of vertigo and she thought she might pass out. Her heart pounded in her chest. She looked at the ugly floral design on the closed curtain. She could turn around now and they would never know she was here.

Alice knocked on the door, compelled by an unknown power. A tall, handsome man answered and said, “Yes?”

“I’m Alice Mussell. Are you Mark?”

“No, I’m Keith, his photographer. Come on in.” The man turned and left the door open. Alice stared at it blankly. She then surveyed the room. It was fairly large and there was a set-up for taking pictures: camera, lighting, ‘props’. She froze when she saw a selection of dildos on a nightstand next to the bed. Perhaps she had gone too far.

“Hi, I’m Mark. Are you okay?” Another attractive young man stood in front of her. They were young enough to be her grandchildren.

“Yes. Maybe if I sat down,” Alice said. They led her in and let her sit in a chair at the table. She could survey the room better now that she was inside. The bed was made and a desk was set up with an interview chair. The hot lights made the room bright.

“Would you like something to drink? A Coke or some water? Or a cold towel?” Mark asked. It was hard for Alice to believe he was so polite. Considering what she was here for.


Alice’s husband had died just a few months ago. Between their Social Security and his meager pension, she was just getting by. It wasn’t a thrilling life but she survived. Her only son lived across the country. She had few friends that she saw on any regular basis. Alice mostly read books, magazines and newspapers. That’s where she had seen the ad. Normally she wouldn’t be reading the classifieds but she was considering getting a part-time job to relieve the boredom and loneliness and make a few bucks.


Well of course this looks great, she thought, but they want young, vibrant girls in their early 20s, not a 63-year old grandmother. She was still in pretty good shape. Her 38C chest was not as firm as it once was but she still had a nice legs and butt from walking daily for 30 years. I could use the money and it does say any age, she thought. She picked up the phone and dialed. The man on the other end was very pleasant. He told Alice that he took ‘sexy’ pictures of amateur women for a website. She asked what they paid and was floored by his answer: $200-$1000 depending on how well I do!

He explained to her that they take the pictures in a hotel room because it was cheaper and they could pay more to their models. He said it was difficult to book studios as they travel from city to city. This somehow made sense to Alice. The more they talked in his reassuring, friendly voice, the more she was interested. She asked what she should wear. He told her that something nice but subtle and sexy. They would be in her town in two weeks. He said it would probably take up to two hours to get all the pictures that they wanted. She set up an appointment with them.

As soon as Alice hung up the phone, she got scared and excited. What should she wear? Should she tell anyone that she was going to this ‘modeling session’? Should she trust complete strangers that she only talked to on the phone? From a want ad? She went for a walk to calm her wild thoughts.

She put on a pair of shorts and a T-shirt with a sports bra underneath. The fresh air in her lungs helped to shake the jitters and clear her mind. Alice stopped in to the local grocery for a drink. She knew most of the clerks here being a small store that she frequented. “Hello, Mrs. Mussell. Here for a drink?” asked Tony. He was a muscled Italian kid, very good-looking.

“Yes, Tony. Doing my daily walk,” Alice said.

“Well, it’s sure keeping you fit and trim,” Tony told her. She never knew anyone else noticed her body. She thought she was too old for anyone to be looking at her body. This remark gave her confidence. She gave him a big smile and he beamed back. Alice felt a tingle in her loins. But no, this boy was much too young for her to even fantasize about. She bought casino şirketleri her bottle of water and looked around the store. Look at all of these sex-starved boys around her. She caught one or two looking for a glimpse of skin under her short shorts or glancing down at her ample chest. Perhaps I was right to sign up for this.

Alice spent the next two weeks fretting about her appointment. She began walking vigorously. She knew that two weeks wouldn’t get her into top shape but every little bit didn’t hurt. Then she went and window-shopped for just the right clothes. She had never noticed how horny men were before. Everywhere she looked, men were trying to check out her body. This is just what she needed to bolster her ego and quiet her fears. She even spent some of the money she expected when she found an outfit that looked just right on her. Alice even thought the saleswoman was checking her out when she tried it on.

