Adam’s Wife, Her Sisters, Their Mom

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As I slam into my wife’s sister Sarah, her hands on the coffee table, her pussy drips her cream and slathers my dick in it. It is starting to make its way down to my balls and drip from there too. My wife, her three sisters, their brother, and their mom are so used to this scene. When I married my wife, her father essentially handed me custodianship of all his daughters, his wife, and their home so he could start a new life with his girlfriend. Their brother, who is my best friend, still lives here too, but usually doesn’t bring his girlfriend over. He wants to introduce her to the rest of us slowly so she doesn’t get freaked out. Anytime they walk in, they may find me balls deep in my wife, one of her three sisters, or their mother!

We realized that with the money I had from my trust fund, I had the ability to support all five of these women and have a wonderful life with them. My mother-in-law was shocked originally at how her husband at left, but quickly realized that she could now have a share in her daughter’s young husband. Her sorrows were quickly remedied by my affection, her emptiness was filled by my love, and the void between her thighs were quickly stuffed by my penis.

As I slammed Sarah hard, her brother walked into the living room. He’s so used to seeing me take the women of his family whenever and wherever I want that it doesn’t even phase him. He looks at my dick for a second, dripping with his sister’s juices. “How’s it going Adam?” he says. “Hey Jason, it’s awesome dude!”. I shake his hand with my right hand, while my left rests on Sarah’s left bun. Sarah was the thick one. She wasn’t fat, but she had that cushion on her thighs, her arms, everything, that just makes fucking her so good. She had buns that jiggle violently when I pound them from behind. There’s just the perfect amount of flesh to grab. My wife Ashley has two older sisters, Sarah and Rachel, and one younger one, Amy.

He sits down on the couch right behind me as I continue to fuck his sister Sarah. “Hey Sarah!” he says. Sarah looks at him and smiles, but can barely get her “Hey Jason” out. I’m driving so deep into her that it’s taking all her strength not to scream in pleasure. Her pussy lips grip me so tightly that they ripple outwards when I pull out and fold when I go in. Jason watches the show for a little bit, amazed at how well I take care of his family members.

“So Adam, I wanted to talk to you about something. Are you guys going to be long?” asked Jason.

I started grunting as Sarah’s pussy started to tighten. She was a few minutes from cumming.

“Actually, uh…we’re wrapping up soon. This girl is gonna finish in a few minutes but I know your mom wants next. But I can talk to you just like this. You know I multitask! I have something to tell you too.” I said.

“No it’s cool. It’s not urgent, I can wait till later today. When Mom says she needs, you, she usually needs you pretty bad. I wanted to talk to you in private, I’ll wait.” he responded

“OK cool, sorry man. But duty calls!” I said. We both laughed.

Jason and I were best friends, so we talked a lot. I satisfied his sisters and his mother on a daily basis, so we had gotten to a comfort level where we could hang out and talk or even play video games, while I fucked one of the girls or even got a blowjob.

Suddenly, Sarah’s entire body tensed up as she started to cum. “Oh fuck…fuck fuck fuck my pussy Adam. Fuck me in front of my brother!” she screamed. She sprayed my pelvis, balls, and lower thighs with her cum as I ejaculated what seemed like a pint of semen into her pussy. I felt like the walls of her cunt were massaging my penis, the head, the shaft, the root. I felt squirt after squirt of my cum fill her vagina, pooling up around the head of my dick in the space between my penis and Sarah’s cervix. Her pussy was gripping me in her prison but unable to keep it and I slid in and out. Her every inch knew my every inch. My wife’s older sister. The smell of pussy, and cum and sweat filled the room.

She panted and screamed my name until her knees got weak. I quickly grabbed her waist and set her down in my lap as I sat onto the sofa, my penis still embedded in her vagina. She laid back on me, covered in a sheen of mixed sweat and just relaxed for a minute. Her cunt lips, still wrapped around my cock, began to slowly drip my cum, mixed with her juices, drop by drop, onto my cock and balls.

“Holy shit Adam! I never get tired of watching you pound my sisters and my mom!” Jason said.

“Yeah man, they take care of me really well so I try to do my job. It’s exhausting but I love your family. They’re perfect!” I told him.

As Sarah finally regained her composure, she looked at Jason. “Sorry bro! I was a little…overwhelmed. Adam hit a spot today he never hit before and it was a little insane! How are you?” she said.

Jason smiled. “Awesome! I got a promotion today” he exclaimed”

“That’s awesome!” Sarah and I both said in unison.

