After her Bachelorette Party

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All characters are voting age products of the authors’ imaginations.

Many thanks to Candace for editing this.


“I am so excited I am almost there, seven more days to go…” Britney showed her excitement.

She was right, seven more days to go. The entire family was in distress running around like chickens with their heads cut off making last minute arraignments for my almost twenty year old sister’s wedding. So was Britney. When she was a high school senior, she found a part-time job at a dentist office and right after her graduation, she was offered a full-time job in their front office. She met her fiancé Karl, who had just gotten his dental license to practice dentistry there. When she announced a couple of months ago that she and Karl had decided to tie the knot, it surprised us all. But young Britney had caught a big fish, although he was nearly eight years senior to her.

“And I’m still feeling a bit overwhelmed though…” she said after a pause.

“You and everyone else. I will be happy once this is all over.” I expressed joy.

“No kidding… At least I don’t have to think too much about anything tonight. I am just going to kick back and enjoy.” I assumed that Britney was referring to her bachelorette party at one of her friend’s place tonight, the same night that Karl’s friends planned a bachelor party for him across town.

“Oh yeah… your bachelorette party is tonight ha?”

“Yap! Remember to pick me up when I call you from Jenny’s place.” Britney chuckled and walked away.

Ever since I can remember, Britney and I have had as good of a relationship that siblings could have. After we reached puberty, our relationship got better. I found her to be a great resource when it came to girls because she took the time to answer odd questions that I had about girls in general. Actually, I often looked to mate than date. Britney was never that drop dead gorgeous girl, but I would say she was pretty. She was good looking in her own rights. She was witty, outgoing and intelligent. To compliment her personality, she possessed very pleasant facial features, long neck, good size perky breasts and round buttocks that seemed very firm.

Britney mentioned the party a few weeks back and asked if I could drop her off and pick her up since she thought she was going to do some heavy drinking with the girls. Since I didn’t have a girlfriend at the time or other plans, I gladly volunteered to be her chauffeur.

After dinner, she showered and changed into a button up maroon blouse, tight black skirt that hung just above the knees, long silk nylon pantyhos and a nice pair of dress shoes and appeared in the living room for me to give her a ride, in her own car.

“You look very sexy tonight!” I complimented, as I walked to the car behind her, gazing at her round buttocks that swayed with each step that she took. “So, what’s the plan for tonight?” I asked wondering.

“Don’t know…” she smiled. “Jenny’s parents are out of town and I think a bunch of us are getting together at her place for cocktails and stuff.”

We chit chatted all the way to Jenny’s place, just some small talk. When I dropped her off, she reminded me to pick her up close to midnight once again.

“Be here at 12 or I’ll call you if I am ready to leave earlier.”

Not wanting to drive all the way home just to return after four hours or so, I went to visit a buddy of mine just to kill time. While there, I limited myself to two beers, and hung out with him just listening to music and chatting. Then returned to Jenny’s place just after midnight to pick up Britney. When I pulled into Jenny’s driveway, I heard the music still being played and many more cars than I noticed in the area when I came before to drop off my sister. I picked up my cell, called Britney to let her know that I was waiting outside for her.

“Oh FUCK is it already midnight… I’ll be right out… Hey, you want a drink? Jenny has some hard stuff here if you want some.” The way Britney mumbled over the music, I didn’t have to be told that she was drunk. Rightfully so. It was her bachelorette party.

“Sure, why not? Bring me something to go.” I said laughing. It took several minutes before the front door opened and several girls came out behind Britney. After another couple of minutes of hugs, goodbyes, my sister walked very carefully towards the car, trying her best not to fall. I immediately spotted that she was carrying her shoes along with her purse and she no longer had her black nylon pantyhose on that she wore when she left home.

“Thank you… Hope you didn’t have to wait too long.” She stuttered getting herself into the passenger seat. Meanwhile, Jenny brought a plastic cup full of some had liquor and handed it me from the driver’s side window and I quickly placed it in the cup holders.

“No. Only a few minutes. No worries.” I said, glancing at my sister struggling with the seat belt. Then I realized quickly that not only she didn’t have on her casino oyna nylon pantyhose or shoes, one of the buttons on her blouse was in the wrong buttonhole, causing her blouse to shift.

“Hope you guys had a good time.” I smirked wondering what the heck a bunch of girls did after drinks to unbutton her blouse and remove her nylon pantyhose.

