Adventures of a Cad Ch. 01

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Now I sit here in my dotage, smoking a cigar and looking out over the ocean. I thought it would be best to regal you all with tales from my past, not the boring ones. Not the tales of hardship and neglected parenting, the rise to success, but the real stories the ones of my sexual exploits, the ones the readers are truly interested in. So if you are reading these stories then I have obviously passed on because they are far too salacious and my lawyers would never hear the end of it! So where do I begin….

I had just turned eighteen; I had just barely passed my exams and refused to go to college, especially after being pestered by my father in absentia to do so. He was always one for lectures even though he had never practiced what he preached. I lived with my mother who had divorced my father when I was a tiny tot!

There I was, Joshua St Geeves, dark brown hair that no hairdresser could ever figure out what to do with and crystal smiling blue eyes. I was just over Six feet tall and had recently filled out; in fact I was quite broad. I was always charming and could generally sell anything to anyone given a half chance! I had seen my fair share of girlfriends but since departing education, there was no one about whom I liked. I thought I would also take a break from the harassment that came with trying to get them into bed.

So, I decided to join the family business that my Grandfather, my mother’s dad, had established after World War 2. It consisted of a property development & building company, a letting agency and two restaurants. I had of course worked for him in various jobs since my early teens. But now was a step up into the overall running of the empire.

Suffice to say my first few weeks were hell. Adjusting to the early mornings, long hours and filling in when a staff member did not turn up, etc, etc. But then something happened which changed my outlook on the business and put a smile on my face.

My Grandfather, Vince, was going away on a business trip to Spain and wanted me to stay at his apartment and look after things and especially to watch over his girlfriend. My Grandmother had died sometime ago and now Vince had a liking for girls younger than him, he was then in his seventies, they were generally early thirties. I jumped at the chance, especially when he said I could use his Porsche 911.

Vince’s current girlfriend was called Maria. She came from Poland; she was in her early thirties and had short curly black hair, long legs and huge breasts. Which she took great delight in, often wearing skimpy clothing or thrusting them forward under tight jumpers. She did have one problem, she liked to drink and Oh Boy! Did She!

The first couple of nights followed the same pattern, Maria would go out with her Polish friends, I would drive round London in a Porsche like a lunatic and then at some point I would get a call on the car phone to pick her up. Maria was plastered by this point and I had to help her into the car. She smelt good leant against me with her large soft breasts pressed against my ribs. I often tried to hide my rising erection, but Maria always starred at my crotch, during our drives home. I then carried up to the apartment and laid her on the bed, and then she would always pass out. The next morning she would kiss me gently on the lips and say ‘Thank You’ in her husky Polish accent.

The fourth night, I decided to stay in. Maria went out as usual and I settled in front of the Television to watch one of my Grandfather’s enormous porn video collection. I had casino şirketleri just settled into the movie and was rubbing myself through my jeans as two young girls were making out. When a voice spoke from the doorway.

“Aren’t you a naughty boy?” It was Maria, she was standing in the doorway, her overcoat open to reveal her leopard print skirt which stopped just above her knees, her long legs encased in nylon and ending in black sling back stilettos. Her Breasts heaved against the confines of a white shirt, which was open, revealing the soft flesh of her chest. A necklace nestled between her breasts.

My cock twitched at the sight of her. I stammered some kind of response, I have no idea what I said. Stopping the tape in a fumble. She just smiled, dropped her overcoat onto a chair and slinked over to me.

“Do you mind if I watch it with you?” I shook my head ‘no’ in response I was now usually dreaming in bed at this point. “Why don’t you fix me a drink, make it a large one.” She breathed in my ear, her delicious cleavage just at the end of my nose. She sat down next to me. “And get yourself one too. In fact, bring the bottle over so we don’t have to move again.” I stood and nodded dumbly and went to get drinks. My cock making an obvious bulge in my jeans. She starred at it and licked her lips.

I dashed around and got the Vodka, ice, and mixers and poured Maria, a long tall Vodka & little Tonic. Her hand touched mine as I passed her the glass, it sent a shiver down to my groin. I made myself the same and sat down next to her.