As he started to tell us more about it, we realized that Sarah’s pussy grip on my dick was starting to loosen. There was at least a few tablespoons of semen inside her that casino şirketleri were about to gush out and stain our carpet. “Hey Jason, sorry to ask, but Sarah’s pussy is about to flood cum all over our carpet and the couch. Can you grab a towel for us?”

Jason quickly ran to the linen closet and grabbed a towel as my mother-in-law Diana walked in. “Oh wow. You guys have been busy!” she exclaimed. I made chicken parm for everyone. But Adam, I think you and I have some work to do first.” she said, with her dirty MILF smile. She was the thickest of them all, in her late 40s, but had the muscle tone and fitness to rock it. It was such a contrast between her 48 year old body, and Sarah’s 32 year old one. Diana was like a fine wine. At 48, she reminded me of Angelina Jolie. She was thick, but she was fit. She had put a little extra cushion on, but her body was still amazing. I’d easily look at her and think she was 35 if I didn’t know better.

Jason came back with the towel and kneeled between mine and Sarah’s open legs. “Jason, you don’t have to wipe it up yourself. We can do it bro, we just needed the towel” I told him.

“It’s not a problem” he said, as he took the towel and slowly started to wipe up my balls and the two inches exposed of my shaft. He then wiped his sister’s pussy lips. “Go ahead and pull out the rest of your dick from her pussy Adam, I’ll make sure I get it all in the towel.” I held Sarah’s hips and lifted them as she sat in my lap, and slowly pulled out. A massive gush of my cum mixed with Sarah’s cream came flooding out. Jason caught all of it in the towel. Before it could absorb, my wife Ashley, walked in with Rachel and Amy. “Well, well, well, what’s going on here?” Ashley said, laughing.

Her sister was sitting on my lap, my cum rushing out of her pussy, her brother knelt in front of us catching it all on a towel, and her mother was standing there, wearing nothing but a thong. It was either the most amazing family in the world, or the most insane. “Wait Jason!” Rachel exclaimed! She ran to where he was kneeling and took the towel from him, while still holding in place so the massive creampie Sarah and I made didn’t ruin our furniture or carpet.

“This is my favorite flavor!” she said, and dug her tongue into the towel where the cum was still a pool and hadn’t absorbed yet.

“Favorite flavor?” Jason asked?

“Yeah. Whenever Adam cums in me, Ashley, Sarah, Amy, or mom, his cum and our pussy juices make a distinct flavor. The flavor is different depending on who’s pussy he cums in. I love eating his creampies from all of us but my favorite flavor is Sarah and Adam together.” “Aww, thanks hon” said Sarah, running her fingers through her little sister’s hair.” Rachel wiped the rest of the towel on her tongue, but I could tell she wanted more. She wanted the source. She dove her tongue into Sarah’s pussy and just began to suck, and as Sarah’s pussy began to awaken again, another gush of our cream fell onto her tongue. It was actually more than she could handle as it filled her mouth.

My wife Ashley immediately came to her sister’s aid and locked lips with Rachel. Mine and Sarah’s cum flowed from Rachel’s mouth to Ashley’s. My wife looked me in the eyes with a smile as she swallowed every drop. I was filled with love as I looked at her. Not only had she promised to share her life with me, but she had promised to share me with her sisters and her mother. She had promised to guard her own self and seek sexual satisfaction only within our home. We had all agreed on that.

I loved all of them, but as I looked at my wife while she swallowed, and enjoyed, the evidence that her sister and I were lovers, I knew that I loved her the most. Her generosity, her selflessness, her love, her kindness, her perfect, fitness conscious body.

I looked at Jason’s face. I knew that even though he wasn’t sexually attracted to his sisters, seeing all this turned him on. Knowing that his best friend was the stallion for all the women of his family, his sisters, his mother, and that we lived this life everyday – was kind of hot. I could tell there was a part of him that felt a little left out. Maybe that was why he decided to help by keeping my creampie from falling out of Sarah’s pussy. I felt pretty possessive over the beautiful women who had basically all become my wives, but Jason’s presence never threatened me. It is why I freely made love to the girls in front of him. I guess I never thought he’d be attracted to them. And he and I had no problem seeing each other naked. We’d been to camps, and had been using locker rooms at the gym together for so many years that we really didn’t have any reason to be ashamed around each other. I wasn’t attracted to him in the least – only women for me – but I wasn’t grossed out by his body or him seeing mine either. We were just, comfortable. Brothers, and brothers-in-law, always. And informally, due to my relationship with his mother, I was kind of his stepfather too. That was cool. It always gave me a feeling of dominance that added a little extra something.