“Gosh… you wouldn’t believe it!” Britney giggled somewhat uncontrollably “Do you want to know about it?” She stuttered as I pulled out of the driveway.

“Sure, tell me. Did you guys have a cat fight or something?” I asked, looking at her blouse and bare legs under the skirt.

“Why? No. We had fun. It was awesome…” She giggled more. “Hey! You can’t drink that stuff while driving. Do you want to pull over somewhere to drink or should I toss it out before spilling liquor inside my car?” The freeway was still about a mile away and at my age, alcohol was so sacred I wanted no drop ever going to waste. Seeing a small neighborhood park just ahead of me, I pulled into it quickly. Then found a spot near a lamppost to park, not wanting to be obvious if a cop happened to drive by. Britney first took a sip of the drink and then handed it over to me.

“You better tidy up a little before we go home. Your blouse buttons are in the wrong holes.” I smirked, taking the cup from her.

“Oh… FUCK!” She said, then unbuttoned the first few buttons in order for her to button up her blouse properly. That’s when I noticed that she had no bra on under the blouse. She must have worn a bra when she left home for sure, otherwise, I would have surely noticed her breasts under the almost transparent top.

“You took your bra off? What did you girls do?” I smirked.

“Not girls… I let him play with my tits.” She said as her fingers stumbled to find buttonholes.

“He? ” I asked. “Who is he?”

“Yeah… I didn’t tell you that part, no I didn’t. FUCK, Jenny had a stripper… Good looking handsome guy… Him…”

“No fucking way. You let a stripper play with your tits?”

“Yeah… Why not? I can’t do that after I get married, can I? I am sure Karl is playing with some bimbo’s tits right now, right?” Britney giggled “Hey… You got a smoke on you?”

“Yeah, but you quit smoking remember and you never smoked in your new car, never.”

“I know… I know… But just today… You know, I kind of feel like I need a smoke. Let’s get out then… to that bench there.” She got out of the car and managed to balance herself walking to the bench nearby. She didn’t even bother to put on her shoes. I followed her with cigarettes and drinks in hands. My sister sat on the bench while I lit a cigarette and handed it to her.

“So the party was a blast? Looks like you really enjoyed it.” I prompted her to give more information on what went on as I was already curious, especially with a stripper, no bra and letting my sister willingly allowing a stranger to fondle her breasts. What more went on in there I pondered.

“Gosh YES!. I am still in a daze.” She beamed. “I don’t remember being so horny like I am tonight. Never this horny before.” I grinned. Although we had a good relationship and freely talked to each other about our experiences, thoughts and stuff, she has never been this candid with me, to tell me that she was horny. After taking few puffs off the smoke, she passed it to me when I sat next to her.

Then grabbing my left hand she said; “You don’t believe it? See how sticky I am here…” I gasped when she took my hand and placed it between her thighs. I was shocked. As shocked as I was, I measured her words incorrectly. I stroked between her thighs, pushing my hand up under her skirt, sure enough her thighs were sticky.

“Do you feel how sticky they are?” Britney chuckled spreading her legs a little more for me to feel her up and my hand pressed right on her pussy. Damn it was wet.

“No panties?” I was stunned again.

“FUCK! Not there, dummy… I asked you to feel how sticky my thighs are from the stuff that leaked from him and me, not my pussy.” Britney chuckled as she was being tickled, then she pulled my hand out a little, but let me feel up between her thighs. “My panties are in my purse, with my nylon pantyhose and bra.” She said pushing me with her elbow, playfully. Then chuckled.

“Damn! You must have leaked in buckets.” I grinned, feeling envious of the lucky guy who got to mess with my gorgeous sister.

“You are damn right I did and I am still kind of in a daze and FUCKING HORNEY…” more giggles from Britney.

“So it was the stripper I guess?”

“FUCK! Michael he was so hot and I dang near let him fuck me.” she sighed. “I wish I had… but backed off at the last minute.”

“You were going to let a male stripper fuck you? Are you serious?”

“Heck yeah… see we were all feeling good when he showed up. He got into the act right away, undressed and holding his cock in hand, you know. The girls went crazy and took turns jacking him off and then slot oyna licking his… and then sometime later they dared me to fuck him. I was so FUCKING HOT… you know? I let him mess with me in front of everyone… Gosh, I can’t even believe I did that, but when he pulled my panties down and tried to stick it in me, I backed off. I got worried about diseases and stuff.”