“Let’s watch.” I nodded and restarted the movie. The two young girls were engrossed in a 69, devilishly licking at each other’s wet pinks folds. Maria’s hand moved to my leg and rubbed up and down it, getting closer and closer to my engorged cock. The girls were screaming in orgasm on the TV.

“I have done that with my girlfriends, when I was younger.” As she said this as her hand rose up and rubbed my penis through the jeans. It twitched and throbbed to her touch. The thought of this voluptuous goddess in a 69 with another girl was dizzying.

The scene broke on the TV and the next was of a young man standing naked in front of a woman, who was a little bit older than him. She started to lick his dick and he ran his fingers through her hair.

Maria put her drink down and turned to me, she put one hand behind my head and pulled me close. Kissing me passionately, her tongue parting my lips and diving into my mouth. I responded in kind, my hands running through her hair.

With her free hand she pulled my T-shirt from my jeans and ran her hand and then her finger nails up and down my chest and stomach. I was electric with desire, my cock was bursting to be free and the passionate kissing was making my head swim.

She undid her shirt, and broke from kissing me, she threw her shirt off to reveal a tiny white lace bra, that hardly covered her nipples, let alone the mammoth breasts. I could see her erect nipples through the thin lace. I reached forward and ran my hands over them, she moaned as I did so.

“Do you like my tits?” She breathed in husky tones, as she placed her hands on top of mine, kneading and stroking the flesh encased in the lace of the bra.

“I love them, they are fabulous.” She reached behind and undid the clasp, letting them fall free into my waiting hands. I rubbed each nipple and leaned forward and began to lick and caress each breast. Maria moaned and held my head into her majestic tits. I took a nipple between casino firmaları my teeth and gently tugged at it. Her moans grew an octave. I mouthed, bit and nibbled at her gorgeous brown nipples for an age.

“Enough!” She threw me backwards and fell to her knees between my legs. She ripped the buttons of my jeans and pulled at the boxers within. She pulled down my jeans and underwear to release my pulsating cock. Maria grasped it gently in a hand and looked at it. It isn’t bad, even if I do say so myself. It’s about eight and half inches but pretty thick and tapers slightly to the uncircumcised head.

Maria’s tongue darted out to the tip, and I flinched in desire and need. She began to lick it from bottom to top and all the while stroking it with her hand. Her red nails flashing as her hand moved.

I let out a huge sigh as she engulfed my cock into her mouth. My head went back in ecstasy. I have had a few blowjobs before but this was spectacular. Maria’s mouth moved up and down my cock, drenching it in saliva and her hand moved in concert sending my into thrills. I ran my hands into her black curly hair.

“That’s it, you are so good.” I moaned. “Whose naughty now?” I asked and too dark eyes looked up at me smiling. Her mouth stopped.

“My young stud, I want you to cum in my mouth. I want to swallow it all. Then you will fuck me.”

“Yes, I will. You are a bad slutty woman.” Her mouth dropped again to my cock and pumped, sucked and licked. I was closer and closer to the edge. Maria the expert knew it and sped up. That was enough.

“I’m cumming…yeesss…yesss.” I erupted into her mouth. It seemed to me like a fountain. She held me in her mouth and swallowed every drop.

She raised her head and seductively whipped a finger along her chin to catch at a missing drop. She then sucked her finger and groaned in pleasure. Maria then stood up. Her breasts were firm for her age and her dark nipples and areolas stood out. She unzipped her skirt and it fell to the floor. Her legs were encased in black nylon hold-ups. Her white lace knickers were soaked through. She rolled down each stocking and then pulled down her last piece of clothing. Her pussy had a dark track of hair standing above an engorged clit and puffy pink lips. She sat back down and spread her legs.

“Now get down there and lick my pussy, you naughty Grandson you.” I did as I was told. I scooted between her legs and inhaled the sickly sweet aroma of her juices. I flicked my tongue out onto her clit she gasped.

“Lick my pussy, boy.”