We’d have to wait and see what happened with those feelings. I caught him stare for a second casino firmaları at Sarah’s pussy and she finally lifted herself off me. “Sarah, how about you get me all sweaty and messy with that sweet tongue of yours, and maybe we can both shower?” said Rachel. Sarah smiled at her little sister. “Sure honey, let’s go upstairs to my room!” she said. She gave me a quick kiss, slipping her tongue into my mouth, and left with Rachel. Sarah had a little limp as she walked. It was the cutest thing. Whenever I pounded Sarah doggystyle, she walked with a little limp for the next hour. Sometimes, it was a tell-tale sign to everyone in the house what we had been up to.

Diana looked at me. “Well, Adam…you ready for round two?” she asked.

“Mom, give him a minute! He’s not our jackhammer!” Ashley said. She looked at my now limp cock and took it in her hand. I loved her so much. She put her nose against my dick and just inhaled the sexual scent of her sister on my body and smiled. “There’s so much love in this house.” she said. And she started to take my cock into her mouth to get it hard and prepare it for her mother.”

Diana sat down next to me and watched her daughter take me into her mouth. “I can’t believe how lucky I am Adam.” she told me. “Diana, you don’t have to tell me this again” I said. “No, I do.” Diana said. “When John told me he was leaving, I didn’t know what I was going to do with myself. I didn’t how how I’d make sure the girls were OK – I mean it was just last year and Amy was only 19. We hadn’t saved for her education or anything. I didn’t know if I could find love again at 47. I haven’t worked since Sarah was born. That was 32 years ago. I was a mess.”

I pulled her close to me and kissed her on neck. Ashley’s blowjob was starting to have its effect. I was getting rock hard inside her mouth. But she didn’t want to finish me off. She was taking her time. Jason had taken a seat on the chair next to us. I knew what he missed. He having his girlfriend here. He wished he could be here making love to her the way I was doing with his mom and sisters. He was just afraid she wouldn’t understand our family dynamic. He’d have to move in with her somewhere else if he wanted her to live with him.

Diana continued. “Then he told me about the arrangement he made with you. That you would basically marry all the girls, and that you’d take care of me till my last days, no matter what. That you’d take the house and promise to take care of me, if I didn’t fight him over the divorce settlement. That your trust fund was more than enough for us to live this life, and take care of everything. I was convinced I’d be OK, but I still felt terrible about finding love. When you told me how you felt about me, that I, a 47 year old mother in law, could have unrestricted access to my daughter’s 25 year old husband.

That you’d love me, fuck me, make love to me, romance me, and give me everything a woman wants from a man, and that if I ever became too old for all this, that you’d honor me and love me like a mother-in-law into my old age, I thought it was too good to be true.” Ashley had finished her work. I was rock hard in her mouth, leaking pre-cum onto her tongue.

She rose, and kissed me. “Enjoy my mom honey” she said with a smile. “Remember, your beautiful wife, her sisters and their brother, your best friend, came out of the pussy that you are about to fill with your dick and flood with your cum. You own that pussy. Savor that fact, baby.” she said softly in my ear. My penis jerked as she said it. She always knew exactly what kinky thing to say to overwhelm me with desire. I needed Diana’s body. Ashley walked away into the kitchen, her fit, toned 25 year old ass, swaying as she moved.

I turned to Diana, and kissed her and I brought her to sit on my lap facing me. “Diana, I need you.” She quickly got her on her feet, and stripped her thong off, and sat down in my lap again. My dick was so hard and I couldn’t see it with her sitting on top of it. I really needed to get in. Ashley’s words had driven me to insanity. I had to enter the pussy that my wife had come from. Diana’s juices had made my pelvis so wet, that I just couldn’t aim. I was too excited that I wasn’t coordinating properly. “Hey Jason!” I asked my brother in law. “What’s up dude?” he said. “He put his phone down and looked at me.”

“Can you help me get into your mom’s pussy? I keep missing.” I asked him. “Sure dude! Happy to help!” he responded as he moved forward and grabbed my massively swollen cock by the base. “Is this OK? That..I’m touching your dick?” he asked. “I don’t know how else to aim you into her”. “Yeah man, don’t worry about it. You’re like my brother and we both love our women. I’m not grossed out by you touching anything man. Just help me out if you can.” I responded.

He smiled, and aimed my penis at Diana’s hungry cunt hole and parted her hungry, dripping lips with his other hand. He slowly pulled me into her and Diana did the rest. She sunk slowly onto my dick, until her pussy was fully impaled by my cock, and I was balls deep inside my mother-in-law. Suddenly, Diana shook a little with her eyes closed, no more güvenilir casino than 3 seconds, and squirted a little juice onto my abs. “You ok Diana?” I asked? “I haven’t even done anything yet.”