“Man, that’s so radical… You almost fucked a stranger?” I invited her to tell me more. And my cock went from semi hard to stiff, rapidly.

“Shit, I should have let him fuck the daylight out of me. The poor guy just rubbed it all over me and finally shot his cum over my thighs.” She giggled softly. She was seemingly in a different world.

“You should have seen his cock… Shit Michael, it was long, thick and so stiff. Never seen anything like that. What do I know anyway?” She groaned. “It was only the fourth adult cock I’ve seen.” She paused to taking a deep breath. “I am getting hot just thinking about it. I guess it felt more fun at the time with all the girls half nude and cheering me to fuck the daylights out of the dude. Maybe it was more like him fucking the daylights out of me.” More chortles.

“So guy with a big cock, ha?”

“Shit, he was about this long and thick.” Britney pointed her right hand and placed the left index finger to indicate how long the stripper’s cock was. Straightaway I broke into a laugh.

“That’s not big Britney, that’s pretty average. I think most guys have longer ones than that.”

“You are shitting me!” Britney said, turning to me. “So you mean to tell me that you have a longer dick?”

“I don’t want to brag to my sister, but honestly, I do.”

“You are fucking not that big Michael. I can guess what you have under your pants… No, sir, you are not.”

“Fuck you, Britney… Just trust me ok?”

“You are a fucking liar… I take it as you are just bragging like the rest.”

“Shit… I don’t have to lie or prove anything Britney. I said that my cock is bigger than a male stripper’s based on your description of it. Just trust me ok?” I was irritated. I deliberated whether or not if I should let her see my cock and let her decide, but didn’t think that was the right thing to do.

“I dare no I double dare you to prove it.” Britney chuckled and then placing her left hand over my shoulder bent forward towards the crotch of my pants. “Prove it!” She said.

“See for yourself if you dare.” She was very defensive and her gestures gave away her obvious guilt or lack of it. I suddenly felt powerful and confident – on pure instinct I found myself unbuttoning and unzipping my pants. I stopped, looked at her eyes that tip-off how curious she was to see my cock. Reaching inside of my pants, I slowly pulled out my semi hard cock into the freshness of the cool night breeze. Even in the dim park lights, I was able to catch Britney’s eyes as they became glued to my cock like they were magnetics.

We stood there for a while, nobody saying anything.

“Whoa!” exclaimed Britney, “It’s huge!” She exclaimed, staring at my stiffening cock.

“8 inches when it is fully erect.” I said, “You thought only that stud had a big tool, didn’t you?” Her eyes flicked to my face for a moment at that.

We sat there speechless again, but her eyes still roamed my pole. Even without words, staying there revealing my cock to my sister’s gaze, seemed like a huge turn on. My cock lengthened and throbbed without anyone even laying a finger on it.

“Tempting… This is hot and naughty, could get nasty… especially the way I feel right now. Better cover it up.” Britney chuckled, a drunken chuckle. “I thought I was bad thinking about asking you to take me to a single’s bar to find a one-night stand or something.” She chuckled softly.

“Seriously? Were you really thinking about getting laid tonight?”

“Seriously, yes… I just want to do it with someone new tonight and forget about it forever, you know, maybe with a stranger. Someone who is not going to brag or spill.” Britney cooed “I wish you weren’t my brother… Dammit, you are my brother.”

“Just for tonight, you said? Then forget about it?” I wondered

“Yap… I am getting married next Saturday, remember? Just once tonight. I just want to do it and forget about it. Just to experience raw sex, nothing after… no attachments or anything.” She hissed while staring at my cock. Then in a swift move, she bent forward while keeping her left hand on my shoulder and then placed her right hand on my shaft. My body vaulted as electricity passed from her warm and silky hand shot throughout my body. “Eh…” I moaned involuntarily.

At that point, the obvious question was answered. She badly wanted to get a cock inside her pussy tonight the and only question remained was whose cock. Never in my wildest dreams had I imagined sitting on a park bench with my fly open and cock out sitting next to my elder sister who was holding it? No. Clearly she wants to fuck and having canlı casino siteleri heard her and now with her hand on my cock, I knew damn well that I wanted to fuck her or fuck anyone who was near and willing.