The night before the appointment Alice could not sleep. She tossed and turned wondering what she had gotten herself into. Should she go? All of her newly gained self-confidence was going out the window. The doubts she had before were flooding back into her head. She had not told anyone what she was getting into. Alice decided to leave a note in case something bad happened. This comforted some of her worries and she fell asleep.


The next morning the alarm went off. Alice still felt tired but a confidence had come over her during the few hours of sleep she managed to get in. She showered and the warm water felt good over her body. She closed her eyes and began to feel herself. She rubbed her hands over her breasts and then slid them down her sides. She began to imagine when her husband was alive and what a miracle worker he was when it came to making her feel good. He gave the best massages. His fingers would lightly run up and down the length of her back. She remembered the tingle on her skin from where he touched. His hands would drift down to her ass and pussy. She moved her hand down to her pussy and felt the coarseness of her pubic hair. She ran her fingertips through the wet, slippery folds of her slit. Then Alice moved her hands around and squeezed her ass. The phone rang and startled her out of her trance. She let it ring. Alice was afraid to talk to anyone right now.

Alice put on her new outfit. Her hands shook. Was it fear or excitement? She wasn’t sure but moved inexorably toward her appointment. Alice slipped on her silky new panties and a matching lacy bra that pushed up her breasts to enticing mounds. She then put on her new outfit and looked in the mirror at herself. Her hips curved out from the tight skirt. Her cleavage shown out of the plunging neckline. She had her silver hair done in a short bob that framed her face. Alice smiled at herself as she twisted and turned trying to see herself at all angles. She was ready to go.


Mark handed Alice a glass of ice water. She took a sip and looked up at him. He gave her a sympathetic smile. “Are you sure you’re okay, Alice? We can cancel this if you want. We don’t make anyone do what they are uncomfortable doing,” he told her. Alice was breathing hard. She couldn’t believe she had gone through with this. She had walked into a ‘porno den’. “Mrs. Mussell? Do you still want to do this? We have a schedule to keep. I’m sorry.” How could he be so nice? This was just a business to him. Alice took a deep breath and lifted her head.

“Where should we start?”

“Come sit down at the desk and I’ll explain what we do.” Alice got up and walked over to the desk. She sat down and Mark sat across from her. Keith went over to the equipment and began making some checks. Mark was dressed in button-fly jeans and a polo style shirt. He leaned back in his chair and began. “Our website contains what we call amateur photos. We go around and take photos and videos of women of all ages in all stages of dress. It is a pay site, which is how we can offer so much money. And before you ask, yes there are older women. Different strokes for different folks. We only go as far as you want to go or let us go. Of course, the farther you go the more money you make. Do you have any questions or reservations?”

Alice just seemed to be in a daze. She heard his words but barely comprehended them. She was frozen. “We’ll begin by asking you questions at the desk. We videotape everything you do here. If you ever feel uncomfortable, then just tell us and we’ll stop. There is a release form you have to sign,” he said, pulling a paper out of a briefcase. “It allows us to publish your pictures after we’re done. We can send you prints if you want. Just take your time to read that over.” Mark handed her a pen and got up to discuss something with Keith. She looked at the paper and began to read. Everything on it seemed legitimate. She signed and put the pen down.

“Are you ready?” Mark asked.

“Yes,” Alice said.

“Do you want to freshen up or anything?”

“How do I look?” Alice asked. She was ready for casino firmaları anything now.

“You look great. I think you’ll do just fine. Now I’m going to be a voice off camera and ask you questions. Keith will man the camera. Ready?”

“Sure,” she said, perking up. “Let’s do it.” Mark gave Keith the signal to start the camera.

“What’s your name?”


“And what brings you here today?”

“I was bored at home and I could use the money.”

“Okay. Now were going to ask some personal questions. When was the last time you had sex?”

Alice was a little taken aback. The questions had moved to the next level rather quickly. “About two years ago.”

“That’s a long time. Isn’t an attractive woman like you hit on all the time?”