I reveled in the facts that Ashley had pointed out. My dick’s every inch was surrounded by the pussy walls that my wife has come out of. I owned this. This land. This house. All the pussies in it, and I even owned the pussy that they had come out of. All of them were mine to fill, to pound, to plant my seed in, to impregnate. Almost every day, I went to sleep and woke up with my tongue inside one pussy, and my dick inside another. It almost made me cum just thinking about it.

“Yeah honey I am. I’m OK.” she said. Jason stayed in position for a second, just staring at the spot right above my balls, where the flesh of his own best friend disappeared into the vaginal flesh of his own mother. “I’m OK”, she continued. “I just realized that my son, used his own hands to put his best friend’s penis, my daughter’s husband penis, into my pussy. The realization of what was happening just made me cum.”

Jason responded: “Damn, that is really hot. I can’t believe this is happening either. I just kind of miss Jenna.”

Jenna. That was the first time he told us her name. Hmm. I used to be engaged to a Jenna a couple of years ago. We were madly in love but we ended up parting sadly, because she got a job offer at Oxford that she just couldn’t give up. I needed to run my family’s tech corporation here in Virginia. Anyways, it couldn’t be her. Jason knew her really well. There’s no way he would’ve gotten together with my ex-fiancee. I didn’t even know she was back. Well, it couldn’t be her anyways, I pushed the thought out of my mind.

As I stayed balls deep in Diana’s pussy, I started to leave little kisses on her shoulders and her neck. Jason continued:

“Wish she were here and not out of town. I realize though…I actually really enjoy helping you guys. I think I’d actually enjoy assisting you mom, and all the girls, and Adam, to get you prepared for each other, and helping you guys clean up after you’re done. What do you think? Just for fun. It’s kind of a turn on, all the sex that happens at this house. I’m not suggesting anything besides helping. I have my own girlfriend. But being a spectator only is a little boring. Maybe I can help the girls shave or wax their pussies before Adam fucks them, or even clean their messy pussies after you’re done?”

I thought about it. Then I told him exactly what I thought. “Jason, I’ll be honest with you. You’re like my brother. And you’re literally my wives’ brother. I’d be honored that you’d help me fuck your sisters and your mom. You’re welcome to be part of this adventure with us for as long as you want.”

Jason smiled, “thanks man!” and shook my hand.

“Hey Jason?” I told him, as I started to slowly thrust in and out of Diana’s pussy.

“The thing I wanted to tell you, I want to tell you now.”

“What’s up Adam? Everything OK?”

Diana moaned as my pace quickened in pounding her cunt.

“Yeah, but I have some good news for you.” I told him. “Your mom, Diana, is pregnant with my baby. Your mom’s pussy that you are watching me fuck right now…my baby is growing deep inside it as we speak. You’re going to have a new half-brother or sister soon!”

Diana started laughing, out of joy, or embarrassment. Both probably, as she started to bounce up and down on my dick.

Jason couldn’t contain his smile. In the funniest, and probably most awkward moment of our relationship so far, he gave Diana and me, and big hug, while I was still pounding into Diana. Then, he kissed her on the head, sat down on the ground in front of us, pulled down his shorts, and started masturbating as he watched me slam into his mother’s vagina and her pussy juices coated my dick. He stroked himself, as he watched me, his best friend, invade, dominate and own his dear mother’s cunt.

“I’m so happy for you guys, Adam, Mom.” he said, as his breathing altered from his self-pleasure. “There’s no one else in the world I’d want to have Mom impregnated by, than you Adam. I’m so happy for our whole family. I know Adam will always take care of my mom and my sisters in every way they need.”

Now, Diana’s buns were jiggling as I fucked her deeper. White, thick, girl cream coated my entire dick. All the women of this family really know how how to leak pussy juice. I couldn’t handle what was happening anymore and neither could Diana. I could feel her pussy walls contract around me. She screamed “uuuuuugghh, fill me Adam!” as I released spurt after spurt of my thick, massive load of semen into her spasming cunt. As my wife’s mother’s pussy began to drip our combined creampie down the shaft of my penis, I saw Jason stare at the mixture. He came closer while still stroking his own shaft and did something I would have never expected. He placed his tongue directly onto the one inch of my exposed dick flesh that was covered with a massive droplet of my semen mixed with his mother’s pussy juice, and licked all the way up to where my remaining six inches of cock disappeared into his mom’s pussy. He sucked everything that could be sucked into his mouth, and swallowed. Overwhelmed the reality of what he had done, he began to squirt spurt after spurt of his own cum onto the carpet at my feet. So much for keeping that carpet clean!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20