“We don’t want our parent’s to see a horny daughter without underwear and juicy pussy and a son with a massive hard-on under his pants coming home tonight, do we?” I whispered to her seeing my chance to get laid… Sister or not, I sensed that we had already crossed the boundary. Britney happened to be my sister, but very fuckable, let alone she was aroused, hot and dripping wet. I slowly moved towards her and reached for her jugs. I grabbed a handful in each hand and slowly massaged them. My cock jolted from the conceptual stimulation.

Britney didn’t react negatively to my touch at all. She only snickered letting me fondle her breasts over the thin fabric of her top. She may have anticipated me to take the next step after she clasped my cock.

“FUCK no…, I mean we don’t want them to see us like this right? But… but… can we move to a darker spot?” She said, giving into my wishes. More like getting her own wish. I zipped up my pants, grabbed Britney by the hand as I got up off the bench. She leaned on my side while I wrapped my hand around her waist as we walked down a small path, stopping under a large tree.

I leaned her against the tree first, and dropped my pants down. Then Britney surprised me again. Without spending a moment to unbutton her blouse, she pulled it up above her good size breasts followed by pulling up her skirt to her waist. I was mesmerized as she stood before me flashing me her elegant frame.

“I am all yours Michael!” She hissed and then reached down for my ass. She grabbed a cheek in each hand and pulled my pelvis towards her. My dick hit her stomach and slid up past her belly button when my body brushed against hers. I released her tits and grabbed her ass as well. Her breasts squashed against me and my cock was now nested between her thighs, those sticky, juice covered thighs. I bent my knees a little so that I could thrust forward and slowly pumped my cock against my sister’s silky thighs to let her feel the length of my cock on her bare skin. Slick, sticky and warm thighs.

“Oh yeah.” She moaned.

I began to pump against her thighs a little faster, but soon she pulled away.

“I know it’s wrong, but I can’t help myself.” she said, reaching down to clutch my cock, as she stood on her toes and looked up to the night sky and then pushed down, taking in several inches of me within her slick hole while lifting her right knee. I promptly reached down and held her thigh by placing my hand under it. She was so warm and juicy and her pussy welcomed my cock making a soppy sound.

“I’ve been teased enough. A f ew pushes will send me over the edge. Fuck me, Michael!, fuck me good. I am a naughty girl tonight and I want my brother to fuck me good.” she susurrated.

Britney closed her eyes and rolled her head back when my shaft hit home, almost penetrating her womb itself. She groaned slightly and I began to withdraw fully from her. As soon as my knob emerged from her pussy lips, I pushed it back in and penetrated her fully once again, almost splitting her in half. Then I began to pump in and out of her. Slowly at first, but eventually pounding hard and fast, nailing my sister with everything that I had. I held onto her ass and thigh as tightly as I could as her tits rubbed against my face and her head bounced backwards and forwards. She made an Ah-AH-ah-Ah sound in time with my thrusts.

“Oh, Gosh Michael… Oh my gosh… Oh, shit, sweet god!” She yelled and not till then it occured to me that strangers could enter the park and see us or that the park was surrounded by houses.

I fucked her for perhaps 5 more minutes, even after she reached her orgasm (or two) and leaked her juice down her legs. The incredible heat of the situation was unbearable and I couldn’t hold on any more. Right as I was about to explode in my sister’s twat I realized I had no idea if she was using any birth control. I released her ass and pulled my cock out of her reluctantly right as I began to erupt molten cum. The first blast splattered squarely against my sister’s pussy and pelvis as I struggled to aim elsewhere. The proceeding blasts coated her hands as she was quick to reach down to seize my smoking gun.

Finally, as pulled my pants up, leaned forward and kissed her lips, the very first time that I had ever kissed my own sister’s lips and surprise, she kissed me back.

“Oh shit, I needed that… Thank you, Michael. By the way, I am on the pill.” She giggled like a little girl.

“If I knew that I’d have cum inside.” I replied.

“That would’ve been fine. Maybe next time.” She said.

“Next time?”

Britney chuckled. “You made me want more… Yeah… When we get home, you break into dad’s liquor cabinet and get something to drink and I’ll be waiting for you in my room.” Britney laughed

“I am not always like this Michael, but I don’t know what happened to me. Anyway, it happened once and let’s do it once more and forget about everything, ok?”

“I’m game.” I said, as I guided her to the car.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20