I then ran my tongue down her lips parting them and further releasing her juices. They spilled onto on to my tongue. I lapped them up hungrily. I always enjoyed giving oral sex to girls; I had even practiced a lot after I overheard a group of girls describing what made good technique.

“Oh..god…you lick well…all your girlfriends must keep your head between their legs. Lick me…dirty boy.”

I put all my tricks into licking out Maria. I ran my tongue from the bottom of her slit to the top, then sucking on her clit. I alternated that with gently blowing on it and teasing it with my tongue.

“aaahhh…ooohh. Naughty Boy”

I slid a finger into her pussy and began to rub her g-spot. She shook and bucked as I rubbed that and licked her clitoris, occasionally nibbling and blowing on it.

“You fucker…I’m cumming…oh god…YESSSSSS!!” She grabbed the back of my head and humped her pussy all over my face, grinding her clit onto my tongue.

She güvenilir casino fell back exhausted form her orgasm, she smiled at me and pulled me up to her face. She kissed me deeply, passionately, her and my juices mingled with our tongues. I found it strangely erotic.

“What is this?” She said gently rubbing my, returned with vigour, erection. “We must do something about this. She led me by my cock to the bedroom and climbed onto it on all fours. Maria presented her large butt to me, her wet pussy flashing me.

“I want you to fuck me hard, like this. I like this.” Who am I to argue with the lady? I walked up to her and slid my cock into her. She was surprisingly tight and she moaned as I slid my length into her.

“You are big, like your Grandfather. But you must fuck me longer than he does” Any thoughts of my Grandfather were dismissed as her muscles internally pulled at my cock. I started to fuck her and build up a rhythm.

“Oh…god yes you bad boy. Spank my arse. Fuck me harder.” I thrust into her with all my vigour.

“Yes, dirty fucker. Now spank me.” I lightly slapped her arse.

“No, harder. Dirty boy…fuck me like the whore I am.” For some reason that did it for me, any semblance of decorum went out the window. I fucked her for all I was worth; I smacked her arse harder and harder.

“Do like that you filthy whore!” I screamed at her and smacked her arse.

“Oohhh…yes…I love your young big cock in me. Harder…you bastard.” I thrust faster and faster. Occasionally smacking her arse, it was now red and marked with my handprints. Without thought I sucked my thumb and nudged into her puckered ring of her arse. Maria shook as it parted her hole and sunk in.

“You dirty boy want to fuck my arse….ohhh. God I’m cumming…”A with that Maria convulsed on my dick and thumb and her body shook. She collapsed beneath me. I slowly removed my thumb and still throbbing cock. I find it very difficult to cum, especially a second time, but my desire usually runs rampant anyway, as was the case now. I had not finished with my Grandfather’s woman.

I flipped her over onto her back and lifted her legs over my shoulders.

“What are you doing?” She asked in her husky voice. No being assertive I replied jauntily.

“I haven’t finished with you yet, whore.” With that I thrust my cock into her pussy. She yelped as I did this, I thrust and pumped for all my worth. Her moans and groans became louder and louder. Sweat dripped of my body down onto her wobbling breasts, which I occasionally grasped. She began to scream and scream, obscenities flooded from her. I was building up to another climax. I could feel the head of my cock rubbing against her cervix with every thrust. The pace became frantic and suddenly I pulled out.

I launched my spunk over her fantastic breasts, it gushed out covering them in white fluid. Maria began to rub it into her breasts, occasionally licking her fingers.

I flopped down onto the bed exhausted. Maria climbed up and snuggled next to me. She kissed me lightly and whispered, ‘Naughty Young Boy’ into my ear. We both then promptly fell asleep.

Over the next few days Maria and I fucked at every opportunity, eventually my Grandfather came home and our liaisons had to stop and within two weeks of him returning Maria had been kicked out and I never heard from her again. My Grandfather said she went back to Poland. I never knew if he found out or cottoned on but Maria breasts and husky accent are etched in my memory and will always remind me of that fantastic first night discovering the joys of older women.

I know had a new found confidence with women and set about making a few more conquests both within the Company and without. But those are other tales…

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