“No. I stay home a lot. Except for my daily walk.”

“That explains your great legs.”

“Thank you.”

“Do you masturbate?” These were very personal questions and Alice was slow in answering them.

“No. I almost did this morning in the shower though. The phone interrupted me.”

“Have you ever given a blowjob?”

“Well, when I was young, I was kind of loose, as they say.” Alice suddenly couldn’t resist giving out personal information to complete strangers. Her paranoia made her think that maybe her drink was laced. But she couldn’t believe these two would stoop to that. They probably had too many prospects to waste their time on that. Besides, she thought, no one I know will ever know I was here. I’m going to have some fun.

“Do you consider yourself good at giving blowjobs?”

“I haven’t ever heard any complaints.”

“Heh, of course not. What about eating pussy? Have you ever done that?”

“No, I’ve never been with a woman. I was wild but not that wild.”

“What’s your favorite sexual position?”

“Oh, I guess I’m old-fashioned but missionary does it for me.”

“Do you like to be on top or get it from behind?”

“Sure. Any sex is good for me.”

“What about anal? Ever taken it up the butt?”

“Once. I don’t think the guy knew what he was doing and it hurt a lot.”

“Would you be open to having sex on camera?”

It was the moment of truth. Would she go through with what she knew was coming? “Yes, I think I’m ready.”

“Well, let’s begin then. Stand up please and move around to the side there.” Alice walked over to the spot, straightening her blouse and skirt. “Now bend over and show your cleavage.” She did as they said and Keith began to take a few shots.

“Take your shirt off,” Mark told her. It was all going so quickly. Releasing her inhibitions was turning out to be a lot easier than she expected. Alice couldn’t wait to see how far she would go. She unbuttoned her blouse listening to the silent whirring of the video camera. Draping it over the back of the chair she stood up and put her hands together. She gave Keith a smile as he clicked off a few more pictures with his digital camera.

Alice did not need any more direction. She unzipped her snug skirt. It slipped to the floor leaving Alice in her bra and panties. She turned around so they could get some back shots. “Keep your underwear on and go sit in that chair,” Mark said. She went over to the chair and sat down, crossing her legs. She quickly realized her error and sat upright. This was not the place for being proper.

“Could you put your hand down your panties and play with yourself a little?” asked Mark. Alice reached her hand down into her panties and felt herself for the second time today. Keith snapped picture after picture. Alice closed her eyes and felt her pussy begin to get wet. She just began touching her clit when Mark spoke again. “Okay, now pull my dick out of my pants and put it in your mouth.” He moved over next to her and slightly thrust his hips toward her.

Alice’s hands got shaky again as she fumbled with his button-fly jeans. She finally got them open. He was wearing boxers that his dick rested against the material. It was obvious that his dick was fairly big. Alice’s eyes widened. She had not seen such a big dick in quite some time. She put her thumbs in his waistband and pulled down his shorts. His dick flopped down. It was only semi-hard. Alice set out to do something about that.

Alice stroked the length up and down. It must be nine inches, she thought. The feel of having a penis in her hands again made her feel good. She then took it and placed it in her mouth like she had been told. Keith began snapping this from all angles. “Don’t suck. Just hold it in your mouth so we can get some shots,” Keith said. Alice just sat there with this young man’s dick in her mouth. Then Mark pulled back and his dick slid down Alice’s chin. Alice was disappointed that she couldn’t keep it in her mouth.

“Now could you take your underwear off, please,” Mark said. He began to completely undress and soon stood naked. Alice undid her bra and tossed it over toward the chair where her shirt and skirt were. “Let’s take some pictures with just her panties güvenilir casino on. You’ve got some great boobs, Alice.”

“Thank you, dear,” Alice replied. She ran her hands around the curves of her breasts.

“We need you to bend over the desk and look up at us. Then we’ll do some shots on the bed.” Alice went over to the desk and bent forward. Her tits hung down and swung slightly. She put her hands on the desktop to keep her balance. Keith quickly shot her from the front, back, and side. Mark then stood her up again. He took her hand and put it around his cock. He then stuck his hand down her panties. He began to rub his finger across her pussy. Her knees began to get weak as her pussy juice flowed on to his fingers. He apparently was a pro at this. He turned her around and ran his hand down the crack of her ass. One of his slippery fingers slid into her asshole with amazing ease. She had a shiver go through her body. It felt so good to have a finger in her ass. But just as swiftly as it had been put in, it came back out. All the while she had subconsciously been stroking his cock.

“Bend over by the desk again.” She went and bent over. Mark came up behind her and pulled her panties down to just below her ass cheeks. More pictures. Mark then spread her cheeks apart, showing off her asshole which now glistened with her own pussy juice.

“Okay, go lay on the bed,” Mark told her. Alice pulled her panties off completely. She was now completely nude. Alice went over to the bed and she lay down on her back. Her nipples now stood up, as she was excited from the activity and feeling the cold of the room. “Begin to play with yourself. Show us how you masturbate.”

Alice started by pinching her nipples. The subtle pain sent a shudder through her body. Goosebumps appeared all over her skin. Alice then put her hands down to her pussy. She began to rub her clit vigorously. She closed her eyes and tilted her head back. Spreading her legs, Alice let her fingers slip into her opening. She gently probed her depths. She was vaguely aware of the other two in the room watching her, but she could have cared less at that point. It had been too long since she had had any sexual pleasure.

“Have you ever used a dildo, Alice? We’ve got just about any kind you could want,” Mark said. Alice opened her eyes and looked over the selection. A black one that was six inches long and penis-shaped caught her eye. She took a tube of K-Y jelly that was with all the dildos and squeezed some out. It was a little cold as she smeared it into her pussy. She then lubed up the rubbery toy. Alice carefully put the toy in her crevasse. The size of the dildo was relatively small but her lack of sexual activity made her pussy feel full.

Alice began sliding it slick tool in and out. She began to imagine a romantic setting in which her lover was slowly making love to her. She pumped the fake penis in her wet pussy. Mark startled her by appearing between her taut thighs. He smiled at her and said, “That’s it, Alice. Play with yourself. It’s very sexy to watch a woman pleasure herself.” Keith climbed onto the bed, moving Mark momentarily out of the way, to take some close-ups of her masturbating. When he was done, he moved above them. Mark placed his hand on her knee and began moving up her leg. Alice began to slow her pace as she reveled in the touch of another man.

Mark had his hand gently squeezing the inside of her thighs. His head came closer to her pussy. He took the dildo from Alice and slowly took it out of her. Alice’s pussy remained a gaping hole for just a moment, begging for something to replace the dildo until her muscles contracted. Mark stuck out an exploratory tongue and he used his fingers to separate her pussy lips. The feel of her skin parting, with its slight stickiness from her own wetness, soothed Alice. Mark’s tongue became like a small penis as he licked in and out of her cunt, tasting her juices. The delicious feeling of a tongue on her clit and pussy brought back a flood of memories and cum. Her orgasm spurted in Mark’s face.

“Did you get that?” he said, blinking from the liquid in his eyes.

“Oh, yeah!” Keith said, giving him the thumbs up. Mark lifted up and wiped off some of the watery goo.

“That was great, Alice! Now we’re going to let you test your cocksucking technique on me. Where would you feel most comfortable? Laying down or kneeling or what?”

“How about you lay down and I’ll get between your legs,” Alice said. She was beginning to really get into it. They repositioned themselves with Alice crouching between Mark’s legs as he lay flat on the bed. Her ass and pussy were exposed from behind. She took his dick and gave it a tug. Then she put the head in her mouth and began to lubricate the tip of his cock. Alice ran her tongue around his hard rod trying to make him come like he had helped her do. She then began to bob her mouth up and down the shaft.

Alice looked up and saw him smiling. It was apparent he had done this many times before. She became determined to make this a blowjob that he would never forget. She began pumping his cock faster and sucking as hard as she could. Just when Alice thought she had him ready to explode, the unexpected happened. Keith thrust his dick into her exposed cunt.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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